Flirty Birdie

This is about my colleague in my workplace. Shreya (25 years) was her name, a typical bold hot and flirty girl. She was always bubbling with energy at work and used to provide the much needed ‘cool’ to the eyes to all the males out there.

She was open about everything, including her ex-boyfriend, which she shared with me (not sure if she shared with other colleagues). She told them they were in a live-in relationship kind of thing before they got separated due to different backgrounds and cities.

A bit about Shreya. She was a typical desi beauty, perfect height almost matching me. Long silky hair always kept open, milky fair complexion, neither too slim nor too fat. Her hourglass figure was prominent to everybody when she wore tight-fitting tops or t-shirt showing her boobs and waist.

Her ass was a masterpiece of creation. It looked unduly prominent from outside. From inside, I was sure it must be perfectly creamy and soft, which I fantasized if I’d be able to lick one day. Surely luck has its way.

As I told, we were quite close. Hence used to pair up for work together when some extra work or targets need to be achieved. It was one such evening. She was dressed very sexily that day. In light yellow skin fitting sleeveless short top and blue denim.

She was wearing a dark pink lip color and a seductive perfume. I was madly looking at her since morning. I think she noticed it and gave a few smiles in between (she later revealed). My dick was having a hard time inside my pants. I was shifting and shuffling in my seat all day.

Added to this, I got a task to be completed afternoon that day by our boss. So we two got paired again. I was unable to concentrate on the task due to the sexy beauty beside me. She definitely must have noticed my change in behavior, and she enjoyed smiling naughtily.

We started talking about personal stuff now as nobody was around. I noticed she loved it when I flirted or talked dirty. Somehow the task got complete, but it was almost 7 PM. Everyone had left the office. We were walking close to the basement parking lot.

I could again smell her erotic perfume mixed with the fragrance of her sweat through the sleeveless top. I also noticed her ass globes jiggle as she took steps ahead of me. I imagined those two between my cock. God had good plans for me, I guess.

As soon as we reached our vehicles, it started raining cats and dogs. It was a heavy rainfall predicted she told me that it doesn’t seem to stop soon. She offered me to stay at her flat till the rain subsides. She stayed alone, and it was barely a km away from the office.

I was waiting for this chance. I nodded immediately. She seemed to have something on her mind judging by her face. We drove our vehicles to her flat, which was not a very upscale one but a decent society. She stayed on the topmost floor, and we took a lift.

Again as we were standing close in the lift, I couldn’t stop inhaling her body aroma mixed with her scent. I think she must have heard the sniff in the silence. I felt embarrassed as she smiled and looked down. We entered inside. It was still raining heavily outside.

She offered me to change into something and offered a T-shirt. I shyly refused as I was comfortable in my clothes. She went inside and told me she’ll be back with a coffee. My heart was pounding as I was waiting for a sign from her. She came back with the coffee.

My God, my eyes were dumbstruck. She had changed into an off-shoulder white top ending very much above her sexy pierced navel showing up radiantly. And a micro skirt showing her waxed buttery legs. I was just looking at her like a teenager. She was enjoying the attention.

She came and sat across me on the bed. Again we began conversing about personal stuff. After finishing the coffee, she excused herself for a beer. I politely refused. She brought out a kingfisher can from the fridge and again began talking.

She began touching her barefoot to mine and took no trouble in moving away. I, too, didn’t make any attempt to move off. Soon we felt the heat generating between our bodies. I looked at her eyes, burning in passion. She was looking directly at my eyes.

Soon we were kissing like mad dogs while our tongues forcefully entered each other’s mouth. She began kissing with extreme passion while caressing my hair with a hand and with the other my erect cock over my pants. Soon I found my hands entering from below her top roaming all over her boobs.

Gosh, she was on fire. Soon we began undressing each other first the top and then the pants and skirt still continuing our kiss. She pulled me over herself on the bed as we continued to kiss exchanging saliva. Our breathing was getting heavier as we cuddled together in the bed, only separated by our undergarments.

Soon she stripped off her panty off her waist, and I did the same. Her body was totally nude in front of me to feast upon. Soon I began rubbing her already leaking bare cunt as she began moaning in a heavy voice, “ Fuck me fast. Do it. Harder.”

She began handling and circumcised monster in her hands expertly, giving a handjob. Soon we turned to 69 position as I licked her freshly shaved pussy like a piece of fruit. She began slithering her body like a snake under me.

She took my entire circumcised thickness inside her hot mouth, giving an excellent blowjob. She was different in that she used to take it fully touching her pharynx before removing out fully and again beginning from the tip. We were on cloud nine.

Soon she shuddered her body in a tremendous orgasm. Her body went in spasms, and with a loud, “Aah,” her eyes rolled upwards. I continued licking her clit, occasionally, making circles around her anus and ass crack. She was ready to be drilled under me.

Both her pussy and my dick were boiling in heat as I hadn’t fucked anyone for a long time. Now she cried out, “Sarfaraz, fuck me. I can’t hold anymore.” She was right. So I spread out her legs, and she helped me guiding my circumcised tip into her pussy opening.

Wow, it seemed it was emitting fire like a dragon. I pulled her legs apart and placed myself properly between her legs. I began my cock’s journey into her hot pussy. It was a totally different feeling. Her pussy was still leaking out sticky juices despite one orgasm.

Now I started moving in and out. Our strokes matched as we continued striking each other’s bodies against ourselves. Now I was fucking her like a dog fucks a bitch in heat. My cock was measuring all the unfathomed depths of her pussy while getting squeezed like anything.

Now she was in heaven. She continued moaning out my name and calling to be fucked mercilessly. I gave no respite either as I held her firmly in my hands and pounded her slutty hole with all my strength. Now we were close to cumming.

I took out my dick at the right time and threw all my stored lava on her face, boobs, and belly. She eagerly tasted some of it. Both were panting, sweating, and exhausted.

It was already 10 PM. The rain had subsided a bit. I got up and dressed up. She promised another meet again at the right time. Over time we fucked uncountable times, and we were kind of addicted to each other’s body.

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