Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-31

In the last episode we have seen how Kiran drifted in memories of Reddy while her husband made her wet. She imagined all the good times she had spent with Reddy, the thrill of that illicit affair, the excitement, and the passion both of them shared. She remembered how accidentally she came close to him and then how they enjoyed every day after that. And then suddenly again she felt the guilt of cheating on Gautam and withdrew herself.

In the meantime, Aarushi too allowed her professor to dominate her. He kept her dancing on his fingertips – he demanded her to obey his every wish. He ordered her to be at his office and then get naked and wait for him under his table.

Later when she was waiting for him under his table, and naked, he had brought along a student with him. He kept him in the room and continued chatting with him, though Aarushi was concealed at her position he made her suck his cock in presence of the other person who didn’t had any clue of her presence either.

Later Agnihotri pulled her out like a bitch and then made her bent forward on the table. There he spanked her hard on her ass before fucking the shit out of her. He fucked her hard and rough in her cunt after pinning her down on the table. Later he came inside her and only after which she was allowed to leave, but not before she had sucked his cock again and cleaned it off the filth of her own pussy.

While Aarushi was being fucked by her professor, her sister Sowmya was growing restless, waiting for her modelling break. Like Aarushi, she too had to compromise herself for that big break of hers. She had spent 2 days and a night with two producers and another model, and at the end they had promised her an opportunity in their next shoot, and in return they had used and fucked her thoroughly.

Now several days had elapsed since that night, and yet no one had contacted Sowmya for that shoot they had promised her. And slowly she was feeling restless, she felt being duped and used on that night. Angered she had made several calls to her casting agent who had asked her to be patient and wait for his further calls.

And last day when she had called him back, he had asked her to come to the hotel Hilton to meet Mr. Shah, who will give her some contract papers to sign and will also tell her further details. Finally, Sowmya saw some hope and so dressed up nicely to meet Mr. Shah at the Hilton.

She made an excuse of a friend’s birthday to her mother, to stay out late after dinner. The casting agent had asked her to meet Mr. Shah at the Hilton at 7. She had spent most of the day at a parlour, preparing herself for the evening. And then later chose a long black dress and matching accessories to make her look very attractive.

She took a taxi to the Hilton and reached the hotel around 7 pm, and then walked in towards the lobby. The receptionist called Mr. Shah in his room and informed him about Sowmya’s arrival. And then within minutes she saw him coming down the lift and greeted her warmly. Mr. Shah embraced her in a friendly hug and kissed at her cheek. Sowmya too smiled back warmly and kissed him back.

“Shall we have some dinner first?” he asked Sowmya and then both headed for the restaurant.

At the restaurant Sowmya tried to take up the topic of the photo shoot, but each time Mr. Shah avoided it and directed the communication in some other direction each time. They talked about the food, the ambience, about how beautiful she looked, about their previous meeting at the resort, but not about the opportunity they had promised her of.

“Mr. Shah, can you please tell me when will I get the break which you had promised me of?” Sowmya unable to control her patience, asked him straight at the end. Mr. Shah smiled at her question and then held her palm and said, “What’s the hurry, we still have the entire evening, I will tell you when it is apt”, and then he winked at her.

“Shall we go to my room?” he asked her after completing the light refreshment they had ordered. Sowmya nodded, her heart was beating heavily. When the casting agent had asked her to meet Mr. Shah at the hotel, she was certain that she will need to sleep with him again. But her anxiousness was making her very tensed.

The two left the restaurant and then headed up towards Mr. Shah’s room. They took the lift from the lobby and then walked up to his room. Mr. Shah swiped the card key to open the door to the junior suite, and both entered inside.

Sowmya went in further to explore the elaborate suite. It had a cozy living room with an extravagant bed room. She was standing at the entrance of the bedroom when Mr. Shah came and stood behind her. He sniffed at the scent on her shoulder, and then kissed on her slender neck. Sowmya closed her eyes and stood unmoved, letting him do what he wished.

Gently he started kissing at her neck and shoulder, and then slowly pulled the straps of her dress down her arms. It exposed more of her bare skin to kiss on. He ran his finger down from her neck and down through her back and onto her ass. He felt the shape of her nice soft ass with his palm and then continued kissing at her shoulders and neck.

The straps of her dress were now stuck at her arms and were not moving down any further. Mr. Shah then got hold of the zipper at the back and pulled it all the way down to loosen the dress. And it slowly came off, leaving Sowmya just in a pair of black panties and bra. She however still stood, eyes closed, and breathing deep and slowly enjoying the gentle turn on.

Mr. Shah then slowly turned her towards him, and then held her cheek gently. He then leant forward, bringing his face closer to her until their lips met. Sowmya’s soft lips brushed against his thick pair of lips, and then he parted them gently and took her lower lips between them and stated sucking it.

Sowmya stood motionless as he continued sucking her lips, one at a time. Initially Sowmya didn’t respond, but slowly she too started kissing and sucking back at his lips. He held her gently at her waist, pulling her close to his body and holding her gently. The two continued kissing and sucking each other’s lips, until Sowmya felt his tongue slowly parting through her lips and entering inside her mouth.

Sowmya didn’t protest as he pushed his tongue in her mouth and started playing with her tongue too. He licked inside her mouth with his tongue, exploring her mouth thoroughly. Sowmya too enjoyed the feel of his tongue inside her mouth. Mr. Shah was a chain smoker, and she felt the taste of nicotine on his tongue, and loved to feel that taste again and again with her tongue.

Mr. Shah played with her tongue, and then spent some time kissing her lips again, and then kissing at her neck and shoulder. Hugging her tighter he rubbed his hands on her bare back while kissing the smooth skin of her neck and shoulder.

Mr. Shah then paused briefly to take off his own clothes, and started unbuttoning his shirt. Sowmya smiled and turned around, and started walking inside the bed room. Mr. Shah stared at her mesmerising body as she slowly walked up to the bed. Her slim and nicely shaped body was covered only in a pair of black bra and panties. She was very fair, and the black underwear looked contrasting with her complexion.

She looked like a goddess from behind. Her hairs nicely tugged together, her long slender back crossed with the straps of her black brassiere. Her perfect hour glass figure swayed as she walked. A thin lacy panty stood firm at her waist but exposed much of her ass anyway. And a pair of long legs, which were nicely toned and waxed. Mr. Shah immediately got a hard on looking at her.

He felt proud on selecting her, however, neither they had any intention to give her any real break nor were they any producers from any rich company. Mr. Shah and Mr. Gupta, along with the casting agent were in the business of providing young and attractive girls for erotic photo shoots, often as escorts as well. They usually pretend to be producers and casting agents to trap young, attractive, and ambitious girls of Sowmya’s age, and then lure them into their business, in the name of modelling.

There clientele ranged from rich individuals to corporates, to foreign porn websites looking for Indian models, and they all looked up at them for providing young and attractive girls like Sowmya for several purposes. Girls like her get easily lured in the name of modelling and opportunities and then gets slowly pushed towards pornography or prostitution without much awareness. And then by the time they realise it becomes too late.

Sowmya too, driven by her blind ambition, had already fallen prey to their trap. And alike other girls she too couldn’t see the fine nets being weaved around her. She still stood there trying to impress Mr. Shah, the producer, for her big break. And Mr. Shah too, still pretending to be the producer, took off his shirt and then his pants until he was in his underwear only.

Sowmya too, gently undid the strap of her brassiere and took it off her body. Still with her back towards him, she bent down to take off the panties. Soon she was completely naked and then climbed on the bed and lied down, waiting for him.

Sowmya was a good prospect for their business, but before utilising her fully it was a good idea to have her for them first. Even at the resort she proved to be great fun and given them ample entertainment with her amateur body. But today she acted more mature and was more willing to get on the bed than before. Mr. Shah too climbed up and lay down, beside her.

He used his finger to rub on her body, tracing down every delicate curve on her body. He touched her nipples, feeling them grow hard, and then traced down her tummy up to her abdomen. Sowmya felt goose bumps along her body as he traced his fingers all around on her bare skin. She felt her blood stir and felt slowly being turned on.

Mr. Shah traced his fingers on her vagina, feeling the soft skin of the clitoral hood. And just when Sowmya closed her eyes and moaned gently, he leant forward and sealed her lips with his. Once again both started kissing each other’s lips while Mr. Shah continued rubbing his fingers on her vagina.

He started rubbing his fingers in a circular motion on top of her vaginal mound. Sowmya felt a chill ran down her body, and in excitement she started rubbing her thighs against each other. Slowly her cunt too started becoming moist. Mr. Shah continued rubbing his finger on her cunt and making her crazy and hornier. Though her lips were being sucked and kissed by Mr. Shah, she still managed to grunt and moan her feelings.

“Mmmmmmmhhhhh…. Iiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh” she moaned softly as Mr. Shah continued rubbing his fingers on her cunt. By then he had been alternating the motion of her fingers and making her feel more hornier than before. He would caress his fingers on top of her cunt hole, press them at the sides of her pussy and rub hard, and did many such things with his fingers and on her vagina.

After sometime he started focussing on her breasts, he took his hands off her cunt and held one of her breasts. He then started pressing it gently, as if he was kneading a pile of dough. Sowmya started moaning louder as soon as he left her lips alone, and used his mouth on her other breast. He took her hard nipple between his lips and then started sucking at it, while pressing the other breast with his right hand.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Sowmya moaned as she felt her body reacting madly to this treatment. She felt goose-bumps all over her body as Mr. Shah continued sucking and squeezing her breasts. He too was very excited and was sucking her breast greedily. “Ahhhhh… Mmmmmmmm… Ohhhhhhhhhh” Sowmya moaned and wriggled her body, she rubbed her thighs together, unable to bear the tingle in her pussy, she desperately needed someone to touch and rub her cunt too.

Mr. Shah, as if understood what her body wants, spread her legs and knelt between her legs. Sowmya looked up at him with anticipation as he held her thighs and spread them away. It opened up her cunt, and it looked juicy and inviting too. She still had a hairy cunt, but that didn’t stop him from indulging into it.

Mr. Shah rubbed his palm on her cunt to dry it off from her juices, and then bent forward and kissed on top of her clit. “Ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Sowmya moaned and closed her eyes. And Mr. Shah continued kissing around her cunt. “Ohhhhhh noooooooooooooooooooo” she moaned as she soon felt his wet tongue lick across her cunt hole. Her entire body stirred and she felt as if she will drift away in a mad orgasm.

Mr. Shah continued licking her cunt with his tongue, inducing that maddening effect in her. And the effect was getting unbearable for Sowmya, her entire body was shaking in excitement, she threw her legs and wanted to come hard. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhhhhhh… yeaaahhhhhhhhhhh… Ohhhhh” she started moaning like a slut, but Mr. Shah continued teasing her cunt.”Ohhhhh Goddddddd… I will cummmmmmmmmmmmmm” she whispered in a trembling voice.

Mr. Shah smiled, he was proud seeing her like that. He stopped licking her cunt any more but continued keeping her at the edge with his fingers. “Ohhhhh pleassssseeeeee.. ahhhhhh… ahhhhhh” Sowmya continued moaning as she tried hard to come and relief herself of that torment. She was continuously kept at the edge, but he didn’t let her come yet.

Mr. Shah wanted to see how passionate and wild Sowmya can be. They already had elaborate plans for her. An American porn company was looking for a fresh Indian girl to feature in their latest shoot, and they had already seen Sowmya’s photos and were interested in her. They even wanted to do a short porn film with her if possible. They had offered good money, which meant a fat commission for them too.

He continued fingering her gently, keeping her on the edge, making her tremble and wriggle like a whore. “Pleaaaseeeeeee… ohhh plllleease let me come… ahhhhhh.. ohhhh I can’t bear this anymore… ohhh please…” Sowmya kept on pleading to let her come, but Mr. Shah was holding her on the verge for what seemed like for ever.

“What is the hurry sweetheart” teased Mr. Shah, “I think I will tell you the details of the break, I promised to you” he said with a naughty smile. At the same time he continued rubbing her cunt and keeping her aroused. Sowmya started breathing faster as she looked up at him, her body was trembling in pleasure yet she tried to look focussed on what he was about to say.

“There is an American Company, who is looking for a bold girl like you for a photo shoot” he added, and looked for signs if Sowmya was listening. She nodded back and then Mr. Shah continued further, “But they are strictly looking for bold girls, the shoot will be very explicit, you may need to pose nude” he said and for a moment saw hesitation in her eyes. “Don’t worry, they would not publish the photos in India, it will be published in the US only” he said trying to comfort her, “Will you do it?” he asked.

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