Egoistic Topper

I am the most mischievous guy in my class and famous among the professors also. Everyone calls me rave mostly as i attend majority of edm concerts and gigs in Mumbai. So this girl Karishma; let me tell you she is really fair and the well maintained figure of 32-34-36 and her ass is heavenly any guy would love to lick for like hours. Her boobs are also quite big and she has really big black beautiful hairs till her waistline. And she is the designer clothes fanatic. She dresses real fashionable but also real sexy.

All the guys in the class are crazy over her and she is too egoistic doesn’t talk to any guy in the class. During the starting days of college i didn’t find her much attractive as i had more beautiful girlfriends. But one fine day i came early for the lecture and she was sitting alone on her bench i just passed a formal smile and she smiled too. She wondered how i was so early in the class that too for lectures. I just laughed it off and started tweeting on my phone. Suddenly i saw her, and she moved her neck back saying something to me and i was looking at her half naked boob which was visible through her sleeveless top as she flexed back. I was like dumb struck it was as white as milk. I then and there decided to fuck her. She noticed me looking at her boob and did nothing to hide. I got a green signal. I didn’t rush. She was asking me about which phone to buy as she knows through Facebook that i have great tech knowledge. So i told her. She said ok. From next day onwards i made it a point to come 30 minutes earlier for the lectures as she came every day. Gradually we became good friends and many times i got her boob show whenever she wore a sleeveless top.

One fine rainy day, it was raining as hell and water was logged everywhere and i thought she would not come today but to my surprise she was there. I went and that too next to her and really close. She welcomed me by not moving an inch to opposite direction. I again got the green signal i accidentally brushed my elbow or hand on her boob. I said it’s a cold day, isn’t it? She said yes it’s raining hard and therefore it’s cold. I suddenly wrapped her in my arm and she was shocked to see that. I said i hope you don’t mind. She said no that’s ok. I saw my watch and saw the time for the lecture. So i stood and went to my bench and god is great. Lab assistant came and said today there will be no lectures due to rain so you can leave for home. I was more overwhelmed with this announcement.

As soon as he got out of class, i jumped at her bench and wrapped her again in my arms, almost hugged her and i said i almost died in that cold. She smiled and rested her head on my chest we were in that position for about 5-7 minutes. We both were enjoying that and were getting hotter each and every moment. I coughed she looked up and i just kissed her on the lips. Oh man! She was so soft. I just kissed for like a minute and parted. She was literally shocked and before she reacted i said fuck sorry i didn’t mean to do that; you are so beautiful i can’t control myself. I am sorry and i should probably leave now. She came closer to me and pulled me and kissed me on my lips and she entered her tongue in my mouth and we exchanged saliva and the chewing gum i was chewing. We kissed for 30-35 min our lips were sore. We both bit each other lips many times during this time and we were sexcited at our highest level. I got up checked the corridor to find a peon. I gave him a 500₹ note and i said I don’t want to get disturbed he nodded in yes and smiled.

I came back and saw that there was no one in the class. I was heartbroken but suddenly she pounced on me from behind i was shocked to see her wildness. She already took her top off and was in sexy black bra i kissed her and kissed her boobs above her bra and gave many love bites on her boobs same she did on my neck. She took off my shirt and started kissing my nipples i was new to this and was really aroused. I took her in my arms made her lay on teacher’s table and tore her bra and started sucking her boobs vigorously and kneading them. She was moaning oooooooooo aaaaasaaaaaaaa mmmmmmm i love you baby suck me off. I went crazy listening to this. I removed her jeans and her panty was wet and glistening because of her love juices. I started licking and kissing her pussy above her panties itself. She was giving her pussy in my mouth by raising her hips. I inserted my finger but was unable to because she was a virgin. I licked fast and swiftly like a dog. She went crazy. She got up kissed me and force fully made me lay on the table removed her panty and stuffed it in my mouth and started kissing me. Her panty was soaked with her live juices and i was feeling ecstatic and she was kissing me with panty in my mouth and was massaging my dick above my undies. Her panty was now wet and she removed it and stuffed it in her mouth and asked me to kiss; i was licking her lips, spitting in her mouth. I took my undies and i stuffed my dick in her mouth in vain she removed the panty and took my cock in her mouth. It was so warm and beautiful feeling i deep throated her tears came out of her eyes. I felt sorry for her took her in my arms like a baby got her lay on the table and started licking her cunt. With some force i inserted a finger inside she moaned and within seconds she blasted. She actually squirted shouting aaaaaaah ffffuccccckkk oh my god and she was violently shaking and she squirted on my mouth and i drank a large amount which was possible.

She said i am sorry. I said no that’s sext that is my fantasy. She smiled and said really. Without wasting any time i kept my dick at her pussy entrance and inserted 1/4th of my dick inside her pinkish flower petal like pussy. She cried in pain. I gazed in her eyes and kissed her she controlled the pain and was kissing back. In one thrust i inserted my full dick in. Tears rolled down her eyes she continued kissing and bit my lip. We stopped there and were in that position for about 3 minutes. She was now alright and started moving to and fro. I got up and saw my blood and cum smeared dick throbbing in and out of her pussy. I stopped her and started ramming her like a piston; i was amazed to see her milky white boobs jumping up and down. I was about to cum i asked where she pulled me towards her and started kissing me and raising her hips to meet my thrust and making it more powerful for both of us and within 12-15 shots we both started shivering and shouting aaaaaaaaaaaaa oooooooooooo fuck i am cuuummmmmiiiinngggg and we both came together she squirted my dick out and squirted all over my pubic area and i again stuffed her and came half insider her and half outside. And i fell on her. We both were exhausted. She was lying on me completely naked and playing with my dick. We were smeared in sweat, cum and little blood. She said she wanted to pee i asked her go in the corner of the class door and pee she stood up but she was unable to walk. I hold her in my arms. Looked in her eyes and i sat on a bench and made her sit on my lap and asked her to pee on my lap she said no i started kissing her and fingering her asshole and in about a minute she peed and we were kissing and i was fingering her asshole my dick was erect again she was not even finished i inserted and started fucking her hard. She was shouting in ecstasy as she wasn’t able to pee properly and on top of that she was peeing plus getting fucked she was shouting in ecstasy aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck ooooooo aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh noooo i am cummming and she squirted my dick out and then she was squirting on my dick she was not even complete i started fucking her again and she was shouting aaaaaaaaaa asshole fuck meeeeee aaaaaaaa and this time her pussy gripped my dick real tight and i came inside her once again and she also squirted. She laid in my arms for 15-20 mins and we both were smeared in cum. And i was also inserting my finger in her pussy and sucked cum from my finger and kissed her. Our lips almost swelled by rough kissing we laid there for some time then she tried to stand up when she stood, all her cum were dripping from her pussy to thighs. I licked some and wiped the remaining with her bra and she wore that bra and all the clothes she was unable to walk. There was no electricity in the building so cctvs were off and i got a call from my mom and dad that we are stuck at bade papa’s house and will stay there till the climate calms. So i took Karishma on my bike to my home and we fucked all night in kitchen, in bathroom, in toilet, on terrace in rains. On cum smeared floor, etc.

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