That Rainy Night

Today I am going to share one of the most memorable moments of my life when I lived my fantasy. So It was Friday night. Just like any other weekend was about to start. My 6 months of live-in relationship with my love, Bhawna, have been brilliant.

We saw each other changing a lot for each other. We matured together. We grew up together. And coming closer with each passing day. Sex is getting dirty day by day. I feel proud that I had made my baby so naughty. But this Friday. I didn’t know that this will be so different.

We were invited to a party. I was unsure as it was raining heavily. I called my friends to confirm, and all said that they would be on time. We were ready, and my mood started changing when I saw my baby in a red one-piece dress. She looked so ravishing that I wanted to fuck her badly.

I went near her, hugged her, kissed her. We reached the restaurant and found only one of our friends was already there, our common college friend, Shruti. We met, and soon Friday night, party, music, and drinks started taking over us. I called our other friends. They were stuck in bad traffic and would not come.

So we three had our dinner and planned to leave when Shruti told that, “Can we drop her?” But we both asked her to stay with us as Gurgaon traffic would be packed badly. She obliged, and we went back to our home. While parking the car and reaching our home, all three of us got drenched.

And here I had two beauties, in their sexy attires, wet clothes sticking to their body and showing their curves, panty lines and nipples. Bhawna told Shruti to take the other room while she will give her something to wear. By the time I wanted my baby so badly.

As soon as she came back to our room, I hugged her tightly. And I started savoring her lips.

After the passionate kissing, I turned her towards the wall and started kissing her shoulders from the back. Simultaneously pulling down the chain at the back of her dress, which revealed her bra hooks. Then I was kissing her back, and at the same time pressing her boobs wildly.

She was horny by now and turned towards me. I looked in her eyes for a few seconds and again started kissing her earlobes and neck wildly. We, again, lip-locked with passion. My hands reached directly to her pussy, to which she took a long and amazing sudden moan.

For a moment, I felt like her pussy is burning. I played with it, rubbed it. She always loved this wild touch of mine. With this, she turned so wild that she started a long wild smooch. Again which turned so wild and long, that we pulled-pushed each other on the bed.

I removed her dress and my t-shirt in a hurry and again started kissing her neck and shoulders, pulling down her bra straps. She was wearing a black bra and was moaning very passionately. I always wonder how she always knows my favorite color bra and panties and wears them at the right moment?

Is it just me, or she also has sex on her mind every time? And soon, our room was echoing with her moans. “Oh, baby! You are making me mad!”

I said, “That’s your problem, you invited her,” she replied mischievously.

And I started kissing her again. While kissing her shoulders, I was playing with her boobs and teasing her nipple. I was showering my kisses on her shoulders, neck, and cleavage, and then I turned her towards me. She was getting more excited and restless.

I played and swayed my fingers on her back. I opened her bra hooks and gave her a soft massage all over her back and then grabbed her ass and fondled it hard. I started sucking her boobs and playing with her nipples.

I was feeling proud of the hard work that I started in college. Now, these boobs don’t fit into my mouth anymore. Nevertheless, they are my best friends, and I just love playing with them. I took my baby in my lap and was sucking her boobs with lots of love, kisses, and teasing.

And suddenly, my eyes stopped. I froze for a moment while I noticed in the mirror that the door was open, and Shruti was watching us. I didn’t know how to react. Here, there are two best melons in the world in my mouth.

My sexy baby, whose sexy ass was pressing against my crotch and my bestie, who was watching us. I didn’t want her to see us like this. But I didn’t also want to stop my baby. And within nanoseconds, my brain diverted towards the fantasy that I had for a very long time.

And I decided to show her how much I love my Jaan. She pushed me on the bed and took off my jeans and undies in one go. Then, she performed the sexiest action. She raised her hand to make her hair in a bun, and while doing this, her breasts came out, further forcing me to suck them again.

She was ready for this. She slapped me gently and pushed me back on the bed. She took the hard tool in her hands and started rubbing it seductively, looking in my eyes. I was keeping a watch on the door to check whether Shruti is still watching us. This was by far the most enjoyable moment for me.

My love was spreading her love on me, and my bestie was watching us, fulfilling my fantasy. She rubbed my dick, played with it, and took it in her mouth. She was sucking, licking, and slurping it like a pro. This time I was the one moaning and moving fingers in her hair and on her neck.

She played with my balls in between, licked, and sucked them as well. I was watching her while she loved my dick and was keeping a close watch on Shruti. The scene was intense and amazing. I enjoyed the scene and the moment for a few minutes. I was close to exploding.

This time I was expecting my baby to stop, but she started sucking harder. I came in her mouth. I was gasping for breath while she was emptying my dick of my sperms. The scene was intoxicating. And I heard a moan, which wasn’t mine. I looked in the mirror.

Shruti was still at the door, and her hand was inside her pajamas. I understood that the bitch is feeling horny and wants a dick for her pussy too. But this is my moment, my fantasy and my lucky time to do all that I have ever wanted. I pushed my baby on the bed.

I took off her panty and threw in such a way that it landed on the door, near Shruti. And I was ready to make my girl so special and Shruti so jealous. I kissed her legs, her thighs, her feet. Just to return to her inner thighs, which I licked happily. I had to be the best.

I had to give the pleasure of her life. I must perform excellently. I smelled her pussy. She loved it, smiled. And then, I smiled at her, winked at her. I kissed her pussy. She went crazy. She took the heaviest breath a human can take. What was happening in that room was nothing less than magic for me.

Both of us were happy. Both of us were filled with lust, love, and passion. I looked at her love hole. It was so pretty, pink, wet, tight looking, and awesome one I have ever seen. We both smiled at each other. I moved my head closer to it and smelled it. I said to her, “It smells so fresh.”

She giggled to what I said. I looked again at her, smiled. Just as she was about to smile, a current wave rushed through her body, making her arch her back, and curl up her whole body in pleasure. Oh gosh, that was just my tongue. It just rolled over her clit.

Damn. I kissed her clit, kissed it more, kissed her love hole lips, and her thighs. And then, I started rolling my tongue over her pink tiny hidden clit. I did all sorts of things to it. Just as I did to her boobs. I kissed it, licked it, circled it with my tongue, sucked it, bite it, sucked.

It was more like drinking through a straw. She was going nuts. She was completely in a different world. I could tell so because she was moaning louder and louder. She didn’t care now if we had a guest in another room. She was now what she has been for so long. My Private Slut!

I spread her pussy lips and penetrated my tongue inside her love hole. I don’t know how she was feeling. But she was doing crazy stuff. She was pulling my hair, pushing my head away. Then pull it back in, crushing my head with her thighs. Her feet were hitting my back again and again.

Such was the scale of pleasure. I then, as a mischievous gesture, wrote her name, on her pussy, with my tongue. When she realized what I did, she got up and kissed me so deeply, I was scared. She tasted her juices from the inside of my mouth. She was so much impressed. She said, “I love you.”

Then she pushed my head again in her crotch. I was so happy to hear those words from her. They were straight out of her heart, I could tell. I wasn’t able to relish that moment for long as I had to do the work right. I licked her more and more until something magical happened.

She crushed my head in her thighs, pulled my hair while pushing my head inside her pussy. Then came a huge scream. And she almost passed out. Her eyes were closed. Her breathing was abnormal, shorter, heavier, mixed. I couldn’t tell, I was scared. I just sat there.

The room was filled with her breathing sounds. Her legs were shaking. I sat there for maybe 2 minutes, and then, I called her, “Jaan, You Ok? Want some water?” She was quiet and then just nodded her head, expressing that she is fine. She got up, struggling.

I helped her, and she just dropped herself onto me. Her head was resting on my shoulder. I hugged her and then kissed her cheeks. She said, “I cannot take any more of it. I love you, Jaan. I love you.” She was looking at me with utmost love.

“Come on, Jaan. I can’t wait anymore. I want you just to love me, fuck me, baby. I love you.”

I placed my dick on her pussy and rubbed it all over and around her all wet pussy. She went bonkers. And then I gave a little force targeting at the right place. She shouted. It was painful for her. I stopped a bit, made her calm down, and diverted her mind with kisses.

I again slowly pushed my dick inside, and again. She moaned hard, but she was able to take it. I kept her legs on my shoulders and slowly started the action and gained the speed. Now I was fucking her harder, and she was enjoying it a lot and was moaning wildly.

I gained speed and fucked her harder. She asked to make it slow. I controlled myself a bit and again gained speed. I was fucking her harder and wilder. She was enjoying this pain. “You are so good. I want you so badly, baby. I love it.” I was holding her hands and pinned her down so she can’t move.

I was also playing with her nipples while fucking her. It was time to change position, and she was on her all four. I just pushed it inside slowly and then started fucking her again. I was pulling her hair, slapping her ass harder. She deserved this.

I was fucking her faster and harder. “I am going to cum,” with tears rolling out of her eyes, she came. Then we lay together in bed, hugging, cuddling, kissing, and feeling each other. I wasn’t interested anymore in checking if Shruti was still there. I had my love beside me.

My fantasy was completed. And our session too. Neither of us remembered when we went to sleep, hugging each other.

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