College Friend

First of all let me tell you about the girl. Her name is Reena. She is my class friend and actually very close friend. I share everything with her and same she does. She is 5’5 tall, white and great slim body to attract everyone. To be precise she has 32 28 34 figure and her ass is so great that now on whenever I see I just feel like grabbing it or simply fuck her. So let me begin with story, it all started few days before college festival, it was a free lecture because our teacher had gone for assessment and look after college activity. So we all friends were bunking a substitute’s lecture and had gone to small room at top floor. It was basically a small room and we were 4 guys and 4 girls group and we had only 4 chairs to sit. So we decide guys will sit and if girls want they can sit on guys lap. Rest of girls first felt a bit shy but Reena immediately got over my lap. We were so close so nobody didn’t thought wrong and soon every girl have over other people laps. So we started playing singing and dancing and one guy was singing so few people started dancing and Reena was on my lap and started dancing on my lap itself. She was about to fall so she got a little up and now she was on my dick and started dancing moving her hips slowly. She was doing so smoothly and it was first time I felt her ass on my dick while she was doing this, I had hard on. She could easily make out that my dick is erect, so she stopped dancing but still she was on my dick and I was badly embarrassed. It continued for a lecture and then we moved to class.

I didn’t talked to her whole day thinking what she would think, but next day there was a group chat was going on as everyone had planned not to attend festival as it was in afternoon. I and Reena had to attend because we would get special attendance as we were short of attendance. So next day we talked and decided that we will get out of premises as soon as we mark attendance for which I readily agreed. So it was festival day we marked attendance by 9am and were finding a place to jump. Finally we found a shortest wall it was around 8 ft tall me being 6 ft tall I can easily make a jump, but for her it was very difficult. So she said that I will lift her and help her jump wall. So to lift I had to grasp her from her waist and lift her while I was lifting her slowly my hand slipped and it were on hips and slowly on her ass. Her ass was so soft more I tried to lift her more I tightly pressed her ass. She couldn’t do so she came down while coming down her boobs touched my face. It was so soft and milky. It made my tool a little hard, now she said to lift her from her back. If some saw it would look as if I am trying to kiss her ass, as I had hold her so low. While lifting her, she moved a bit here and there while lifting her ass was on my face and she was moving her ass all over my face. Feeling her ass on my face my tool was so damn hard I couldn’t hide it inside my pant and it was clearly visible.

Slowly she got over the wall and waiting for me to get over it while got over the wall and got down next side, she was waiting for me that I will help her get down. I had to catch her while she jumped down as she wasn’t so heavy I said to jump. She jumped so fast that I couldn’t hold her, she fell on me and her ass was on my dick. She felt my dick hard and asked “what is this? Why is dick hard?” Just moved my face and seeing somewhere else she held my dick and said “now tell” I couldn’t resist her hold on my dick and told her everything how her ass was on my face her boobs and all. She felt a bit shy but smiled and still she was holding my dick. So I lost my patience and asked her to suck my dick. Actually backside of our college is a farm where no one used to around 10 to 12. So I didn’t hesitated and asked her to suck it and while she refused to do so, I started to beg for it. Then she agreed, she was on her knee. She opened my pants zip lowered my lower and took it out she was amazed to see my tool so erect. I asked her to open her mouth and I slowly slid it inside it was so much fun getting my dick inside her mouth. Slowly I stopped and she started to do her thing she did so professionally. I was about to cum, so I told her she said that I can cum inside her mouth and she drank completely without a single drop left. It lasted for around 10 minutes, it aroused me so much that I wanted to fuck her badly but I couldn’t do it there. So I had to suppress my feeling we boarded a public bus and were sitting in last corner after conductor took ticket. Bus was very much vacant so I asked her to give me a small hand job. She said no as it was public place as we got down she said we will take her car to go for lunch and she need to be freshen up.

So we had to go to her place she asked to sit in her room and locked it as her mom were going to be there for taking her lunch. She had master key to open every room’s door. So she said if anyone came then I should hide somewhere. After 5 minutes her mom arrived, but I couldn’t find any place to hide so I just got inside the bathroom. I was feeling so aroused to see her completely naked and she didn’t have a single hair on her pussy. She was shocked to see me inside bathroom and covered herself with towel. She opened the door saw her mom outside so she closed the door. I was standing next to her bathroom door, so I slowly pulled the towel down and stared her naked body. While she was talking to her mom I caressed her boobs and slowly undressed myself completely. Now we both were naked inside bathroom and I was waiting for her mom to leave so I pulled her towards myself and started kissing her rather smooching her wildly. She was shocked to see me so wild and even my dick was at its best. While we were smooching her mom left and I opened the bathroom door and lifted her to bed she was looking so amazing naked I couldn’t wait so I took my dick and tried to insert inside her pussy, but her pussy were so tight I asked her whether she was virgin she nodded. I was so thrilled to fuck a virgin pussy. So I put some saliva on my dick and tried to insert again but I failed as it was so tight. Now I had a plan I asked her to bring honey I poured some inside her mouth and gave my dick in her mouth. It was getting so slippery, I took my dick out and immediately gave inside her pussy, it got inside a bit about 2 inch she shouted madly. After first couple inch I thrusted a bit inside her pussy again she was shouting and I enjoyed her shouting. For some time I stopped and started sucking her sound boobs. I couldn’t control myself, I pushed my whole dick in a single time she started crying out of pain and her pussy were all wet and leaking. So I felt this is my time and I started ramming her pussy after 15 minutes of pain even she started enjoying. With every movement of my dick she was moaning heavily all I could hear was aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh baby come on fuck me more and aaaaahhhhhhhh mmmmmmm and all. I took my dick outside as I was about to cum. She said to cum inside as she was ready to take pills. So I kept on fucking and I jazzed inside her pussy. After a hardcore sex about 45 minutes she rested for around 15 minutes and said she was ready for another round. We fucked around 3 4 times that day, and then I left.

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