Birthday Present

Roy was quite old and much elder to Shivani. He was 57 years old whereas Shivani was 45. He was a rich diamond merchant and Shivani was his trophy wife, who he loves and respects a lot.

The only downer in their relationship was their sex-life. Shivani couldn’t enjoy their sex-life like she used to because he had been suffering from erectile dysfunction for a few years.

But she never complained to Roy about anything. She accepted the situation, but deep down she missed all those moments with her lover. Roy could see that she was not sexually happy and she was feeling deprived.

Roy felt very guilty and helpless because Shivani was still young and he wanted her to enjoy her life while she could. Shivani always maintained her body well, and most of Roy’s friends always used to hit on her.

Let me tell you all about Shivani. She used to work as a flight attendant when she was younger. So, she was very pretty and gorgeous. She was quite tall, with a fair complexion, and catlike eyes. She used to keep herself quite fit by going to the gym, and doing Zumba and yoga, and running marathons, etc.

She had a pair of some very juicy melons on her chest, and she was also quite curvy with a big well-maintained ass that could drive anybody nuts, especially a guy of my age.

She had always had a fantasy of exploring with a younger guy because she wanted to re-live those moments from her young days. But she had never expected that her fantasy would come true. Until Roy discovered me.

He began chatting with me on hangouts. In the beginning, he was still having doubts about me and what was going to happen. This was quite normal because it was their first time, so, I gave it sometime because I wanted to earn his trust.

Slowly, as he got to know me, he began opening up and talking freely without being formal.

Then, all of a sudden, he told me that Shivani’s 45th birthday was approaching, and he wanted to gift her something that she would remember for the rest of her life. He didn’t want to just buy her some expensive jewelry or a car. So, I asked him what he had in mind.

That’s when he asked me if it was possible for me to help him satisfy her needs and the desires that she was craving for. To which I obviously happily agreed.

He wanted to book a suite in a 5-star hotel. But I suggested that it would be better if he spent that money to book a private bungalow in Lonavala. He was happy with the idea. I even sent him links to buy some sexy lingerie, bikinis, etc., for Shivani.

All the arrangements had been made, including bookings and stuff, except for Shivani’s approval. Two days before the trip, I told Roy to break the news about me to her. So, he showed her my pictures and he just told her, “He’s going to charge you up for your birthday.”

She was really excited because her thirst for some action was finally going to come to an end. She didn’t care about my appearance too much because she had been very thirsty for the past three years.

Finally, D-Day came. They picked me up in their SUV. Roy was at the wheel and sitting behind him, was his stunning trophy. I was meeting both of them for the first time. Roy told me, “Now you’re in-charge, feel free to do anything.” with a wink.

They were very sweet and kind to me because I was so much younger than them. Shivani kept calling me ‘beta’. I felt really nice and safe too.

So we began our journey. We started talking and getting to know each other since we had never spoken before. Shivani was wearing the sexy lingerie that I had sent Roy. Since it was her first time with somebody else, she was feeling shy to break the ice.

I sensed her discomfort and with great courage, I caught her face and kissed her passionately. She was stunned but at the same time, she loved it. She responded quite well by smooching me back. I began exploring her body with my fingers.

I caught hold of those big melons that were waiting to get squeezed. Her hands quickly went to my crotch. Soon, my pants were unzipped. She began stroking my dick. She kissed my dick-head and began blowing passionately. After a while, I began to lick her thighs and slowly her inner-thighs.

Then, I removed her soaking panties and ate her out very well. Her moans got louder and louder. I inserted my dick into her pussy and began fucking her very slowly. I increased my pace. After a few minutes, she began to ride me. I fucked her and squeezed those juicy boobies.

We began having some oral sex. It was almost night and we had reached our destination. We freshened up and at 11:45 we met again. We cut her cake and had some drinks. Soon, the alcohol started kicking in, and then came all sorts of wicked ideas in our minds.

Shivani began stripping and jumped into the pool naked. She started calling me to join her. So, I gladly joined her. I undressed myself and jumped in. Roy too removed his pants and began jerking off watching us. I fucked Shivani in the pool too.

It was almost two in the morning when I went to their room. I began to give Shivani a bath. I applied soap all over her body, massaged her boobs, ass, and her yummy pussy too. I began to fuck her for one last time that night.

It was almost four in the morning. I went to my room to get some rest as I was very exhausted. The next morning and I could feel someone giving me a blow job. I woke up with a big ‘Burj Khalifa’ between my legs with Shivani by my side.

She greeted me saying, “Good morning!” I must have fucked Shivani at least four times that morning before we left in the afternoon. The couple thanked me a lot, especially Roy. Shivani was so happy to be with a younger guy my age because she liked doing things her way and she liked dominating.

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