Both of us are in our mid-twenties. We both were in the same batch for induction. Ria was a bit dusky, short and had fat at the right places. Her stats are 34-32-34.

Ria had a boyfriend and had just broken up as she moved out of her home town for the job. I didn’t have a girlfriend in my past.

Days passed by and we just used to say “hi” “bye” whenever we met. We had a common group in Whatsapp and everyone was bound to stay in it (so getting her number was not a big deal).

In a few weeks, my dusky colleague Ria was roaming around with a guy from our batch. Well, she had found a guy – a girl with such assets can’t be single for a long time. They used to party late nights, roam around and do all the new couple stuff.

It was winter break and a long weekend. All had booked their flights to reach home and enjoy their vacation. On the last day, there was a party. Ria and her bf were having a verbal fight in the corner. As I was close by, I could hear everything.

Ria: I have missed my flight and you are ready to leave me here and go alone?
Ria’s bf: Did I ask you to miss the flight?

Ria: It is all because of you.
Ria’s bf: What did I do?!

Ria: You brought me to this party.
Ria’s bf: Everyone was invited and I didn’t know you would miss your flight.

Everyone started to leave the party who had their flights booked and so did Ria’s boyfriend. She was still sitting in the corner and my friends also left. She was gulping up beers and I walked over to her and asked, “Can I sit?”

Ria: Please sit. No one understands my problem.
Me: What happened? (as if I don’t know anything)
Ria: I missed my flight and that bastard Suraj left me here alone.

I started consoling her saying that even he had to visit his parents and he can’t miss his flight.

Ria: What to do, where shall I stay now? I can’t return to my PG as it is already 10 pm.
Me: You can stay in my flat if you don’t mind.

“Thanks a lot”, and she pecked on my cheeks. I had an instant hard-on!

As we were traveling in my car, my colleague asked if I had some stock of beers. I said I have a stock of whiskey and vodka as I don’t drink beer.

As soon as we entered the flat, she got a call from Suraj. He started abusing her over the call and she disconnected the call and threw her cell phone.

I was standing with a ‘Black Dog’ whiskey bottle in front of her. She came towards me, snatched the bottle and started to gulp it. I was shocked and was thinking of why she was acting weird.

I ran and snatched the bottle from her and asked her to cool down and stay calm.

Ria started to blabber saying, “Who is he to control me?! What does he think of himself?”

I asked her to freshen up and showed her my washroom.

By the time she came back, I had set the table for us with ice cubes, snacks and food (maggie).

I was stunned to see her in shorts and a white V-neck t-shirt and towel draped on her head.

Ria: Jay, you have prepared well for the drinks. Let’s start.
Me: I was waiting for you.

We started discussing how her relationship was going on and she was not happy with it.

As we were drinking, she said, “I feel bored. Let’s play truth or dare.”

Ria: Do you have a girlfriend?
Me: No.. I am not that lucky to have one.

Ria: Any girl would die to be with you. Just speak to them. You are so charming and good.
Me: Stop bluffing. My turn to ask. How many boyfriends did you have?

Ria: Around 4. But I was only real with one. Others were all just for timepass.
Me: You have destroyed their lives.

We both started laughing.

Ria: Are you a virgin?
Me: Yes, I didn’t get any girl who could take it.

Ria: Lol!!!! You are wasting your youth. Go fuck around!
Me: Stop it. With how many guys did you guys have sex?

Ria: Only one. Rest all, I just kissed.
Me: Have you made out with Suraj??

Ria: Nah, he isn’t good.
Me: As if you have tried..

I could see her nipples poking out.

Ria: At least have you ever kissed a girl?
Me: Only if you allow me to.

Ria came forward and planted a kiss on my cheek.

Ria: Happy now?
Me: One more, please?

Before she could respond, I swept her off the floor and took her to my bedroom. Well, on the way, I had locked her lips with mine and my saliva was getting mixed with hers.

I threw my sexy co-worker on the bed. She was having a lusty look in her eyes and she was biting her lips. I imposed myself on her and planted another kiss. She had her hands across me and she was pulling me. I had my hands clapped on her face.

We were finding it hard to breathe and that’s when we broke the kiss. We took deep breaths and again we were smooching. Our tongues were fighting and my right-hand was busy pressing her melons. She left out small moans when I started pressing her nipple.

Then I removed her t-shirt. She just had her pink bra on which was finding it hard to hold her melons. I started biting them above her bra.

“Have patience! Let me free them up for you”, she said with a smile.

My colleague unhooked her pink bra. I pulled it out in a second and I had both her melons in front of me. They were moving up and down. Ria had dark nipples with nicely round areolas.

She pulled my head towards her right boob and I started sucking it like a newborn hungry for milk. I pressed it hard and she left out moans and asked me to be gentle.

Then I took the other boob and started playing with the tits and pulled the nipple with my teeth. I took her right melon in my hand, cupped it in such a way that only her nipple was out. Then I started to suck it hard and press her boobs completely. Ria’s boobs had turned red when I left it.

I kissed her again and this time, she was searching for my dick. Her hands were on dick. She was asking me to pull it out and give it to her.

She said, “It’s been a year or so I haven’t seen a dick. Remove my pants!”

I asked her to remove her shorts first. While she was removing it, I was playing with her nipples. Ria was moaning.

Then she removed her shorts. A wet patch was clearly visible on her red panty. She came to me and pulled my pants out. Along with the pants, my boxer too slid out.

“Ah, a virgin dick”, she commented and put her hands on it.

Ria: Wow, it is bigger than my ex’bf’s dick.

She started giving me a handjob. I asked, “Don’t you think it deserves a blowjob or a titjob?”

Ria quickly took half my dick in her mouth and started giving playing with her tongue on it. I cummed in her mouth after a few minutes. She drank it all and said, “Not bad for a virgin guy.”

Then I asked her for a tit-job. She said, “My pussy is already leaking. Will you just shove your dick into it already?! I will give you a titjob sometime later.”

I removed her panty with my teeth and licked it. She put her hand on my head and started pressing my mouth to eat her pussy fully.

My colleague’s pussy was cleanly shaved. It was flawless. I put one finger inside and she let out a big moan. Then I started fucking her pussy with my mouth.

Ria was lying on the bed with her legs wide open and I brought my dick in front of her face for her kiss before entering. She lubricated it well with her saliva and gave a kiss as well.

I placed the dick on her wet pussy lips and teased her by pressing on it and taking it back. She pleaded me to enter her without teasing her. Even I was desperate. Without wasting time anymore, I slowly pushed my virgin dick into her. Ria felt the pain while I was entering. She closed eyes and moaned loudly.

I pushed my dick entirely in her pussy.

“Aaahhaaaaahhhh” she was moaning and asking me to remove it. Then, gently, I took it half out and banged her. She left out a loud moan, “Aaaahhhah aaaaah”. My dick was inside feeling the warmth of her vaginal walls. Ria’s melons were moving up and down and she was moaning loud.

Then I asked her to keep her volume low as neighbors might wake up.

I started fucking my colleague in missionary position and kissed and bit her melons in between.

After some time, I said I am about to cum. She said, “Cum inside. I need to feel the warmth of it. ”

She had cummed multiple times and it was oozing out. She was leaking very badly. Soon, I cummed inside her and took my dick out.

Ria was swirling on the bed and my dick was fully covered with cum. The cum was oozing out of her pussy as well.

Then I asked Ria to suck my dick. She took it in her mouth and cleaned it and said, thanks.

We had many rounds in the same position until we both were tired. I wanted to change positions and try all the positions but Ria was very tired and she said we continue tomorrow. But I was still not satisfied.

While sleeping, I hugged her from the back, with my hands on her boobs and dick in between her thighs.

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