Fantasies and Reality

I don’t even know that someone will contact after reading stories. I just installed and I got a message from a woman her name is Manali. She was from Tamil Nadu. She messaged me on May 1st midnight. Since she was a woman curiosity I asked her pic. Before that, I sent my pic.

After some time she sent her pic she was looking gorgeous. I am saying just by seeing her face not any assets. That night we chatted for more than three hours. I never had any conversation with a woman before. So I emotionally connected to her. Suddenly she said she wants to send her a private pic.

I said ok if you want you can send it. She sends her pic with a fantasy sex dress. She was in a school dress like a baby. Her pussy is clearly visible from that as well as her cleavage. First time I saw someone like this except in porn. I also got hard seeing her like this.

After that, she keeps on sending her collection. My heartbeat kept on increasing seeing those hot pics. After some time she asked me to do sex chat. She started saying her incest relationship with her brother. She shared her family pics also. Soon we became very close.

We did some sex chats for three days continuously. I lost myself I didn’t sleep well. Eat well for three days I became sick. But not able to stop talking with her. I addicted to her. One day I found one of her pics in quora with another name. So I just made a little dig.

Then I found whatever she sends, her private pics are in some sex sites. So I felt that I got cheated. I got angry and showed my anger in messages. I blocked her in hangouts. But she kept on messaging me. After one day I thought to hear from her and unblocked her.

She told me that the pics are her friend’s pics and were leaked by her ex-boyfriend. Actually, she and her friend are also chatting with me from the same account for three days. She was helping her friend to make me love her. After hearing this I got angry and stopped talking with them. But I am unable to do it.

So I messaged her. Her name is Catherine who sends her pics to me. I never saw Manali. Manali told me she loves my character and she is in love with me. Catharine also loves you as a brother. First I feel odd because I am in love with the face of Catharine. But most of the time I chat with Manali.

I wasn’t able to decide who I love. Finally, I agreed to be a love for Manali and brother to Catharine. I love them a lot both of them. Daily we three used to chat whenever we have time. I treat Cathy as my real elder sister. I don’t know how I created a bond with her.

One day Manali asked me to come to her place. I am not sure what is going to happen. But I went to her place to meet her. Finally, I met her and we both went to a hotel. She already booked a room there. We both went to the room. After that, she locked the room with the key. I didn’t understand why she did that.

She came close to me and sat next to me. I am unable to make any eye contact with her. The room was full of silence. To break this I started a conversation and slowly kept my hand on her thighs. She jerked. I just took her face in my hands and moved towards me. She was feeling shy. Just like me.

But I got some courage I just kept my lips close together to hers and started kissing with my eyes closed. She also starts responding and kissing me. It’s my first kiss. I am not in a mood to leave her from kissing. I am smooching her lips. I just opened my eyes her eyes are wide open.

I see the love in her eyes towards me. I leave my shyness behind me. I just took out my both hands from her face and starts exploring her body with my hands. I grabbed her towards me. Pressing her boobs with one hand and pulling her head towards me with my other hand. I am in a very high mood.

I explored her mouth with mine. I kissed her for almost 15 minutes. Finally, we break the kiss she starts removing my dress. I am doing the same. We become nude within seconds. She just covering her pussy with both hands. My dick is already saluting her. I went to her back.

My dick was touching her ass. I moved her hair to one side and started kissing on her neck and pressing her boobs with both hands. My kisses on her neck and my hands on her boobs made her hornier. She started moaning heavily.

Saying that “Baby, I love you just make me your slave. Please press my boobs hard, baby. I am ready to get drilled by you. My pussy is well lubricated. Please enter into me, baby. Your dick is very thick and long.”

I said – Will you take it in the mouth?

She started sucking my dick in her mouth. I was enjoying it very much. She kept on sucking for a while. I laid her on the sofa and started licking her pussy. She was filling with her juices and my saliva. Then I got up and spread her legs. She spread the pussy more with her hands.

I put my dick on her pussy and started rubbing her pussy. Now put it too. How much it will hurt? I pushed and pushed my dick in her stretched pussy. She shouted. I stopped. She became silent and I started kissing her. After a while, I again started to push slowly. She was moaning.

Then I pushed my dick into her pussy for 5 inches with a loud push. She could not scream because her mouth was in my mouth. I kept kissing her loudly and kept banging. Then she said, “Tear my pussy. It only asks for such a dick.” I got excited and I again forcefully pushed my entire dick into her pussy.

She shouted this time. I understood that my whole dick has penetrated her pussy.

She said – I can not bear your dick and take it out.

I said – You have invited my dick yourself. Only satisfying its hunger, I will take it out.

She did not say anything. I was constantly pushing her. For 15 to 20 minutes. I kept fucking her in the same position. She was also enjoying it. She was fucking me with bum and bounce. I started fucking him more vigorously. After a while, she collapsed and fell silent.

I put the dick in her pussy from behind her. This time my dick went all over her pussy in a single stroke. Then I started banging him harder. I was sweating. I was going to press her boobs. For almost 25 minutes I like her. By then she had fallen twice more. But I had still not cum.

Suddenly I heard someone is opening the key. Oh god, it’s Cathy I never expected her. I got stunned and took out my dick from Manali. This time I covered my dick with both hands. She got the spare keys from management. She came close to me.

I had never seen her before. I loved her as a sister but also fell in love with her face. So I have mixed feelings towards her. Straight away she came to me and started smooching. I am in a dilemma. I am feeling her like my sister. I can’t do it with her. She told me I will only do oral with you, not penetrations.

She just takes my both hands from dick and starts giving blowjob. Due to her warm mouth, I just cum in her mouth within 5 minutes. She drinks some of it and starts kissing me with that mouth. After our session, I came back to my home town.

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