Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-37

In the last episode Sowmya had finally received her first task from the blackmailer. He had asked her to go and have sex with the only person in the building who she didn’t like – Borah. At first she felt disgusted with the idea, but then started making her resolution stronger as she had no other choice but that. And then started thinking about an excuse, and waited for the night.

In the meantime, Kiran had started enjoying, in Gautam’s absence, in Kolkata. The visit to the counselor turned out to be a profitable one. He had rather effective ways of curing her feelings than simply talking and motivating her. And after that one visit, she had felt rejuvenated and all those guilt and prangs disappeared. And once again, she felt a strong desire for Reddy, and an equally strong desire for the doctor too.

While Kiran was busy exploiting her husband’s absence, Gautam too wasn’t far behind. That evening, back in the city, he was waiting for Divya – the girl he had met in the train on his way back. They had exchanged numbers before they had parted that day, and then kept in contact almost daily. Finally, today, she was coming to meet him at his flat, and spend the night over.

Gautam had returned home early that day, and was waiting eagerly for her. Sharp at six, the bell rang and he went to answer the door. It was Divya, she looked stunning – she was wearing a pink sleeveless blouse, and a brown skirt with intricate thread work in pink. She must be wearing a push-up bra inside, as her big breasts looked enormous. Her curly hairs were left untied, and she looked a couple of inches taller in that golden heels.

“Nice house, so comfortable” she said as she entered inside. Gautam locked the main door and came back at her side. They were at the living cum dining area – “so comfortable and cozy” she said. “It’s nothing, come to the bedroom, that more comfortable than this” Gautam added smilingly.

Both went inside the bedroom, it was neat and clean – the bed was nicely done, the sheets all so neatly spread, she liked it a lot. “Much better than the AC coupe, I must say” remarked Divya. Gautam smiled as he walked close up to her. He touched her face with his two hands, as if he was going to kiss her. Then he ran them down her slender neck and then over her breasts.

“Shall I get you anything?” he asked. Divya looked at his eyes, “You have already got what I want” and then she placed her hand behind his head and pulled him closer, and the both started kissing each other. She then held her head with both of her hands and continued smooching him. He too put his hands around her waist, holding her close to his body.

They already started using their tongue and kissed and sucked each other’s lips, and played with each other’s tongue. Often they would look back at each other’s eyes and the passion in them would drive them back to their lips.

After sometime, he pulled her more and hugged her tightly, and started kissing her slender neck. Divya in the meantime, got hold of his t-shirt and pulled it off his body. And once out of it, she started kissing on her bare body – his neck, shoulders, chest. She left a wet trail wherever she kissed him.

She was a real slut, and was getting wild at it too. She stuck her tongue out and started licking all over his body. She licked his man-nipples, and then licked his lips and tongue nicely too. The scent and the taste of his sweat drove her mad.

Gautam held her tightly too, though she was still dressed yet he squeezed her ass from over that skirt. Slowly then he lifted her skirt up and put his hand on the bare skin of her ass – squeezing and occasionally slapping it lightly. Divya felt good as she bit on his ears and then pushed her tongue in his ears to lick it. “Ummmmmmmmm” and both moaned in pleasure.

But not wasting any more time, Divya immediately unhooked his pants. Gautam was wearing a pair of jeans. And she got it off easily, along with his underwears, making him completely naked. His cock was already erect and throbbing for attention. Divya looked at it and then looked up at Gautam with a naughty smile. She had already taken it in her hands and started stroking it.

She then licked the head with her tongue once, and then took it in her mouth. “Uhhhhmmmmmm” she grunted as she slowly started sucking it. She pulled the foreskin back with her hands and started sucking the delicate pink head of his cock.

Gautam was still standing, and she was knelt in front of him. For a moment she left the cock, and took her top off. She was wearing a nice mauve colored bra, which was much smaller than her breasts, so that her breasts popped out like two footballs. Throwing the top aside, once again she concentrated back at his cock. She held it back in her hands and started sucking it nicely.

Gautam put his hand on her hairs. Running them gently through them, and caressing them gently and lovingly. “Good Girl…” he said as she sucked him skillfully. Divya looked up and smiled, but she never let go his cock. She continued sucking it and stroking it together, making him moan and make more remarks.

Gautam bent slightly and reached down to touch her breasts. He pushed his palm inside the cups of one of the sides, and felt her firm and round breast nicely. Divya too, sometimes put his cock entirely in her mouth, sometimes just sucked at the head. Sometimes she stroked it with her hands, and licked at any side of it. “Uuuuuuuuu… that’s so nice… good girl…” he remarked as he continued enjoying the nice treatment.

And then he held her head tightly and started banging his cock, in and out of her mouth. She too didn’t protested, rather cooperated by opening her mouth wider so that he can fuck her mouth unobstructed. “Sssssssssssssssssssssss…. Mmmmmmm… Ohhhh… My Goddddddddddddd…. Ohhhh it feels so niceeeee….” Both were moaning together, as both enjoyed what they were doing.

They continued like that for some ten more minutes. Gautam was moaning hard, and Divya was really making it difficult for him to control himself. “Mmmmmmm… ahhhhh… ohhhhh…” he continued moaning hard, as if his life depended on it. And then soon he reached the verge of his climax.

“Pleasssssseee… pleassssssssseeeee Divya… please stoooopppp… pleassssssss… or I will come… pleassssss Divyaaaa….” He moaned, and begged for her to stop. He didn’t want to come so quickly. Last time, in the train, they were not able to have a complete fun, and were always afraid if someone might come. So today, he wanted to make most of the opportunity.

Divya too, realizing his intentions, stopped. And then she quickly stood up, and then Gautam helped her to strip. She took off her skirt, panties, and bra quickly, and got naked. Gautam was already nude, and so they didn’t waste any more time, and got down on the bed.

Gautam put her on the bed, and started kissing her. But they were already aroused enough and didn’t need much foreplay. He held her legs and spread them wide. Then he lifted them up and wider so that he can dive into her cunt with ease. “Ahhhhh… Ohhhhhh…” Divya started moaning as he put his hand on her cunt, and then gently started rubbing her pussy.

“Ooo yeaaahhhhhh” she closed her eyes, feeling the pleasure run down her body. She kept her legs lifted up in the air, and wide enough for him to rub her cunt thoroughly. He started rubbing it gently and then slowly kept increasing his pace. Soon he was rubbing her cunt very hard, and she was moaning equally harder. She put her hands above her head, in excitement, and grabbed the headrest of the bed.

Gautam was rubbing her cunt so hard that he had brought her close to an orgasm. Divya grabbed the headrest of the bed tightly and closed her eyes. “Ohhhhh… ohhhhh fuck…. Ohhhhhh… ohhhh yeasshhhhhhhhh” she continued moaning as he continued rubbing her cunt wet.

It was already very wet and had started leaking her pre-orgasm juices. But she was rapidly getting closer to the orgasm too. “Sssssss… hmmmmmm… hmmmmmm” Gautam grunted as he continued rubbing her cunt with all the power he had, and she too moaned hard like the bitch she was, all ready to come.

“Yeaaaaa… yeaaaaa… yeaaaaa… o yeaaaa.a.. ahhhhhhhhhhhh” she shouted loudly and then started coming hard. Gautam paused for a moment, her cunt had become really wet and juice started oozing out of it. She was squirting like a complete bitch. The bed sheet too had become wet. Gautam looked at her and smiled. She too, looked back at smiled, “Come on baby… give me your cock now” she said. Though she was coming already, yet she felt hungry for his cock.

Gautam smiled, his cock was already throbbing and aching to dive inside the leaking little hole. And when Divya invited him, he was more than ready. He quickly took position between her legs. He was kneeling between her legs, which were at both sides of his body. Her cunt was wide open and completely wet, and when he put his cock at the opening of her pussy, it slid in nicely.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned as her body adjusted to the initial pain. Gautam pushed his cock all the way inside, and her cunt being so wet, it went in rather easily. Gautam paused to gather his balance, and then started banging her with his cock this time.

“Yeaaaaa… yeaaaa… yeaaaa…” and once again, the bitch started moaning. Gautam bent forward to grab her big and large breasts and started pressing them hard. “Mmmmmmmmm…” she moaned, feeling such a potent mix of pain and pleasure. She put one of her hand on her cunt too. And while Gautam banged her well with his cock, she continued rubbing her pussy with her hand.

“O yeaaaa… o yeaaaa… o yeaaaa… o yeaaaaaa” she moaned, as she continued rubbing herself, while Gautam banged her too. And soon she was at the verge of her second orgasm again.

“Ahhhhh… ahhhhh… ahhhhh… ahhhhh.. ahhhh… ahhhhh…” she moaned as she discretely started coming again. Gautam was banging her so hard that within a few minutes she had already come twice. After the second orgasm, she didn’t rub herself any longer, but Gautam continued banging her with the same vigor.

Gautam was awed to see such a passion in her. She had shown the same in the train as well, but that was a different circumstance. Here at his home, in the comfort of full privacy, she had turned out to be a complete slut. “Oh… you are such a bitch… you have already came twice… and we haven’t yet completed” he said, keeping up the pace at which he had started fucking her.

And then suddenly he withdrew his cock off her, “Come bitch, get on to your four, I want to fuck you like the bitch you are” he said, asking her to get on to a doggy position. Divya obliged rather happily, and she quickly got on to her knees and then bent forward on her arms. Her large, yet tight breasts hung crazily as Gautam imposed himself on her.

She spread her legs slightly and Gautam entered her from behind. Then he gradually bent forward and grabbed one of her hanging breasts and started having another go at her. “Before I am done today, I want to fuck you all possible way” he said as he gradually increased the pace of his thrusts.

“Oh yeaaaa… I am all yours tonight, please fuck me in all ways you can think of” she said, and her cunt once again started getting wet, and once again she was getting near to yet another orgasm, the crazy slut.

While Gautam was busy fucking the sex-crazed bitch – Divya, at his ground floor apartment, at the same time, at the top floor of the building, Sowmya was getting ready for her first task.

She had thought about it for the entire day, and then had decided that it was much better to fuck that moron – Borah, discreetly, rather than being tainted forever. But the most difficult part was to think how to approach him, especially after what had happened between the two, in that first evening.

On that first night in this building, she had mistaken Borah with Reddy and had gone with him to the park. She had even sucked him unknowingly and it was after that that she had discovered who it was, and had then suddenly felt disgusted and ran away. Since that day, she had tried to avoid both Borah and his partner Reddy. And even though she had felt attracted to Reddy, but that first evening goof up made her avoid him as well.

And now, she was supposed to go and have sex with Borah. And she thought it over and over throughout the day. What shall she say, how shall she approach him, she continued thinking about it over and over, and finally when it was time, she almost froze with anxiety.

Then later, she took a deep breath, it was almost 8 pm and Borah must be back by then. Reddy would be in the gym until 10, so it gave her a nice window of more than an hour to get her job done. And as the time approached, she started feeling confident. All those anxiousness and nervousness from too much thinking was slowly getting over.

She got dressed in a nice, slutty, red outfit. It was a single piece dress which complimented her figure nicely. The top simply covered her breasts and went around her neck where the two sides were tied together. And at the bottom it hung up to her thighs, nicely clinging on to her body.

Aarushi, her sister, hadn’t yet returned from the college, and her mother, Mrs. Nair had gone out for some urgent work. So there was no one to question either, and so she slipped out of the house, shortly after eight, and then climbed two floors below to the second floor apartment. She took a deep breath and then rang the bell, hoping that Borah was at home, and Reddy was still in the gym.

Reddy was indeed still in the gym, as planned, and Borah was all alone. He had returned early that day, and was eagerly waiting for the moment. And when the bell finally rang, he felt his cock throb in excitement.

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