Unforgettable Experience

I am a common guy of age 19. I am a virgin. I am lean and tall. My parents are working in a private concern. I was always in home in loneliness. So my hobby was watching porn videos and studying stories from internet. My mobile phone must be always loaded with up to 4gb naught America porn videos. In my neighborhood there was a couple living. They have a son of age 6 namely AJAY. The mom of that boy is named SUMATHI. I usually call her as “SUMATHI AUNTY”. She was almost 32. Her eyes are so magnificent. She has sweet lips as strawberries. She was always in saree. Her husband works about 300 kms out of town. So he visits her weekly once.

Sumathi aunty behaves with me as a good friend. She is an expert in maths. So she gave me some tips for my engg.maths. On a Saturday, my parents went to their office. I was in home lonely. So i went to sumathi aunty house. The door is already opened. So,I entered entered into the home and searched for her. Out of the kitchen I heard the moaning noise “ssshhh hhaaaaah…..sssssshhhhhh mmmmhhhhh aaaaahhhh….”. I saw slowly into the kitchen. My dick got harden on seeing that. Because,Sumathi aunty spread her legs and masturbated herself by a peeled carrot. I saw that angel in nude presence. Her cunt is hairy and had a nice rosy opening. Her boobs are almost 32 and it had hard dark nipples. Suddenly I entered the kitchen,likely I didn’t seen it.

She didn’t believe my arrival. She covered her body immediately with a towel.Then she made me to sat on the hall & she brought me a cup of coffee. She told me that her husband fucks her twice only on Sunday so she didn’t get full satisfaction. So she often masturbates in kitchen when her son is out. Today she was caught by me. I told her it was not wrong and many people like this. I gave her my mobile phone and told her to watch the porn videos in that.

Then I went to outing with my friends and I returned to home after 6 hours. I went to Sumathi Aunty house to get me mobile. She told me that she really enjoyed the porn seductions. Also she told me that she especially like the tongue licking job. Surprisingly she immediately asked me, “Abi is there any disturbances for you in tasting my pussy?”. I told “Angel this was the boon I ever want”. But she told “I wouldn’t allow u to fuck me or other scandals. Only you got my pussy taste and its juice” with a naughty smile. I agreed. I removed her petticoat. Then I got closure to her pussy. She was wearing a red colored thongs. I smelled it for a long. Then I removed it slowly. Oh!!!!! What a sexy pussy she has???!!!!!. It is hairy It looks like a highway covered with grass.

Then i took the jam bottle and put the jam into her pussy. I started licking it. She moaned slowly with pleasure. Later and Later I increased the speed of my tongue play. She screamed loudly and loudly of pleasure. After 10 mins of my hard tongue job her hairy cunt released orgasms in my mouth. She moaned loudly and pushed my head into her pussy. Even after her cunt released orgasms, I didn’t stop licking her pussy. She moaned “Hmmmm don’t stop this!!!!! do it!!!! do it hard!!!!. The tongue played a nice in or out game in her wet and hot cunt. Then after 18 mins her pussy released her second orgasms. She howled out of pleasure.

Next day Sumathi Aunty called me to her home.

I went inside. Suddenly she pushed me on the bed. She removed her saree, blouse, bra petticoat all. She was in nude and she sat on my face. Her pussy is covered on my face. She want me to lick her pussy in face sitting. I licked hard and hard. She moaned as ssssshhhh sssshhh aahh hhaaahhhh….do it my boy Lick it lick it. After a sound pussy licking, her pussy released orgasms on my face. I tasted the juice very well. Then she tied my hands & legs on the cot. She threw her thong on my face and told me to smell it. I smelled her pussy as much in her thongs. Then she took a condom and wore it on my cock. I felt my first pleasure of a girl touched my cock. Then she said, I knew you want me. So now I was going to allow your cock to taste my pussy.

She sat on my thighs and entered my cock slowly into her pussy.”Sshhhhssshhh hhhhaahhhhaaa what a pleasure when a cock entered into a pussy. Then she fucked me so softly her boobs fell on face. I sucked the milky boobs longer and longer she kissed me everywhere. She spitted her saliva on my lips. I tasted it like a milky vanilla pulp. Then we two goes harder and harder. She ride my cock so hard. I said I was cumming. She said “Release it release the damn cum”. With a great moan and pleasure we two get our climax. I released my cum then at that single day we had sex for about 6 times.

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