Cuckold Husband’s Fantasy

This story is about a woman whom I met online. She was in her mid-30s. She was an reader and she contacted me through email after reading my story.

Her name was Pranita. It started with chatting and later we started sexting during whole nights.

One day she told me that her husband had lost interest in her and he had this fantasy to watch her having sex with someone else. I thought it was the right time to make a move. So I casually opened a topic on various sex positions and sex fantasies of hers.

Pranita opened up quickly and shared a lot of things. She was into rough sex, not the full-on BDSM kind but spanking and all. The missionary position was her favorite. I encouraged her and told her it was indeed a very sensual position and gives deep penetration.

Our casual talk sparked a thought in her mind. She asked me all of a sudden, “If my husband agrees, would you have sex with me in front of him?”

That’s what I wanted but I kept my cool and said that I really don’t want some guy watching me when I was in action and I had never done it before. She assured me that her husband won’t say a word and he will just watch us fuck, that’s it.

After a day, we decided to go along with this cuckold fantasy but with one condition – we will handcuff her husband on a chair while I fuck his wife so that he can’t interrupt us and I can have peace of mind. She and her husband agreed.

We finalized a hotel and meet there. I complimented on her looks saying that she was looking very hot and I can fuck her booty all day long!

We had some snacks and then I told her husband, “Your wife is very sexy and I am going to have her all day long. Are you ready to watch your wife getting fucked by another guy and enjoy it?” He was like, “Let the show begin!”

As agreed, Pranita took out the handcuff from her bag and tied her husband to a chair and gave him a kiss. He kissed her back and said, “Enjoy having sex and I will enjoy watching it.”

Me: We will and you will too, I promise.

The husband nodded.

Me: Shall we start, beauty??

And I grabbed her by the waist. Her back was facing her husband now.

She said sure and we started kissing each other. She seemed very hungry for a kiss and it looked like she had not been kissed affectionately since a long time. I was all in for the kiss. How can I not? This Indian wife was very beautiful.

While kissing, I slowly put my right hand on her right ass cheek and squeezed there a little. She let out a small moan. Now I was kissing her on her cheek near her ear.

I whispered, “Your ass is very soft and firm, I am gonna make your ass mine today.”

“Please do,” she whispered back.

Pranita was wearing a one-piece. I pulled her dress up. Her ass was open and flashing to her husband. To make her husband enjoy the view, I gave her wedgie. I heard her husband saying, “Nice..”

Me: Of course, it is nice. It’s gonna be even better when I fuck this booty and slap her ass.

She again moaned a little.

I spanked her booty 2-3 times and then picked her up by grabbing her ass and slammed her on the bed. She helped me remove my shirt and kissed me on my chest while rubbing her palm all over my body.

This continued for a couple of minutes. After that, she went down on me and started unzipping my pants. As soon as she unzipped me, my manhood was already saluting her beauty. The horny Indian wife immediately took it in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob while her cuckold hubby kept watching.

She had a game and I was enjoying every bit of it. I held her by her hair and gave her mouth 4-5 thrusts, her face immediately became red. I released her head so that she can breathe.

Then I said, “It’s time to meet little Pranita.”

She laughed a little. I started undressing her. I removed her dress and threw it on the floor. To my surprise, she was wearing a normal bra and her size was just perfect.

I unclipped her bra and threw it on the floor too. Then I started kissing and fondling her boobs like anything. I couldn’t stop myself for fifteen minutes and then I slowly started rubbing on her panty. She was already wet by now and was also moaning continuously.

After a few minutes, I stopped kissing her nipple. I looked at her husband, he was really enjoying the scene. Our heads blocked his view so I decided to show him how I worked on her pussy.

I lifted Pranita in my arms quickly and made her sleep, facing her pussy towards her husband. Then I took 69 position on her. She was sucking my cock very passionately and in between, she was sucking my balls as well. I was on cloud 9.

While she was doing her thing, I removed her panty which was already wet. I threw it to her husband and he laughed back.

I moved my focus to her pussy. She was clean shaved just like I had expected. I rubbed my left index finger on her pussy lips and with my tongue, I was massaging her clit. After a few minutes, I slowly pushed my index finger inside her. I could hear her moans.

Now I was fingering her with 2 fingers and my tongue was massaging her pussy lips. While doing that for a few minutes, Pranita started shivering and she was trying to clutch her legs over my head. She was having an orgasm.

With my right hand, I got hold of her one leg and with my left elbow, I blocked her other leg such that her pussy was wide open and I can continue enjoying it!

She was moaning loudly and was asking me to fuck me. I rapidly pushed my 2 fingers in and out. She was moaning and shivering now. I realized it was the right time to ram this married woman’s wet pussy.

I got up and picked her up on my shoulder and with one hand, I slapped her ass a couple of times. I took out the condom packet, tore it open with my teeth, and wore it on my dick. I gave a tight slap on her ass and put my middle finger into her pussy.

“You are going to enjoy your wife getting rammed now,” I told her cuckold husband. Then I made her lay down on her back but this time, her head was towards her husband.

I quickly reached out to her pussy and rubbed her a few seconds and this time, she started humping. I slapped her pussy. She was like, “harder.” I slapped again on her thighs. I asked her, “You like it rough, don’t you?” She said, yes.

Me: Say it again!
Pranita: I like it rough, do it rough!

I put my dick head on her vagina, just partially inside. I grabbed her right boob with my left hand and squeezed it. She was moaning, “Aah ahh ooh..”

With my right hand, I slapped her boob. I was hitting her nipple and she was moaning non-stop. At the same time, I pushed my dick inside her and she gave a loud moan,


I gave another thrust and my manhood was engulfed by her pussy. Only my balls were hanging outside her pussy. Then I started moving my hips and balls which started making that sweet sex noises.

While doing this, I was kissing her everywhere. I whispered in her ear, “Shall I slap you?” Pranita was saying, “Yes please..please slap me.. Please..”

I choked her neck but only a little so that I didn’t hurt her. I made her look to the left and with my right hand, I was slapping her softly. This continued for a few minutes. Then I made her lie down on her stomach so that I can have her from behind.

As soon as I made her lie on her stomach, her sexy ass was facing me. What a scene it was! I couldn’t resist myself. I slapped her ass multiple times. I also spent some time squeezing and fondling it. It was such a delight

In the meantime, my penis was all charged up again. I put my penis on her pussy and gave a thrust and started fucking her from behind. At the same time, I grabbed her by her hair. She was facing her cuckold husband now and both were enjoying the experience. At this point, I put my thumb into her asshole and she gave another loud moan.

This continued for a few minutes and then I reached the climax. I said out loud, “I am cumming, I am cumming..” And her body was also shaking. She was having a huge orgasm at the same time.

After climaxing, I lied on her body, caressing and fondling her. Then we got up, took a shower where I squeezed her ass globes and tits one last time. We dressed up and then we left the hotel.

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