School Teacher

My Maths teacher at that time was Ms. Anna. She was 24 years old at that time. She had a sexy body of 36-34-36 and a height of 6 feet. She always wore saree, her main attraction was her revealing hip while she was writing in the board.

All boys in the class fantasized about our hot maths teacher all day. Some practically drooled just by seeing her! I was over attentive in her classes because I was not that good at maths and also because of her.

Anna ma’am was new to our school and it was practically the first year of her career. She was a cutie straight out of college. I answered all the questions just to get her attention, and it worked!

Her hip showing off from her saree use to arouse me all day. I touched her bare skin of her hip while getting near her without her noticing. Since it was her first year, she was friendly will all the students. In other words, she didn’t know how to handle us.

I was extra sweet to her, I even complimented her dress a few times. She thought I was bold and that ignited the spark.

All students and a few staff were invited to my friend’s birthday party. It was a Saturday evening in a hotel. We all enjoyed that night. That night I invited my sexy maths teacher for a dance. She rejected saying that there were people around. I figured out that, that came out of her mouth unintentionally. It might be from her heart, who knows!

After cutting the birthday cake, the boys threw cake on everyone. I wantedly threw cakes at her. She scolded me for it with a cute laugh.

Then our maths teacher went to the restroom to clean herself. Like most of the girls, she took a lot of time to apply makeup even though she didn’t need it.

After coming out of the restroom, she was looking around. Only a few of were there. As it was past 11:30, most of them went home. Ma’am then left the hotel and started walking to the bus stand.

I took my bike and follwed her and offerd her a ride home. She first neglected, but I insisted so she accepted it.

It was dark and I searched for every bump in the way. I felt my maths teacher’s juicy fresh boobs hitting me. Just the thought of touching her boobs gave me a hard on!

During halfway of the ride, it started pouring heavily. We stopped near a tree and stood under it. Both of us were soaked in rain.

Her dress started to become transparent. I could see her bright skin, skinny stomach, hot navel. It really made my dick grow. I don’t know whether it’s my advantage or disadvantage she saw the slight tent in my jeans.

Both my underwear and my jeans didn’t do a good job. I was really ashamed of it, but when I saw her face, I realised she was blushing.

I was speechless. Then we continued our ride and we reached her house.

Me: You live alone, ma’am?
Her: Yeah, my parents are out of town.

The rain started to pour heavily

Me: Oh no, I need to go.
Her: It’s raining, come inside. It’s not safe to drive in heavy rain.

Me: I can manage, ma’am.
Her: No, come in, I insist.

I accepted my teacher’s offer, acting like a child.

Her house was beautiful. I followed her straight to the guest room. She gave me a towel.

Me: Thanks, ma’am.
Her: I will make a coffee, wait here.
ME: Okay ma’am, thanks.

She came in the room after half an hour with a coffee in her hands, wearing a cute soft nighty.

Me: I thought you went to sleep.
Her: Yeah! I went to change, it was really cold.

Me: Oh. I think the rain is not going to stop at all.
Her: It seems to be a heavy night. You can stay here for the night if you want.
Me: Really ma’am? Thanks.

I messaged my parents that I was staying in my friend’s house due to the rain.

Me: Thanks for the coffee, ma’am. You look beautiful in this dress too.
Her: Stop it.(blushing)

We both were sitting in the bed and were talking about the school. Slowly, I moved near her. She didn’t tell anything. Then I gently placed my hand in the bed, touching her hand.

We continued the conversation as I moved in closer. I realize that heart rate was increasing, her breath rate too was increasing. I could hear her breathing clearly.

I took my hand and placed it in her hip around her. She closed her eyes (she didn’t resist at all).

I moved in and kissed her on my maths teacher’s lips. For a few minutes she didn’t react but then she kissed me back. For ten minutes, we kissed passionately. While kissing her, I played with her boobs with her clothes on.

I then grabbed her and placed her on the bed and I went on top of her. She closed her eyes. I slowly removed her nighty, she was wearing a black bra of size 36D and a black panty.

I fondled with her breast while kissing her in her lips. Then I unhooked her bra and moved down and started kissing her navel. Then I moved a little down and removed her panty. I was so excited to see a shaved pink pussy. I undressed myself in no time and went in top of her and we started kissing each other.

Then I moved down and started licking her pussy.


My maths ma’am started moaning in pleasure. I licked her and finger fucked her at the same time. Her pussy juices started to flow. And then we went to 69 position. She was sucking my dick while I was eating her pussy. We both were in heaven. We both came at the same time.

Both of us were still strong so we got in doggy position. I spread her pussy lips and left the head of my dick in her. She screamed and moaned at the same time. I took her panty and stuffed it in her mouth. I stroked my dick hard in with one stroke.

Her: UNGH! (muffled)
Me: Don’t worry, you’ll like it.

I increased the pace and started to fuck my teacher hard. She was moaning in pleasure. Her pussy was so tight, her juices were not helping. She might have got penetrated 1-2 times at the college. In doggy style, I was fucking her hard and playing with her right breast. I took out the panty from her mouth to hear her moaning.

Her: Ohh my god! Yes! Yes! Faster faster.
Me: Told you, you love being fucked like this, don’t you.
Her: Yes Yes, faster..

My teacher begging me to fuck her aroused me even more made my dick even hard. I fucked her brains out at high pace. Then I was about to cum. To withstand longer, I bent my knees on the bed and fucked her.

Me: You like it now?
Her: Ahh yes yes I love It!

My maths teacher came for the second time. I took my dick out and came in her face.

We slept naked the whole night and we continued our sexual relationship for a year.

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