The Lover

I woke up when my mom tapped the door and asked us to wake up. I and my sister were completely naked under the covers and thank god, mom didn’t storm inside. My sister Kavi was still sleeping (yeah, she is such a lazy one but she is beautiful and yummy).

I stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. She smiled and said, “Good Morning, boyfriend”. I said, “Don’t be too cliché, Kavi. You are pretending to be sleepy. That’s so not cool”.

“I just wanna see what you are gonna do after a long night. You are sweet,” she said. I was not joking but I was already hard when I realized we were naked under the covers. My sister slid her hand down and caught my dick and said winking, “Someone is excited already. Come on, let’s play a little”.

I smooched her lips for a while and she was responding back passionately while locking her hands on my neck. After some time, I parted my lips and said, “Not now sweety, Amma is calling us down.”

She tapped my arms and went into the bathroom. Her wide hip and curvy back is swinging left and right so elegantly. And I couldn’t believe I just held that hip and fucked her hard last night!

She went down after she got ready. I too got ready and went down to the hall. Appa was watching the news while Amma bought me filter coffee. (Nothing can beat the shit out of you like Filter coffee in the morning, it pumps so much power to your mind).

We discussed some random topics while my sister told Amma that she doesn’t want to change the room. Amma was so happy that she didn’t have to rearrange the room for her taste. (Yeah, even in our room Kavi keeps all the girly stuff and posters on one side. It’s actually annoying. But it’s not my side so whatever.)

After some time, we had breakfast and Appa went for work. We quickly went upstairs and I started checking my mobile for any texts. Kavi gave me the name of the pills I need to buy. I went and bought those (and some rubber) and came back home.

Kavi had the pills and went for a bath. I was checking my phone when she came back after having a bath. She called me but I didn’t respond since I was texting. She removed her towel and threw that at me and asked me to pass her comb.

What the fuck! It seems my sister’s boobs had grown a little. How did I miss that last night! There were some drops of water flowing down from her head, trying to cross her boobies to fall on the floor.

I took the comb and greedily licked my sister’s boobs and the drops on it. She didn’t say anything but breathe heavily. I kissed her lips while caressing her back. (Since she just took bath, her whole body was cold. But I could feel some hotness between her legs).

I lifted her and pushed her against the wall. I kissed and bit her neck. She moaned and held my hair tightly. She was so light yet juicy in all places.

I said, “I can’t control anymore. I want you now.”

I took the rubber which I bought. She smiled and kissed my lips. I took it as a yes! I wore that goddamn condom and pushed myself into her. She kissed and almost bit my lips into two. We couldn’t afford to make so much noise since Amma was downstairs and awake.

I made her sit on my dick facing me. Then I lifted her up and pushed her down suddenly. She almost screamed. OMG! She was so tight. I was feeling so much warmth inside her. It was like her pussy got closed like an iron door and I was using a big log to break inside.

After some time, she just pushed me and lifted herself up and down and rode my cock (As I said before, she was an aggressive one, but she looks so soft and innocent).

I didn’t want to be lazy like her so I started moving up and down. She stopped moving and fell down on my chest. My sister buried her face on my chest. I just kissed her head and moved even faster. Her pussy tightened like it was going to rip my cock off for itself.

Kavi moaned softly but in a rhythmic pattern. If anyone stood near our door, they could clearly hear the sound of our bodies hitting together when I fuck her. That phat phat sounds were music to me. We both came together.

She kissed my lips and said, “I love you”. I sighed and said, “Hey, no need to say that all the time. I know that you love me”.

She sighed and said, “God, why you gave me such an unromantic boyfriend? Now get out of here, I want to get ready”.

My sister got ready and came downstairs. She was wearing a yellow top and some pants. She was wearing some nice big earrings too. (I like girls who wear nice earrings).

She said, “Come, let’s go”. I was like, “What??”

She said, “You are my boyfriend, right? Come quickly, I will be waiting in the car.”

Being a boyfriend sucks. I dropped her and she said, “Come back at 6 sharp” and she planted a kiss on my cheeks and waved bye. Actually, someone might have seen this. I sat there for a minute with a literal blush on my face.

I picked her up sharp 6. Then it became a routine – dropping her and picking up, having a lot of smooches and kisses, fucking like rabbits at night.

We started to steal some kisses or hugs anywhere and whenever we got a chance. Even when our parents were at home, we never missed an opportunity. (The thrill in doing these will increase the pleasure).

You know how rumors work right? Shit happens. Most of her classmates thought that we were a couple. She said she was with her brother. They accepted it. (Don’t be in 80s guys, we have facebook, Instagram and stuff, a family photo can prove that we are siblings).

She said that we were so close from childhood. Since all her friends were curious, she promised them to arrange a meet up with me. I said, “No way, I am coming”.

My sister said that one of her friends is very pretty, even prettier than her. So I accepted.

She asked me to wear something nice. (I usually wear shorts and a t-shirt since I would just drop her and pick her up).

They planned on Sunday. So we both got ready and went to the planned place. The table was reserved for 6 members. So 4 of her friends were joining us.

All of her friends were pretty but one of them was super pretty like some model. But she was not as pretty as Kavi (Hey, basic trait of any boyfriend is to say his girl is the prettiest of all. Haha. Actually Kavi is way prettier than any of these girls.)

We ordered our dishes and started talking. All of her friends were nice chatters. Neha (supermodel kind of girl) asked my mobile number. I gave mine without thinking much. And we came back home. No one was home. I was sitting on the couch and drinking some water.

Kavi called me upstairs and I went upstairs. There she was lying naked under the blanket. She said, “Since you have been a good boyfriend, I am going to reward you. Come fast. We don’t have much time.”

I said, “Don’t be too cocky. We rarely do at day time. What if Amma comes home?”

My sister removed the blanket and crossed her legs and said, “I am going to count from 10 to 1. If you are not coming, I am going to ground you for a week”. I nodded yes. (Actually, I was horny as hell. She became so hot and forward). She smiled, “Attaboy”.

I jumped on the bed and we started cuddling each other. We were hugging and kissing passionately. She was aggressive than usual. She just throwing herself on me.

She pinned me down and climbed up and started sucking my lips. I was surprised. (a lot, actually). She said, “Don’t say anything, just lie down. It’s your day.”

(I was a little confused. We always have sex with mutual importance. Mostly, it will be me trying to play the giver part. But my sister now wants me to be the receiver. Whatever, I liked this idea).

She went downstairs and kissed my nipples. It was a new sensation for me. I don’t want anyone to play with my nipples but hell yeah, it felt nice. She went further down and removed my shorts and held my dick. She nodded like “Can I?”.

I pushed her head towards and dick and said, “Just start it already. Don’t keep me waiting”.

Kavi smiled and kissed my dick. Slowly, she licked the head. She circled her tongue around the head and swirled it a bit. I got greedy. I pushed her head so she can take it all. She resisted and pinched my thigh. I understood that she had a plan.

My sister just kept licking my dick head and teasing me. Then, without giving any hint, she started sucking my dick. She took my dick in her mouth as much as she can. (Still, she hasn’t reached the base).

She took my dick out and coughed. I asked, “Hey are you okay?” She coughed again and said, “Just stop talking, Dee”. I kept quiet.

My didi kept sucking my dick sweetly. That hotness and wetness of her mouth and the tongue moving around my dick were awesome. My dick was melting in her mouth. She was sucking me hard but yet all I could feel was her soft lips and naughty tongue.

I couldn’t hold any longer. I started moaning (Hey, I couldn’t hold back as she was giving the blowjob of my life).

Then she did the unexpected. She started caressing my balls. She kissed my balls and licked it. I was taken aback. But soon, she made it wonderful.

My sister climbed on top and kissed my lips and again went ‘downstairs’. She held my dick between her boobs and started moving. I almost came. She stopped when I about to blast all of that. I needed a fucking release.

I took charge and pinned her down all fours and pushed my dick inside her in one stroke. She gasped. I started moving slowly and rhythmically. She started moaning like hell. She was pushing herself to my dick.

I leaned to kiss her. She bent and kissed my lips. (Yoga felt divine to me at that time. Kavi was so flexible).

Now I stopped moving. She still moving back and fro. After some time, she said, “Hey, don’t stop, I’m so close. I will cum any minute now”.

I teased, “You like stopping orgasms, right?”. She said moaning, “Okay okay, I am sorry. I stopped when you were so close. Now make me cum, my love”.

I lied on her back, kissed her back and ran my tongue on her spine. She jerked. I kissed her ass cheeks. Hmm, juicy. She shouted lightly, “Please dear”. I smiled.

She is so cute when she is all messed up. I held her hips and started moving again. She screamed. I pumped her with all my might. After some strokes, she stopped moving and held the sheets tightly. I could feel her insides getting tighter.

She pulled the sheets to her. She came with a huge moan. She just lied there. And I stopped moving and lied beside her. She was catching her breath.

“Thanks”, she said.

I gently pinched her cheeks and said, “No thanks and sorry in a relationship, honey”. She kissed my lips once again. After some time, she climbed on top of me and lied on my chest and asked, “Do you really love me?”

I said, “You know the answer”.

She said, “But you never say those three words often. It makes me feel bad”. I laughed, really laughed hard.

She punched my chest playfully. I said, “Grow up, Kavi. It’s not like I don’t love you if I stopped saying those words. I love you. A lot actually. So don’t get worried”.

She then said, “I felt so bad when you are close with Neha. Don’t cheat on me. I can’t take it”.

My head started spinning, “Hey, I just gave her my number casually and you are the one who asked me to act casually with your friends”.

She said, “But she is beautiful too. And it seems like she likes you”.

I sighed, “Here we go. So that’s why you did all this now? You feel inferior to that girl?”. She nodded.

I tapped her head a little hard. I saw tears in her eyes, ready to come out any minute.

I continued, “You are way more prettier than her. And you have one thing that she can never have. So be confident.”

She asked, “What is it?”

I smiled and said, “Don’t you know yet? It’s me, dummy. I am yours always and she can never have me”.

She said, “But but she knows many things in sex. Don’t worry, I’ll be bold and try many things in sex like her” I interrupted, “Hey, are you listening to me? You don’t have to try any new things. I like you for what you are. Even I’m not a pro in sex. Sebbah just be cool as always”.

She said, “I love you so much you know. I can’t tolerate sharing you with anyone. Keep that in mind”. I said, “I haven’t come yet. Make me cum and I’ll give any gift you ask”. She smiled hugely.

My sister climbed on top and rode me. She lowered herself on my dick facing the other way. (Her back was facing me).

She rode it slowly and increased her pace. I tried grabbing her boobs. I rose and cupped her boobs. She moaned. I was at my limit. I said, “I am gonna cum, get up”. She said,”If you are gonna cum, cum inside. I’m.. I’m.. gonna cum too..”

We came together. She got up and lied on me and breathing heavily. Wow, it’s just amazing. I mean sex. It will become more pleasurable if you do it with passion and love.

We came to senses. She was smiling happily. I like her smile. It was a piece that completes her face puzzle.

She asked,” Dee.. you said you will a give a gift if I made you cum..?” I nodded and asked, “What gift do you want?”

She blushed and said, “Say that you love me..only one time”.

She then shook her head and started saying, “Ah no, I want to go for a trip with..”

I kissed her lips and said, “I love you”.

She smiled and said one more time. I patted her head and said, “I love you so much, Kavi”. She pushed me down and started kissing me madly. After that, we had another session and freshened up.

Mom came home and then dad came we had dinner and we slept under the same blanket as usual. (No sex this time, we just talked. We do that a lot. We talk a lot that we don’t have enough time to talk).

It was a surprise to me that my didi was so sensitive and clingy towards me. Apart from that, it was honest, pure and mad love. She climbed to the peak in my heart that day. If someone was there to love me more than my sis, it will be my mom (dad too) and no one else.

We both became closer than ever before. Actually, Neha did text me after that day. She showed her interest but I turned her down. Why would I love someone else when I have someone who can give me love in tons.

What happened next? That we can see in the next part.

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