It was the 3rd day after our first encounter. I was sitting on my PC and doing some work to kill time. I suddenly felt my mom’s hands massaging my upper back and collar muscles. It was so relieving. I minimized my working files and played some soothing music on YouTube and closed my eyes.

It was not strange or shocking to me. I often asked my mom to give me a small massage. Sitting on a PC working for hours gave me some complaints of back and neck pain.

“Mom, it is so relaxing, thank you for massaging me without asking.” She continued to massage. I was feeling so relaxed that I was about to dose off. She came close to my ear and whispered. “How are you feeling, Raj?” and she playfully bite my ear!

Now I was shocked. Mom never does this. And wait, it was not my mom’s voice. I suddenly looked back to see who it was. And to my surprise, it was her, my Bhabhi.

Raj: WTF, Bhabhi! What are you doing here?

Bhabhi: I came to return the onions I borrowed from your mom yesterday. Before going, I thought of seeing what my Hunter was doing. (She calls me Hunter.)

Raj: Since you are here now, why don’t you treat me with your juicy lips, baby?

Bhabhi: Shut up, Raj, your parents are right in the next room. What if they come here and find us smooching?

Raj: Nah, don’t worry about them. When they watch Mahabharat, they can’t hear anything else. And listen to the volume of the TV. Do you think they can hear anything else?

I could see her convinced but there was slight fear on her face. She also wanted it.

Raj: You are the one who ignited the fire by massaging me now you only feeling scared?

Guys, to be frank, even I was scared of getting caught, but I wanted to experience this thrill. After a few seconds, she gave a kinky smile and positively moved her head. I immediately got up from the chair and took her beside the wardrobe. That place could not be seen from outside the bedroom door.

We looked deep into each other’s eyes, and we kissed. She was a bit hesitant in the beginning but gradually responded well. Our heartbeats were so high that we could hear it. It was not the most soothing kiss as the fact that my parents were in the next room and can come anytime was in the back of our minds.

I pinned her against the wardrobe and started licking her neck area. Now she slid her left hand in my banyan and right hand in my boxers. Her soft hands were creasing me, and my ship was sailing in her ocean of lust. Her boobs suddenly became firm.

I could feel hard rock nipples pointing out on my chest. I gradually came near her upper boobs area through her long neck, kissing and licking continuously. Now she was breathing heavily. So heavy that I could feel her breath on my hair.

She was so turned on that now she almost forgot in what scenario we were making out. She opened the buttons of her nursing gown and popped out her melons. Oh, my God! What a sight it was. Dusky skin, big circumference black areolas, and nipples poking out almost up to one centimeter.

I could not resist but to dig in her boob-valley. I held her boobs and pinched both the nipples. I started licking those gorgeous titties alternately. Her boobs were going up and down. There was a storm in her lust ocean, and my ship was going up and down along with waves.

I constantly had an eye on the clock. Because we had time only up to 01:00 PM (Mahabharat ends at 01:00). It was 12:35, and parents were busy enjoying the Ludo game between Pandavs and Duryodhan. So we could continue. I knelt in front of her and raised her gown.

I was surprised to see her without panties. She was also clean-shaven today. Maybe she had planned something, but this happened unexpectedly. Her wet pussy was dripping with juices. I went inside and dropped the gown and was covered with it.

I could only see her black hole. I held her waist and started licking it. Oh God, it was so tasty. Bhabhi started to moan lightly. But it was nothing compared to the TV volume. I was licking it like a dog. My bhabhi was experiencing the ultimate pleasure in most critical circumstances.

Slowly she started to move her pelvis in rhythm with my licking movements. I synched with the rhythm and increased the speed gradually. I licked her clit in full swing. I felt her trembling a bit, and she contracted her legs. My head was in between her thighs, and she was increasing the pressure.

I was unable to breathe, but I continued licking. She clenched my hair over her gown, and she climaxed along with the background song of Mahabharat ending track. Bhabhi lost her balance and fell on the bed along with me.

As I was still inside her gown, I also fell with her. I hit my dead with bed and moaned with pain.

Mom: Raj, what happened? Is everything fine?

Raj: Nothing, mom, I hurt myself while using the stapler. Nothing to worry.

Thank God she did not come to see me. Bhabhi was also freaking out. She quickly adjusted her gown and hair. I calmed her down and gave her my towel to dry herself. She was sweating so much and was panting as if she made a sprint.

Along with fast heartbeats, we also were sweating like dogs. I observed this when I felt a drop of salty sweat droplet coming in my mouth from her nose tip. It was such a thrilling experience. She dried herself and had some water. She sat for a while and went to her home with a thrilling experience.

Since the Mahabharat program ended, I had to sacrifice my climax with her. I took the towel she used to dry her with me to the bathroom, and I masturbated, imagining her licking my dick. I was sniffing her sweat fragrance from the towel. The musky smell of her sweat was driving me crazy.

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