Sexy Maid

I have finished my studies and started my firm. My mom moved to dad’s place as he works abroad.

Now, coming to the story. As I told, I had finished my studies and started my firm. With mom gone, I was left alone with no-one to do my daily chores. So, my grandfather approached a maid whose family was familiar with my grandfather.

I was happy that I got someone to do the chores and can now focus fully on my work. It was Sunday. My grandfather came with the maid and introduced me and her work

Now let me introduce my maid. Her name is Nandini. She is six years elder to me. She is from a poor working family and single. But she had maintained her physic as she works very hard to feed her family. She is 32-24-36 with a dusky complexion and 5’6 height.

Now I will leave it up to you to imagine her. I was mesmerized by looking at her but had guilt. My grandfather told her what all things were to be done, like cooking, washing, mopping, etc. She was fine with it. My grandfather told me to pay her 3500 per month properly.

She also said that she would be coming at 8 am. Even I was fine with it as I go to the office by 10. They both left by telling me that she will come by tomorrow. The next morning, as usual, I woke up and finished my work out routine.

I went to have a bath, expecting my maid to come on time. But she came at 9:30, which made me late to work. I asked her, “Why are you late on the first day?” She replied that she finish her her home chores, so she is late. I let her in do work fast so I can leave.

After finishing up half work done, we both left the house. During the day, I called my grandfather told him what happened. My grandfather told me to give house keys to her as her family was close to my grandfather. I even asked my mom, and she told the same.

So the next morning, I waited for her to hand over keys off my house. She came apologized for coming late again. I gave her keys and told her not to misuse it. I told her to prepare my dinner and keep it in the refrigerator, and I went to work.

This continued for the week. On Sunday, as I was home sleeping, she came and saw me and made coffee. She woke me up and gave it to me and continued doing work. This continued for three months. Everything was going right.

Suddenly one Sunday, while having coffee, my maid asked for extra money. As I had given her salary for the month, I asked what you did with yesterday’s money. She replied she needs money for her brother’s college fees and told me to cut the money from the salary.

I gave her, and she was happy. Slowly we started talking to each other whenever we are at home. We become like friends. As the day passed by, she used to tell the problems she faced by men in the other house where she worked, etc. I told her to wear some full clothes like salwar kamiz instead of saree.

She said that her father wouldn’t let her. I told her to tell her mother and take permission to wear it to work. She was happy with what I told her. Next Sunday, I was surprised to see her. She looked hot. But I held my feelings, so nothing bad happens

Me: What is this sudden change today?

Nandini: No, bhai, I’m wearing it from one week to work, and men have reduced that awkward looks. And thanks to you for your advice

Me: By the way, you look modern and can compete with any girl on the road. (Seriously, village girls look hot in modern dress compared to city girls.) For which she was shy and went away.

After the work, Nandini came and asked for 4500 to buying new clothes. I gave her and reminded her about the last time money she told me to cut her salary.

It was summertime, and I was on a high protein diet due to heat and testosterone. I had bad habits of sleeping semi-naked on the bed. It was Sunday. As usual, she came to wake me up, but I had forgotten that I’m not wearing shorts.

She removed the blanket to wake me up. She saw my black and fat tool. She was shocked and stared at it for a couple of minutes. I covered myself. Then when she came out of the trance, she gave me the cup and went away

She finished her work and didn’t speak to me as usual, and she went away. I was sacred if she informs my grandfather and doesn’t come to work tomorrow. I thought about it a couple of times. I called her and apologized for what happened

Me: Nandini, where are you?

Nandini: Bhai, I have come to another house for work.

Me: Have you finished work? Why didn’t you inform me before leaving?

Nandini: Sorry, I forgot to inform you.

Me: It’s ok. Even I am sorry for what happened today.

Nandini: No, it’s ok bhai its common in bachelor house. By the way, you have maintained your self nicely.

And she cut the call. I was shocked to hear it. It was the first time I masturbated in her name. Even I made a plan to fuck her next Sunday

But to my luck, my business partner called me. He informed me that my team and he would be going to meeting at 8.00 so that I don’t need to come to the office. I was in cloud 9.

The next morning she came and woke me up. She asked why I did not go to the office. I made lame excuses that I was not feeling well. She kept her hand over my head to feel the temperature. I was shocked by her touch. She told your fine and gave coffee.

I took the coffee, and she asked me to wear my shorts. I kept the coffee on the side stand and wore my shorts and followed to the kitchen. She saw me and asked me if I need anything else. I replied, “No, but you are wearing saree today, anything special?”

She replied that she just felt like wearing. “You don’t like it?”

“You look gorgeous in it .”

She just gave a shy smile and continued doing work. Now I was out of control seeing her curves and navel. With more courage, I pressed them hard. She shouted and looked angrily at me. I kept doing that, and she asked me to go to the bath.

I had got many signals that she likes it. So I went to the bath and came out with towels around my waist. Without wasting much time, I hugged her from behind and started licking her neck and ear lobes. She was breathing heavily and telling me to leave her.

I told her she could tell me to stop if she doesn’t like it. But she was enjoying my lick around her ear and kisses near her earlobes. My cock was rubbing her butt crack. She was damn hot and was smiling like a jasmine flower. As she was pleading to leave her, I left her.

When I was about to go she just pulled me and kissed me passionately for 10-15 minutes without even taking a break to breathe. After kissing her, I carried her to the bedroom and threw her my bed to heat my bed.

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