Dream Fulfilled

The Raleigh weather is great in June. I had already passed my online test, and I was going for my driving test with Pallavi bhabi. I wasn’t so concerned about the test ahead but my entire focus was to get a glimpse of Pallavi, my crush. She was not too tall, about 5 feet 4.

She was fair-skinned with a perfect figure, 34D boobs, and 26 waist, with her silky black hair in a sexy layered haircut. She had big eyes with perfect eyebrows and her lips were always pouting. Today she was in a see-through sleeveless top and knee-length skirt, looking like a college girl.

Pallavi is 25 years old, and wife of my maternal cousin brother Aseem who is 37. He has a liquor store and gas station that he owns and maintains. I help him out whenever I’m free from college work. Pallavi is a housewife, but she also helps out at the store when it’s busy.

I was in love with Pallavi bhabi from the moment she came to pick me up from the airport. I’m 6ft, which is common these days, fair with a good physique and 21 years old at that time. As I was standing outside the airport, in passenger pickup, I saw a big white SUV pull up in front.

A young lady wearing a yellow saree got out. Her thick hair was framing her face. She took off her sunglasses and called out my name – Micky?

Before I could introduce myself, I got a surprise, hug, and a kiss on my cheek. My hand went to her exposed waist involuntarily. I got an electric shock when I touched her skin. It was waxed smooth. Combined with a brush of her silky hair on my clean, shaved face, it was enough to give me an instant erection.

I had to adjust my dick while loading bags in the boot. The entire way home, I was looking at her manicured hand with sexy red nails and her flat stomach while she kept talking all the way.

Very soon I got the hang of things. In two years of marriage, Pallavi had taken charge of the entire house, and Aseem was a typical husband. He couldn’t make a cup of tea even!

My college would start in the fall, but I got a campus job. Every day I would come home at about 5 pm after working and playing volleyball.

I got my treat again after 2 weeks when I came home. Pallavi bhabi stepped out of the car and came to the door. As I greeted her, she stepped forward in a hug and kiss motion. I had been masturbating daily since her first hug, and this time I just couldn’t control.

I put my arm around her waist and gave her a squeeze. She must have felt my erection but acted as if nothing happened. She asked me to take the keys and open the door, then park the car because she had mehendi on her hands. I looked down. Pallavi was wearing a sleeveless top as usual, and white shorts.

I put my hand deep into her front pocket while she was still saying back pocket. Then I intentionally squeezed her right ass cheek feeling for a key when I could clearly see the big keys in her left back pocket. I then took out the key slowly, taking my time to feel her cute ass.

She was quiet for a while and started talking again after a few minutes. Then she said it’s too hot outside, and asked for a drink with a straw. I got a Fanta from the fridge and put a straw in it.

We both sat on the sofa, and she started drinking her Fanta, bending every time and showing her full cleavage with her black bra. My erection was getting out of control, looking at her boobs and smooth thighs. She asked me what dress would suit her for the party that night.

And I picked a backless dress. Then she asked me to wash her right hand. She had got henna on it first, and it was ready, the color would turn black if she kept it too long. I took my time to wash her right hand in the kitchen sink, bending over her shoulder and smelling her neck.

I had a feeling she was also getting turned on. There was no way she couldn’t feel my hard cock poking through my jeans on her ass. Soon her henna was ready in both hands, and she changed into a ghagra choli. When she asked about her hair, I suggested a step-cut knowing she wouldn’t care.

Immediately she asked me to take out the car and drive back to the desi salon. She asked me to show pics and explain it to the lady. After 1 hour, when Pallavi came out, she was looking like a heroine with her layered haircut in front and no thick hair to cover her open back.

As she came with open arms, it meant it’s a hug. I moved forward and gave her a tight hug, with my groin pressed to hers, and hands in her hair, and kissed her head. She went to a party with my brother. I didn’t get to see her till Saturday afternoon when I had my driving test.

In a daze, I finished my test and passed it. As I came to her waiting in the covered parking lot, she asked the result. As soon as I said passed, I got my license, she threw her arms around me and gave a tight hug. I realized I was holding her tight and rubbing her back with my hand.

Her chest was pressed on mine. As she moved her face to kiss me on the cheek, I didn’t move my head. She paused for s second, trying to decide and kissed me full on my lips. We didn’t break the kiss for a full 5 seconds. Then I put my tongue slightly out and touched her lips.

I was holding her head, but she could’ve easily moved away. Instead, she responded with her tongue, and we started kissing like lovers. She drove to a random motel on the highway and asked me to get a room.

The room was nice and chilled in 5 minutes. Pallavi parked and came through the balcony. We had stripped in no time. I didn’t have any condoms, but Pallavi bhabi didn’t stop me.

She guided me to my first and most beautiful fuck. I ejaculated in less than a minute. Then she got on top and rode me for a good 10 minutes. After half an hour, we fucked again. I shot my load again, but this time it took about 5 minutes.

We fucked regularly for almost 2 years till I got a full-time job and moved out.

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