Surprise Visit

With utter chaos and lockdowns across the world and in the city, I am totally confined to my apartment.

The only time my skin could absorb some sunlight is when I walk out to my apartment balcony. The only humans that I could see are the old lady in the building across the street and the man who lives in the apartment adjacent to mine.

Sometimes I feel like I am Will Smith from the movie ‘I Am Legend’. It seems like nature has decided to give human atrocities a break.

The old lady sometimes waves her hand to me, the only communication between us. The man who lives next to my apartment, neither talks to me nor does he care to smile. All I see him is when he works out in the balcony, lifting weights or stretching.

He is not tall, but he has a well-built body. His biceps ooze out of his t-shirt as if they tear out the sleeves in case he fists his palm. He is a white guy, lives alone. I never heard him speaking English. He speaks Italian. He seems to be a serious guy. Even when I bump into him on the staircase, he throws a subtle look at me.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I had my first experience. Since then, my body craves for another one. I’ve been recollecting the moments with Scott and giving myself a treat of pleasure. Often when I see my neighbor, I desperately wanted to make a move on him. But the good girl inside silences me.

Also, I would love him to make a move and seduce me, rather than the other way around. Well, that’s how a woman’s ego works.

Scott never called me after I left his place. He did not even text me to check if I am doing good. End of the day, he is a man. He doesn’t care for the woman after his lust is quenched. I felt so used. I probably would never talk to him.

While all the hormones playing with my mind, a sudden surprise rang my doorbell on Friday evening. I have completed my work for the week and was getting ready to face the most boring part of the week, the weekend. I started reading a book, but that’s not a genre I want to read now.

I was in my kitchen, while the doorbell rang. I opened to door and to my surprise is Scott at the doorstep. He has a company too. Another black man of probably his age. He is as tall as Scott, but he is somewhat fat. His French beard is strikingly white on his dark skin, and his head is totally bald.

He looked like a mugger whom I should be scared of. I was completely taken aback and mute. Scott realized my shock and was trying to explain why he appeared at my door at that time. His fat friend has come to his place around a week ago, and yesterday their apartment lost power.

So they are seeking some shelter at my place now. I didn’t know what to do. I don’t want to have a random fat old stranger and the man who dumped me in my apartment even for a few minutes. They might, even, be carrying the virus along with them.

Forget about personal spacing, this is the time for social distancing. He introduced his friend, and he said his name is some-typical-black-tongue-twister-name-which-I-don’t-remember.

I am puzzled about what to do. Meanwhile, my neighbor is walking along the hallway staring at us. I had a panic about what this guy is thinking about me. As a reaction, I let them in before more people saw us and judge me. I showed them the tap to wash their hands.

They cleaned up and occupied the couch in my living room. I realized the attire I am in. I did not have a bath yet for the day, and I am in my nightdress, a top, and pants. I excused myself to take a bath. This would give me some breathing space to absorb the situation.

I took a shower and could come up with no idea how to send them off from my apartment. Instead, the thought of having the man who popped my cherry, in the next room, drew some butterflies in my stomach. I picked up the nicest bra and panties I have. They are black and made of lace.

The meshy lining show off a glimpse of my fair skin and what’s hidden inside. The mole deep below my neck decorated the bra that embraced my womanhood. I wore a red frock with white flowers on it.

The frock is fit and just long enough to show off my legs. It elevates the highs of my body well and sticks well to my waist to show off my admirable curves.

However, I realized how mean Scott was to me in the last few weeks. I changed to a black shirt and pale blue jeans. He doesn’t deserve to ogle at me. I looked good in jeans too. The jeans are skinny. The black shirt fits my upper torso with tiny sleeves and slightly stretched at the peak of my bosom. I have a good sense of fashion.

I went out to the uncomfortable zone, and the two men seemed to settle down at my place by now. I realized I could do nothing about it. Plus, I wanted to take my kind of revenge on Scott. I want to entice him and let him long for but couldn’t get me. That’s the retribution for not calling me.

I escaped into the kitchen area to prepare food. In a few minutes, Scott came and said he was sorry that he couldn’t get in touch with me after that day. His friend visited him and didn’t want him to know about us. His tone seemed very convincing, and I responded with, “It’s ok.”

I could confront him that he could at least text me. He knew how to kick in emotions and suppress logic out of my head. He went on to say, “You are the best girl I have ever been with.” Again, another lie that makes a girl believe even if she knew that’s a lie.

I expressed no emotion and fell in an awkward situation. He immediately eased out the topic enquiring about the food I am cooking. It’s Indian, and I explained to him it’s ingredients. He exclaimed, “I’ve seen how beautiful you are, now I see how good you cook. I am excited.”

During dinner, we had the usual conversation about the epidemic that is going on outside. After dinner, we bid good night, and I went into my bedroom. Scott and his fat friend slept in the living room. I said to Scott that he can knock my door does he need anything.

I do not know if he took that as any hint since it is very subtle. I sat on my bed, picked up the book. But I could hardly read anything. All my eyes are glued to the door looking for Scott. My disappointment grew as time passed by and was giving up and going to bed.

Well, at last, I heard a knock on the door, and there Scott showed up. I acted as if I am totally into the book, and he distracted me. He closed the door and sat next to me on the bed. He apologized again for not calling me and started to make random conversations.

I knew the reason he came inside my bedroom, and even I want that to happen too. He held my hand in his and was making random conversations. I showed no sign of disinterest. He took that as a cue, placed his hand on my cheek, and planted a gentle kiss on my lips, a kiss that my lips knew.

In a few moments, he sealed up better and involved his tongue into the play. In no time, his other hand went up straight caressing on my shirt. I pushed him gently as a sign of resistance. I was worried that the fat friend is in the next room.

He understood my stares at the door. He was explaining that he is his very close friend and knew all his secrets. In a way, he is informing me that he has already bragged about vandalizing my virginity. He went to say that they also shared a lot of women before, and he is a gentle lover.

I was puzzled about why this guy is endorsing the masculinity of another guy. While I was lost in this useless confusion, he put his lips on the neck. He knew my tipping points very well. He was successful in arousing the fire in me and break down my ethics.

I let him tame me to his intentions. One of his hands was working on me. A silent pop sound relieved the stretched shirt that was holding my body. Before I realized, he removed the top half of my shirt’s buttons. He then concentrated on removing the rest of my shirt buttons.

He moved the shirt apart, getting a view of my belly and my black laced brassier. Weirdly, I felt shy, but I did not cover up myself. It makes no sense to hide from him. He knows the complete geography of my body. He knows how my skin taste, even without any chocolate on it.

He briefly admired the landscape of my beauty and kissed me again. He drove me crazy by kissing all over. I held his head against mine and playing with his hair. His hand was working hard on the only button on my jeans.

As soon as he succeeded, he gently grazed my panties, pulled its strap up, and left it to hit my soft skin, making a tight slap sound. I got more excited, anticipating his hand to intrude into my jeans and play with me. A silent moan came out of me as an indicator of being ready for further action.

Before his fingers took the further lead, I heard the door crack open. In an involuntary action, I pulled both the winglets of the shirt and held them tight with a hand, covering my modesty. The fat man intruded on our private space. I disliked him before for being just on the other side of the wall.

Now I hate him for being on this side. I was expecting Scott to explain the fat old man to get out of the room. But to my surprise, he is explaining to me how gentle a man that fat dude is. I was shocked. This man is suggesting to me to sleep with his fat friend.

Before I could react, the fat man came up to the south end of the bed and touched my feet. Meanwhile, Scott was convincing me to accept the request and making gentle circles below my belly area. The fat man was pleading for acceptance from me and grazing my feet.

Although I was shocked, I did not pull my feet away. I let him graze me, and I am enjoying it. I definitely do not want to sleep with this man, but more than that, I want someone to be inside me and quench my thirst. I was dumbstruck.

Scott gently took my shirt and put it away. I was dumb, stupid, and surrendered myself to my lust. The fat man stopped pleading. He dragged his huge body up the bed and went straight to the zipper of my pants. It looks like this guy doesn’t believe in foreplay.

He unzipped my pants and dragged my tight pants down. They are a little tough to peel down. I didn’t help him any to take them off. He needs to work hard if he wants the fruit. He managed to take my pants off.

Meanwhile, Scott continued to kiss me and fondle me over my bra. Scott slipped his hand on my back, and he unstrapped the bra. In a flash, he removed it away from his sight. I saw a spark of joy in the fat man’s eyes. I don’t believe he ever saw a girl with fair skin and dark nipples.

He slipped one of them in his mouth and cupped the other one with his hand. I knew this feeling before. It’s one of the best. My brain ceased to work. Nothing mattered to me at that time, my ethics, the virus outside, and everything out of that bedroom door. I wholeheartedly wanted those two men to ravish me.

He changed his mouth to the other one and was playing his tongue. He is not only playing with my softies but also with my senses. Meanwhile, I sensed that another pair of hands held the edges of my panties and slid them all the way down and away from me.

Then, the fat man gave a break. He rolled his shirt and pants away. Scott is already naked. He helped me remove my shirt, making me stark naked in front of two men. The fat man looked ugly. His legs and hands are fat, and he has a huge belly.

Scott made me lay on the bed, separated my legs, and buried his face between my legs. I love this part of the activity. I felt jolts of pleasure, hitting my senses as Scott made some decent goals in my goal post. I closed my eyes tight, held the sheets hard, and scuffled with myself.

I felt that I could die out of pleasure. Meanwhile, the fat guy continued to chew my breasts, with his lips, one after the other. I loved the attention I am receiving. After a good play, they have given a break and exchanged places. I was getting ready for the second repetition.

While changing the ends, the fat man removed his underwear and went to the other end. His bone is big, maybe as big as Scott’s, and was not totally looking up. He went to the south end. But contrary to my anticipation, instead of burying his head between my legs, he positioned himself between me.

He held rather flaccid meat with his hand, gave it a couple of strokes, and he started to beat it on my belly. A weird sensation, he is waking his dude up by whipping it on me. It, first, felt like hitting me with a tube, but after a few hits, it has become a hard bone.

Once, he thought he is ready, he brushed the tip against my opening. I am already wet. I want him inside me more than ever before. He brushed a couple more times. I am losing my patience. He is teasing me. He brushed again but with some force, this time.

This was the spell of ‘khul-ja-sim-sim’ that worked on me. I opened up to welcome him for the first time into my world. It was painful, but there is a lot of pleasure too. In the first stoke itself, he let himself all the way in. His huge belly rested on me, my legs floated in the air.

I let out a loud moan involuntarily. His hands grazed all over my body, soothing me and getting me ready for the ride. He slowly swung out and jolted in a strike into me back again powerfully. I jerked. He continued to jolt strikes into me with a lot of power. He is strong.

Every time, I have to hold on my throat to suppress my cry. After a bunch of such strokes, he leaned forward, stretched my hands up, and rolled on top of me. He is heavy, and I had to take heavy breaths to carry his weight. He couldn’t stretch all the way down because his belly is obstructing him.

He, however, reached my lips and arrested them with his. This is his first kiss to me. His beard is poking my nose and chin. He increased the pace of his jolts and rammed into me. I could hardly breathe, but I am ready to give up breathing for the pleasure that I am trading in.

He released my mouth, rolled up, held my waist, and turned on the nitro boosters. He drilled his rig into me at a super-fast pace, letting my bosoms make oscillations. I could no longer control my throat, I gave up my social dignity, left out load moans. I believe the old woman opposite my house could hear me.

As the pace increased, I could sense him getting bigger and hotter inside me. He, at once, pulled out and shot out hot jets on my belly. Some of it has come up all the way up to the top of my hills. It’s smelly and dirty, but I didn’t care. I am too tired to care for cleanliness now. I am taking heavy breaths.

Some of the liquids dripped along the side of my body onto the mattress. I hate it, but I couldn’t do anything about it now. The fat dude went out of the room. I was still lying on the bed, and I see Scott looking at me in hunger. I knew the game is still not over. There is a second innings with a different player.

The fat man came back in with some wipes and cleaned me up. As soon as he did so, Scott came up on the bed, lifted me, and turned me on the other side. I knew what he wants, but I am too tired to be on fours. He didn’t give up, though. I picked up all the strength and went on fours.

With no energy in me, my milkers are pulling me down more. Scott went behind me and spaced apart my knees. He played along my centroid with his weapon of action. He gently placed himself into a familiar place. He made gentle swings. I could see pleasure building in me.

Having been in action for some time now, it was easy for him to put me on track for the second ride. He increased the pace, and so did the thrust on me. I fell forward with the bliss and fatigue together. I let the heavy parts of me rest on the mattress while I am being annexed at my bottom.

Scott did not let me give up early in his expedition. He paused, collected all hair, and pulled my head up, making me be a dog again. He picked up the pace again. I could hear loud faps that his body made as it hit my bottoms, and could feel the swinging milkers hit my chin.

I bet my bottom cheeks have become red being in the front line of action. What a celebration of womanhood!

He released my hair. He cupped me and lifted me up all the way, making me kneel in front of him, while he is still inside me from behind. I am a perfect size for his large palms to feel me a handful. He kissed me on the back of my neck while fondling my breasts and gently pumping me. I am being treated well.

He then held me with his palms, one on my belly and the other on my breasts. His palms are so huge that he could wrap both of them with a single palm. Once he made sure I am pinned against him, he thrust into me again at a decent pace. His chest and abs are brushing my back while his palms are holding my body.

He went on for a decent amount of time and pulled out of me. He let me lay right there on the bed. He realized that I am out of energy, so he prepared for the final assault. He turned me on my back. This is my most favorite way because I don’t need to do any hard work.

All I need is to lay back and enjoy the ride. As a gesture of gratitude, I welcomed him by spreading my legs. In doing so, I realized how different a person I have become. From being a very shy and modest girl, I have become ready to spread legs for random strangers for a threesome, even without knowing their names.

While I was judging myself, Scott has already pierced into me. He leaned forward, wrapped me around with his arms, and pounded into me with full strength. I wrapped around him tight and let out loud moans while he dredged me faster.

And at the end of the power play, he, unlike the fat man, released himself while inside me. I knew this was coming. Although I hate him for doing this, this is the best part I enjoy. Somehow, the idea of his shots, making all the way to the final destination inside my womb, makes me feel satisfied with the entire act.

He then laid beside me, and I stared at the roof, thinking about the consequences of my deeds, and the contrast of what my friends and family opine about me versus what I actually am doing. The fat man is no longer there. He might have been in the living room.

He just hammered a young girl, relieved his desires on her, and left her. Thinking all these, I slid into sleep. I woke up in the morning. The sun was out, up high in the sky. I laid on my bed stark naked. No one else is in the room. I woke up and found myself groggy.

I smell bad, the smell that was dirty but sexy while I was charged up is now filthy. I knew I was drenched in the men’s secretions. I got off the bed, picked up my panties, wore it. While still naked on the upper body, I limped to the living room and found neither of them.

I saw my phone, and there was a message from him. He texted that his home has now got the power back and thanked me for the hospitality. I realized how dumb I was.

They walked in last night just to get into my pants, and they made it. I hate him. I, somewhere at the back of my head, knew that he could trick me into his bed again.

I cleaned up myself, slipped into a home-wear, and walked out to the balcony for some sunlight. The old woman wasn’t there, but my frown-faced neighbor is working out as usual. However, to my surprise, today, he smiled at me and asked me how my weekend is going on.

I replied with some customary answer and went back inside. I realized that he was actually smirking, not smiling at me. He knew I had guests at my apartment last night, and he might have heard me make noises last night. He knew I had fun, but the worst part is he knew I had fun with 2 men.

I would probably want to bury my face the next time I bump into him.

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