Total Submission

Anamika looked extremely desirable in her formal white shirt and her black skirt as she was loitering on the production floor. Her firm breast straining against her shirt as she arched her back to suppress her yawn.

Everything about her body was flawless, her above average height, her pretty long legs, her long silky hair and pearly white teeth. She could bring out the worst in any man, and I was no different.

I had been lusting for her from the time I had joined the organisation, but had to keep my distance from her as she was in a relation with my immediate manager.

All this was going to change now, because my boss had left the organisation for better prospects, and I had been promoted to his post. To make matters worse for Anamika, she was now directly reporting to me, something which she was not happy about, as we did not share a very cordial relation.

On my part, I was trying to make her feel as comfortable as possible, but inwardly waiting for the right moment to show my true colors.

As I was sitting in my cabin watching her, I felt the time was right. After months of scrutinizing her work, I had come across enough data to prove that she was not performing her job with honesty, and she could be terminated from her job if i forwarded it to the higher authorities. Confident that I had her where I wanted, I called her into my cabin.

She walked into my cabin and sat down, crossing one leg over the other. I could see her milky white thighs in this position, and it took some will power to shift my gaze from her lovely legs. Anamika gave me a cold questioning look. I had to clear my throat before I could speak.

“Anamika I want you to go through this before we proceed any further” I said taking her attention towards my monitor.

I could make out a change in her body language while she was going through it. It seemed her confidence had oozed out of her.

“Just wanted you to know that I am forwarding this to the higher authorities. This is a very serious issue and its my responsibility” I said, my each word was a body blow for her as she looked very nervous and unsure of her self.

“Please don’t do that, my entire career will be doomed” she said almost in tears.

“Well you have left me with very little option, and why should I put my career on the line by saving you”

“Well there has to be some way out of this mess” she said almost begging.

” I am ready to pay any price, but don’t spoil my career” her words were like music to my ears.

I relaxed for the first time, since she had entered, very sure that I was in total control.

“Well in that case Anamika, I would like to settle this issue right here itself. I always wondered, how it would feel if a drop dead gorgeous girl like you would wrap her lips around my cock and give me a blow job.”

Her face was a mixture of anger and fear. ” I cannot say that you have disappointed me, because I always knew, you haboured such dirty thoughts for me”

“In that case you are getting what you had always expected from me” I said with a grin on my face.

“Give me some time to think” she said as her last resort.

“Sorry Anamika, you walk out of this cabin and my mail will be sent to all the concerned people. It is now or never.” i said, not wanting to let go my advantage and give her time to think and come back strongly.

She sat for 5 minutes, 5 of the longest minutes of my life, while she made up her mind.

At last she spoke “If i give your a blowjob, will you forget about my wrong doings”

“yes, definitely, provided you satisfy me, and not repeat the same mistake again” I said.

She tied her hair in a bun, left her seat, came around my table and knelt between my legs. she unbuckled my belt, pulled down my zip, and pulled out my erect penis which wanted a release for so long. Her fingers felt amazing against my erection and I shivered inwardly when she bent down and gave a slow lazy lick on my swollen mushroom.

Slowly she was working her tongue all over my erection and started to kiss it, her fingers massaging my penis all the while. She started to wrap her lips around my cock, and it gave me some satisfaction to see that she really had to stretch her lips to swallow my cock. She started to build a nice tempo, where her mouth was moving up and down over my penis. For extra support, I pushed her head further down so that she would swallow my entire seven inches.

I started to knead her breast when I saw that my climax was approaching. I pushed my hands into her shirt , pushed away her bra, and started playing with her nipples, which were already pointed with desire. As i felt my climax approaching under her constant assault of her tongue, I pushed her head further down and arched my back. Without any warning to her , I started shooting streams and streams of my love juices into her mouth. Her protest was muffled with my penis buried deep in her mouth and shooting unlimited cum.

With no respite, she ended up swallowing most of my cum. I left my pressure on her head once i had finished my climax. Her face was a total mess, her hair out of place, some of my cum dripping from her lips.

It gave me an amazing feeling to know that the most beautiful girl was between my legs and had totally surrendered to me, of course, I was going to fuck her hard and deep, and make her totally craving for my cock.

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