Seducing my Aunt

It was after my 2nd PUC during my holidays when my aunt had come to my home with her 5 months old baby boy. She came with her husband. He dropped her off and left since she said she would stay here for almost a month.

As soon as I saw her, I was astonished at how much her body had changed. She was 5.5ft and thin when she got married two years ago. Now she had an amazing glow on her fair and beautiful face.

My parents are both working, and they had their work to do. But my mom used to come back early in the evening to spend time with my aunty and the baby. I knew it would be this way, and I knew I had to help my aunty. She settled in, and we all had a good time during the weekend.

I remember it was a Monday morning when my mom woke me up saying help your aunty out when she needs. I said ok, and I noticed my dad had already left. I locked the door, said bye to my mom, and went into the kitchen to make myself some coffee.

On the way to the kitchen, I had to pass through the guest room. The door was half-closed. I just peeped into the room to see if my aunty was awake. She was still sleeping. I heard some sounds, and I realized the baby was awake. I went in to wake my aunty and saw the baby was feeding milk from my aunty’s tits.

It was a shock as I never expected to see such things. My aunty was sleeping, and the baby was still feeding on his mother. That was the first time I saw my aunty’s tits. God, they were amazing. They were so fair, and she had dark pink nipples. I stood there watching that scene.

I realized my dick was hard, and I started rubbing it over my shorts. I enjoyed the scene for almost 10 minutes when my aunty starting moving. I rushed out in a hurry. I straight away went into the bathroom and searched the bucket of clothes for my aunty’s undergarments.

I found her light pink bra and dark blue floral panties. I checked the size, and they were 34B and XL, respectively. I was so excited. I started imagining her and masturbated, smelling the aroma of the juices from her panties. I cum a huge amount, and I felt so relaxed and detoxed.

This repeated for almost a week. I even clicked a lot of pictures of my aunty’s tits and her legs while she was feeding and sleeping. I knew I would never get such a chance once my aunty leaves.

We spent a lot of time together. Then she started telling about changes that happen to a woman once she gives birth. I purposefully asked some innocent questions just to make her feel good and open up. I asked her about the pain while the baby feeds. She said it doesn’t pain since the baby doesn’t have teeth.

This was the ice breaker for us. We got so comfortable that she started feeding the baby in front of me. She knew I used to look at her tits now and then.

One day we were speaking of the changes to the body. She was telling how the hormonal changes happen and how much it affects her during her periods after giving birth.

She even felt bad that her husband was not here to comfort her. I felt bad, and I needed to get closer to her. So I sat next to her and held her hand saying, “Don’t worry, aunty, you can ask for any help I’ll do it.” She felt happy and even laughed, saying, “Not everything can be done by you.”

I innocently asked her as to what is it that I cannot do. She said sometimes she has bad back pain, and a massage would feel so good. I said, “I can do it. Just guide me, and I’ll do it.” She said she’ll let me know when she needs it.

The same afternoon I came home from the gym. While I sat on the sofa, she said, “Go have a bath. I’ll prepare some food, and we’ll eat together.” I went to have a bath, and I forgot my towel. Since I was taking a bath in the common bathroom, I thought I can rush while my aunty is in the kitchen.

I opened the bathroom door and rushed across the hall, and my aunty walked out of the kitchen with a bowl of curry. She was shocked, and I was also shocked as I didn’t expect that. She dropped the curry, and the glass bowl broke. I stood there because the glass pieces were all over.

She looked at my cock, which I later covered with my hand. I jumped across the hall, and she looked at my ass and laughed. It was very awkward, and once I got dressed, I came out. We had a silent lunch and watched TV. She looked at me now and then but did not know what to speak.

I said, “Aunty, it’s ok. Don’t feel awkward.” She laughed, saying, “I never expected that.” After some time, she started feeling uncomfortable. I asked her why, and she said her back was aching. I said, “I’ll give you a massage.” She hesitantly said ok, and she went into the bedroom.

I rushed to my bedroom and removed my underwear, and wore my boxers. As soon as I stepped in, she slept on her stomach on the bed. I realized she had changed from nighty to t-shirt and tracks. I asked her where the pain was, and she said it’s the lower back and pointed out where the pain was.

I slowly pressed her lower back, and I could hear slow moans. My dick was hard, and now and then, I used to touch her hips with my dick. She said, “Don’t mind if I sleep because your hands are magic.” I said ok, and she was almost asleep. I went over the bed, put my legs across her, almost sitting on her ass.

She opened her eyes, realized my position had changed but never bothered to say anything. Her t-shirt was almost up until her bra hook. I was massaging her lower back over her skin. I imagined myself fucking her and sucking her tits. I couldn’t resist myself.

So I pulled down her tracks along with her panties down until her knees. She gave a big jerk and shouted, “What are you doing?” She tried to pull her pants up. She couldn’t do it since I was sitting on her legs and she couldn’t move her legs. I started kissing her ass cheeks and lower back.

She was still trying to resist saying, “This is wrong, I will tell your mom and dad.” I looked at her saying, “It’s ok, I know you want this.” She said, “What are you talking about? Just leave me.” I said please and went up to her and kissed her hard on her lips.

By now, her legs were free, and her resistance was increasing. I held her hands and kissed her hard. She slowly reduced the resistance and sounds and started giving in to me. I looked at her and said, “It’s ok. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.” I started to kiss her beautiful lips again.

Finally, she reciprocated by moving her lips and tongue. By then, we were madly kissing. I slowly went down, removed her pants, and spread her milky legs and saw her hairy pussy. I spread the hair and started sucking on her pussy. She started moaning loudly and said, “Please do it slowly.”

I licked her pussy and went down to her asshole and licked it too. The smell of her juices was making me go mad. I licked her pussy until she came, and the juices were next level tasty. By then, she had removed her t-shirt and unhooked her bra.

I sucked her tits and even drank some milk and rolled my tongue over her nipples, which she enjoyed a lot. The milk tasted so good – the whole time, we never had any eye contact. But I knew she liked it because she made sounds that I knew came out only when it felt good.

Once I was done with her tits, I stepped out and pulled down my boxers. She looked at me with regret and sadness. I said, “Come suck the dick.” She hesitantly held my dick. Once she held on to it, I stepped across her while she was sleeping so that she could do it while sleeping on the bed.

She moved her hands slowly over my dick. She looked at me now and then. I was enjoying her teasing. I pulled her head up with my two hands and guided my dick into her mouth. A few strokes and I was almost ready to cum. I said faster, and she sucked my cock faster.

I came in her mouth, and it was a lot. She gave a grumpy look because I almost filled her mouth with my cum. I took out my dick, and she tapped on my thigh, signaling me to step away. I moved out and sat on the chair next to the bed. She ran to the bathroom and spit out all the cum.

She washed her mouth and pussy and came out ashamed, closing her tits with her hands. I saw that and went to her before she picked up her panties to wear. I held her against the wall and said, “If you enjoyed it, don’t feel bad about it.” I kissed her again on the lips.

She gave in to me and reciprocated immediately and hugged me. We just stood there, hugging each other completely nude for almost 10 minutes. We kissed for some time, and I looked at her and asked her to smile. She smiled and said, “Ok, now I have to dress up.”

I said, “Let’s finish what we started.” She said, “There’s no protection.” I said that I’ll get it, and I got a condom from my room. I wore it and slept on the bed. She walked towards me slowly with her tits jiggling. She sat over me and guided my dick into her pussy.

We were doing it in the cowgirl position, and it was my favorite position. She started moving up and down, and her tits were bouncing. She took the support of my shoulders to move up and down. We were moaning loudly like we were in paradise.

I rolled her over and went into the missionary position and stroked hard, and we came together. I just pressed her tits, licked them hard, and slept between them. We laid there for 10 minutes. We were sweating and panting because we were out of breath. She said, “I wish it was this amazing with my husband.”

We laughed, and I pulled my dick out of her I went down to her pussy for just one last roll over her pussy. Licked it hard and tasted the juice. I removed my condom and tied it, and rolled it inside a paper. I wore my shorts and threw the condom.

Once I threw it out and came in, she was wearing her tracks. But her upper body was still doing the magic for me. I went and sucked her tits and drank some more milk for a few more minutes. Then she said that it’s time for my parents to return.

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