Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-40

Mr. Sharma was lost in thoughts, how 3 years ago Divya had slowly manipulated and seduced him in his own store. He had not been able to forget that fortunate day, when this sexy little slut had walked in to his store for her wedding shopping, and then ended up banging with him in the context of measurements and fittings.

Though he had been with her a long time ago, yet seeing her outside Gautam’s apartment, Mr. Sharma could identify her at once. And almost immediately the memories from that day, 3 years ago, rushed back to him. He remembered how she had slowly seduced her. Stripped herself in-front of him and then allowed him to play with her body.

Even then she had a slut like body – large round breasts, ready to be touched and played by anyone, and nipples growing hard with the slightest of attention. Mr. Sharma had pressed and played with her large, and soft, yet firm breasts as long as he wished. And then Divya had herself volunteered to suck his cock. It had been one exciting day in his otherwise boring day at work.

At first she made him bring her some bold brassieres and panties, and then in the pretext of trying them, she gave him a little strip show. Then she had allowed him to play with her body. Swaying her large yet soft breasts, she had allowed him to hold those and press those as well. And then he had sucked her extra sensitive nipples which had been hard ever since she had allowed him to touch those.

Later she had volunteered herself to give him a suck, and then sucked and stroked his cock until he was on the verge of coming. She knelt in front of him and then took his cock in her mouth, and sucked it until he had to plea to her to stop. At first he had been enjoying her tongue around his cock nicely, and then slowly she had been driving him towards the edge, slowly getting him closer to the moment where he would not be able to hold on to his come any more.

After sometimes, he had to stop her – pleading her to stop from sucking him anymore. “Please… Stop… Or I will come any moment” he had said between heavy moaning. Divya too, unwilling to eat his come, had stopped but only to find a subsequent hole for his aching cock.

She stood up, and looked back at his expressions amusingly. She then turned around and walked up to the mirrored wall at the opposite side. Spreading her legs apart she had then bent forward towards the mirrored wall, supporting herself against the mirror. Her legs were wide apart, opening up her pussy invitingly. Mr. Sharma, stroking his cock with his hand, looked at her form and then couldn’t control himself.

He walked up to the inviting little naked figure of the slut, and positioned himself behind her. He positioned himself right between her legs, so that he can enter her comfortably. Still standing straight, he pushed his cock at the opening of her cunt. She had her legs spread wide so that her cunt was opened up, and Mr. Sharma pushed the head of his cock easily against that hole.

Putting his cock nicely on her hole, he then slowly bent forward, and putting his body right on top of her, he shifted his weight. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Divya moaned as his cock slowly slid inside her cunt. More he bent forward towards her, more his cock slid inside her, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she bit her lips and moaned as his cock slid in easily and then paused for a moment.

Mr. Sharma took a second or two to steady himself. And then with the support of the mirror, he started swinging his hips to and fro. “Mmmmmm… mmmmm… mmmmmm…. Ahhhhhhhh” Divya started grunting in pleasure, as he started fucking her. Her cunt was already soaked with her juices, and now he was bringing her closer to that mad orgasm as well. He continued moving his waist to and fro with a rhythm so hard that Divya continued moaning like the bitch she was.

Almost double her age, yet he was making Divya crazy. She too, held on against the mirror, keeping her legs wide and pussy open so that he can continue banging her in the same rhythm. And soon after a moment of crazy fucking, he neared his climax first. Immediately he grabbed her hairs from behind, and announced, “Ohhhh… I am going to come”. Divya closed her eyes and tightened her body as Mr. Sharma started thrusting even more vigorously.

“Ohhhh yeasssss…. Ohhhh yeassssss… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeasssssssssssssssssssss” he moaned, stretching the last word as along it he started spitting his entire load inside her. Divya too gritted her teeth, as suddenly she felt his load explode inside her, and almost immediately she came as well. It worked like a magic, they both came together, the feeling of his cum inside her, tripped her to come as well.

After that, the two had collapsed on the floor and lied down motionless for some moments. Then both had got dressed and came out as if nothing had happened. Mr. Sharma chuckled, thinking how still in detail he remembers everything from that day, 3 years ago. He was already in his car, heading for the shop, and was having a huge hard on remembering that exciting day at work. Days like that were very rare – since that day, she had been back again for two days only. And both the days turned out to be more exciting than the other.

But ever since her last visit she had disappeared, got married perhaps is what he had thought But then suddenly seeing her that day, in his own building, with Gautam, he knew that she had not changed. He knew what she might have been doing there. Even though she had denied knowing him, he knew that she had remembered him as well, it was written all over her expression. And he thanked god with this opportunity out of nowhere. And he already knew what he wanted to do next.

While the rest of our residents were busy at work, or remembering their past fantasies, at the same time at Kolkata – Kiran was standing at a busy junction of the road. She was looking at her watch frequently and was dressed nicely as if she was going out on a date. She was wearing a nice dress which hung up to her knees. It was held on her shoulder by two thin strings and had a deep cut revealing her deep cleavage.

She was waiting for there for the last fifteen minutes and was clearly looking agitated. And then suddenly a Silver colored Honda City stopped by her. One of the tinted glasses lowered automatically and she managed to smile after peeping inside the car. “Hope I didn’t keep you waiting for long?” asked Dr. Roy from the driver’s seat. Kiran smiled back again, “Not much” she said before hopping inside the car.

As soon as she was in, Dr. Roy started driving. “You are looking ravishing today” he said. Kiran smiled again, but clearly blushing at the complement, “So where are we heading to?” she asked trying to change the topic. “I have an apartment at the Saltlake, where I often go when I am alone” he replied back, while driving towards the broad road connecting to the saltlake.

Ever since the last visit, Kiran was willing to pay him another visit. And so when she had called up to fix another appointment, he generously proposed to meet at the lonely apartment rather than at his clinic. Kiran too didn’t think much and readily accepted his proposal, and so there they were, heading for his apartment at the Saltlake.

It was half an hour drive before the car stopped in front of a one storied house. Dr. Roy came out of the car, inviting Kiran to get out as well. “Not a very big house, just a place where I can relax when I wish” said Dr. Roy, sensing her curios eyes looking around the house. Kiran smiled back, as he locked the car and both headed towards the entrance.

“See, it is not very big from outside, but quite cozy inside” said Dr. Roy, once they were inside the nicely decorated living room. “Come I will show you the bedroom” he said and then held Kiran’s hand to lead her to the bedroom. The house had one bedroom only, which was not very big, but had a comfortable bed in the middle which looked quite calm and welcoming. Upon reaching the entrance of the room, Dr. Roy turned her towards him and looked deep into her eyes.

“So….” he said, “Are you ready for your second session?” he asked after a brief pause. Kiran’s heart was already beating faster, and she felt a strange itch between her legs. Yet she managed to look back at his eyes and nodded her heads with a visible blush on her face. Dr. Roy smiled too as he held her hands and started pulling her closer to himself. Soon their body was so close to each other that they just had to bent their head a little and their lips met each other.

Dr. Roy wrapped his hands around her waist, and held her close to his body as he slowly started exploring her lips. Kiran too returned the favour by matching his vigor with her passion. And both started kissing and sucking each other’s lips. Dr. Roy’s hands were already at her waist and occasionally caressing around her butts, but he kept her tightly closer to his body. They continued kissing each other’s lips for almost ten minutes, in which they used their tongues to explore inside the other’s mouth, and then finally they decided to start stripping the other.

It was Dr. Roy’s turn first, and he gently lifted the 2 strings of her dress and pulled it off her shoulders. The dress wasn’t too tight to resist his simple movement, and slowly it came off her body, gradually exposing her bra covered breasts, and then her milky white belly, followed by her panty covered cunt and then a gorgeous pair of long legs. She let the dress collapse around her legs and stood still while Dr. Roy looked at her nice figure. He had already had a hard on, but looking at her like that was killing.

He noticed a few wet spot on her brassiere, and then put his finger on them, feeling the wetness. He realized those were spots made by her leaking nipples and almost immediately wanted to taste some of her sweet tasting milk again. Driven by a sheer urge he immediately pulled her closer and started kissing her lips. While kissing her he dragged her upto the bed, and continued kissing until he had pushed her on the bed.

In haste he undid her brassiere and removed it off her body, exposing her nice round udders. And as Kiran closed her eyes in excitement, he dived on those unable to control himself any more. “Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned as he held one of her breasts and pressed them hard, and almost immediately he had taken the nipple in his mouth too and started sucking. She felt the mad surge within her breasts, as her milk filled breasts started discharging some of the liquid in his mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” he too made an enjoyable noise as he tasted the first drop of her sweet tasting milk. And then continued pressing and sucking as a torrent of milk started pouring in his mouth steadily. He swapped breasts and continued drinking the honey like liquid from both of her breasts.

“Awwwwww… yeaaaaaaaa… oh my god… ohhhhhh… yeassssss… awwwwww” she continued moaning as he continued to make her milk like a plump cow. The feeling of being milked was out of the world and she was getting wet rapidly between her legs. Dr. Roy, enjoying her moans, continued milking her and making her wetter. “Uuuuuuuuuuu… o yeaaaaaa…. Uuuuuuuuu… ooooo yeaaaaaaaa” she too continued moaning, unable to stop him from milking her so hard.

Dr. Roy sucked and milked her for at least half an hour. Not only he sucked and drank her milk, he spilled it all over her body too to lick it back with his tongue off her body. He also pressed her breasts to squirt some of the milk in air and on to her body, and then licked it back from there. He had never been with a woman who had been lactating, and enjoyed playing with her breasts all possible ways he could. And then suddenly another idea struck him.

He immediately stood up, and then hurriedly took off all his clothes and got naked. Kiran was still lying on her back on the bed, but Dr. Roy patted her to get up and he lied down beside her. Kiran sat up beside him, and looked down at his naked body. His 6 inches cock was already swelling and throbbing hard for attention. Kiran couldn’t wait longer and immediately took his cock in her palm, but Dr. Roy nodded his head, he had other plans.

“Come between my legs” he said as he spread his legs, making space for her to sit between them. Kiran obediently sat between his legs, still looking at his throbbing cock. Dr. Roy now looked back at her and asked her to milk herself on his cock. Kiran looked back at her, and as a patch of blush appeared on her face, she understood what he meant her to do.

And almost immediately she took her nipple close to his cock, and started pressing the breast. Drops of milk started oozing out of her breast and drop on his cock, and Kiran continued until his cock was nicely covered with her milk. Dr. Roy who enjoyed watching it completely was happy at the state of his cock, he looked back at Kiran and said, “Now suck it” and smiled.

Kiran looked back at him, once again blushing at the nature of the request. Nevertheless she started sucking his cock, soaked in her own sweet milk. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she liked the taste of the milk mingled with the strong aroma of a male cock. And Dr. Roy too started moaning as he felt the touch of her tongue on his cock. Kiran wrapped his cock completely with her tongue and continued sucking his cock along with her milk on it.

She sucked his cock like that for at least another half an hour. Making him moan and taking him almost at the verge of coming, and then again calming him down but continuing sucking him for at least half an hour. By the end of it, both of them were dripping wet, and both their cock and cunt was shouting for a relief. Dr. Roy was the first to stop. He stopped her, and then took his cock off her mouth, and then sat up and pulled her closer in a hug and started kissing her lips and tongue again. And her tongue tasted so sweet this time.

Slowly he turned her around and made her lie back on the bed. He touched her panties and found them very wet, “O my god, this is going to flood any time” he joked about it, and when Kiran blushed in embarrassment, he didn’t waste any more time but took it off her body. Kiran too responded by spreading her legs wide so that he can caress her cunt with his hand.

And he did exactly that, putting his hand on her pussy, he gently started rubbing it. “Mmmmmmm… ohhhhhhhhggggg” she started moaning as he continued rubbing her wet pussy making it more and more wet. And finally when he thought he had enough of rubbing and caressing her cunt, he positioned himself between her legs, ready to enter her.

Kiran closed her eyes and bit her lips, anticipating the moment of sweet pain followed by ecstacy. Dr. Roy carefully placed his cock at the opening of her cunt and looked at her face before pushing his cock in. Kiran looked amazing, her skin was glowing, and her face was flushing in excitement. Dr. Roy smiled as he slowly started pushing his cock inside her.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” Kiran frowned and started moaning as she felt his cock slowly pushing deep inside her crevices. Dr. Roy continued until his cock was fully in and paused for a moment. Kiran utilized this time to catch up with her breath and preparing herself, and then suddenly Dr. Roy started thrusting his cock in and out of her. “Aaaaaaaaaaa… aaaaaaa… aaaaaaa… aaaaaa…” and Kiran started moaning as his cock entered or left her pussy in a vigorous hurry.

She was no longer plagued by thoughts or guilt of cheating on her husband. She was now naked with someone whom she had known a few days ago. She was naked in his bedroom, and letting him bang her like a bitch. Just a moment ago she had allowed him to milk her like a cow, and had sucked her own milk from his cock. She was now transformed into a complete bitch, she was ready to do anything to fight back for her love of Mr. Reddy’s cock. She was once again ready to get back to the Sex Apartment.

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