Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-33

In the previous episode, Gautam had met Divya on the train. Divya was a bored and lonely housewife. She was travelling with her husband who too looked uninterested and equally boring. After eyeing each other throughout the day, the two finally found courage to meet near the toilets. Divya’s husband was asleep when she had silently followed Gautam to the passage, near the toilets.

No words were spoken, and Gautam had then silently led her inside one of the cramped toilets. And inside they had started kissing and touching each other with a burning desire. Divya was wearing a saree, but Gautam gently removed the pallu and the blouse from her body, and then her bra to fondle and suck her breasts. Divya started feeling so horny that she didn’t protest or stop him.

She simply closed her eyes as he kissed, licked, and fondled with her breasts. Her nipples grew erect and hard from the attention, and he slowly sucked them in turn. “Ooooffffff… sssssss… ohhhhhhh… mmmmmmm… aahhhhhh” she moaned as Gautam continued playing with her breasts.

Divya felt herself getting wet. She never imagined that she will find herself like that – locked in a cramp train toilet, with a stranger, and then being made naked and sucked and fondled. She felt as horny as a bitch on heat, she wanted him to take her to somewhere else and fuck her nicely. Gautam soon pushed his hand inside her saree and petticoat and felt her panties already had become wet. Divya too, leant forward and whispered in his ears – “fuck me please”.

Gautam smiled, he was proud of being able to seduce Divya. But it was difficult to fuck her inside that cramped toilet. So he decided to think about some other place. “Wait, I know a place where we can go and fuck freely”, Gautam told as Divya listened like a desperate bitch. Both of them came out of that toilet.

Divya put on her blouse in a hurry, and then arranged her saree back neatly. She didn’t wear her bra and kept it in her hand. “Wait, I will just check upon my husband” she insisted, not wanting to take any risk. And as Divya went back to her berth to check on her husband, Gautam ventured ahead to check the place he had in his mind.

The adjoining bogey was the first class compartment, and judging from the emptiness, Gautam thought one of the coupes to be empty. ‘Bingo’, Gautam thought, just as he had imagined the furthest coupe was completely empty. The doors too were well oiled and lockable from inside. Hurrying he came back to the passage where he had left Divya, and waited impatiently for her to come back.

In the meantime, Divya was satisfied to find her husband still asleep. He was snoring loudly and showed no sign of waking up soon. Also she got time to arrange herself. Everything had happened so fast that she didn’t have a chance to realize what was happening. Everything seemed like a dream. She pinched herself a couple of times but it was not a dream, everything was happening in real. She was indeed eyeing Gautam, but never imagined that it will unfold this way. But now when it had actually happened she had grown aroused and more interested to see it to the end.

Now with a deeper resolution, she left for the spot where Gautam was waiting for her. She had left the bra back at her bag and also took off her panties before leaving her berth again. Gautam was indeed waiting impatiently, near the toilets. He had little doubts if she didn’t turn back again. But seeing her back, he was relieved.

Gautam held her closer and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. “Everything OK?” he asked, showing a general concern. Divya nodded her head in reply, her heart was heavily pounding. Gautam smiled back, “There is an empty coupe just down the next bogey” he added, “that will be ideal to make out”. Divya was nervous, she had never made out in a train before, but something, perhaps the thrill of it, kept her going.

And both of them cautiously made their way to empty coupe. Gautam was again relieved to find it still empty. It was a luxury first class coupe, with wide and comfortable seats and curtained windows. Once they were both inside, he carefully pulled the doors and locked it from inside, but didn’t waste any more time. He swiftly turned around and pulled her closer to him.

Divya took a deep breath as Gautam pulled her closer to him again. Swiftly this time, he removed the pallu of her saree and then pulled out the cloth tugged at her waist. Slowly the long piece of cloth unwrapped itself, and lay messily at her feet. Divya was now wearing a blouse and petticoat only, she had already left her bra and panties back at her original berth.

Gautam cupped her breasts once again, over her cotton blouse, and immediately realized that they were naked beneath the blouse. He smiled, satisfied at the willingness of the slut he had met by chance. Then he gently started kissing at her shoulder and neck, feeling her scent and getting aroused again.

Slowly he unhooked each hook of her blouse and then gently pulled it off her body. Divya blushed and then lowered her eyes to avoid looking into his eyes. Gautam had already started fondling her breasts. He pressed them gently, feeling the firmness of her udders. And then he slowly started licking them with his tongue.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Divya moaned in excitement as she felt those wet traces around her nipples. And then she moaned a little more when he started sucking them. Gautam took one of her nipples between her lips and gently started sucking it. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, she moaned, beads of sweats started to develop on her body, and she was already beginning to get wet between her legs.

While Gautam sucked her nipples, with his other free-hand he reached down between her legs. Neatly he pulled the strings of her petticoat to let it fall freely off her body, and then he put his palm on her crotch. Once again he was surprised to find her naked beneath the petticoat, but equally satisfied to find her cunt already so wet.

He pushed her on one of the seats, and then knelt beside her so that he can continue sucking her nipples. And then with the other hand he spread her legs and started massaging her vagina. “Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Divya moaned and started biting her own lips in excitement.

Gautam too, enjoyed her restlessness and continued giving her more pleasure and excitement. By then she was moaning really hard, leaning her head back she started rubbing her hands on her body uncontrollably. Gautam smiled as he slowly started kissing down her body until he reached her cunt.

She had a shaved cunt which looked neat and inviting. And he immediately dove into it. At first he spread her legs open so that he can eat her pussy unobstructed, and then he spread her pussy lips with his fingers and then slowly started brushing it with his tongue. “Aaaaaiiiiiiiii… ooooohhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhh” she moaned but not loud enough to indicate what was going on inside that locked coupe.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Gautam enjoyed the taste of her cunt, and continued probing her vagina with his tongue. He kept her pussy lips open by stretching them with his fingers, and then used his tongue to lick around it or push it deep inside her cunt hole. Both the actions extracted similar reaction from Divya. She wriggled in excitement, her entire body shaking and moaning in need for an orgasm.

Slowly she was reaching the peak of her arousal and soon craved for an orgasm. Gautam realized it too, and he replaced his tongue with his even firmer fingers and started fucking her nicely with them. Divya bit her lips hard as his fingers went rapidly in and out of her nicely lubricated pussy. She spread her legs more to open herself up for him, by then she had started feeling like a bitch – made to come by a stranger.

Soon the feeling overcame her as she felt overwhelmed by a very powerful orgasm. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned and sat up, grabbing him and starting to kiss his lips passionately. Gautam too, felt the increase in wetness of her cunt and continued fingering her until she stopped coming. Divya continued trembling as long as she came, and then slowly her body calmed down – drenched and exhausted by that orgasm. She smiled shyly, Gautam was looking at her, and she stared back at him and blushed. She immediately lowered her eyes and whispered again – “Fuck me now please”.

Gautam immediately took off his pants and became naked like her. Divya stared at him as he stripped, and slowly felt aroused again. Gautam wasn’t a stud but still very handsome with a toned body. And the idea of being fucked by him made her all wet and horny again. She stood up from her seat, still naked and then pushed Gautam on the seat.

Gautam sat, naked, expecting her to go down on her knees and give her a nice blowjob first. But Divya had other ideas. At first she held his hard cock in her hand and then kissed it, and then she too climbed on the seat, putting her knees at each side of him so that she was exactly over his lap and his erect cock.

Gautam held her by her waist as she shifted to position herself correctly. The constant jerking of the train made it harder for her to align herself quickly. But with help from Gautam she soon positioned herself right on top of his cock. She felt his cock head poking at her pussy hole, and then slowly she started lowering herself on him.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned as his cock slowly and vertically pushed all the way inside her. She lowered herself carefully, bringing her full weight down slowly and then paused when she was sitting on his lap, and with his cock entirely inside her. Her face was flushing with excitement and pleasure and then soon she started making up and down movement to fuck herself.

“Ahhhhh… yeahhhh… Uuuuuhhhhhh… yeahhhhh” she moaned as the moving train too assisted her to a great extent. “Ahhhhh shit… Ohhhhhh… Yeahhhhhh” she moaned, still maintaining a steady up and down movement. Her cunt was so nicely lubricated that it was all so smooth.

Gautam put one of his hands on her ass to support her from falling, and held her hairs with the other to keep her close to himself. She herself held the backrest of the seat and continued jumping on his cock, feeling her entire body preparing for another orgasm.

Her breasts were jumping wildly in front of his mouth, and Gautam grabbed one of them with his lips and started sucking it. “Ohhhhh… ohhhhhh… feels so gooooood… ohhhh… ahhhhh” she continued moaning like a whore. “Mmmmmmm…. Mmmmmm… ahhhhhh” fighting hard to hold her second orgasm. But nevertheless, continued fucking herself with increased vigor.

In between, both of their eyes met and they quickly stole a kiss, and she continued her up and down movement on his cock. By then, Gautam had his hands tightly on her ass – grabbing them hard and thrusting them harder on his cock. “Ahhhh… Annnhhhahhhh.. ummmm fuckkkkkk… ohhhhh” and evident from her squeals, Divya enjoyed it a lot.

Her entire body stiffened and she moaned steadily as soon as her cunt leaked for the second time. An orgasm as powerful as the earlier one drenched her again but still she continued thrusting her cunt hard on his cock. For a moment her pace slackened, but soon she picked up speed and continued fucking him with the same vigor as earlier. She gritted her teeth, and fucked harder, wanting to make him come too.

Soon as she picked up pace, she felt his grip tightening and he was breathing heavily. Gautam too had started moaning and grunting, indicating how close he too was of climaxing. And the both continued at the same pace until he too was relieved. Divya lifted herself on her knees, and then continued thrusting her cunt hard on his cock, as if she was stroking it with her pussy.

But it had its intended effect, and Gautam moaned hard before shooting out a huge load of his cum. He pulled her closer and kissed her lips as his cock continued shooting his seeds inside her cunt. Later, exhausted and still naked, both lied on top of each other for a moment – kissing and caressing each other gently. And then both got dressed and left for their original berths like the two travelling strangers they were.

While Gautam was having his share of fun in the train, back at the apartments, Mrs. Nair too was keeping herself in the thick of the actions. She had suddenly started feeling very popular after having her way with both Borah and Rahul. And this evening while her daughters were still away, she had called upon Rahul to have some fun for herself.

Unaware of Borah’s jealousy, the two had met previously before as well, and each time spied upon by Borah. This day as well, Borah watched hiding from the staircase as Rahul waited at her door and then the door opened and he went inside. He saw just a glimpse of Mrs. Nair, she was wearing a long, silk bath robe, and under which, he thought, she would be naked.

Rage and jealousy filled him up again. Borah had been a virgin until he had met Mrs. Nair, and felt indebted towards her ever since. But since the day when she had forced him to have a threesome with Rahul, he was filled with anger. He felt jealous whenever he saw Rahul, he felt a strange hatred for his once beloved goddess – Mrs. Nair. She too, for some reason, had came more closer to Rahul, and unaware of Borah’s feelings somewhat contributed in fanning the fire of his anger and jealousy.

It wasn’t hard for Borah to sneak into the flat and spy on them – he was quite guile and also had a duplicate key made from Mrs. Nair’s flat, which he used to spy upon the two, whenever they met. This day as well, he had the key with him, but waited until they would be in her room and already into the act. That is when he will sneak in and watch them discreetly.

He waited for some anxious moments and then sneaked in carefully. Stealthily he moved to one of her daughter’s bedroom, and onto the balcony. Then he carefully climbed on to the balcony of Mrs. Nair’s room – a route which is used often by him. He hid under one of the glass windows, which remains un-curtained usually. And then peeped inside, just as he did in that resort where Sowmya was busy bitching with her two producers. And as he peeped, his eyes widened from what was going on inside.

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