Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-41

The rest of the day was usual in its own way for the residents of the Sex Apartment. Gautam was at his office, and was very happy from a fulfilling last night with Divya, the lady whom he had met in the train on his way back from Kolkata. And they had spent a passionate night together at Gautam’s apartment while his wife, Kiran, was still in Kolkata.

While Gautam was utilizing Kiran’s absence, she too was not far behind. And while Gautam was busy in the office, she was in Kolkata, with Dr. Roy and in his private apartment in Saltlake. Dr. Roy had helped her overcome her initial feelings about Reddy and the guilt of cheating behind Gautam’s back. She no longer had that guilt and had become lot more open and bolder than she was before. And it was evident from how she accompanied Dr. Roy to his private apartment at the Saltlake, and the two had a steaming time there.

The rest too were having a pleasant day so far. Sowmya, and Aarushi were both in college, and for a change, both were busy attending lectures! Mr. Sharma was in his store, still lost in memories of Divya from a couple of years back. While Mr. Sharma was lost in his thoughts in the store, his wife, Anita – she too was busy with Reddy, fulfilling her own desires. Everyone was having a pleasant time.

Borah too was very happy and satisfied. He had thoroughly enjoyed his revenge on Mrs. Nair and Sowmya. He no longer felt like the coy and sheepish looking gentleman he looks like, instead he felt lot more confident after fucking the mother and the daughter both. He was lounging back on the chair at his desk, looking at his desktop. Smiling, still memories from Sowmya’s visit were playing back in his mind, and he had a naughty smile playing on his face.

It was late in the evening and Borah was still at office finishing some work. He was alone in that area of the floor, and everyone else had left for the day. He too was trying to finish his work quickly and leave, he wanted to discuss further about Sowmya, with Reddy. She must have been expecting another task after completing the last one. But whatever he tried, the memories from the evening spent with Sowmya were not letting him concentrate, and he was ending up smiling unconsciously.

“What’s up, you are late and yet look so happy?” Borah’s thoughts were immediately interrupted by a female voice. Borah looked up and saw Juhi standing by his cubicle, and she had 2 cups of coffee in her hand. Juhi is Borah’s colleague, and they had been working together in this project for almost 2 years. She was not very pretty but still had quite a decent look. She was slim, about 5ft 4in tall, small tits about 32 sizes, but a lot of guys were mad about her dark complexion. They called her the dusky beauty behind her back.

“Nothing much, just remembered a joke I had heard yesterday” Borah replied, trying to hide what he had been thinking actually. “O really” Juhi said, and then leaning at Borah’s desk she offered the other cup to Borah. “Why don’t you share that joke with me too. I didn’t have a chance to laugh all my day yet” she said, putting Borah in a tight spot. “Well, it’s actually a guy joke, can’t tell you” and then Borah winked at her, with a smile.

“But what are you doing so late?” asked Borah. “Well not much, I too had some work to finish, was just about to leave when saw you working, thought you might appreciate a cup of coffee” she replied with an angelic smile. Borah smiled back at her, “So nice of you to think that way, but there was really no need of it” he added. But Juhi dismissed his modesty immediately, “Come on, so many times you have stayed back late to help me out, can’t I stay back late for you for once” she now had an intense look in her eyes for once. And Borah didn’t want to argue with a charming lady who wanted to stay back for him.

And when Borah didn’t object any more, Juhi pulled a chair and sat beside him. Thoughts of Sowmya no longer disturbed him but he was more concerned with Juhi suddenly. Why did this charming little lady wanted from him so late in the night? But Borah pretended to concentrate on his work however his full thoughts were towards the lady sitting just next to him. It was an odd situation and he didn’t know what to make out of it.

“Well, you know Borah, you have helped me so much in the past, but I had never been able to thank you properly” said Juhi, almost suddenly. “Oh, that is nothing…” Borah turned to reply, but he stopped abruptly in the middle. The first two buttons on Juhi’s shirt was open, Borah didn’t remembered noticing them open when she was standing a moment ago. He was confused, but for the moment he enjoyed the view it was allowing.

Juhi knew that Borah will definitely notice it. She had intentionally undone those buttons to give him a peek inside. “What happened? You suddenly looked so surprised?” asked Juhi. “No nothing…” Borah replied somehow and then turned back towards his desktop. He thought he was imagining things, he had been with Juhi so many times but she had never done that before. But then suddenly, “You didn’t like the view?” asked Juhi, and Borah was completely taken aback.

“You are so different from others Borah. I like you for that. You had helped me so much before and unconditionally too” said Juhi, “But I had never been able to thank you properly, it was for your help that I got a good appraisal this year” she added. Borah was surprised, but he definitely liked the direction it was going towards, he was no longer speechless, “And you want to thank me like that here?” he asked, looking around the empty, yet open office space.

“Certainly not” said Juhi, “Come with me” and then she stood up and started walking, with Borah closely behind. They went round the corner towards the empty meeting room, and then Juhi entered one of the small meeting rooms at the end of the row. They closed the door behind and turned on the lights. Then Juhi slowly started unbuttoning the rest of her shirt, until it hung loose on her shoulder.

Borah looked at her from top to bottom, and she was looking a stunner in the black pants and white shirt. Juhi too, looked at him, she had a naughty smile on her face, she had plans. She then slowly removed the shirt off her body, and stood in her bra only. Borah was watching her till then, but as soon as she removed the shirt, he touched her breasts and started pressing them gently.

“Mmmmmmmmmm” moaned Juhi as Borah nicely pressed her breasts. Borah pushed the bra up, to expose her breasts, and then started pressing them both. “Ssssss… ohhhhhhh…” Juhi continued moaning, and Borah continued pressing her breasts. In office, Juhi was renowned as a dusky beauty, and her brown nipples were slowly getting rock hard with the attention from Borah. He held one of her nipples between his fingers and pressed and pinched it gently. “SSSSS…Ouch…” Juhi felt a sweet pain, but almost immediately Borah bent forward and started licking the nipple with his tongue.

Juhi leant back at the wall while Borah bent forward and started sucking her nipples. He pressed the other breast while he sucked the other nipple. Juhi closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasure he was giving her. She was slowly getting wet and more horny than she was before, enjoying Borah’s tongue on her nipples, and feeling how well he was sucking her breasts.

Soon, Borah was done with her breasts, and he wanted to suck her cunt next. But before that he started kissing on her lips. Juhi too kissed him back, she was fully aroused by then and was ready to do anything. “Have any one sucked your pussy before?” asked Borah. They were still kissing each other’s lips, and Juhi barely managed to nod her head in reply. “Good, I will then make you feel that tonight” added Borah.

Then he quickly started stripping her pants. He undid the hooks and pulled the pants down, along with the panties. Soon Juhi was naked, while Borah was helping her with the pants, she herself had the bra taken off. Then Borah picked her up on his arms and carried her over to the big conference table in the middle of the room. Juhi lied down on it, with her ass just at the edge. She spread her legs nicely so that Borah can bend forward and suck her pussy with ease.

Borah sat down on a chair, just between her legs. Juhi was lying at the edge of the table, with her cunt open. Borah looked at her moist pussy, and with the layers of wet skin (labia minora) it looked yummy. He immediately started licking around her clitoris. The strong smell of the cunt was making him go mad, and he continued probing inside her with his tongue.

“Ssssssss…. Ahhhhhhh… mmmmmmm… ohhhhhhh…. Fffffffff…”Juhi started moaning, his slimy tongue running all over her cunt, and often pushed deep inside her, was making her wriggle and sizzle with pleasure. She tried hard to retain her composure, but couldn’t help moaning like a slut. Borah held her legs spread with his hands, and continued licking all over her vagina. He teased her clits with the tip of his tongue, but licking on it rapidly. And Juhi responded with more moans and wriggles.

He then pushed his tongue more towards the urethral opening, and licked all around her labia. “Ahhhhhh…. Pleassssssssssss I cannnnnt control myself….” Juhi moaned as she realized that she was very close to an orgasm. But Borah continued eating her yummy pussy. “Plleaassssseee… I I I I… I will commmmmmeeee any time” she pleaded, but she also wanted the pleasure to continue.

Realizing that Juhi was close to an orgasm, Borah immediately replaced his tongue with a finger. He now sat up but continued tormenting her with rapid movement of his fingers. First one, then two, he continued fucking her with two fingers. “Mmmmmmmm… mmmmmm… mmmmmm…” and Juhi too, continued moaning hard, nearing that first orgasm.

Her body suddenly became taut, and she held her fingers tightly in a fist. Borah realized that she was going to come any time, and started fingering her even faster. “Ahhh.. ahhhh.. ahhh.. ahhhh.. aiiiiii.. aiiii.. nnnaaaa.. naaaaa.. naaaahhh” at first her moans started getting louder, then her body became more rigid, and then finally she lifted her ass slightly off the table, and Borah realized his fingers getting wet rapidly.

Juhi was breathing heavily. She had come so hard that it had oozed out all the energy from her. She was still lying naked on the table, and Borah was standing slightly far away, taking off his clothes. His cock was already hard and throbbing, and he was dying to fuck that slut hard. But before he could return back at the table, Juhi sat up and climbed down. She smiled at the naked Borah, she too was eager for some more.

But first, she asked Borah to sit on a chair, and then she knelt in front of him, taking his cock in her hand. She then started stroking his cock, it was already so hard that it started throbbing in her arms. Juhi, then arranging her hairs at one side of her head, started sucking his cock. She took it in her mouth gently, and then started sucking it. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she closed her eyes and let out a moan of approval. She continued sucking its head, while stroking it at the same time.

Borah leant back at the chair and enjoyed as Juhi continued returning the favour. Borah didn’t repent helping her with the work ever, but he never realized that such a reward was waiting for his generosity. He would never mind helping anyone, especially girls, in future. Juhi in the meantime, continued sucking him, she was once again getting wet. She had come just a moment ago, but the feel of Borah’s cock was arousing her again. And soon she wanted that thick cock deep inside her tight cunt.

Both of them stood up, and Juhi once again climbed on the table and lied down. Borah stood at the edge, with his cock hard and pointed towards Juhi’s cunt. She drew herself to the edge and then spread her legs so that Borah can enter her at ease. Borah too, bent forward at the table, with his cock rubbing against her vagina. Juhi closed her eyes as Borah made some adjustment, and then in a single flawless stroke he pushed his cock inside.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”, a moan of relief came out of Juhi as she felt his cock move in and then pause. Borah had pushed his cock as much as possible, and then stopped for a moment. Then suddenly he started swinging his waist to and fro in a rapid pace. “Eeeeeeee… Eeeeeee… ahhhhhhhh” Juhi gritted her teeth and started moaning hard as Borah continued fucking her at a rapid pace.

Borah continued fucking her hard, his body bent over her body, and his hands now slowly exploring towards her breasts. Soon he grabbed her tiny tits and started pressing them, while his waist swung to and fro at an unbelievable pace. Juhi closed her eyes and moaned, she was getting mad, another orgasm built up so fast that she couldn’t stop from coming again.

Borah felt her pussy growing wet, and realized that she had come yet again, but his job was still not done. He continued banging her mercilessly until he himself had come. And so the torment continued. Juhi was pleased as she was being milked towards another orgasm, her third. She was not a virgin, but this was the first time she had come twice and was building up for the third. And Borah continued amidst Juhi’s slutty moans.

“Hhhhhhhh… hhhhhhhh… hhhhhhhh” both were moaning and grunting hard. Borah too had reached the verge of coming by then, so did Juhi, again. And then Borah closed his eyes, gathering energy for those last few strokes, “Mnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” he grunted loudly before shooting his load entirely in her cunt. Juhi too had her orgasm at the same time, and both came hard and long.

Fifteen minutes later, Borah was sitting on a chair, half dressed, still exhausted. But as he looked at Juhi, the dusky beauty, still naked and hurrying through her clothes, he realized what a stud he had become in a few days. He was now beaming with self confidence, and once again he rose and started walking towards her. Juhi had just been able to put on her panties and was struggling with her bra, when Borah held her once again.

The bra dropped from her hand as Borah pushed her back to the wall, and started kissing her yet again. “You wanna go for another round?” whispered Borah, and a sudden blush appeared on Juhi’s cheeks. The panties were easily put down, and the two were naked on the table again.

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