Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-30

In the last episode we have seen how Rashmi took advantage of Kiran’s absence to make out with her husband. It was risky as Kiran was in the bathroom, while the two made love in the living room. Kiran continued talking to Rashmi from the bathroom, while she was being fingered at her cunt by Gautam. It was hard for her to converse back with Kiran, and she struggled but somehow managed to keep responding back while Gautam kept sucking and fucking her at will.

Gautam grabbed her nicely and then stripped her, kissed on her entire body, played with her breasts, before concentrating on her vagina. He then rubbed his hands on her vagina, and licked it with his tongue, before starting to fuck her with his fingers. He had fucked her hard with his fingers and made her come madly in due course.

Later he had stripped himself and then climbed on top of her to fuck her with his cock too. Both had the desires burning in them for long as they continued fucking, fondling, and kissing each other for long until both had come together. Rashmi came for the second time, while Gautam climaxed hard inside her. Both their juices were mixed to form a sloppy pool on their body.

Later they had pretended to be busy with other things when Kiran finally came out from the bathroom. Rashmi was at the kitchen stirring the pot in which they were cooking the chicken. And Gautam was at the living room watching TV. Kiran had then came up to Gautam and asked her to help her with a terrible pain in her breasts. They were once again filled with milk and had become tight. She had tried relieving them herself but couldn’t.

Kiran then headed back to her room, and Gautam too stood up and followed her. He was satisfied that Kiran didn’t have an air of what had just happened behind her back. He quickly followed her inside, avoiding looking at Rashmi who was now looking at them intently. Once inside, he closed the door in order to relief her wife’s aching breasts.

Kiran was wearing a bath robe, and her long wet hairs hung low till her waist. She stood with her back towards the door and her husband. Upon hearing the door being closed and locked, she slowly took off the bath robe and let it fall on the ground. Gautam locked the door and turned around and got stunned.

Kiran was completely naked, she still stood with her back towards him, and her long hairs covered much of her back and hung till her waist. Yet her fleshy ass was completely exposed along with her neatly shaped legs. Though Gautam had just had sex with his sister-in-law, yet his cock was feeling motivated from what he was seeing.

Gautam slowly walked up to her and turned her around, she looked even more gorgeous. She had her eyes closed and face lowered, her breasts were firm and round like two pieces of juicy melons. It was tight, filled with milk, and with tiny droplets forming on her nipples. Gautam couldn’t resist any further and pulled her closer in a swift movement.

He immediately leant forward and took her nipple in his mouth. “Ssssssssssssssssss” Kiran sizzled as he made the first sucking action. Gautam immediately felt some sweet tasting liquid pour on to his mouth and he sucked again. “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” Kiran moaned as Gautam had now started sucking her breast madly, sucking her milk and drinking it. He alternated between her two breasts, sucking the sweet tasting milk from both of them.

In the meantime, Kiran lied back on the bed, letting her husband suck her breasts to his will. He had started pressing her breasts gently along with sucking, in order to squeeze as much as possible. Kiran just laid back with her eyes closed and biting her own lips.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm” Gautam whimpered at the sweet tasting milk of his wife and the effect it was having on his groin. Kiran too moaned in between, while her cunt too was getting moist. She had her eyes closed, the pain in her breasts slowly receding and giving way to a much needed pleasure now. She had finally started enjoying the treatment, she had also felt her husband’s palm exploring her cunt as well, and liked the gentle turn on.

Kiran opened her eyes, but was suddenly shocked. She saw again and it was Gautam, her husband, still sucking her breasts and rubbing her vagina. She closed her eyes immediately. For a second she had thought she had seen Reddy. She had her eyes closed when once again the image of Reddy flashed in front of her.

Kiran was all naked and Reddy was kissing and licking all parts of her body. She was all wet with his touch and was wriggling and moaning like a slut, and wanting more. Reddy had already sucked and played with her nipples, making them rock hard and squirt milk on its own. She had especially liked the way he liked to play with her body, and how her body used to respond to him, and surrender to him.

As Gautam slowly spread her cunt lips and started rubbing her clits, she imagined Reddy’s long and thick cock rubbing against her pussy. The large head would rub itself on the delicate mound, reminding it of the coming pain and the following pleasure. And then when Gautam slowly pushed one of his fingers inside, Kiran imagined how Reddy usually tears her vagina apart with his thick cock.

Kiran took a deep breath imagining his thick cock inside, and a tremor ran down her body. And immediately a feel of guilt engulfed her as she quickly opened her eyes. She saw Gautam carefully fingering her cunt to make her wet, he would never realise that all the wetness she had was because of imagining someone else. She felt a prang of guilt and immediately withdrew herself, unable to bear that guilt any further.

In the meantime, back at our apartment, things were in its usual context. Reddy was continuing having fun with Anita, and Mrs. Nair was happy in the company of the two boys. Mr. Borah though wasn’t too satisfied to share Mrs. Nair with Rahul and was fuming inside. For the time being he had forgotten about Sowmya and the video. Sowmya too was very restless, it had been a few days since that night in the resort and yet there was no news further. She felt being duped and used. Aarushi too was badly trapped this time.

She wanted to outsmart her friends by getting extra favour in her subject. And in order to do so she ended up paying a special price to her professor. That day, she was at the class, attending the lectures of another professor, when suddenly her cell phone vibrated – ‘I want you at my room sharp at 5.30 today’, a text message from Agnihotri.

Aarushi took a deep breath and looked at her watch, it was 4.15, and she still had sometime before it was 5.30. This was just the second day since she had surrendered herself to him on the previous evening and she expected to be blackmailed or dictated like that. She looked at her watch again, it was 4.30, the lecture was supposed to get over at 4.45, and then there was no class that day, which meant she had to wait for 45 minutes further.

After the class she went to the canteen and sat at a corner. Her mood was pensive and her heart beating faster as she didn’t expect to become a puppet like that. She sat pensively and kept looking at the watch – it was 5.05 pm. The phone beeped again, ‘Be in my cabin at 5.15, get completely naked and get under my table and wait for me’, another test message.

Aarushi was shocked, the instructions were clear – she needs to go to Agnihotri’s cabin and then get naked and wait for him from under his table. Her heart started beating faster and she felt being seriously degraded but also didn’t have the will to resist. At 5.10 she stood up and started making towards Agnihotri’s cabin.

The passage was not deserted like the other day. She averted curious looks and other people to climb up to the second floor office of Agnihotri. Thankfully there weren’t any curious eyes around his office and so she entered swiftly and to her satisfaction, there was no one inside either. She looked at the table carefully, under which she was asked to wait. It was a large oak table with an opening at one of the sides only, which meant only the person occupying the desk, would know what was underneath.

Aarushi took a deep breath as she went around crawling under it, but remembered that she had to be naked. The door was closed but not locked, if she locks it, she will have to come out to open it up for Agnihotri. But if she keeps it open, anyone with any intention can come in and find her naked. All these thoughts blurred her mind, at the same time she felt being aroused too.

She thought of being naked and waiting for Agnihotri, while someone else comes in and finds her that way. They then take advantage of her situation and treats her like a slut. All those thoughts made her cunt tingle in excitement. And slowly she became bolder in throwing back her fears and do what her professor has asked her to do.

She swiftly took off her jeans and the top, folded them neatly and placed them on the ground under the table. Then she took off her bra and panties and placed those on top of her other clothes too. She was then completely naked when she looked at her watch, it was 5.25 and she didn’t waste must time and crawled under the table herself.

It was a cramped place, and she just fitted in. She was on her knees and completely inside that small space in order to conceal herself from being seen from outside. She was naked and her heart was beating heavily, she hoped that no one else but Agnihotri to come in. If someone else comes inside before him, she was done for.

She immediately remembered Shyam, the office boy, he sometimes come to clean the desks etc. What if he comes to clean the desks before Agnihotri? She would be definitely done for if Shyam discovers her naked and waiting like that. She was amidst such several thoughts when suddenly she heard the sound of the door opening.

Aarushi’s heart started beating faster as she heard footsteps now. It should be Agnihotri, but can it be someone else too? Her heart sank at the thought and she crossed her fingers and wished to see Agnihotri.

Soon she heard a voice, it was Agnihotri. And a wave of relief went past her and she took a deep breath. She thought whether she should come out and will he be pleased to see that she had obeyed him. But then thought it will be apt to be there and waiting as he had ordered at the first place. Just then he heard him talking again.

“Why don’t you keep the files on my table and sit for a cup of tea?” It was Agnihotri’s unmistakable voice, but he was not alone, he was speaking to someone. And Aarushi’s heart sank again. Would he expose her to someone else as well? A lot of questions clouded her mind, yet she strained her ears to hear more.

“No Sir, Its OK, tea won’t be necessary” she heard another voice but couldn’t recognise it. The voice subjected Agnihotri as ‘sir’, so it must be a student. She thought she was done for. If any student gets the air of her being there and like that, she would be an object of hot rumour right next day.

In the meantime, Agnihotri came around and pulled the chair from infront of her. He just gave a quick glance under the table and was satisfied to see his bitch waiting for him as instructed. To Aarushi’s delight, Agnihotri didn’t show his satisfaction on his face and pretended to be normal as he sat down and pulled closer to her. It meant he had no intention to give her away to the other person, yet she was puzzled and her heart was beating faster as the other person was still present in the room.

Aarushi heard another chair being drawn at the other side of the table and some footsteps, she though he must have sat on that chair. Though her position was not visible from any other side of the table, yet she was very afraid and started sweating.

“How are your preparations?” asked Agnihotri to the other person. “They are good sir, I had a chance to double revise….” The other person started explaining his preparation for the exams in detail and Agnihotri too seemed quite keen in listening. However, in the meantime, he swiftly lowered his hands below and unzipped his pants – and Aarushi understood the signal quickly.

She was cramped in hard in that dark space, and now Agnihotri too was half inside. Though he was seated at the chair, but his legs were inside cramping her further more. Yet she managed to lean forward and take out his cock from his pants and started stroking it. It was already hard and throbbing and she started stroking it, making it even harder before she could start sucking.

The two were still talking about the exam and preparations when Aarushi started licking Agnihotri’s cock. She licked it nicely and made it wet, then slowly took it in her mouth and started sucking it. She strained her ears to hear if Agnihotri moans out in excitement or not, but the professor pretended to feel nothing and continued chatting with his student.

Aarushi continued sucking his cock with much vigour. She had forgotten all her fears and now wanted to embarrass Agnihotri in front of the other person. She started sucking him passionately so that he gives up and moans out in pleasure. But the old professor was gutsy as he didn’t show any sign of it and continued as usual. Aarushi too kept on trying, giving him the suck of his lifetime.

Finally after 15 minutes or so, she heard the other person seeking his permission to leave, and then the noise of the chair being drawn again, some footsteps and the door being open and back closed. She wasn’t sure if the person has left or not, but certainly felt a heavy weight being lifted from her heart. She was now alone with her professor, not to mention naked too.

Agnihotri stood up suddenly and walked around the table abruptly. He hurried to the door and then bolted it from inside. Aarushi was still under the table, knelt and waiting for further instructions. She heard footsteps hurrying back and then saw Agnihotri coming around the table. He didn’t sit back at the chair, instead, leant forward and put his hand underneath. His cock was still hard and hanging out from his pants.

He got hold of her hairs and then pulled at it roughly. “Come out bitch” he said as he pulled at her hairs roughly. “Ouch… Ohhhh” Aarushi whimpered as she struggled to crawl out and her hairs hurt. Finally she was out from under the table and was pulled up on her feet abruptly. “Ouch…” she whimpered as he pulled her up again with her hairs.

He was still fully dressed with his hard cock sticking out of his pants. It was tight and throbbing, ready to screw her hard. She was naked and shivering in fear, her mouth was already messy after sucking his cock with so much passion. He made her turn around abruptly and then pushed her on the table.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh” she grunted as he made her bent forward at the table, just like the other day. Aarushi quickly spread her legs, opening up her cunt for a smooth insertion. Agnihotri looked at her naked body with his lusty eyes and THWAK – he slapped on her bare ass. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned in pain as his hard hand hit hard across her soft ass. A red mark appeared immediately.

THWAK – another slap on her bum with the same results. “Please sir, don’t hit me” she pleaded but was immediately responded by two more slaps on her ass. “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” she moaned as tears rolled down her eyes. “Spread your legs bitch, open your cunt for your master” Agnihotri shouted. In pain, she had closed her legs, bringing them together, and now once again she spread her legs opening her cunt once again.

Agnihotri stood firm behind her with his cock throbbing and aiming for her delicate little hole. He stood forward and pressed his cock against her wet pussy, and then with a slight push he was inside. Agnihotri didn’t pause for her to suit herself, but pushed immediately further to shove his cock all the way in.

“Awwwhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Aarushi squealed like a goat as he pushed his cock all the way inside, rubbing her cunt skin roughly and then he started thrusting his cock in and out, fucking her hard and rough.

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