Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-32

In the last episode, Sowmya finally got a date with Mr. Shah, who had promised her of an opportunity earlier. She was unaware that they didn’t have any intention to give her any real break nor were they any producers from any rich company. Both Mr. Shah and Mr. Gupta, along with the casting agent were in the business of providing young and attractive girls for erotic photo shoots, often as escorts as well. They usually pretend to be producers and casting agents to trap young, attractive, and ambitious girls of Sowmya’s age, and then lure them into their business, in the name of modelling.

But Sowmya, blinded by her ambitions went on to meet Shah at the Hilton, and was ready to do anything required to bag the opportunity that was threw towards her as bait. They met at the restaurant and then headed back to his room, where Sowmya took off her clothes and then invited Shah to on her yet again. Shah too didn’t let the opportunity waste as he started fore-playing with her. Soon he got her all wriggling and moaning from all the fingering, sucking and linking he did on her breasts and cunt. He kept her constantly at an edge, not letting her come, and fingering her continuously.

Shah wanted to see how passionate and wild Sowmya can be. They already had elaborate plans for her. An American porn company was looking for a fresh Indian girl to feature in their latest shoot, and they had already seen Sowmya’s photos and were interested in her. They even wanted to do a short porn film with her if possible. They had offered good money, which meant a fat commission for them too.

He continued fingering her gently, keeping her on the edge, making her tremble and wriggle like a whore. “Pleaaaseeeeeee… ohhh plllleease let me come… ahhhhhh.. ohhhh I can’t bear this anymore… ohhh please…” Sowmya kept on pleading to let her come, but Shah was holding her on the verge for what seemed like forever.

“What is the hurry sweetheart” teased Shah, “I think I will tell you the details of the break, I promised to you” he said with a naughty smile. At the same time he continued rubbing her cunt and keeping her aroused. Sowmya started breathing faster as she looked up at him, her body was trembling in pleasure yet she tried to look focussed on what he was about to say.

“There is an American Company, which is looking for a bold girl like you for a photo shoot” he added, and looked for signs if Sowmya was listening. She nodded back and then Shah continued further, “But they are strictly looking for bold girls, the shoot will be very explicit, you may need to pose nude” he said and for a moment saw hesitation in her eyes. “Don’t worry, they would not publish the photos in India, it will be published in the US only” he said trying to comfort her, “Will you do it?” he asked.

There was a moment of hesitation in Sowmya’s mind. At one hand she was dying to come and her entire body was getting stiff in need for a relief, and whatever Shah said didn’t register correctly in her mind. She faintly registered the talks of being bold and posing nude, but couldn’t answer properly. She was still lying naked and her cunt being fingered constantly.

Shah realising her hesitation, pushed his finger deep her cunt, “Will you do it?” he asked again. Sowmya trembled again as she started feeling being overwhelmed by her orgasm. “YESSSSSS SIRRRR”, her entire body arched forward and she shouted in response, while her cunt became rapidly wet with her orgasm. “Yes sirrrrrr… yesssss… yessss…. Yessss…” she moaned uncontrollably as she came hard.

“Good girl” Shah commented as he stood up on his knees. He started lowering his pants, and his cock which was already erect, jumped out. He held it in his hands and started stroking it, looking at Sowmya. She was lying naked in front of him, her legs spread wide, her cunt sloppy and still coming but her body still looked capable enough to bear him again.

She had her eyes closed, reeling from the immense pleasure that the orgasm had given her. But she also knew that it wasn’t over until Shah had fucked her properly. So she just laid back waiting for the next, while Shah already readied himself to fuck her. He was already between her legs as he lowered down and lined his cock with her already gaping cunt.

It didn’t take much effort for him to push his cock deep inside her. Sowmya’s cunt was already so slippery that his cock slipped in rather easily. Sowmya grunted in pleasure as she felt his cock rub through her delicate cunt skin, and then he started stroking it in and out of her pussy. “Ahhhh… Ahhhh… Ahhhh… Ahhhh… Ahhhh…” Sowmya grunted with each stroke and Shah too moaned in pleasure.

His cock was already aching for it, he had been keeping it under check while he did foreplay with her, but now his cock was ready to ravage her hard and spit out his entire load in her. He held her tightly as he varied his pace and Sowmya too squealed and moaned accordingly. Soon Shah was reached the verge of his climax and started thrusting hard at her. She too grunted loudly, eager to feel his juices inside her.

“Ahhhhhhh… OHhhhh yeahhhhhh… yesssssss… ssssssss”, both of them moaned as Shah almost neared the moment of climax, and suddenly after some moments of mindless thrusts he spat his entire load inside her. “Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Sowmya moaned as she felt his warm cum fill her up from inside, and then lied back and closed her eyes with a satisfied grin.

The visit to the resort, and her experience there had turned her into an ever hungry sex bitch. At home she had remembered her experiences at the resort and fingered herself into coming, so many times. But fingering alone was never so fulfilling as being fucked hard by someone. And while Shah came inside her, she too came along with him and felt a tremendous pleasure within.

Later, Shah ordered for some dinner to be served in the room, and they discussed about the shoot during dinner. Shah lied that it was an American fashion magazine that was doing features on local Indian girls. In truth he was setting her up for a shoot for an American porn site. At first Sowmya was hesitating, but when Shah told her how all the leading supermodels too had to do similar shoots at the beginning of the career, she started to look convinced.

Shah, of course, lied to her about that too. And also took some big names of leading super models or actors as example to convince her. And after some persuasion, she finally agreed for the shoot. “But you will need to sign a contract first” Shah added, “And on the same day, you can meet the director as well”, and Sowmya nodded her agreement.

He then went inside to make some phone calls. Sowmya sat outside, she was now dressed back, and had also completed her dinner. She waited for Shah to comeback and then finalise the next date and leave.

Shah didn’t take much time either. He came out and gave Sowmya a big envelope. Sowmya looked in it and found five thousand rupees in cash inside. “Keep this, I just called the director, and he asked me to give you this as a token of advance” Shah said. Sowmya’s heart started beating faster, and she couldn’t believe that she was holding her first income from modelling. Though she had no idea what kind of profession she was heading towards, yet the first salary always feels good.

“They will be here the next Wednesday to meet you and sign you for the shoot” Shah continued, “And the entire contract will be of twenty five thousand, of which you will need to give us ten thousand as commission for your first break” he summarised and Sowmya didn’t seem to have any issues with it. She was just too amateurish and excited at that moment to think anything about it. She readily agreed and then later left happily with her first cut of five thousand. Already making plans how to spend it.

While the evening was slowly inclining towards the night, far away from this city, Gautam was on a train, returning back from his in-laws. He was finally satisfied after finding an opportunity to fuck his sister-in-law goodbye, and at the same time he had his wife Kiran as well. Later, both along with their parents had come to see him off at the Howrah station. And Gautam was now on his way back.

The train however was very scarcely filled. The AC 2 Tier bogey, on which he was travelling, hardly had any traveller. Gautam was occupying a side lower seat, with the adjacent upper empty. There were only a few more people scattered around that bogey. But the most interesting looking of his co-travellers was on the berths right opposite to his.

A burly looking man in his late thirties occupied the opposite berth, and he was accompanied by a good looking lady possibly in her mid-twenties. They were married, but there didn’t seem any flair left in their marriage as they sat idly with limited communication. The man looked rich by his dressing, but he had a huge pot-belly, and looked interested in everything else other than his wife.

The wife too had a bored look on her face, and she spent most of the time looking outside through the window or reading magazines. Gautam looked at the man again and he felt pity for the girl, who had already caught his imagination with her bored and beautiful look. He remembered the couple from the third floor of his apartment, Mr. Sharma and Anita. Their match too somewhat resembled the couple travelling with him in the train.

The husband didn’t look much interested in making any conversation with any of the co-passengers and mostly spent dozing off. But Gautam was more interested in the wife as he stared at her whenever he got a chance. She was beautiful, slim, and had a pair of very attractive eyes. And even despite of her husband not paying much attention towards her, she had an attractive figure too. She had large bosoms with a nicely toned body which complimented her beautifully. Her name was Divya.

Gautam stared at her greedily whenever he got a chance, and in few occasions he found her looking back too. Though they had immediately looked away in each of those occasions, yet both knew that they were eyeing each other. As the day progressed, the outside became dark and so Divya started spending more time in her magazines rather than outside. And her husband was busy reading the same newspaper over and over. And at the evening he climbed up on the upper birth to take a nap, leaving Divya alone.

Gautam immediately took that chance to try and establish contact. He had been careful in her husband’s presence, but with him asleep he became bolder in his approach. He stared at her and started smiling to attract her. Divya gave a cursory glance towards him and then immediately focussed back at her magazine. And when she realised what Gautam was trying to do, she too smiled.

Slowly she too started looking back at Gautam and both smiled at each other. Throughout the evening they looked at each other and smiled but avoided any other form of contact, afraid of her husband. Slowly the day progressed and dinner was served. Divya’s husband came down briefly to have dinner, and all of them ate silently. In between though, Divya continued looking at Gautam and smiled, making sure her husband didn’t watch.

After an hour, the plates were collected back by the pantry staffs, and then the lights too were dimmed or turned off for the night. Divya’s husband had climbed back up again, leaving Divya to sleep on the lower berth. Divya too made her bed on one of the lower berths and lied down, facing Gautam, and then covered herself with the blanket.

Gautam too leant back at his berth, half lying and smiled back at Divya. The lights were all off apart from a dim night lamp. Yet they could make eye contact and continued giving smile at each other. After sometime, Gautam stood up and then briefly looked at Divya and then started walking towards the corridor. He went towards the toilets and then waited near the vestibules, hoping that Divya would understand his intentions.

Divya, did understood his intentions but was afraid of her husband. But later when she heard the noise of her husband’s snores, she became a bit braver. She knew, no one could wake her husband up once he is deep in his sleep and snoring. Carefully she stood up and checked around for any other curious onlooker. Satisfied of seeing no one she too started walking towards the corridor.

Gautam was leaning at the wall near the door, unsure if Divya had the guts to follow him. But soon his confusions were blown away as Divya appeared at the corridor. Once again they looked back at each other and smiled. Divya stood far away from him, unsure of what to do at that situation. Both their hearts were beating fast at the thrill of the situation. Both didn’t know how to approach each other, they even didn’t know each other’s names. Yet both felt a strong desire for each other.

Gautam too was hesitant initially, but finally took the lead. The corridor was well lit and often police guards passed through. He looked at Divya and she too looked back at him, Gautam gave a brief nod and then slowly headed towards one of the toilet. Divya was still standing back, looking at him when he entered inside. Her heart started beating even faster as she stood still not sure what to do. She could go back leaving him there, or could pick the trail and follow him inside.

She proved to be wise enough to choose the latter. She was hesitant but didn’t waste much time and followed Gautam. Gautam had the door unlocked, so she easily slid it open and entered inside. It was very cramp inside with not enough room for 2 adults to stand properly, but it was clean enough. Gautam gave her a hand and pulled her closer and then locked the door from inside.

They were forced to stand very close to each other and once again they looked up at each other’s eyes. A certain passion got hold of them suddenly and they started kissing each other. Divya had nice rosy lips which Gautam started kissing and sucking. He pushed her back and pinned her against the wall and then continued kissing her lips.

They were very soft and juicy, he started sucking them gently first and soon started sucking hard as Divya too responded with the same passion. It gave Gautam the courage to put his hands on other private parts of her body, and soon he started feeling her breasts from over her blouse. She had two very firm yet soft breasts. Gautam touched them and immediately felt the urge to suck those. Divya too took a deep breath when she felt his touch on her breasts and then started breathing faster, unable to control her emotions.

Gautam smiled as he saw the will in her, and then slowly removed the pallu of her saree and started removing the hooks of her blouse to remove it off her body. She had a nice white lacy bra covering her 34 C breasts, and Gautam took a moment leering at her heavy bosoms and her deep cleavage. And once again he pushed her back and started kissing at her neck and shoulder. And then in a mad rage, he held her bra and lowered it roughly to expose her milky white tits.

Divya closed her eyes as he started kissing, licking, and fondling her breasts. Her nipples grew erect and hard from the attention, and he slowly started sucking them in turn. “Ooommmmmppppphhh”, she moaned as her body started to stir in excitement. Gautam quickly fumbled through her bra and then took it off her body. She was left topless with Gautam sucking and fondling her breasts at will. “Ooooffffff… sssssss… ohhhhhhh… mmmmmmm… aahhhhhh” she moaned as Gautam continued playing with her breasts.

He sucked them as long as he wished and then once again started kissing her lips. Divya already felt herself getting wet. She never imagined that she will find herself like that – locked in a cramp train toilet, with a stranger, and then being made naked and sucked and fondled. She felt as horny as a bitch on heat, she wanted him to take her to somewhere else and fuck her nicely. Gautam soon pushed his hand inside her saree and petticoat and felt her panties already had become wet. Divya too, leant forward and whispered in his ears – “fuck me please”.

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