Night Out

It happened like 2 years before. I was doing bca 1st year and had breakup that time. I was not doing well i missed her but what i missed more is her hugs, kisses and her great boobs. I never fucked a girl before with my ex i had kisses and even got to suck her boobs many times but she wont let me fuck her and thats why we had arguments many times. Then it was out of my control i used to masturbate a lot, i told one of my friend rohit to find girl for me so that i can make her my gf(a.k.a fuck buddy). He did so he once took me to meet a girl named trisha she was hosteler. We came near her hostel and rohit called her and said to come down, she came i saw her, i dropped my jaw, she was very sexy with 5’5″ height a slim zero figure, lusty lips and sexy waxed legs, she was wearing a skirt to a little bit upper to her knees and a top. Rohit introduced me to her and suddenly by thinking this only a chance said that trisha you go with tushar i got a urgent work, i will meet you at the mall. She agrees as she was very frank in nature.

We talked a lot at that night we exchanged our number i also tried to touch her many times and she didn’t mind. We used to text and call each other and began to meet daily after seven days i proposed her and she accepted my proposal. We used to go in parks and used to kiss and hug, i also pressed her boobs once she didn’t said anything just a smile and was moaning in sweet and soft voice AAAHHHHH OOHHHHHH BABY KISS ME I then kissed her and we stopped as it was public place i told her that i wanna make love to her and she nodded in agreement, we were waiting for a place and a golden chance, till then we kissed and I pressed her boobs. One day I came to know that my family is going out of town for 2 days, I told her she was too happy and we decided to have a night out (with a one night stand). She told me that she want to drink vodka and i agreed to.

Then the night came, I left home to pickup trisha from her hostel, we had a little dinner and parceled some as we were going to get drunken. We came at my home I told her to freshen up coz it was summer. We both freshened up first she then me, as i came out of my bathroom and saw her she was in short and top, she was drying her hair with towel. I came near her and kissed her on lips and began to look in to mirror and was setting my hair, I was on towel she came from behind and hugged me and kissed on my back, I took my hands backwards an hold her ass and slapped her ass, she was getting hot as i was moving my hand all over her ass, she then lower her hand and was rubbing my dick from over the towel and caught it in her hand. I turned back and we smooched each other, she jumped on me and caught off her ass and was kissing me very passionately, we licked each other tongue and slowly put my hand inside her short, she stopped me saying that lets get drunk first as we have the whole night.

We got drunk, she drank the whole nip of vodka and I drank a bottle of beer, we had our dinner and began to watch TV, I got laid on bed and she was sitting besides me watching TV. I was getting bored as i was thinking about having sex from morning and had became horny too. She was still watching TV, i decided to start the session myself. I then slowly came near here and started kissing her legs, her legs were shinning, as she waxed them after knowing that today is our first night.

I licked her legs and the came to her foot and i licked her foot she was moaning very low, and i started to suck the fingers, and then i came up to her thighs with kissing her legs. I then started to kiss her thighs with one hand and was rubbing her pussy with other hand, she started to moan louder and caught my face in her hands an lift it and then stated smooching me. We smooched for 15 minutes, I ate her tongue she was holding my hair from back of my head. I slowly put my hands on her boobs and started pressing her from above her top and with one hand was rubbing her pussy,. She started moaining aaaahhhhhhh awwhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh babyyyyyyyy whatever you doing please don stop oooooooohhhhhmy god.

I removed her top, her bra an then began to suck her boobs, i got them in my both hands and started to lick the nipples, i slowly licked her nipples, i was licking them clockwise around her nipples, she was moaning louder and caught my hair tightly, I was in cloud seven as I first time got to lick and suck boobs. I was going lower then while kissing, i kissed her whole stomach, i hold her stomach and made her turn around as i want to kiss on her back. I began to kiss her back, i licked her whole back she was enjoying it, licking her back made it completely wet and horny. I then inserted my hand under her short, and stated to rub her pussy, then i removed her short and her panty. Her pussy was very pink and shaved, i started to lick it, first i was licking it from top and then I slowly put my tongue inside her pussy and started to tongue fuck her, she was enjoying it very much and started to moan aaaaahhhhhh baby deeper more deeper fuck me put your dong inside my pussy. She then hold my dick and was rubbing it on her pussy.

At first I tried to insert my dick slowly, it was paining to her as she was virgin, then i kept my dick at the starting of the hole and pushed it suddenly, she was shouting aaaaaaahhhhhhh ooooohhhhhhh its paining baby aaaahhhhhh oooohhhh shittttt. Then i removed my dick and saw that it was full of blood, then again I inserted it this time slowly she was crying, i saw that and I licked tears from her face and started to fuck her the surrounding was getting hotter along with us. After half hour i cummed over her face and then again started to fuck again like this i fucked for 1 and a half hour and cummed four times. You gotta know guys after getting drunk your sex capacity longs more.

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