Once upon a time, there was a crow on a tree, it saw a grandma was baking a pancake under the tree. It decided to steal a pan-cake from grandma. It flew fast towards the ground and quickly picked the pancake and came to the tree and got ready to eat.

A fox saw the crow having a pancake in its beak. It decided to cheat the crow and get the pancake from it. It came under the tree and looked at the crow and called it. Crow turned to the fox and gestured by turning its head Fox said to the crow, “You are so beautiful. Can you sing a song for me?”

Crow got mesmerized with the praising from fox. It forgot that it has pancake in its beak and started singing ‘Kaa Kaaa.” That’s it, the pancake fell from its beak to the ground. Fox was waiting for this moment. it picked the pancake and ate it and walked away happily.

Moral of this story – Please don’t get flattered if someone praises you unnecessarily. You should be wise to guess why someone is praising you.

Hey readers, are you getting pissed off to see a kinder garden story on a sex story website? Already started thinking what crap is this?

Ok, if you are feeling that this story is a click and bait and if you feel offended because it does not have any story, please don’t worry. Let us turn this crow and fox story into a sex story. Don’t worry – no animal sex 😊.

Crow story continued

The crow flew away with sadness and went to a tree next to a house. That tree was close to a window of a home. It was night time. It looked into the window and it saw a girl of 19 years and a boy of 20 years. Both are talking and the boy was begging the girl for something.

The crow became curious to understand what is happening and started to listen to their conversation.

Boy: Please Usha, I called you to my home tonight because my parents went outstation. They are stuck in lockdown outstation and they won’t come back soon. This is the right time for us to enjoy. Please don’t hesitate, let us make the best use of our time.

Usha: Raj, please I never thought you got this idea. This is unfair, Raj until we marry. Before marriage doing sex is sin. Please hold on your patience till marriage

Raj: Does this mean you worry that I won’t marry you? Or not trusting me?

Usha:(with tense) No da, you are my life. There is no question of me not trusting you. You are the heart of my life. How I cannot trust you? I want to handover my virgin body after marriage.

Usha: If I cannot meet that, that feeling of not being a virgin during our post-marriage first night will haunt me. That is my worry. I don’t want to lose virginity before our marriage. Other than that there is no reason. Please don’t think silly that I don’t trust you.

Raj: Today I’m in an extreme mood, if we can do something without losing your virginity is that fine?

Usha: What do you mean? (with tension)

Raj: (With a laugh) Tell what do you mean ‘losing virginity’. Do you mean fucking?

Usha: Blushed with cheeks getting red, you are talking too naughty. But the answer is ‘Yes’ to your question.

Raj: Ok Usha, then no worries. Let us not fuck, let us enjoy in all rest of the possible ways

Usha: It seems you are so determined today, don’t give me a heart attack.

Raj: Let us be undressed and naked. Atleast enjoy seeing each of us. I hope that will not break your philosophy of ‘not losing virginity’.

Usha: (fake crying) Please, da, change the topic.

Raj: No way, if you don’t agree for this, I will consider that you don’t trust me

Usha: Ok, no sex, only nudity, is that Ok?

Raj: Double Ok.

Raj undressed and became nude with his erected cock and started holding it. Usha also slowly undressed. Raj helped to peel her bra. 34 D sized voluptuous boobs bounced from her bra. Usha shied a lot to remove her panty, Raj convinced and made her comfortable to remove it.

She was so nervous about being fully nude in front of a guy, though he is her lover. Usha tried to hide her pussy with one hand and covered her boobs with one hand. Raj laughed at her, “You are too bad and shy. See me, how confident and trusting you by not hiding anything.”

Raj removed hands and openly showed his tool. Usha blushed with his naughty behavior

Raj: Usha, please lie down in bed. I want to enjoy.

Usha: (tensed) Hey you said no sex, why are you asking me to lie down in bed?

Raj: If I ask you to lie, it doesn’t mean sex. I want to enjoy seeing you in that pose and I want to fiddle without fucking.

Usha; (Nervously) Please don’t do anything.

She lay facing up. Raj slowly held the big toe of her leg and parted away and Usha become tensed and asked, “What are you doing?”

Raj: I’m widening your legs to see that spot. Don’t worry I promise that I won’t fuck you without your consent.

Usha got a bit relaxed and cooperated to widen her legs

Raj: Usha, my deep desire is to smell that spot and give a kiss there. Please you should permit. See, this is not fucking act, so your virginity is not lost.

Usha: Too much da, please no fucking, only kissing.

Raj bent towards her pussy and inhaled and exhaled hot hair on her pussy and Usha shivered. He gently kissed by pecking. The second attempt he converted peck kiss to french kiss of chewing her pussy. Usha could not control and started screaming in pleasure.

She started oozing juices, Raj started drinking it and started heavy chewing. Usha tried to grab his hair on the head and started shaking it. After a few minutes, he crawled to her face.

Usha’s face was pale white because of Raj’s action. He kissed her and his cock started brushing her thigh. He whispered on her ears, “Usha, I promised that I won’t fuck you without your consent. I’m already at the peak. Please give me your consent.”

Usha: Hmmm, yes.

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