Heartbroken Girl

I happened to meet this girl Nisha, through our office chat. I had some important work with her. She is 3 years elder to me but looks a lot younger because of her height 5’2″ (maybe) and a dimpled smile. I’m 5’10”!

So since our office collaboration work was a long one, we started knowing each other personally, too. I got to know that her boyfriend took her for granted. He started avoiding her and even hiding from her. So she was in that phase of a dilemma where everything seemed fake in the world.

Not to boast, but I have always been a good emphatic listener. So people talk and spill all their beans as they become very comfortable with me. One fine day she confessed that she had done this exciting thing.

She had taken rum inside the movie hall in her water bottle. She got drunk without letting people have any clue about it. And said she wants to try it again with me!

Allow me to describe her beauty so that all of you, peeps, and I are on the same page! Smooth, fair, soft with radiant skin, 32C boobs, deep big dreamy eyes. A perfectly round juicy butt, which still gets me a boner describing it! But believe it or not, the first time I saw her, what I fell for was her dimples!

So the day was Saturday, we booked the tickets to a nearby theatre. We had Bacardi apple rum mixed with water in our bottle. (It’s transparent and looks like water) So corner seats, it was where we had planned our mischief!

She didn’t even wait for a moment after the movie started. She winked at me and took the first big sip from the bottle (little did both of us realize that it was strong). She nudged the bottle on my shoulders and gave me an eyebrow as to why I was waiting.

I was excited about two things, drinking from the same bottle she put her mouth in and boozing for the first time in a theater. The first thought itself gave me a hard-on. It was a bad idea to wear jeans, and my cock started suffocating! Damn!

Noticing me twisting and turning a bit, she asked what was wrong. I shyly pointed at my bulge! She saw it and was shocked because of its size and turned herself, avoiding eye contact with me. The rum had done its work after a few sips. She came closer to me and rested her head on my right shoulder.

Her warm breath and her hair’s seductive aroma made me lose control of myself. I leaned and gave her a peck on her forehead. She suddenly opened her eyes and was kind of surprised. She stared into my eyes, and that made my cock reach its greatest length.

I couldn’t take the pain any longer, unzipped myself to let out some pressure. Meanwhile, I placed my right hand on her right cheek. She leaned towards me with her eyes closed and waited for a second, just millimeters away from my lips. I understood she wanted me to make the remaining distance.

So I moved forward and imprinted my lips on her softest honey lips. If there is heaven, it’s situated on her lips. She nibbled playfully and went in deeper into my mouth. We French kissed. We were drinking each other’s saliva, and I started biting her lower lip like an animal.

She was shivering. My right hand went behind her and groped her ass. Then with great difficulty, I put my hand from behind into her jeans. I started pressing her ass cheeks, which were as soft as freshly baked buns. She was moaning now. I asked her to unzip herself and let me feel her pussy.

She hesitated and nodded no since it was her first time. So when we were kissing, my other hand started massaging her pussy on top of her jeans itself. I could tell it was damn wet, and it was hot at the same time! She couldn’t control and unbuttoned and unzipped herself and pushed my hand inside.

I saw her pink panties. It had a dark spot exactly on her pussy touched area as it had become damn wet. I made my way, pulled down the panties, and started slowly moving my index finger on her pussy sides. Then together with my thumb on one side and index finger on the other, opened her pussy lips.

She let out a big moan. I saw around if anyone noticed, fortunately, all were engrossed in the movie. I started rubbing her pussy vigorously. She was breathing heavily. Then suddenly, I entered my middle finger inside, and it was burning like fire inside.

She fell on my shoulder, bit me there, and pressed my arm very tightly. Meanwhile, her other hand had made it’s way to my tool, and she held it tight. She lifted her head from my shoulder, looked at me deep in my eyes. She bit her tongue and started stroking it while staring into my eyes intensely.

She was watching me like that, and her hand was moving on my cock vigorously. It made me the horniest that I have ever been in my life to date! She did it as she meant it! Meanwhile, I was in sync with her speed with my finger moving in and out her pussy.

I was occasionally pressing both the pussy lips hard together like a fist, making her lose it and choking my dick even harder. At one point, she let go of my cock pulled back my boxers. I didn’t know why and looked at her with a puzzled look.

She gave me a wink, came to my ears, and whispered, “Your cock is like a celebrity to me! It needs to taste some rum, too.” She suddenly spilled some rum on my cock. I was shocked, and in no time, she bent forward and started moving her tongue on my wet ‘rummed’ cock.

She looked up and said, “It tastes better here.” She winked and started deep throating on my cock. She couldn’t get it in entirely because of its size. But she tried and made up for it by gently biting now and then. I had moved my finger from the front to her back now and was fingering her asshole.

It was hell tight! After some time, I moved my hand around her, caught hold of her right boob, and started pinching her hard nipple! Whenever I pinched, she would moan with my cock in her mouth! That sound still plays inside my head. It was so sexy! Both were in heaven!

After some time, I realized I was about to cum, so I told her. She came up to me, looked into my eyes, and said, “I’m gonna drink it all!” She bit my lips and moved back to sucking my cock! I blasted out directly into her mouth, and as she promised, she drank every drop of it and licked my cock clean!

Then she kissed it’s head and whispered in my ear, “Your cum is as delicious as a choco dessert,” and winked at me! I was proud! Now I whispered in her ears, “It’s my turn to taste your dessert.” Then I poured some rum on her pussy, and it tickled her!

I put my 2 fingers in and started moving the rum in and out her pussy deeper with every push. She was shivering and holding onto me tight. Then she orgasmed, which I came to know when she bit my chest. There was a mixture of her fluids as well as rum on my hand.

She looked at me shyly, and that face turned me wild. I told her to watch me and slowly took my two fingers, which had just given her an orgasm. While looking at her, I put them inside my mouth and sucked them and moved my tongue all over them.

I have to agree on rum tastes hell lot better with her cum. She didn’t expect this and started biting her lips. She suddenly jumped on me and started kissing me and biting my lips. This kiss was the longest.

In some time, the movie ended with our climax. I gave a passionate bite on her neck and blew cool air on it, which gave her goosebumps. We held each other’s hands and walked out of the theater, the happiest. While I’m writing this, I still don’t remember which movie it was!

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