The Lovers Part-2

After last night, it’s not casual anymore. We are not fooling around playing with ourselves. We both truly love each other. And the fact that Kavi is mad about me is making me feel very special. Picking her up and dropping her. Going on dates with her, shopping with her.

I love this stuff. We can get some kisses here and there and have some fun. But we also kept our vows to keep our relationship secret. We are having sex like every other day, multiple sessions. we can’t just get enough of it. Mom asked us about our sudden intimacy.

We just said that we are always like this and we are growing up, right? Family is important. Mom was so happy (little does she know that her children bonded well). I can’t blame her. No one can imagine such things. Then one day, mom asked us to come with her the next day for a fundraiser.

It’s an event where people gather and have fun. They donate some money for that organization so they can use that for their objectives (Yeah, I know it’s fucking boring to read this but bear with me. It will be fun later.) Saying this Mom went out for some work.

Kavi went to the door and waved her hands to mom. She was waiting near the door for mom to leave. I can’t wait any longer. I pulled her body inside and slid my hands inside her pants, her panty and started rubbing her insides. She was shocked and closed the door.

She was about to moan. I closed her mouth and pushed her to the door with her boobs pressing against the door. I continued to tease her with my fingers inside her. She kissed my palm which is holding her mouth and started to lick it. She was dripping.

I started to push another finger inside her and used my thumb to rub her. She came. She poured lots of juices on my hand. I took my hands out of her pants and said, “You like to lick right? Here lick my finger which is inside you all this time.”

I pushed my finger inside her mouth and she sucked it with a killer expression. She kissed my hand and said, “When I licked your palm, I signaled you to lick instead of using your fingers. You are dumb as ever.” (We usually talk like this. Teasing each other like cats and mice. Two siblings are always like this right.)

I lifted her and placed her on the dining table and said, “Itadakimasu.” (It means let’s eat). She was waiting eagerly biting her fingers. I pulled her to the edge and lowered her pants. Her panty is all wet in the front. I kissed her clit with panties on. She moaned a little.

I kissed her thighs. (Damn, those thighs are so damn good. Kavi is a little tall and has long legs). I slowly lowered her panty. There is a thin string of juice stretching from her pussy to the panty. I blew on it and she moaned for that too (She is little sensitive). Suddenly we heard the doorbell rang.

I immediately pushed her clothes and fixed it. She was pulling me to her and asked, “Where are you going? Why are you putting my clothes back? ” I gave her a weird expression and threw her on the couch and went to open the door. It was dad. He asked me, “What took you so long?”

I said, “Pa, I was watching a movie with headphones on. I heard the bell late.” Kavi lay sleeping on the couch. Dad asked her to go and sleep in the bedroom. She went upstairs. I sat with dad and asked about his day and stuff. I was cursing and blessing my luck at the same time.

We were about to do a session and dad interrupted us. But what if dad entered the room instead of pressing the bell. We would have been goners. Mom came home with my aunt and asked me to sleep in the guest room while aunt sleeps with Kavi. I said okay.

I don’t want to create any scene here. One day doesn’t hurt. Mom said that my aunt will come to the fundraiser as well. I nodded and went to the room. I was chatting with my friends and I heard a knock on the door. It was Kavi. She just pushed me inside and started kissing me. I kissed her for some time.

I came back to my senses and stopped her. I said, “Hey stop it. Don’t fool around when guests are home. They might find us.” She said, “No. I won’t go. You are the one who started it and you have to finish it. Now go between my legs. I am waiting for your tongue.”

I kissed her forehead and said, “Not now. Just go and sleep. We can play tomorrow. Cheer up.” She punched my arms (little strongly) and said good night and went back. Phew. That was easy. I too slept peacefully.

The next day we all are getting ready in a hurry. I and my dad wore classic blazers and pants. Mom wore Sari. Aunt too. Mom asked about Kavi. Aunt said, “She is getting ready. She has grown into a beautiful woman.” I don’t know why but I was blushing when aunt made that statement.

She came down. She was wearing a blue fit and flare. Her loose hairs were jumping up and down while she climbed down the stairs. This is the first time I am seeing her wearing this. I desperately want to hold her in my arm, kiss her and eat her. I somehow controlled.

She came to me and handed me a kerchief and signaled to wipe my lips. We both laughed. I asked her to be my pair in today’s event. She nodded. We reached there. First Mom and Dad entered. Then me and Kavi. I held Kavi by wrapping my arms around her waist.

They took photos on the red carpet at the entrance and asked some questions. They targeted young pairs. The guy with the mic came to us and said, “We have a lovely couple here. Geez god, you both look awesome together. How you guys met?” I said, “We know each other from childhood.”

He said, “Wow. Eternal love. Who proposed first? Are both your parents are here?” She laughed hearing this. I too laughed and said, “She is my sister. Yeah, our parents are here. And I feel for that person who proposes her.” She pinched my arm. The crowd went woo and all.

He said, “Sorry dude. It was my mistake. Have a happy evening.” I said, “Chill dude. It was fun. Happy evening.” Mom called us and introduced us to her friends. They started talking and dad called me and he started to introduce to his friends and people. It was boring.

I was having my juice and saw some guy was talking to Kavi. I happened to hear the conversation. He asked her to the floor. She said that she was on a date. He asked where your date is. She said, “Can you please move your ass outta here while I wait for my boyfriend.”

That guy left saying nothing. (Maybe he too is shocked as me to hear this). I casually waved at her from a distance. She came near to my table. (Apparently, the guy who fixed us table erroneously kept us separate. Not so far just two tables aside). Kavi came and sat beside me. She was having her glass of juice.

I was watching a very sexy girl. (Hate to admit, she is a lot curvier than Kavi). Kavi asked, ”That girl looks nice right?” I nodded yes smiling. She said, ”I will kick your balls if you see any other girl. Come let’s go home. I will fuck the girl out of your mind.”

We stayed there for some time and we both started home saying that we have classes tomorrow. I drove us back home. It was about 9 pm when we reached home. She sat in the front seat and kept quiet all the way. I opened the door, she calmly got down and went inside our home. I followed her.

I locked the main door and went near her. I turned on some music and asked, “Can you join me on the floor? I am not a good dancer by the way.” She lends her hand to me. I kissed her hand and pulled her to me. I held her hand and wrapped her back with the other hand.

We just moved with the tune and I slowly kissed her lips when the tune is about to end. We were smooching each other mouth. She wrapped my legs with her left leg and standing on one leg. I held her ass and lifted her. I placed her on the edge of the dining table (again) and started kissing her lips.

She wrapped her hands around my neck and responding passionately. I pushed her softly on the table and pulled her clothes upwards. Then I lowered her inners down. Without any waiting, I dug my face between her legs. She encouraged me by spreading her legs further apart.

I ran my nose on her clit and kissed it. She gulped and pushed my head to her pussy. I started to lick it gently. She moaned. I held her hips and pulled it further to me and started to push my tongue inside. It was heavenly sweet. She was holding the top of the chairs. I saw that.

I turned her around in all fours. I bend her head downwards and asked her to lift her hip-high. I held it there and pushed two fingers and started rubbing and licking it. She was moaning heavily. I stopped for a moment and spread her ass. I started eating her out.

Actually, in a flow, I started to lick her asshole too. I can’t blame it. It felt good). She was making crazy sounds. She came. Came hard. I consciously stopped many times when she was about to climax and started again. I kept the pressure without making it release.

So she came very hard and now she is trying to catch her breath. I lifted her and started to take her to our room. We were kissing all the way. I gently placed her on the bed and removed her heels. I too removed my pants and she was smiling and pointing me to join her in bed.

Without wasting any time I jumped on the bed. She removed my coat and I lowered her zip. I removed her dress and kissed her neck. I continued to run my tongue below and ended up in her cleavage. She tried to remove her bra all by herself. I pinned her down and pushed myself into her.

I started moving a little faster than usual. She tried to circle my neck with her hands. I pinned her hands down and started moving even faster. She strongly held my hands and came. I stopped moving. I turned her upside down, removed her bra and entered her again. This time I was a little merciless.

She just came but I got an idea that I have to try so I entered her again. When I entered again, she shouted, “Dee, don’t be hasty. Stop for a while. Stop for a while.” I wrapped my arms from below and held her shoulders. Both my hands were locked on her shoulders. Perfect in and out motion can be achieved.

I started moving. She said, “Hey, I said stop.” At first, I started slow but I started to get a flow after some time. I just pulled myself upward using the grip on her shoulder. She shouted, “You idiot, don’t stop now.” She was cumming all along. She came again.

She said, “Stop Dee. Let me catch a breath,” in a soft tone. It was more like an exhausted tone. Or you can say a trance state tone. I pulled a chair and sat near the bed. She was still shaken from all the action we had. She is lying there, legs spread and her own juices leaking out of her.

After some time she asked (still in soft tone), “You are going on doing me even after I said stop.” I said, “Nothing like that. I just wanna try playing domination/submission thing. I got that shoulder piston idea in the middle. Just went with the flow and nothing more.”

She said, “You like playing dirty hey. It’s my turn.” Saying this she moved to the edge of the bed in all fours. She held my dick in her hand and started stroking it. She sucked it immediately and pushed my dick fully in her mouth. She started to swirl her tongue.

Hands down. It’s too much for me. She’s sucking my life out of my dick and using tongue at the same time! I shouted I am gonna. She stopped immediately and held my dick. She laughed. I said, “Don’t do this.” She said, “Now come to my cage, meow.”

She pulled me with my dick and pushed me to the bed. She climbed kissing me and placed my face between her legs. She said, “Zamawomiro.” (It means, ‘Serves you right’). I know what she is up to. She sat on my face and started moving. I ate whatever thrown upon me.

You can’t do much when you are having blue balls). My whole face is covered with her juices. Nah I don’t care. I was rock hard. I pulled her to my dick. She said, “You need a release, don’t you? You left me yesterday right. Keep doing the deed. You will be rewarded later.”

I was helpless. After some time she came again. She leaned forward and started sucking my dick (Classic 69 Babes). At last, I came. I shot a lot of cum. She can’t handle all. She swallowed a little. She pinched my thighs saying, “You should have warned me before cumming. It tasted good, so whatever.

She turned and lied on top of me. Her face is covered with my cum (mine with hers). We were a mess. I saw the clock, it showed a quarter past eleven. We wiped our faces with tissues. We were in bed, drinking water. (After all the oral activities, we are out of saliva perhaps).

She said, “Dee, I don’t like the way we did today.” I said, “I was okay with that. But it was not as awesome as we usually do.” She said punching my arms, “I can’t feel the love in today’s sex. Don’t pin my hands down when I try to hug you in the middle.”

I said, “I too felt little love till now.” We were silent for some time. She said, “I am going to bath. Care to join me? Come inside if you want to make love. If freaky sex is what you need, you better sleep here.” I rose, kissed her forehead and said, “You know the answer.”

We had sex under the shower. Nothing freaky but we made love. Yeah, we sucked each other in the bathroom too. But it felt different. We fucked passionately. I came inside her (Of course with a condom on) and we had a nice long bath. We came out and dressed. Clock crossed 12.

She suddenly kissed my lips and said, “Happy birthday my love.” I was a little sleepy at that time but yeah I realized it was my birthday. She asked, “What gift do you want for your birthday?” I kissed her and said, “I want you. Little cinematic. I watch movies and I can’t help it. I am a horny guy.”

We had sex again. In the middle (Exactly when I was about to cum) Mom called me and said that they all are going to aunt’s house for the night. So we had a long long night. Kavi squeezed my balls empty. She is something.

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