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This is a father sharing his experience of a live video sex chat session with a bold, playful, and seductive webcam model of Sex Chat website. The live video sex chat truly helped in exploring my pervert desires over my 20-year-old stepdaughter. Moreover, the open-minded webcam model was exceedingly erotic.

A few days ago, one afternoon, my stepdaughter came home from college. I had taken a day off from work and was watching TV in the living room.

I waited for my stepdaughter to come out of her room, as I had to order lunch from outside for both of us. She had already reached home a bit late that day and was taking too long to come outside of her room. I was already famished and on top of that, my stepdaughter’s absentmindedness began to irritate me.

Without waiting anymore, I walked towards my stepdaughter’s room with some justifiable temper.

I held the handle and opened the door impatiently instead of knocking and waiting for her to respond (as usual) or at least knocking before entering (not suitable for a stepfather). What happened next destroyed even the little trust that she had on me.

When I entered her room, she was bending over pulling her white cotton underwear down. She saw me staring at the sight of her plump backside. I was gazing at her brown pussy lips covered with black pubic hair. I closed the door only after I had intentionally continued staring for about 10 extra seconds.

My stepdaughter did not come out of her room until my wife returned home from the office that day.

The next day, my wife took my stepdaughter to her mother’s house so that she could forget about the incident. I, on the other hand, exaggerated that beautiful incident using my imagination.

After masturbating a few times, I needed my imagination to be graphically illustrated for experiencing even more pleasure. After coming home from work, I began to read sex stories based on naughty stepdaughters. Surprisingly, even the few sex stories that I read did not satisfy my excitement.

Hence, I began searching for some more sex story. After some time, I came across an internet advert that contained the title, “Enjoy Live Sex Chat with Models”.

When I clicked on the advert, it took me to Sex Chat website. I then began to go through the pictures of many good-looking and ravishing webcam models.

Eventually, I came across a stunning image of a webcam model named Drishti, from Mumbai who had some teasing and erotic pictures in her profile. I initiated the payment for the credits to start a live video sex chat session with Sex Chat’s webcam model Drishti.

A few minutes later, the session began. Drishti was sitting on the sofa cross-legged wearing a V-neck t-shirt and short pants. The outline of her bell-shaped breasts was protruding from the t-shirt. She was sitting in an inviting posture with an innocent smile and moderate makeup.

Drishti: Hello there handsome. Did you come here looking for your daughter?

Myself: Stepdaughter, I came here looking for my stepdaughter. I want to speak to her about the incident happened yesterday. I entered her room without knocking and saw her naked whilst she was getting dressed. You can’t help me, can you?

Drishti: I certainly can. I will be back in two minutes. Meanwhile, you stay ready to speak to your stepdaughter about the incident.

Drishti left the frame and returned after a minute or so changing her hairstyle into a ponytail, wearing a knee-length blue skirt that went matching with her white tank top.

Her bell-shaped breasts were tightly pressed up against her tank top that displayed the cleavage line and her nipples, as she did not wear a bra inside. She sat on the sofa reading something on her mobile phone.

Myself: May I enter the room, my dear?

Drishti: Oh please don’t mind asking for permission daddy. I still cannot believe that you saw me naked from behind. Obviously, you enjoyed the view; I saw you touching your penis. Did you masturbate after watching my tight pussy and asshole?

Myself: I did nothing of the sort, my dear. I will not have an erection watching you naked no matter what the circumstances.

Drishti: Really daddy? You mean to say that you will not have an erection, even if I teased you with a lap dance like this.

Drishti got up from the sofa and moved a little closer to the webcam. She turned around and began to swing her hips in an up and down motion holding her skirt in her hands. She started lifting up her skirt slowly and displayed her brown thighs. The skirt was pressed up against her ass that gave out its curved bulging figure.

She began twerking her hips which really set the mood and made me stroke my erect penis.

Drishti: Look, daddy, you are getting a boner. I wonder what will happen if I lift my skirt up like this. Let us see if you are turned on or not.

Drishti lifted her skirt up and began to move up and down swinging her hips in a serpentine motion. Her navy blue panty was pressed inside her ass crack. The roundand tight shape of her ass reminded me of my stepdaughter’s ass, which I had seen the day before.

I began to stroke my penis a little harder at the sight of Drishti’s twerking and swinging hips.

Myself: I guess I was wrong about having an erection watching you naked. The sight of your tight and playful pussy is better than your mother’s loose cunt. Spread your ass cheeks now, my dear.

Drishti held her ass cheeks and spread them with both hands. She displayed a gaping view of her asshole whilst swinging her hips up and down.

Drishti: Daddy, caress my pussy. This will confirm for sure whether you enjoy watching me naked or not (giggles mischievously).

Drishti began caressing her pussy with her finger. She spread her pussy lips and fingered her clitoris. After some time, her pussy had become moist. She moaned with pleasure and teased me with her words.

Drishti: So you do like to fuck me, don’t you daddy? If not, then your penis should not have become erect like this. Let me stroke it for you. Pull it out, my pervert daddy.

Drishti turned around facing the webcam. She placed a long pink dotted dildo that was supported by two round testicles, on the table in front of the sofa. Drishti started sucking the penis head of the dotted dildo and simultaneously shoving it deep in her mouth.

Myself: You suck my penis better than your mother, my dear. Keep sucking it like that, oh yes! Let me get your pussy ready for the pounding. Come a little closer.

Drishti moved closer to the table and began to finger her pussy by spreading her legs. All the while, she kept moaning in pleasure and calling me daddy. This had released my precum. I began to stroke my penis gently without wanting to ejaculate at that passionate moment.

Drishti: Let me go reverse cowgirl on your hard penis, daddy. Bounce me off as a bull does.

Drishti turned around and gently inserted the tip of the dildo inside her pussy. She continued rubbing the tip of the dildo on her clitoris that made her scream with excitement. Afterwards, she inserted the dotted dildo deep inside her pussy.

After 2-3 rhythmic up and down movement, she began to bounce on the dotted dildo.

Myself: Oh baby! Just like that. Bounce that tight ass on your daddy’s penis. You do it better than your mother does.

Drishti: Hmm! Put your finger inside my asshole daddy. This will make me bounce harder on your penis, Ahh!

Drishti inserted a middle finger inside her asshole. She was moving her hips in a circle whilst keeping the dildo inside her pussy.

After some time, she sat in a squat position and began bouncing on the dotted dildo by moving her hips up and down. Her asshole had a wide opening, which she closed by inserting her middle finger.

Myself: Turn around and face me, dear. Let me see those tits bouncing.

Drishti turned around and removed her tank top. She held her bell-shaped breasts in both hands and pressed them against each other. She teasingly looked at me and began to suck her nipples one by one.

The one thing that always turns me on is my stepdaughter’s boobs. The full view of Drishti’s boobs was making me stroke my penis harder, something that I had been avoiding for some time then.

Drishti opened up her pussy lips and shoved the dildo up inside her pussy. In a few strokes, the dildo smoothly began to move in and out of her wet pussy.

With every stroke, she began to bounce harder on the dildo, which made her bell-shaped tits bounce too. I was finding it difficult to contain my excitement inside my penis for the last few minutes of that hot ass inferno session.

Myself: Let me taste your asshole, my dear. See if you can bounce off the same way with my penis up inside your ass.

Drishti moved up from the dildo and transferred the drips coming out of her vagina to her asshole using her finger.

Initially, she struggled to get the dildo deep inside her asshole. After a few movements, she began to move up and down gently on the dildo that was going inside her asshole.

Drishti: Keep fingering my pussy, daddy. I will squirt at any moment now.

Drishti began to caress her wet pussy that was fully opened up and displayed its pink inner skin. After some time, the moment she had tried to shove the dildo deep inside her asshole, a gush of water came out of her vagina. She began to scream in ecstasy when a few quick streams of squirt came out.

Looking at that wonderful sight, I too ejaculated my load on my stepdaughter’s underwear that I had been holding throughout the live sex chat session.

Before the session was over, Drishti and I exchanged a few compliments followed by me giving a generous tip to Drishti for her spontaneous reaction throughout the live sex chat session.

My experience with Drishti was fantastic. Even though my real stepdaughter has not come home since that incident, I have not missed her too much.

Now that I have an account on Sex Chat, I can screw my stepdaughter anytime and in whichever way, I want using my imagination.

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