Sexy Ladies

I and Nethra planned for a threesome for Christmas. She told she would ask her friend to join, but she was at her native. So I contacted my clients. Suma and Shalini agreed on this.

Suma is an old client and friend of mine. We all agreed to meet at Suma’s place in Indiranagar. Cutting directly to the main part. I cleaned myself by shaving my dick hairs, armpits. We all met at Suma’s house in the morning at 11:30. Neha came with red single piece dress.

Shalini with red saree and I wore a red shirt and jeans. We rang the door and Suma opened. About Suma, she is fair, not too short, big boobs and ass. She always wears tight dresses. All three entered and she greeted us. She lived on the 1st floor. We sat and she made coffee and sat next to Shalini.

She was wearing a red t-shirt and jeans. Shalini and Suma started chatting. I and Nethra planned on what all we should do.

Me: First let’s all have some drinks and dance. Later we shall have an intimate sex.
Suma: No. I want both.
Shalini: Yeah. We have 3 pussy and only 1 dick. Can’t wait till then.

Me: So this is how you want to celebrate Christmas.
Nethra: Yeah.
So we all went to the master bedroom. Suma brought drinks.
Suma: Let’s enjoy but please don’t make noise.

I started drinking. Nethra was shy
Me: What happened?
Nethra: I don’t drink.
Shalini: It’s ok. I will teach you.

She gave a beer bottle to her and said drink slowly and have these chips. Nethra started. I didn’t care about this and was busy drinking.
Suma: Hey. Why are you drinking so fast?
Me: Can’t control looking at all of you in these red dresses.

All laughed. I kissed Shalini to which she responded. Nethra finished 1 bottle and started to lose balance control. She went to pee. Suma looking at us started to squeeze her tits and moaned. I took Shalini in and put her on the bed. This made her pallu move away from her body. Oh god. What a beauty to look at.

Her red low cut blouse with huge tits. That fair naval made me go crazy. I was drunk and also wanted to fuck all the places I could. I felt her boobs and squeezed while smooching her.

Shalini: Shit, bite my nipples.
I squeezed so hard that she shouted. I took her mouth with mine and smooched even hard. Below Nethra and Suma were busy drinking and chatting. I opened her blouse. To my surprise, she didn’t wear a bra.

Me: Why no bra?
Shalini: Obviously we should remove it. So didn’t wear.

I took her nipples in my mouth and bit it and pinched it. I was drunk and so aroused that I bit her hard. She had my teeth mark on her tits and was about to bleed.

Shalini: You fucker. Do it softly.

I removed her saree and her petticoat. I opened it and there was a surprise for me. She shaved fully except above her pussy with a v shape hairs. She winked at me and I was blushing. Below these 2 ladies were busy kissing and fingering each other.

Me: Why did you shave like this?
Shalini: I saw on a video an I liked it. Maybe you also like it.
Me: I actually love it.

And I started to lick her pussy. Suma brought a vibrator and was playing with it in Nethra’s pussy. Slowly the room filled with moans.

Shalini: Lick that pussy. Kill her. It’s all yours.
Me: Yes you bitch. You are always mine. And rubbed her pussy with my face and beard.
Nethra: Yeah like that, ahhh like that.

She was high on her moans with a vibrator inside her pussy. Suma was fingering so fast and deep that we could hear the sound. Hearing this I brought Suma on Shalini. Both were in a sandwich position. I made Suma naked. She had not shaved her pussy and it was filled with hairs.

Making them both in a sandwich position I put my face below both pussies and moved around there. Suddenly Suma jerked. She was like a baby sleeping on her mother for breast milk. They both were smooching. I got naked and played with their pussies.

Me: Do you like it?
Suma: More than you think.
Shalini: I’m going to come.

I made my movement faster and she came. Her liquid directly hit my mouth and even swallowed it. Wow, what a taste. Her body was vibrating due to orgasm like a current shock.

Me: It’s now your turn Suma to give me the taste of yours
Suma: Take it. It’s so long that you ate it. I have been waiting for this.

I took Shalini cum in my hand and inserted 2 fingers inside Suma. It was a bit tight. But then she loosened. Slowly one by one I inserted all my fingers and was about to start fisting her.

Suma: Wait, wait. Apply oil and do.

She went and brought oil. I poured it and slowly inserted. She spread her legs wide open. With another hand, I was playing with Shalini’s pussy which was red. They both were busy smooching and squeezing each other’s tits. I felt something held my hanging balls.

It was Nethra. She cupped my shagging balls and to my dick in her mouth and started to give a blowjob. It was arousing me so much that I increased my speed in fisting her. The room was filled with moans. Suddenly Suma tightened her pussy. I knew that she wanted to come. So I licked her pussy while fisting.

Suma: I’m coming I’m coming.

And she came for almost 20 seconds. I took all her juice in my hand and gave them to drink and poured on Shalini navel. This was the first time that I saw a woman orgasmed so long. Here Nethra was busy sucking my dick, coupling my balls in one hand and fingering herself with the other hand.

I smooched her and made her sleep in the edge of the bed and licked her pussy.
Nethra: Please please fuck me. I can’t wait to feel your dick.

I inserted my dick and start to fuck. She was shouting at me like you mother fucker, pervert, saale like that. Each word made my dick even harder. Shalini sat on Nethra’s face and licked her pussy and my dick. Nethra could not speak as Shalini put her ass completely on her face. Suma stood on the bed and gave me her pussy.

Her one leg was on the bed and the other was on my shoulder. All 4 were taking pleasure and moaning. Our room was becoming hot and smelled of orgasm. I fucked her for 10 minutes in the same position. I came inside her. But due to alcohol inside me after I came inside her I couldn’t stand. My legs started to lose power. I fell on the bed.

Suma sat on my face and took my dick inside her mouth. Beside me, Shalini was sitting on Nethra and was licking her pussy. We all were in the position for almost 30 minutes. Later we were exhausted and lay on the bed to take some breath.

Shalini: Thanks.
Me: Why?
She: For this wonderful experience.

Me: Wait there is still more to go.
Nethra: Really?
Suma: I love to feel it.

Suma was taking to my swollen dick and balls. Shalini and Nethra went to pee. Suma went to bring some juice. She came with juice and we both finished drinking. But Shalini and Nethra still didn’t come. We called them but no response. We went to check.

Shalini was on the floor and Nethra was peeing inside Shalini mouth. Wow. Drinks had made these to ladies lose their mind. After finishing, Shalini came on top and Nethra was down. Suddenly a sound came. It was Shalini peeing inside her mouth. When both finished and saw us, they giggled and were shy.

They sat on the bed and sipped juice. I went to pee. Suma cleaned all the stuff and brought pastries cake for all. I asked for the beer bottle.
Suma: Why?
Me: I need it for you ladies.
Suma: Really. Ok, I’ll see what you’ll do with it.

When they both finished drinking, I made all 3 naked beautiful ladies sleep on the bed. Then we start cuddling and moved all over the bed. We didn’t know who’s hands were on whose body. All pussy and my dick were busy with other hands but didn’t know who’s it was.

I took the pastries cake and put it on Suma’s tits. Both ladies started playing with her tits. All were eager to eat her tits than the cake which was on it. I took some more cake and put it on Nethra’s pussy. I also put some cake inside her pussy. I was the first to start licking it. Then both ladies joined me.

Nethra was wobbling on the bed for my licking. Shalini put the cake on my ass and also inside asshole and started licking and sucking it. Oh, God. I was in cloud nine. Her every movement with tongue aroused me even more. Meanwhile, Suma started face sitting on Nethra.

This continued for half an hour. My dick was fully erect. Without waiting further I directly inserted into Nethra’s pussy.

Nethra: You should have told me.
Me: Why?
Nethra: I wanted it in my mouth.
Me: I can’t wait.

I rammed so hard that the bed started to make sounds. Nethra’s moans were high but Suma covered it with her pussy. Shalini had the vibration to maximum level and was moaning and squeezing her tits. Seeing her I was out of control. I made Nethra turn around. She was on her stomach down but lifted her ass and spread her ass cheeks.

I made Suma spit her saliva on her asshole and inserted my hard dick head inside slowly.

Nethra: Slowly slowly. It’s big I can’t take it.

I moved only my dick head in and out. She was moaning. Next to me, Suma was looking at all this curiously like a little baby. I was smooching her and took her tits in my mouth and sucked for milk. But unfortunately, it was empty. Down here I inserted my entire dick and fucked her slowly.

She was fair but her asshole was a bit dark. Inside that was my dark brown hard dick. Wow. Friends, I wish everyone should try this position and enjoy it. Shalini had orgasmed once again and Suma tasted it fully and smooched her. I think they both like lesbian sex as pressed each other’s tits and squeezed nipples.

Both had their legs between their pussy and enjoy themselves.
Suma: This is a wonderful moment of my life
Shalini: Please don’t stop.

Their moan increased. My banging was to the peak. I cum inside her asshole and still didn’t stop it. I pulled my dick out fast at once and Nethra orgasmed. Her liquid oozed out of her pussy and poured down over her pussy and on to the bed. I went to clean my creamy dick.

There Suma and Shalini were maxed out with their play and forgot the world. They played like there is no tomorrow. Next to them due to orgasm, Nethra went to sleep in the same position. Suddenly we heard the doorbell ring. We looked at each other.

Suma: Who is that?
Outside: It’s me, Asha. (neighborhood of Suma). Wanted to let you know that we were going out.
Suma: Ok. I’m taking bath.

Then that lady left. This made both of them calm down and take some rest. The only lady left to be fucked is Suma. We all were exhausted so took a nap naked. After about 1 hour or so I felt something warm on my dick. I half opened my eyes and saw Suma sucking my cock. Nethra was in bathroom and Shalini was still asleep.

Me: Hi!
Suma: I think you forgot my pussy.
Me: No. Wanted to take some rest
Suma: Now let’s play.

Saying this she came on me and sat on my dick. She didn’t insert it but played with it by rubbing her pussy on my dick. Slowly my member started to grow. I could see her as a baby, sitting on me to play with my toy. Then she inserted my dick inside her pussy and fucked me.

Every time she went up and down her large tits and her erect nipples would fly in the air. Sometimes even hit her face.
Suma: Baby, I need your cock always.
Me: You have your husband’s cock.

Suma: He only lasts for 3-4 minutes. After he ejaculates he goes to sleep. He doesn’t care about my pussy.
Me: Don’t worry. You always have this cock to satisfy your pussy needs.
Suma: Thanks.

And she moaned. I squeezed her nipples so hard that she became angry and squeezed my balls. Our eyes got in contact. This led me to fuck her hard. My whole body jumped to put my dick fully inside her. My every stroke touched her G spot. She couldn’t control and fell on me and whispered into my ears.

Suma: Fast, I’m coming.

Hearing this I put all my force and banged her. She came. I could feel her warm orgasm traveling from her pussy on to my dick and down on my balls. But I didn’t stop. I held her shoulder from her back, slightly bent my knee and banged her. The only sound in the room was her moans.

After 10 minutes I came inside her. When my semen hit her G spot she opened her eyes and saw me.
Me: What?
Suma: I think you directly cum inside my G spot.

We both laughed and smooched Nethra was checking her phone. Shalini was still asleep.

Me: How was it?
Suma: No words to describe.
Me: Oh really?
Suma: Yeah. I read your stories. All were fantastic. but why you didn’t write about our sex.

Me: It’s been 3 years that we are having this. So many things to share.
Suma: Yeah. When I read your story I assume their picture in my head. But when I saw them today they were exactly the same as how I thought they were.
Me: Good. Who do you like the most?

Suma: Nethra looks like a sexy teen. But Shalini is really a MILF.
Me: Yeah. Even I told her the same and she laughed at me.

We chatted for a while. When I saw the time it was 7: 30. We all took a bath together and cleaned others pussy and dick and got ready. Suma served juice and cake. We all took selfies and everyone exchanged numbers. Smooched each other and left.

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