My Ex-Girlfriend

This is one experience which I had in my life last month. Before I go forward let me introduce the heroine of the story. Her name is Yashaswi who was my love during my bachelor’s degree. She is an average girl with a cute face having 34b-28-36 size body structure.

I met her after two years of our breakup due to our own personal issues. By that time, she had got married and divorced also. I really felt bad for her fate in her life. One month back I was sitting at home and while going through the news feed on Facebook I got a popup of text from the messenger.

It was her message. We spoke for an hour through texts and started remembering what all we did when we were in a relationship. Later she shared her phone number and told me to call at night 11:30. At night I was waiting for the time to strike 11:30.

I called and in one ring she picked it up. For the first time after two years, I spoke to her. We did some kinky phone sex and ended our call. But the heat was not yet ended. We planned to meet on one Sunday when we both were free. We both were working in our respective jobs.

We had come to one mindset that we will not disturb stuff of our personal life. As planned the next month i.e in the month of March 2020 we planned to meet. But there was a problem that if anyone sees us we will fall in trouble. So we chose to meet in a hotel room. Thanks to Oyo for the same.

We met at the hotel by 9. She was wearing blue saree with designs made of beads making her look like a sexy seductive call girl. So the men who were present there were eyeing at her. We checked in the room and I tipped to the guy stating no one should disturb us for the next two days.

Now we were inside the room within the four walls. She was standing facing the mirror cleaning her face from sweat due to the humidity outside. By seeing that itself my 6″ inch dick started to rise. I went to her and stood beside her and started small talks.

She was giving a positive response to all my questions and told me to stay here itself. She wants to get freshen up and went to the bathroom but didn’t lock the door. My mind was telling me to go take her to in bed and fuck her madly. But don’t know why I couldn’t proceed.

I switched on the TV and looked at the bathroom. I had a beautiful view of my love in the bathroom. She was adjusting her saree by dropping her pallu and standing like a sexy model who is so attractive to make anyone fuck her. She came out and sat beside me.

She put her head on my shoulder and started talking about her life. I was totally not interested in those talks. But still nodding at her words. In the end, I frankly stated I really don’t have an interest in your life. I just see you as my girl in my life in my present and future.

I don’t care about what happened to you in your past. She was impressed by my words as she started to shy by bending her head down. There I got my hint. I turned towards her, made her face up by holding her chin. I brought my face nearer to her face.

In ecstasy, she closed her eyes and placed her lips on my lips. We kissed each other for about 5 minutes continuously. Later one by one we started to remove our dresses. She is very much fan of my dick. She felt very happy to see my dick back again in her life.

We both stood nude smooching each other. I was holding her back. Her right hand was on my dick giving me a slight handjob and another hand on my back. We jumped on to the bed. I was licking her whole body and came down between her thighs.

She was going mad because of my actions. I started to lick her pussy simultaneously fingering her pussy. She was like, “Go deeper, go deeper, oh fuck, fuck me to the hell, I am all yours, baby, fuck me fuck me.” That made me go mad.

I increased my pace of fingering her pussy and made her cum after 5 minutes. She grabbed and made me sleep on her body keeping my fingers inside her pussy itself. Later it was her turn. She started kissing me and then going down. She was stroking my dick like hell and giving a blowjob in between.

When I was about to cum I made her stop for which she became angry but still didn’t tell anything. Then I made her lie down and started teasing her with my dick on her pussy. Later I entered her pussy in missionary position and started thumping her. The whole room was full of her moans.

Later she came on top of me on a cowgirl position and started jumping for the next 10 minutes. She had cummed twice in these 10 minutes. She had made her wish that she will make me cum. So she made me enter my dick in her pussy again in doggy position.

I fucked her harder in that position. When I told I’m about to cum, she told she wants it on her boobs. She sat down stroking my dick pointing at her boobs and I cummed on her. She liked it very much. Then she went to the bathroom to clean it up.

She came back and she told this is just a trailer. Still, the whole day is left. I’m not going to leave you not even for a minute.

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