Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-39

As the sun rose at the east, a new day presented itself with new opportunities. At 7 am, people were busy starting their day, all over the country. At Sex Apartment too, people were slowly rising to a new morning. At the fourth floor, Mrs. Nair was already up, and she had also done with her daily morning masturbation, and was now busy in regular chores.

In another room, Aarushi was still asleep. She had returned late from the college yesterday. Professor Agnihotri had held her back till late. Aarushi had told her mother, that she takes extra lessons from the professor, where actually she just lets him fuck her. Every day, after her classes, she goes to the professor’s room, where she then strips naked and wait for him under his table. It had become a routine – she would start with sucking his dick, and then end with being fucked over the table. And he was rough too, but she had started enjoying the treatment, and loved visiting him daily after the day’s class.

In another room, Sowmya was asleep too. She was with Borah yesterday, and had allowed him to fuck her nicely. It was all due to that blackmailing email, which threatened to publish her video in social networks if she fails to obey all its demands. And yesterday, it had asked her to have sex with Borah, and send back a snap as evidence. She had obeyed it fully, and had sent the snap back at the night itself. Then she had waited for a reply till midnight, and then fell asleep when there was no response.

At the third floor, Rahul was still asleep. He had a rather uneventful day yesterday, but not an uneventful life by any chance. He was going out with the mother and the daughter – Mrs. Nair and Aarushi. Though he started liking to be with Mrs. Nair, and the way this matured lady treated him. Yet he wanted to be with Aarushi as much as well. Something in knowing that he was fucking both the mother and the daughter was making him very excited. Yesterday at the night, he had text Aarushi to meet at the terrace like other nights before. But she had replied back that she was tired and will meet him later. And so, he had no other choice but to spend an uneventful night.

His father Mr. Sharma was already up, he was taking bath while Anita was preparing breakfast. Mr. Sharma, the owner of a popular garment store, daily leaves for the store early. He was happy too, and last night he had sex with Anita, his wife. Having sex with his young and sexy wife fills him with pride and satisfaction, and he was expecting a wonderful day today.

Anita too was happy, not because of the sex last night. Mr. Sharma had never been upto her satisfaction. He would normally last for some five minutes and then collapse and snooze to sleep. And that is what had happened that night as well, but still Anita was happy, she was no more unsatisfied as she used to be some months ago. She had now started enjoying daily with Reddy. That evening too, after the other girls had left, she had stayed back and the two had taken advantage of the empty ladies room. She was now confident that Reddy was all hers.

At the second floor, Reddy was already up and had left for the gym. He wasn’t much excited about his affair with Anita. She was just another girl in his life. He had been with several girls, but no one excited him as much as Kiran. But with her suddenly gone like that, he was keeping content with Anita. But it didn’t mean that he was in love with her or anything.

Borah too was up, and was having bath. He leaves for office, daily at 8. He had a wonderful night yesterday. Finally he was at even with that arrogant bitch, Sowmya, and also had his revenge on her mother, Mrs. Nair. Though it would had been nice if Mrs. Nair could know what he was upto, the last evening, but anyway it felt nice to screw the girl who screwed him once. He was humming merrily under the shower, and was also thinking about his next move – that is, what should be Sowmya’s next task.

At the first floor, things were still quite. Kiran was in Kolkata with the baby, or normally by this time the baby would have been awake and wailing for its morning feed. But all was so peaceful today. Gautam was still asleep, though he opened his eyes briefly but he was in no mood to wake up. He looked at the clock and then turned around.

Divya was lying beside him, and he put his hand around her. She had stayed over last night, and alike him, she too was still naked. The two had fun till late in the night. They had fucked in all possible ways, and came countless number of times before they felt exhausted and fell asleep. And Gautam wrapped his hands around her naked body and snuggled back into sleep. Divya too didn’t protest, and held his hand lovingly and went back to sleep.

At 9, the world had slightly changed. The lazy early morning had turned into rush hours. Everyone was hurrying for work. Borah had already reached office. Reddy too was already at work too – assisting some pretty girls with a set of crunches. The Nair’s was having breakfast, and at home, both Aarushi and Sowmya, pretended to be two innocent angels who knew nothing of being a slut. Mr. Sharma too was ready and having his breakfast.

At the ground floor, Divya and Gautam were finally awake. And after taking bath together, they were having some breakfast. It was a wild night for both of them. Divya, after a long time, was having such a night out and she made sure that she had made the most out of it. They had fucked in all possible ways for most of the night before falling asleep in each other’s arms. They were naked till the morning, they woke up naked, had bath together, washed each other’s naked bodies, sucked each other in the shower to end a memorable night with an equally memorable day.

Half an hour later, Mr. Sharma was hurrying down the stairs, he was getting late for the stores. Gautam and Divya too, had completed breakfast and getting out of the flat to leave for work. All of them were in a hurry when they bumped against each other at the corridor. Mr. Sharma looked to apologize but he was surprised to see Divya there with Gautam.

“Divya!!! Is that you?” he asked in surprise. Divya too looked back in shock, rather surprise. She too knew Mr. Sharma, and looked at him in disbelief. She was not ready for such a coincidence. “Sorry Mr. Sharma you are mistaken, this is my colleague from work, and we will need to leave” It was Gautam who broke the growing silence between the others. And then not waiting for any further chance of discussion he hurried out towards his car.

Mr. Sharma stood there in surprise for some more time and then chuckled. He knew it was Divya, and he also knew what she could have been doing with Gautam, especially in Kiran’s absence. He too, then went out, towards his waiting car. He had a bemused look on his face, he had seen Divya after three long years and memories from his first meeting with Divya came flooding back to him.

Mr. Sharma still remembered the sunny afternoon from 3 years ago. Divya was just about to be married and they were shopping from Mr. Sharma’s store. Even then, Divya had a very slutty nature and that wonderful figure with large breasts and perfectly complimenting body. Mr. Sharma couldn’t help but ogle at her body at times, and didn’t go un-notice too. Divya realized how Mr. Sharma was staring at her, and instead of avoiding him, she remained around him and continued teasing.

Finally when they were done, Divya’s parents had some other work. Divya took that opportunity to have some fun. She told her parents that she can stay back for the measurements and fittings while they can leave for their work. Mr. Sharma who was listening from close by couldn’t yet suspect what Divya was planning. Later when her parents were gone, Divya turned her attention towards Mr. Sharma, and started behaving extremely slutty.

“So, where do you want to measure me?” she asked. Mr. Sharma looked at her in awe. Even though he was ogling at her, he couldn’t believe that Divya too would show interest. “At the first floor mam, please follow me” he led her to the first floor trial room, which was mostly used as a store room but was larger than the other trial rooms at the ground floor.

They went inside the larger room, and Mr. Sharma closed the door. “So where would you start from?” asked Divya. Mr. Sharma picked up a measuring tape and went behind her and smiled as he wrapped the tape around her breasts to measure her chest area. “34” he said and started noting it down on a notepad. “Are you sure?” asked Divya, “I think you will get a more accurate measurement if I take off my top, it’s my wedding gown and I don’t want it to misfit” she added.

And before Mr. Sharma could blink, Divya took off her top. She was wearing a white bra beneath it, and her 34 breasts were indeed magnificent. Earlier Divya had noticed how Mr. Sharma was ogling at her when she was downstairs choosing the clothes. And owing to her slutty nature she had already decided that she wanted to play further with the poor old man.

“What, you haven’t seen anything like this before?” teased Divya, and Mr. Sharma immediately felt embarrassed and blushed. He moved quickly and re-measured her, “34” he said again. Divya pretended to look a bit astonished, “34?” she asked, “It can’t be. It’s my marriage and I need to look much better than this. Why don’t you show me some nice padded brassieres which will make these look bigger” she said.

Mr. Sharma couldn’t believe what was going on. Praising his fate he quickly went out to grab a few designer brassieres. And he was soon back with a few pieces with him. Divya was still standing in front of the mirror, she was in the same attire as he had left her, and she was checking her wedding gown by putting it in front of her on the mirror. “Here mam, I have got some nice brassieres for you” Mr. Sharma interrupted her thoughts.

“Oh, these are really nice” exclaimed Divya, “Why don’t you help me put these on” she added before undoing her own bra, letting it fall off from her body. Mr. Sharma stood frozen at his position. Though Divya had her back turned towards him, they were both in front of the mirror and so Mr. Sharma could see her glorious breasts even from behind her.

Divya knew the kind of effect it was having on him and she continued pretending to be the innocent little slut seducing the poor old man. After she was done with flaunting her naked tits in front of the mirror, she picked up one of the brassieres to try it on. She secretly glanced at Mr. Sharma – he was busy watching her in awe. Divya smiled before she interrupted his thoughts. “Can you please help me with these, I am not able to put it on” she pretended to be struggling with the brassieres and insisted for some help.

Mr. Sharma’s hands were trembling in excitement as he helped Divya to put on the brassiere. He helped her to hook the straps together, after which she stood in front of the mirror appraising herself. “This looks so good” she exclaimed, “Do you have any matching panties with these?” she asked while turning towards him. “Y-yes s-sure” Mr. Sharma replied, “I I w-will just g-get them for y-you” he said before heading out to grab some matching panties.

Mr. Sharma was soon back with some lace panties matching with the brassieres he had brought before. He hurried upstairs and then to the room where Divya was waiting for him, and once inside he was speechless. Divya had already taken off her jeans and was standing in her panties and her new bra. She was looking absolutely stunning. Mr. Sharma was already struggling to hide his little erection but now it was almost beyond his control.

Divya looked at her and smiled, “Wait, let me take this one off first” she said and winked at him. Mr. Sharma almost started sweating as he looked at her intently ‘she must be joking’ – he thought. But Divya wasn’t, she had taken the game ahead way too much. Slowly she had bent down, pushing her panties off her waist and down through her smooth legs and then off her body. Mr. Sharma stared open mouthed as she lost her panties. She had a very cute ass, and his hands trembled while handing her the panties to try. Soon she put one of the matching panties on and looked at her in the mirror. Her eyes twinkle as she looked at her own sexy body, and then glanced at the poor soul who was standing right behind her.

Suddenly Divya turned around and leaned at the mirror, “So, how do I look?” she asked, “Do you think my husband will like me?”. Mr. Sharma had already seen more than she desired and didn’t know how to react. He fumbled and stammered replying back to her “Y-yes w-why not… y-you look a-amazing” he managed.

“But you must have seen and measured so many girls, how do I look compared to them?” she asked back. “W-well you, you are certainly the best” he replied back, still sweating in excitement. “No! You are lying” Divya exclaimed, “I don’t seem to have any effect on you” she added naughtily. Mr. Sharma smiled shyly at her, “What are you saying, you just made my day” he stammered back.

“Is it?” Divya asked and then she slowly started walking towards Mr. Sharma. She stood directly in front of him, with her body so close to his that there was hardly any gap between them. Divya lowered her hand and suddenly put it on his pants “Then I must have made you very excited too” she said while rubbing her hand gently on his pants. Mr. Sharma looked back at her but could manage to nod only. Words betrayed him as Divya continued rubbing his hands on his pants.

“So what do you think about these?” asked Divya, rubbing her other hand on her breasts, and the other was still on his crotch. “Don’t you want to touch these?” she asked with a slutty look on her face. Mr. Sharma’s heart was beating very fast, he was very nervous as he raised his trembling hands to touch her breasts.

“Mmmmmmmmm” she moaned as he held her breasts. “Are they soft?” she asked. “Oh yes… they are very soft” replied Mr. Sharma. Divya smiled back – “Why don’t you take off the bra, and feel the real skin” she insisted him further to get her bra off. With trembling hands Mr. Sharma slowly took off her brassiere. He couldn’t believe that he was inches away from her glorious naked breasts. He dropped the bra and held her breasts immediately. Divya was still rubbing her hand on his pants, feeling his erect cock, throbbing as he started fondling her breasts.

He started pressing her breasts, playing with them, feeling the firmness of those white milk udders. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Divya moaned as she enjoyed how he pressed her tits. Mr. Sharma was ogling at her breasts like a hungry wolf and was not able to keep himself in control for long. Soon after pressing her breasts for sometimes, he started sucking one of them. “Uuuufffffffffffffffffffffffffff” Divya moaned and started blushing as Mr. Sharma started sucking her breasts very hard.

Divya leaned against the closest wall and started moaning as Mr. Sharma leaned on her and continued sucking her breasts. He kept his hands on her breasts too, still pressing them while he continued playing with her nipples in his mouth. “Mmmmm…. Oohhhhhhhhhhhhh… ouchhhhhh” she continued moaning, as Mr. Sharma took full benefit of this slut.

Mr. Sharma sucked her nipples for a long time, until he was tired and was breathing hard. Divya looked at Mr. Sharma and then smiled at his condition. “I think it’s time to thank you for all you have done so far” she said and then gently knelt down in front of him. Smoothly she used her two hands to unzip his pants and take his erect cock out of it. She held it in her palm some time but soon started sucking it.

“Mmmmmhhhhhhhhh” Mr. Sharma leant back at the wall behind him and then started moaning. Divya was still knelt in front of him and was sucking his cock passionately. The visible drool around her mouth clearly indicated how much she liked the taste of his cock. Both were moaning loudly too, they were all clearly aroused and horny by then.

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