Sex with Red Head

In front of me stood this tall, slim red haired white lady who turned back, looked at me and smiled. I smiled back politely and stood behind her. Her smell was wonderful and I complimented her by saying that she smells nice. She blushed and said “Thank you, you have nice broad shoulders”. This is how our conversation began. She told me she was from Germany working here in Singapore and I told her my story. She assumed that I was Moroccon and had to correct her saying am Kurdish Indian. She was 5’7 feet tall with 36c cups melons. She was quite a looker.

We ordered our subway sandwiches, sat down together to have lunch. Once we finished, I asked her if she wanted to come over to my place for some coffee. To my surprise, she nodded yes and we headed over to my Place.

I could not wait to undress her and taste her pussy. My dick was already hard and leaking. As soon as we reached my condo apartment, we started kissing each other wildly and passionately, as if we were glued together. She was undoing my clothes quickly and I was undressing her. She had such firm boobs with light pink nipples. I started kissing her neck, her shoulders and then her nipples, while my hands were racing all over her amazing body.

She suddenly pushed me onto the bed, lowered my undies, and took hold of my tool. She gave me such a naughty smile and gently kissed the tip of my dick. She knew I wanted her badly and was teasing me and testing me. My dick grew harder and stronger, each time she took my dick in her mouth. I couldn’t take her teasing anymore and I took hold of her head and made her take in my cock fully in her mouth. She could not take in fully and was gagging. Held her there for 5 seconds before releasing her and she gave such a lustful look in her eyes which said she enjoyed it.

I then turned her over, made her lie on the bed and it was my turn to tease her. My tongue has been trained to lick any pussy for 3-4 hours continuously and my tongue knows all the right spots of a pussy. She moaned as I licked her pussy while arching her back. I kept working her clit and suddenly she thrust her hips up into the air several times, screaming “Oh, OH, OH!” as she then squirted as she came. I wasn’t new to squirting and I drank her juices to my content.

I now watched her as her eyes sought mine, locking with mine as I moved to lay beside her. I lifted her leg and she used her right hand to guide my harden dick to her moist and ready pussy. I entered her slowly driving my dick all the way into her cunt, deep. It was an amazing feeling, wet and moist. She moaned and smiled as I entered her, and I smiled back. “Fuck me” she whispered and I began to thrust my dick slowly back and forth inside her cunt. Our momentum increased as I thrust and she squeezed and pulled my dick deep inside of her. As we fucked, our eyes stayed locked and our pace quicken.

I could feel my dick grow even larger inside her as I kept pumping her in and out. Our pace quickened even more until suddenly she started thrusting my dick back and forth so damn fast in her cunt I could tell this was it. Suddenly she in a loud voice said “Oh OH OH OH OH !!!! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, YEAH, YES YES YES!!! I felt her cunt quiver as orgasm after orgasm swept over her and I could feel her fluids flow from the depths of her cunt, moaning “Oh OH YES!”

“Amazing,” She said as we lay by each other, my dick still hard inside of her, kissing. “Wow! Incredible!” I shared. “Why?” I asked as we kissed and held each other. She said that she hasn’t felt such a thick dick stretching her pussy deep inside her for a very long time. I answered, “It’s all yours if you can make me cum”. She smiled with a look of more hunger for sex.

“I want to ride you,” she said. Complying with her request I lay on my back on the bed while she mounted me and began to rub her wet cunt back and forth on my erection. After a short period of stimulation in this position, she laid prone on top of me possibly kissed me slid back taking my penis into her vagina and then locked her feet around my legs. I had never experienced this move before but immediately recognized that it provided her with a lot of leverage as she ground her clit into my pubic area. Our bodies in effect became one. When either of us moved the movement was magnified by the fact that our bodies were so tightly bound.

Now I have had “cowgirls” jumping up and down on me before, but this locked, prone position was so much more pleasurable and intimate. As she ground her clit on my pubis I could sense she was experiencing continuous small orgasms. As she sped up her motion I could sense I was not going to last much longer. Whether it was my breathing or my sighs it was obvious she could sense it too. With that, she reached between our hips; grabbed my balls and started to squeeze and massage me. It was the one time that I felt such a different kind of pleasure.

I turned her over on the bed into a missionary ready position. Instead of deep penetration I wanted to change a bit and do somewhat more vanilla stuff. I lay down on top of her probably kissed her and began a conventional missionary fuck. But, as before, she locked her feet around my legs and we again became one. This time, however, being on top, I appeared to be the one with the leverage. I took advantage of this and began osculating my hips and again rubbing her clit with my pubis producing small multiple orgasms for her.

As I indicated she was one for surprises and the next one took me totally by surprise. We had established a pretty good rhythm. As I mentioned before, in our “locked” position the slightest movement by either of us seemed to be magnified. I would rise slightly and ram into her. On one of these up movements, she flipped us over so I was on my back and she was on top. And what is more, she did it without me so much as slipping out of her pussy. Now since I am 6’0” And she was some 5’7” and couldn’t have been more than 57kgs. This was some feat. Sensing from her athletic body that she was heavily involved in the sport, I thought maybe she is a female wrestler in her spare time.

It was obvious this was her preferred position so I worked with her to reestablish a smooth pleasurable fucking rhythm. I grabbed her beautiful ass cheeks and pulled her into me.

The cadence quickened, She moved faster and faster on top of me. I knew I couldn’t hold it and blew my load in her once again. With that, she let out a shout of “OH FUCK” and collapsed on top of me. Her vagina released its vice grip on my cock. Her breath came fast and moist in my ear. I began to feel liquid all over my stomach, running down my balls and the crack of my ass, totally soaking the sheets. She continued to lie on me and then slowly rolled off me onto the bed beside me.

And so ended our proposed evening of great, wild and memorable sex which lasted for three hours. We agreed to exchange numbers and meet often.

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