Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-34

In the last episode we have seen how Borah watched hiding in the darkness of the staircase. He saw Rahul waiting at the door of Mrs. Nair’s flat, and then the door opened and the two went inside. Though he caught only a glimpse of Mrs. Nair, he was sure that she was naked under that long, silk bath robe of her which she was wearing.

Rage and jealousy filled him up again. Borah had been a virgin until he had met Mrs. Nair, and felt indebted towards her ever since. But since the day when she had forced him to have a 3some with Rahul, he was filled with anger. He felt jealous whenever he saw Rahul, he felt a strange hatred for his once beloved goddess – Mrs. Nair. She too, for some reason, had came more closer to Rahul, and unaware of Borah’s feelings somewhat contributed in fanning the fire of his anger and jealousy.

Borah had a set of duplicate keys, of Mrs. Nair’s flat, with him, but he waited until they would be in her room and already into the act. So he waited for some anxious moments and then sneaked in carefully. Stealthily he moved to one of her daughter’s bedroom, and onto the balcony. Then he carefully climbed on to the balcony of Mrs. Nair’s room – a route which is used often by him. He hid under one of the glass windows, which remains un-curtained usually. And then peeped inside, and as he peeped, his eyes widened from what was going on.

He had a clear view of Mrs. Nair’s bed. Rahul was on it, lying at his back. He was completely naked, and his cloths were hastily strewn around on the floor. Borah looked more carefully and he saw a pair of legs at both sides of Rahul’s head. He looked up, it was Mrs. Nair, and she was standing right above Rahul with her legs at both sides of his head. Like Rahul, she too was completely naked now – her voluminous breasts swaying gently, she was faced towards the balcony.

Slowly she started lowering herself. Rahul was staring directly up towards her slowly opening cunt. She held them with her fingers, spreading them, and exposing them for him. Gently she lowered herself down, kneeling at both sides of his head so that her cunt would hang gently above his face. Rahul’s heart started racing as he felt the strong aroma of her pussy, her femalehood.

“You ready boy?”she asked. “Ready to please your mistress?” she asked again, adding the word mistress for the intended effect. Rahul nodded, “Yes ma’am… yes” he whispered and then stuck his tongue out. Mrs. Nair smiled, and then gently lowered her cunt on his tongue with a minute precision. “Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm” and she immediately felt the ticklish touch of his tongue on her cunt.

Rahul just got enough time to adjust his tongue to the right spots, as Mrs. Nair lowered herself completely down, sitting on his face. “Ufffffffffffffffffff” she moaned as she felt his tongue move precisely on her cunt. Rahul’s cock was throbbing as he started eating her pussy. Her large buttocks, nicely settled on his face, allowing him just enough space to use his tongue on her cunt and asshole.

“Ooooooohhhhhhh” she moaned and swayed her hips as he continued flicking his tongue on her cunt – making her wriggle and shiver. “You are such a nice pussy eater, and that is why I love you so much” she remarked at the height of her pleasure. “Mmmm… Thank you ma’am” he acknowledged and then again got busy with her pussy.

Mrs. Nair sat tight on his face, enjoying his tongue playing with her cunt. It had been few minutes since he had been sucking her, slowly then she bent forward – reaching towards his throbbing cock. Ensuring he was still committed to her vagina, she grabbed hold of his cock. In a 69 position now, she started stroking his cock in his soft yet thick palm, while Rahul continued giving her the pleasure of his tongue.

“Ssssssssssssssss” he sizzled as he felt the pleasure at his cock, and returned the compliment well at her cunt, and both started moaning loudly in pleasure. Mrs. Nair continued stroking and rubbing his cock vigorously, and Rahul in turn continued licking and sucking the most delicate part of her pussy.

Gradually, Mrs. Nair started licking the sides of his cock. She kissed at its head and then slowly wrapped her tongue around it and started sucking the cock-head. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh” Rahul moaned as he felt his cock throb and swell more in excitement. He in turn pushed his tongue deep inside her vagina, fucking her with his tongue, and making her wriggle in excitement too.

By then, they both had started sucking and licking each other. Rahul was lying on his back on the bed and Mrs. Nair was sitting right on his face. Rahul didn’t had to do much as her cunt was directly above his tongue, he just kept on sucking, licking, and fucking her with his tongue. While Mrs. Nair bent forward in a 69 position and then using her hand and mouth, she stroked and sucked his cock.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwww… ohhhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhhhhh… nnnnggggggggggg… mmmmmmmm… ohhhhhhhhhhh…” both of them moaned, there tongue and mouths were busy, yet they moaned and grunted in the pleasure and excitement they were getting.

Mrs. Nair was already on the edge and she pushed herself hard on his face. She wanted to feel his tongue deep inside her, wanted him to suck her all the way inside her cunt. And Rahul did exactly what she wanted. He started with licking the sides of her cunt, and then the skin between her cunt hole and ass hole, and then slowly he had pushed his tongue inside her pussy. And now he was fucking her with his tongue, by pushing it in and out of her cunt rapidly.

“Oonnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhh… awwwwwwnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh… ufffffffffffffffffffff…” Mrs. Nair was moaning hard. She was not able to hold herself anymore and was rapidly losing control of herself. “Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww… nnnnnnnnn…” she moaned and grunted as she came so closer to that orgasm. Yet Rahul was able to keep her at the edge for a little longer by his controlled tongue work. And then suddenly her body revolted, and she felt a chill run down her spine. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned as a divine feeling overwhelmed her and she started coming right in Rahul’ mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Rahul smacked his tongue as he tasted her sweet juice. And continued licking for more of it. He was really enjoying with her, perhaps more than how much he enjoyed with her daughter, Aarushi, or any other young girl. None of them tasted so sweet or were so matured like her. Mrs. Nair as if knew everything a boy wants.

Even though she was coming, yet she took care of his cock. She continued sucking and stroking it. When she was coming and moaned hard in excitement, she managed to keep stroking his cock with her hand. And then once she had got used to her leaking cunt, she again started sucking his cock back, this time with more passion than before.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… your cock is so ready to dive in my cunt” she remarked lovingly, still sucking and fondling his cock. “You made me come with your tongue, now I want to make me come with your cock here” she said between sucking the 7 inch monster.

“O yea…. Ohhhh yeahhhhh” Rahul groaned as he felt his cock wriggle and throb in excitement. “I am dying to fuck you” he said, “Your cum is so sweet, I just want to make you come all day and then keep licking you all day” he added. “oooo yeahhhhh.. you will make me come like this” he said as she continued sucking his cock hard.

Borah was watching all this from outside. Hidden from his vantage point he looked at the two sex-crazed figures going wildly at each other. It had made him aroused too, and he had no other choice but to touch his erect cock. Looking at them, he had started stroking his cock too. And looking at them so composed on top of each other and pleasing each other, soon he too felt the need to relief himself.

Inside, unaware of Borah’s presence, the two continued focusing on themselves. By then Mrs. Nair had climbed off his face. She didn’t want him to come in her mouth, but inside her cunt instead. So she climbed off his face and then driven by a mad urge she went on her four.

“You make me so feel like a horny bitch” she said, getting on her fours. “Come, fuck me like the bitch I am now” and then welcomed him to fuck her doggy-style. Rahul sat up with a surprised look on his face. He knew how wild Mrs. Nair can be, but this day she was the wildest of them all. But he didn’t waste much time and quickly positioned himself behind her.

Mrs. Nair swayed her hips in a seductive way, swaying her tits too, and laughed as Rahul grabbed her hanging breasts and pressed them hard. He knelt behind her, his cock hard and throbbing with all the attention it had got. And then as Mrs. Nair held her cunt hole open, he drove it deep inside her.

“Aiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee” she grunted as he pushed his cock inside. And then both paused for a moment and then started stroking slowly. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned in pleasure this time, as his hard cock started fucking her nicely and gradually started picking up the pace.

“Ohhh… ohhhh… ohhhh… ohhhh…” Rahul too grunted in effort as he started fucking her rapidly. He held her tightly at her waist and continued thrusting his cock hard in her.

“O yea… o yea… yes baby… o yea” Mrs. Nair neared another orgasm once again. And this time, Rahul too came closer to his climax. The both continuing thrusting hard against each other for some more anxious moments, and then suddenly, and almost together – they came.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Mrs. Nair grabbed the pillow and lowered herself on her elbows as she felt her juices running again. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” and Rahul too gritted his teeth and pushed hard as he felt his cock spitting its load inside her. It was a wonderful feeling for the both, and both came together for a while before making out in a series of soft and gentle kisses.

Borah had watched all of this from the hiding. He too had came looking at them. Later he had felt ashamed and angry at the same time. A wild jealousy and rage filled him up, and he thought that he, and not Rahul, deserved to be there with Mrs. Nair. He didn’t wait for them to finish, but had silently sneaked out of his hiding place and then back to his flat.

Later that evening, he sat with Reddy during the after-dinner-drinks, and looked very disturbed. Borah was usually a sheepish but cheerful character. Seeing him so withdrawn, Reddy asked him the reason. At first he tried to avoid, but then later decided to confide everything in him.

That evening he told him everything – from the evening when Sowmya had ran away from him, which Reddy knew, to how Mrs. Nair had seduced him and they had started seeing each other. And as Reddy listened compassionately, he continued. He then told how he had seen Sowmya at that resort with the two strangers, and then how he had caught Mrs. Nair red handed with Rahul.

Apart from his 3-some with Mrs. Nair and Rahul, and his recent obsession of spying on them, he had said everything to Reddy who had listened to him very patiently and took everything in detail. He looked equally awed and surprised at his friend’s unlikely little tale. He had been especially surprised to hear about Sowmya and the strangers.

Borah said that he had also captured her in some snaps and videos, intending to use it later, in return of what she had done to him early on. And then on Reddy’s request, he had fetched the camera, and both watched the video clips again. Initially Reddy didn’t completely believe on Borah. But then, his jaws dropped as he saw with his own eyes, the reality in Borah’s story.

Sowmya was naked and she was standing between two men. Both had a hard on, and they both were naked too. They were looking intently at her as she stood in her glorious birthday suit. Her body, still wet from the pool, glistened, and her breasts looked so inviting to get a handful of.

She then walked up to one of them and pushed him on the couch. And as he fell back lamely, she knelt down and started sucking his cock. At first she kissed the top of the cock and then at its body and then started licking at its sides with her tongue and then took it fully in her mouth.

The other guy too didn’t seem to want to stay behind and so he went behind Sowmya, who raised her ass and positioned herself like a bitch, ready to be fucked from both sides. And the other guy entered her from the rear.

Reddy watched on wide-eyed. He could not believe that it’s the same girl he had known for some time now. He couldn’t believe how she had become a sandwich between the two men, two total strangers, being fucked at her mouth and cunt at the same time. Both held her tightly and banged her from both sides. She stood still like a bitch and took all of it. She was moaning and wriggling crazily yet the two continued at the same pace and posture.

“Mmmmmmm… uuuurrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh… uhhhhmmmmmmmm… yea baby… ohhh yessssss… fuck me fuck me… ohhhhhhhh… ahhhhhh” the video was filled with her crazy moans. She sounded like a complete bitch. Reddy looked at the video once more, and then at Borah, his eyes twinkled – “I know just how to use this video, and to teach that bitch of your’s a lesson”

And they both shared a devilish grin as they picked up their glasses and finished the rest of the whiskey at one go.

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