Dream Fulfilled Part-1

Being an introvert, I always dreamt of having fun with women but used to feel shy to talk with them and that was not possible when I was at home in all these years. So, when I was in Hyderabad I came across a website called Locanto, in that website I have posted an ad, that I am looking for a female companion with no strings attached. I used to get all calls from male only. They used to enquire whether I had any contacts and all, so by listening to such calls after 20 days I have deleted that ad. I couldn’t clear the 2 interviews that I attended, so with depression, I returned back to home. One day I have received a call from US number. When I received the call I heard a male voice, so thought of disconnecting at that moment only. But I said I have posted that for women not for males.

I already deleted that ad, he said actually I am in US, my wife is in Nellore. So, I am looking for a genuine contact just for one-night stand with my wife. I was in doubt, but I agreed. He asked me to send my pics so that he will forward it to his wife. If she like then only I will contact, else you may forget. After a couple of days, I have received a call from him and he said that his wife is happy with the pics, she is ready. He asked me to start the journey to Nellore on Monday night so that I can reach their by Tuesday morning. He said that he will contact my on Tuesday morning and he will guide me to his house.

I told my parents that I am going for an interview in Hyderabad. I checked for train tickets but they aren’t available, so I took a general ticket and reached Nellore by 5:00 AM. I took a room in a lodge nearby railway station. I freshened up and waiting for his call. In my mind, I am thinking whether is it a fake call to fool me. I have got a call from him after 10:00 AM. He said a place name and he said me to reach that place and wait, I will get back to you after half an hour. I took an auto I reached there. it took 15 minutes from the station. I reached there and waiting for his call, around 11:00 I have received a call from him and he apologised for calling late as his wife is busy with his child. He went to school now, she was ready and waiting for you. I was happy and excited at the same time. He said, no need to worry I am her husband, I myself is encouraging, why you are worried. she is feeling lonely at home. I want to make her happy, that’s why I contacted you. He guided me to his house. I reached there, he then contacted his wife and told me. He again called me and then asked me to get into that home directly by checking outside. The doors were kept opened, I then directly went inside that house. There she is.

Now, coming to the real encounter, I don’t know all those stats and all, so I cannot describe those. But she is wearing a half-saree, she looks slim and wheatish color. she looks beautiful. I thought she will be an aged aunty. She told she is 25 yr old. Her name is Sneha. I was really happy but at the same time, I was nervous and sweating a lot. she offered me a soft drink. I drank and I am feeling shy to look at her an almost half-an-hour passed. She went into other room and she contacted her husband, he called me and said. don’t feel shy even this is the first time for my wife with another person. You can proceed and make her satisfy, don’t waste the time my kid will come in the evening. If you make her happy, if possible you can come back in the night and stay till morning. Then I hung up the call and went into her bedroom she came and sat next to me. Directly I asked her can I hug you she nodded her head. I hugged her, I am running my hands all through her back now I am relaxed a bit. I hold her face and kissed on her forehead, then slowly I came to her lips. We had smooched each other for long our tongues are rolling inside that is the first kiss in my life and wonderful experience for me. slowly I placed my right hand on left boob over the top of the blouse and I am squeezing and continuing kissing.

I then removed her saree and started fondling with her boobs from the top of her blouse only, then I unhooked her blouse buttons and removed her blouse. She was wearing a sky blue color bra. I am pressing her boobs over her bra only and the other side I am kissing her. I made her lie on the bed. I then went to her belly. I found some scratches like things on her stomach. I asked her, why is your stomach like this. She said she had an operation. I then kissed on her belly button.

She is moaning. I kept on smooching her belly button in hurry. I again went on to the top and I started kissing her. I then completely removed her bra. I found the two boobs popped out her nipples were erect. I am pinching one side of the nipple with hand and I kept the other one in my mouth. She started moaning and making smooth sounds I am completely squeezing her. It went on for around 20 minutes. Then I went down and removed her petticoat. She is in blue colour panty. Now she is almost nude in front of me. I tried to remove the panty also but, she didn’t let me remove it. I then came on top of her and started kissing her and playing with her boobs. I then slowly kept my hand on her panty and started rubbing it from the top she is making some sounds.

I then inserted my fingers into her panty, it was sticky and smooth so rubbed over there and kept my middle finger into her hole it easily went inside. I started fingering her pussy meanwhile I am on top of her and kissing and massaging on boob and playing, I then completely came down. I tried to remove the panty but she is holding my hand then I placed my head and kissed on her panty, removed a bit and kept my tongue and started to lick her pussy it was one kind of feeling. She ejaculated white fluid. I drank all the cum. She asked me to insert my dick. I removed my boxer and undie. I tried to keep in her pussy but it is not going. I asked her is it the correct place. She told correctly only but you are not keeping correctly at that place. I tried a number of times, it is not going.

I asked her, why don’t you hold my dick and place it at correct spot she said, you only hold your dick with your hand and keep it at the entrance and push it. Don’t remove your hand from their, unless it went inside. I then did the same. It went, but not completely so I hardly pushed towards her, she moaned loudly. I then started to and fro motions. I fucked her around for 5 minutes, I said her I am going to cum. She asked me to cum inside. I did the same and ejaculated all my fluid inside her. I laid on her for a couple of minutes. She then suggested me to go to the washroom and clean yourself. I went to the washroom and came back and laid on the bed, she then tied a towel to her waist and she went into bathroom.

I am wondering, and thinking about that incident by lying on the bed, she came after 10 minutes. She came on top of me and started giving kisses she slowly went down my dick was raising again she hold it with her hand and kissed on my dick, she pulled it back and licked with her tongue on my dick head slowly she went to my testis and she licked my balls. I am getting tickles and I am jumping and asking her to remove her hand. She is not listening. She then kept my dick inside her mouth and started sucking it like anything. She almost did it for 15-20 minutes continuously. I then ejaculated in her mouth. She again went to the bathroom for washing her face, I then wore my dress completely. It was almost 3:00 PM. She came out and thanked me and she served me food. I ate it and thought to stay but she told me to leave, her son may return by 4:00 from school. She told me don’t go now stay in your lodge only, you can come for tonight after 10:00 PM, by that time I will make my son to sleep. I thanked her she opened the doors and went outside and checked and came back to me and asked me to leave immediately. I came out.

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