Beyond Expectations

I used to feel very bad about me, so I decided to fuck a girl so that I can stop seeing my family that way. I created a fake fb id and started chatting with many lusty girls day and night. My mother used to scold me for waking late nights.We used to play role plays, sex chats. One day one girl asked me that if I am interested in incest. I said yes and she asked me to tell more about my incest thoughts.

Then I said my sister is beautiful with perfect boobs and round ass one wanted to bang it for hours. She asked me whether I fuck mom first or sister and my answer is mom. Because she is the sex goddess with big boobs, deep navel and guys trust me her ass is the most beautiful thing on the earth and you cannot go without touching it and a curve on her waist which adds to her beauty.

So days passed chatting with random girls but never got opportunity to fuck any of them. One morning I got a friend request from one aunt named riya and even today I can remember the first message from her i.e., of all the feelings lust is the true feeling because it can never be fake.

I got addicted to her words.We used to chat day and night as my father is not there at home to scold and my mom just tells me sleep and goes away. We used play role plays as she is queen and I am minister who kills king to fuck queen and sometimes we used to play mother and son, brother and sister.

But whenever I asked her picture he rejected. One day I got fb call from her telling that she will be waiting in garuda hotel, room no.201 for me. I was very excited about how she will be and how my first experience will be. With all thoughts I reached room.

I knocked the door hesitatingly. Door was opened and I saw someone showing her back. She slowly turned and I became speechless. It was her who I never expected but I always wanted to.

Before I speak anything she placed hand on my dick which is already hard and closed my lips with hers.Oh my god my mom is pressing my dick and kissing. I started kissing her and pressing her ass, i even bite her lip, she left a small moan. Then even without breaking the kiss she removed my pant and dragged underwear downwards and squeezed my dick very hardly, I shouted very loudly moom.

She again locked my lips. She is giving nice hand job while I removed her saree and pallu. Wowwww my mom is there standing in front of me with bra and panty. I bent down and kissed her navel, squeezed her ass and after 3 min I slowly went back kissing all over the body and removed her bra with mouth and panty with hands. That is the day I saw two moons I the sky waiting for me to eat them.

Then I saw her whole body and hugged at once very tightly squeezing where ever-my hand goes. I then licked her neck ears kissed and made her lie on the bed. Mother said son have some milk then I took right boob into mouth and left boob into hand and started squeezing sucking and rubbing her pussy with knee. Now she is moaning ahhhum.

Then I saw the smell of arm pit which is intoxicating and licked every drop of sweet, this aroused my mom very much and was moaning like hell umaa … Abababa, lick my sonn …. Mmm fuck like that. Now she guided my head towards my birth place. Her pussy was clean and she is already wet there. She is pressing my head very hard so that I cant even breathe. Now I started licking pussy and squeezing her boobs and she is moaning like hell fuck me you son of a bitch, you bastard umm ahhh fuck fuck fuck me hard.

I increased speed of licking and she is shouting like hell. Now she came and took my dick into hand. Dragged foreskin back and kissed the tip , then she slowly kept whole dick into the mouth. Ahhh what a feeling it is. I started mouth fucking her holding her hair.

Within no time I cummed a heavy load into her mouth which she drank half and remaining half she spit into my mouth and I drank happily. Then we were lying beside each other in ones arms. Now she told me while rotating my chest hair that she knew I was interested in her and became close as riya to clarify my intentions of fucking her and made plan to fuck me.

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