Cutie Pie

I was temporarily posted in a distant location in east India. Since it was a temporary posting, my wife could not accompany me. I took up an accommodation, and started my hunt for a full time maid. A local shopkeeper referred kusum who actually was not a maid, but due to some tragedy in her family, she had to take up a job. She had studied up to class 9. When she came to me, i was surprised. Here is this girl, in her early 20’s, quite fair, 5 feet 3 inches, and wearing decent clothes. She knew little English as well. Her hair was silky and shoulder length. She had very pretty eyes, sharp features, and thick lips. Kusum asked me clearly what all i wanted her to do apart from cooking, cleaning. I liked her practical non time wasting approach, and was frank with her. We agreed that apart from house work, she will need to keep me physically happy. She was very frank and told me even she had needs, and wanted to work for a decent person. Initially i thought she must be a whore, but then she could have earned much higher if she wanted to. I felt her need was real. I told her i would pay her 1.5 times the market rate for a maid, if she kept me happy. She agreed and moved in. Initially i was not sure of her, and almost 25 days went by, without us even touching each other. Kusum would take a bath in my bathroom, after i had left for the day, as there was only 1 bath area. She was very clean, and i did not mind. Since it was the weekend, kusum as usual asked me if i wanted to bathe first. I said no, i will take bath much later, so you can go ahead. I was busy watching tv, and forgot about the conversation. The bathroom had a broken latch, and could not be locked from inside. I forgot that kusum is inside, and decided to have a bath. Wrapped in my towel, i went in. The bathroom was quite big, and to take a bath, person would have to walk in, and take a u turn behind a wall. There was a full length mirror at the entrance and i saw kusum bathing. She was facing the wall, and the shower was sprinkling water on her head. She obviously could not see me nor heard me, as the shower was running, and her back was towards the mirror. I saw her reflection in the mirror. She had the most stunning piece of ass. Her buttock cheeks were quite rounded, tight, very fair, and the shape was outstanding. She accidentally dropped the soap, and bent to pick it up. What i saw was so exciting. Her pussy was looking luscious from behind, and because she bent, her opening was visible. She hardly had pubic hair, and that drove me crazy. I could not resist anymore. Suddenly kusum turned around, and saw me. She tried to search for something to cover, but the towel rack was far away. I immediately told her, kusum, you are really beautiful, and i would like to become intimate with you. She remarked – “you took so long i thought maybe you do not like me”.

Without saying anything, i took her in my arms all wet. My towel had dropped, so we both were nude. I took her under the shower, and started rubbing my body against hers. She was cold, but started warming up. I did not waste time at all, and went straight away for her opening between those sexy thighs. I parted her lips delicately, and began licking her honey. She let out a cry, and i felt she needed this more than i do. I sat on the floor, and she almost sat on my shoulders, allowing me to have full approach to her luscious lips. Her opening was very clean, and smelt fresh. Her entrance was not big, with tight lips, and i liked that. She held my head in her hands and started riding my face. She moved up and down on my mouth, rubbing her clit very well, and started to orgasm. I stopped as i wanted to tease her more. She said no, please continue. I am hurting inside. I was fully erect by then, and was so excited that i lay her down on the bathroom floor, parted her legs and rammed into her. The floor must have hurt her back, but she did not complain. She was clutching on to my back so hard when i was on top of her. Her legs were wrapped around tightly around my back, so much that i could not give deep thrusts. She started crying out loud, and started to scratch my back. I was getting a little hurt, but seeing her craving and lust, i did not stop. After she had orgasms 2-3 times, i felt her body shudder, and shake. Her final ooooohhhh was so loud, i thought neighbours may hear it. I took out my tool from inside her, and shot off my entire load on her frail body. She said, “it is safe period, so you can cum inside me”. I said yes, i will do that next time. We both bathed each other, and i changed into my shorts. But kusum did not change. I think she was exhausted, and just flung herself on the bed, naked. She was not shy at all. She was lying on her back, legs spread, and pussy lips half open. I lay down next to her, and we both went off to sleep in each others arms. Next i got up at 4 pm, and found kusum still asleep. I admired her body, looked at it up and down, and started getting excited again. I drew my face very close to her sweet opening. I love to lick a woman, so i started licking her again.

Kusum woke up, and said “i want to go to the toilet for a piss” will just be back.” I followed her, and asked her if i could see her pee. She asked me “are you sure you want to see me pee”? I said most definitely yes. She sat down on the commode and started peeing. I heard a kind of whistling from her pussy lips while she was peeing, which got me excited. My wife had never allowed me to watch her peeing, but this girl was very cool. Her bladder must have been full as she took more than a minute to pee. I offered to wash her, and got soap. While she was sitting on the western style commode, i started to apply soap on her pussy, and started to rub her lips. She started making back and forth motions. I applied more soap, and inserted two fingers to masturbate her. I fingered her for about 5 minutes, in a very fast motion, as she wanted it fast. I was standing beside her, bending down to finger her, and she got hold of my penis. She started to massage my penis, and that felt good. She opened my shorts and pulled them down. When i was fully erect, and she had become wet, i asked her to get up, closed the commode lid, and sat on the edge with my erection. I told her to sit on me and ride me. She was as horny as i was. She turned her back towards me, and sat on my erection. She went in smoothly because of the soap, but she was tight. After 10 minutes, she got tired and i was not ready to cum yet, while she had already cum once at least. She got up, and remarked. “can we leave the toilet and go to a comfortable spot “ i agreed since both the times we had done it in the bathroom. She asked me to lie down on the bed, and she sat on the floor at the bed side. She took my half erection now, into her mouth, and started sucking and lightly biting. She was so good at it, that whenever she would feel i will be having an orgasm, she would stop, and go very very slow. She sucked me for about 25 minutes, and finally i told her i want to cum. Kusum then moved up the rhythm and i shot off all my load into her mouth. She took the final drops of cum and massaged my penis. Later she told me, that she had a boyfriend who looked like me, and was very good at sex. But it was more than a year since she had sex. Kusum was quite a bold girl in sex. She used to initiate sex quite a lot, and was very cool about it. She was a natural, but liked to lead from the top. Most times she would ride on me, as she said, she felt more in control of my orgasms, and hers. Her favorite was to bite on the genitals, and would expect me to bite her pussy lips quite hard. Minor cuts and bruises were not a problem with her. We would make love anytime at night or day.

She hardly wore anything at home so it was always exciting to see her walk around in very bare clothes. Being practical she would say, “i know you do not like waiting, so why wear complicated clothes”. She had some sexy lingerie, and mostly wore dark colours over white cotton shirts, so that her bra would be seen all the time. She had two pairs of very short skirts, which she would wear at home, and many a times she would not wear panties under the short skirts. While we watched tv, she would lie on my lap, and be very close to my penis, and loved to play with it. And yes, she would insist on shaving my pubic hair completely. She would orgasm very quickly at most times, and seemed to have a huge appetite which was difficult to satisfy. I had once asked kusum, how was she so cool about sex, as compared to other females. She told me, even women needs sex, but they are not practical about it, and do not know how to enjoy. After all, there is nothing wrong in having a satisfied physical relationship. I wish more women would think like her. I thought to myself, here is a semi-literate girl who can teach valuable lessons to the educated. I left my temporary posting, and was very sad to be leaving kusum. Kusum felt left alone, but as luck would have it, the gentleman who replaced me, was a bachelor, and he agreed to keep kusum at the same terms. I am sure kusum made this person also happy. I never met her after that, but those memories still make me horny.

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