The Lovers Part-3

I had the best day (and sex) of my life on my birthday. It’s not even comparable to the days to come. We stopped being as siblings and started to act more like lovers. Going on dates, having lots of sex, all the romantic talks it’s making me love her even more.

On this occasion, her birthday came. If you have followed my story, you would have guessed it right, it’s our first anniversary. A week before her birthday, we were in a movie. She was eating popcorn and asked me for the tissue. I took her hand and sucked her fingers and kissed it.

I said, “It’s clean now, eat more popcorn. I can’t wait to do that again.” She said, “Our friends may come here, don’t go overboard.” I handed the tissue over. The movie got over, and we came home.

We had dinner, and she headed to our room first. I casually spoke with dad and came to the room. She was busy with her laptop. I asked, “You seem to be busy?” She nodded. I said, “It’s been a month. You said you want a gift you ask for. So what’s it. Say now, at least.”

She placed the laptop on the desk and came near me. Circled her arms around my neck. I gently kissed her lips while softly running my arms on her back and asked, “What’s it?” She said, “You very well know that we are not getting much private time here.” I nodded and kissed her again.

She continued, “Can we both go on a trip somewhere? We alone, and no one else.” I laughed and said, “For this, you waited for this long? I’ll ask dad to arrange that.” She smiled weakly. I asked, “Where do you wanna go?” She said the place. I kissed her again and said, “Done.”

I went down and informed dad that she wants to go for a trip there to see various places. Kavi is the apple of my dad’s eye. He doesn’t say no to anything she asks. She generally doesn’t ask much. He immediately said, “No problem, I’ll arrange it. Take care of her on the trip.”

I was already seeing her in a bikini. I was smiling with a hard-on when I returned to my room. She asked, “Dad said, okay?” I said, “You are going to wear a bikini, right?” She shouted and jumped on me and started kissing me. I swiftly lowered her pants and pushed inside her.

She is already wet, no need to waste time with foreplay. (We can’t get nude because if someone calls us, we don’t have time to get dressed). I was simply sitting on the bed, and she was riding me. She was moving her hips back and forth, and I was eating her lips to keep her voice down.

I slightly raised her t-shirt and kissed and caressed her boobs. She came already. I took over from here. I lifted her up and pushed her down on my dick. Every time I pushed her down, I can feel entering deep inside her. She was kissing and biting my neck badly to keep herself from moaning.

She came again, I too came with her. We were catching breath while I’m still inside her. I kissed her forehead, and she was lying on me for some time. We got up and freshened ourselves. I was using my mobile, and she came and lay beside me.

“Dee.” I turned. She continued, “This trip is not my gift. It’s just meant to get the gift I really want.” I asked, “What gift do you really want?” She took my mobile and kept in on the side and sat on the bed.

She said, “You know that I love you more than anyone in this world, you are sweet, you are the one I had dreams about, I was lucky enough to get you as my boyfriend.”

“But I am just an ordinary woman who is in love, sometimes love leads to greediness. I know you won’t accept this, but I still wanna ask you this. Will you marry me?”

To be honest, I don’t know what to say to this. I immediately took my hands from her and got down from the bed. I asked, “Is this your way of joking? It’s not nice.” She said, “Am I looking like joking to you?”

I saw her eyes. She is dead serious. Now I’m even more worried. What have I done? It’s awesome to be her boyfriend, but a husband? C’mon, it’s not even practically good to do something like this. All these thoughts were running in my mind.

I said, “Are you crazy? What will dad do if we come home as a couple? Think about mom. I think we have gone too far. It’s not nice.”

She said, “Hey, I’m not asking you to make me your wife officially. We can exchange rings and spend some days as a couple there and come back. We already decided to meet some other person after some years.”

I said, “You are crazy, indeed. Being lovers, that’s not a big thing. Marrying one another is madness. She almost shouted, “Yeah, I’m crazy. But I’m crazy about you. I want you to be the first of my everything. That’s all I wanted to say.” She said goodnight and went to bed.

The coming days were hell for me. I was so disturbed by all of this. We stopped having any discussion and talks. I gave that a lot of thought.

And her birthday came. Her birthday means a festival in our home. Dad arranged a party where people attended, all of our friends came together. The only person with a shitty face was me. She was smiling happily. I, too, tried a lot to smile and be casual.

The party ended, and people went back home. Dad was a little drunk, and mom asked me to put him in their room. I said good night to them and came back to our room. She was not there.

I went to the terrace to find her. It was around 1 am. She was sitting there watching the sky filled with stars. I already made my decision after giving it a lot of thought. I said, “Happy birthday.” She said, “Oh, you can speak. That’s a miracle.”

I sat beside her, held her hands, and started, “I never thought we will end up in a situation like this. But I can’t lie. The last 1 year was nothing like I dreamt of. It was 100 times better than my dreams. It’s better because you were there with me as… my woman.”

“I don’t know where it will end. But I don’t give a damn because I love you so much. So Kavi, will you marry me?” She was literally crying. (I don’t think I’m that good with words. I just said what I felt). She nodded, yes. I kissed her lips on the terrace. Yeah, it’s past one, and I don’t even care if somebody sees us.

We both came to our room. Locked the door shut. She was wearing a shirt and jeans. I got an idea. I played some music and asked her to dance for me. She is a classical dancer, but she dances western too. She lifted her shirt and tied it to expose her navel.

She unbuttoned the top two to give a glimpse of cleavage. She started moving her hips and doing her steps gracefully. I asked her to remove her pants. She smiled and bent in front of me and removed her pants. My face was very near to her bottom when she bent.

Her blue panty came to surface. She removed her pant and threw it. She sat on my lap and started moving in tune with the music. I unbuttoned her last button and untied the knot. She moved forward as her shirt comes off. Omfg, she is so gorgeous. She was feeling very shy but continued the dance.

I asked her to give me her panty. She bent before me and asked me to lower it myself. I held her asscheeks, made a bite, grabbed it, kissed it, and slapped it a little hard. She moaned. I lowered it slowly. A strand of her wetness was coming with her panty.

She was completely bent before me with her face down to her feet. I kissed her pussy from behind while I lowered it completely. She removed it and circled it on my wrist. I can’t wait any longer. I stopped the music, lifted her, and started kissing her like there is no tomorrow.

She circled her legs on my hip and started eating my lips out while removing my shirt. I removed her bra and fell on the bed with her. I licked her body like a mad dog. And started moving downwards. She said, “No more teasing, please.”

I smiled. I removed my pants and placed my dick on her mouth. She grabbed it like anything and kissed and started sucking it, making it wet for me to fuck her. It was time. I was about to enter. She stopped and asked, “What about rubber?” I said, “I don’t wanna use that tonight.”

She said, “Finally, you realized. I love you so much.” I pushed myself into her. I must be honest, nothing compares entering her raw. The warmth, the contractions of her insides, I feel like even her insides are holding my dick and never wanna part with me.

I started moving. She didn’t care anymore and was moaning. I started the music again. I said, “Moan your heart full.” She pulled my face and started kissing me. She came.

I turned her in fours and held her thigh and hip to lock her pussy to my face. I started to munch her clit. Her feet were twitching, and she was holding the pillow as hard as she can. She screamed, “Ah, just don’t stop right now. I’m close. I’m so close. I’m gonna cum.”

She came again. I sat and lifted her, pulled her, and entered her. I held her while her legs are in the air and fucked her with my full strength. She raised and started kissing me. I said, “Do you like this?” She said, “Omg, yes.” I said, “Can you handle this for the rest of your life?”

She said, “Yes, rest of my life and beyond.” I said, “I want to cum inside you, can I?” she said, “It’s my safe day cum your heart’s content.” She hugged me to get some grip, I pummeled her to another orgasm while I came inside her.

I fucked her multiple times that night. I came inside her every time. When I finally took my dick out, my cum was oozing from her pussy. She was all smiles. She climbed on me, kissed me, and said,” It’s the best birthday ever.” I kissed her back and said, “What are we doing?”

She said, “Don’t you know?” and shook my dick once again and winked. We both laughed. She said, “I thought you will never agree. What made you change your mind?” I said, “What made me agree.” She was all tears hugging me. She shouted, “I’m the luckiest girl on this fucking planet.” We freshened up and slept.

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