Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-38

Sowmya waited anxiously outside the door. She was wearing this sexy, red outfit. It was backless, with the top covering her breasts was simply tied behind her neck. It also exposed her deep cleavage. And then it hung down from her chest until her thighs, clinging at her body tightly.

She took advantage of her mother’s and sister’s absence to get dressed in such a slutty way. And then had climbed down two floors and waited for Borah to answer the door. She didn’t know how, but she was confident that she could seduce him with ease.

However she didn’t know that the evening was setup by Borah and Reddy only. And Borah was thoroughly prepared for her. And so when someone rang the bell, he wasn’t surprised to find her, though he pretended to be. He opened the door and looked surprised to see her, “Sowmya! What a pleasant surprise” he said.

“Yea… sorry to drop like this suddenly… mmmm… but I needed to speak to you about something” she said, as she tried avoiding any trace of hesitation or nervousness.

Borah: “O yea… why not… come in”

And Sowmya went in swiftly, not wanting to be caught like that at Borah’s door. And as she walked in, Borah looked at her from behind. She looked so sexy and inviting, and he felt his cock poking hard at his pants.

And as Sowmya went in and sat on the sofa, Borah closed the door and came and joined her in the living room.

Borah: “Well I don’t know what you need to talk about… but before that, is there anything I can offer you? Water or something?”

Sowmya: “No, I am fine… I just need to speak to you, so why don’t you just relax and sit down”

And so, Borah too, sat down beside her on the same couch, anxious and eager for her to get on with the real business.

Sowmya: “Look, I know I had been avoiding you since that evening we met at the park, and I have slowly come to realize how hard it must have been for you…” she paused for a moment, “Is there anything I could do to make up for that evening, so that we can be friends again?”

Borah (pretending to look surprised): “Well… certainly… there are things you could do Sowmya… but are you really willing to do those things?”

Sowmya then slowly came near him and sat, she put her hand on his thigh, caressing it gently, “How can you tell I won’t do something, of you haven’t asked me?” By that time she had started feeling more confident about it. Her hand was on his thighs and she rubbed it gently over his shorts.

Borah put his hands in her long hairs, brushing them gently with his fingers, “You are young, and so beautiful… will you give yourself away for someone like me” he asked, still pretending to be surprised.

“If I have started feeling attracted towards you, does it really matter how I or you look?” she said, trying to sound convincing.

Borah by then had started getting bolder. He had put his hand on her breasts, over the dress, feeling the nice firm feel of her breasts. “Does your mother know you are here now?” he asked, wishing that Mrs. Nair could know what he was about to do with her daughter. That would have been a fitting revenge for what she did to him.

“Well my mother is not at the home at the moment, and I was alone, and I was so horny that I couldn’t control myself from coming to meet you. And so here I am” she said, expressing her true intention.

And Borah gently slid the cloth which covered her breasts. She was not wearing any bra inside so he could catch a glimpse of her milk white breasts. But he covered them back and then put his hand at her neck, pulling her closer; he slowly started kissing on her lips.

Pchhhh… pchhhhh… pchhhh – they kissed each other’s lips gently. And then once again he rubbed his hands around her breasts. He put his hands inside her dress, and often moved them aside to catch a glimpse of her naked breast. He then quickly discovered the knot, and then untied it to get the cloth off her breasts.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked as he removed the cloth from over her breasts. Sowmya pretended to feel shy when she replied, “I do, but I am so attracted with you right now, that I can’t think of anything else”. And then she looked at his eyes and gave a naughty smile.

Borah smiled back too, while he started pulling the dress further down. Sowmya helped him with that too, and she stood up briefly so that the dress can be taken off her body. She was now only in her red panties as she sat back beside him.

Borah looked at her top-less and almost naked body. His eyes were filled with a fire of lust. He went even closer to her, picking one of her legs and putting it on his lap. By doing so, he made her open her legs, and then he gently started rubbing his fingers over her panties.

“Mmmmmmmm” she moaned as they started kissing again – pchhhh.. pchhhhh.. pchhhhh. They started sucking each other’s lips while Borah continued rubbing his fingers on her panties. Sowmya was slowly starting to feel aroused as she started sucking his lips passionately.

Till morning she hated Borah, and felt disgusted even at his sight. And now, by the evening, she was all naked, sitting almost on Borah’s lap, with her legs open, and allowing him to touch the most private parts of her. And she was sucking his lips too. He too sucked her nice juicy lips with a burning passion.

“Mmhhhhhh… hhhmmmmmm” she moaned and smiled, as Borah started kissing at her neck. But she kept her leg still open, allowing him to keep rubbing her pussy. “Ahhhhhh…ssssssssssss” and she moaned and bit her own lips as she felt her cunt slowly getting wet.

“Won’t you take my panties off?” she asked him while he still rubbed her over that. Borah looked at her and simply smiled, and then slowly took off her panties too. She was now completely naked as she leant back on the sofa, lifting her legs up and spreading them so that her shaved cunt was open and exposed.

Borah put one of his hands behind her back and held her there, and rubbed his other hand all over her naked body. Rubbing and caressing her breasts, rubbing her cunt, caressing her thigh. And he looked down at her eyes with a burning fire of desire. She too gave her horny looks as they kissed and sucked each other’s lips.

“What do you want me to do first?” he asked. “Whatever you want, I am all yours” she replied and “Ptchhh” they kissed each other again. And then Borah touched her breast with one hand, and bent down and took her nipple in his mouth.

Sowmya closed her eyes and started breathing faster as Borah started sucking her breast. He sucked her breast for some time and then stopped suddenly. “I think you should complete the blowjob you had started, first” he said, reminding her off the unfinished task from that first evening.

“O yea…” Sowmya looked back at him, and then pushed him back so that he was almost lying, leaning to the other end of the sofa. And then she slowly pulled his shorts off. His cock was already erect and so it jumped out as soon as the shorts was pulled down.

“Ooooo… you have such a nice cock” she said as she took control of it. She played with it for some time, stroking it, fondling it, and then finally she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Borah moaned to express his relief.

He looked at her, and started playing with her hairs as she continued sucking his cock. She normally kept her eyes closed, but whenever she opened them, she looked back at him, and kissed at his cock and again continued sucking it.

Borah had a broad grin on his face. He had been living with the insult of that evening for long. But now she was all his to make up for that evening, and she looked like the bitch who was ready to do anything to save herself from the shame. “mmmmmmmmmmmm” he moaned, ‘the bitch is a nice cock sucker’, he thought as she took his entire cock in her mouth and sucked it nicely and made it all wet with her saliva. She certainly knew how to use her tongue, and was teasing him so hard that he couldn’t stop moaning.

“I am so sorry to do that to you in that evening” she said in between, “I should have came back a long time ago, you have such a wonderful cock”. She smiled and then once again went back giving it the pleasure of her tongue. And then she continued sucking his cock until he stopped her himself.

“Why don’t you stop now, and let your pussy taste it too” he said after several minutes later. Sowmya was sucking it very hard, but then stopped and looked up at him. She smiled at the mention of her pussy. It was indeed very wet and dying to feel it inside there.

Though she was doing this out of no other option, but after sucking his cock for so long, she had really become aroused and craved for a nice fuck. As soon as she stood up, Borah stood up too and picked her up on his lap. He then carried her inside to his bedroom, and then dropped her down on the bed.

Sowmya looked back at him and smiled. She didn’t move, neither stopped Borah from doing what he wanted. He had put her down at the edge of the bed, so that her pussy hung at the edge, and he could kneel down and eat it. And as Sowmya held her legs open, he actually knelt down and started licking her cunt.

“Ahhhhhhhh….” Sowmya started moaning as she felt his tongue protruding inside her cunt. He caressed her breasts with his hand too, and both of it made her hornier and he started moaning harder, “Ohhhhhhh…. Ummmmmmmmmhhhhhhh… uffff…”.

“Oh this is crazy…. Suck me baby… pleasssssseeeee suck my cunt” she started shouting as he continued eating her pussy. Her nice pink clit had already turned bright red by then, and yet Borah felt hungry for more. More he sucked, more she moaned, and the more she moaned, the more he sucked.

“Oh nooooo… ohhh noooo… ohhh noooo… I am going to come…. Ohhhh… hold me pleaseeee….” She wriggled as she felt this sudden urge to come. And Borah kept on going, making her moan and shout harder. He continued sucking until she was beyond all controls and came hard. Even then, he only stopped to kiss her lips and then pushed her back in the middle of the bed, and then prepared himself to fuck her.

Sowmya was already feeling mad, and when he pushed her back, she spread her legs even wider and held them with her hand. Her cunt was wide open, and Borah pushed his cock deep inside her while she was still coming. “Awwwwwwwwwwwwww” she moaned as she felt his cock pushed deep inside her.

And as he started fucking her, she didn’t stop but continued coming. “Ohhhhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned as he started banging her hard. Borah remembered her arrogance from that previous evening, and gave it all back to her. He remembered being cheated by her mother, and gave it all back to her.

“Uuugggggg… ughhhhhhhhh.. ughhhhhhhhh” he grunted as he banged her hard. Sowmya kept her eyes closed as she couldn’t bear the pain, yet she couldn’t stop coming as Borah continued fucking her unimaginably hard. “Ppllllleeeaassssss… ssstttoppppp… ohhhhhhhhh… oohhhhh I cantttt takkkkee ittttttttt” she begged in pain, but still she came relentlessly throughout.

But Borah didn’t stop. He continued until he himself reached his climax. And then holding her tightly, he continued his thrusts mercilessly until his cock spat its entire load deep inside her. And he stroked until his cock has spat out the last of the drops.

Sowmya was in pain, yet she had come through out that merciless fucking. She couldn’t believe how her mind had found pleasure from that pain. She looked back at Borah, who was lying beside her now, and felt something different about him. The guy about whom she had felt so utterly disgusted, had made her come so much that day, that she couldn’t believe that it was for real.

But she was finally happy that it was over. She remembered about the photo, and so demanded to take a photo together. Borah obliged, still pretending to be surprised from the entire event. He too had a silent chuckle. He was finally even with the bitch, and her mother. Though Mrs. Nair didn’t come to know, but it was a sweet revenge. And the best thing was, it had just started.

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