She is Mine

It was a sunny Sunday. I got frustrated because of the heat inside the room and how I was sweating completely. The main reason for that was power cut for the whole day due to transformer maintenance in the locality. My body was completely drenched with sweat.

I felt like drowning inside the water bucket but it was too small to fit me in. I stood below the shower for an hour and stepped out of the bathroom. A wave of steamy air attacked me and I couldn’t breathe. I stepped out to the balcony wearing a small towel above my knee.

It was good standing at slowly passing by wind and a little relief from the heat. Just then I was aware there was a lady standing near the gate and talking to my house owner and staring at me. First I didn’t know why and what she was staring at. Suddenly I came to my senses.

She was staring at my manhood as she can clearly see from down as I was wearing a small towel. Suddenly I went inside and felt ashamed. I live on the first floor of the house. It has been 5 years I got settled there. I work in a supermarket as a store manager and earning a five-digit salary, enough to run a family.

Sorry forgot to mention. I live alone. My parents refused to leave the native place and made me a loner. Daily routine work from morning 8 to evening 7 was boring and also mechanical. Let’s move on the story.

I have never seen that lady before in our area in these 5 years. She is new and our first meet was a little bit of an embarrassment. But I guessed, she must be around 38 – 40 years of age and fair skin tone. Two days after that, I was rushing through the steps as it got late to work.

I was knotting my tie and running down the stairs. In the rush, I crashed on to the person climbing up the stairs and it was a hard hit. My head was in pain and I saw the other person also suffering in pain. It’s none other than that lady. She was staring in anger and was about to scold.

But I said sorry and rushed to office. The pain was there till noon. I reached home late at night at 11 as the store was filled with customers. Tired, I slept off and woke at 7 in the morning. I went to the balcony. I found the same lady was walking into our compound carrying groceries and climbing the stairs.

I rushed to the door and she was walking past my room. I called to her and said sorry. She asked sorry for what and moved on. Later I found she is a relative of my neighbor. She is staying there as she got a job in our town. I was waiting to answer her question and she came to the roof for drying clothes.

I was smoking. I answered I was sorry for crashing on to her the day before. Suddenly she asked, “What about Sunday? Won’t you say sorry for that too?” I felt shy and I said, “Sorry for that too.” We introduced ourselves and spoke formally. Then she left the place.

That weekend I planned to buy some video cassettes and spend the day watching movies, including adult-only too. Sunday morning, I got up late and refreshed and went down to have tea in the bakery. Malati was walking home from the shop with groceries for the coming week.

I thought of helping her. I rushed towards her to lend a hand carrying bags. I carried it to her home. She offered water. I said it’s late for me as I need to prepare lunch as I was starving. She said she has already prepared lunch and she will give some to me.

I hesitated to take from her but she insisted. So I took it home and started watching a new movie with my main door open. Meantime I was eating the food she gave me. Suddenly a famous song from the film was playing. While crossing my room, she heard the song.

So, in a fraction, she entered my room. I was shocked to see her and we all know how a bachelor room is. She said she likes this song very much and she asked whether she can watch the movie with me. I didn’t come out of shock and I shook my head as yes.

I rushed to the kitchen, washed my hands and tried to clean the messy room. In a single glance, she commented that she liked my room in a messy way. So I left it like that and we both started watching the movie. She was sitting in my bed and I was sitting on the floor near the TV table.

I offered her some cold drinks I had in my fridge. It was evening when the movie got over and she asked what my plan is. I said no plans and will be at home watching another movie. She looked at me and asked whether I can help her find a good hotel to try out dinner that night.

As I am free and wished to accompany her, I readily accepted. She said she will wait for me sharp at 7.30 PM. I went to the bathroom and bathed and cleaned myself. There was an instinct saying this is my lucky day. I groomed myself well and went downstairs.

She was waiting in a red saree and like an angel she was. I went to take my bike and she said she is not comfortable with high seated bikes. Instead, she insisted we can go on her bike. She will ride as she wants to memorize the local routes. I sat behind and we started. I guided her and showed her all the shops nearby.

Her driving was good. But we arrived on a bumpy road which leads to the main road and is a short cut too. She tried moving in gaps but she almost hit all the dents in the road. Every dent made me fall on her. I was groping her waist a few times for balance.

I know she was enjoying it but she was rushing to reach the main road. ‘Paradise’, the favorite hotel for most of the city was in front of us. The hotel was heavily crowded and we waited to get a table. After some time we got a table and ordered their special menu.

Food arrived and we both enjoyed a tasty dinner. It was around 9.30 PM when we came out. Since it was night, I insisted I will ride her home. We reached our compound by 10.15 PM and she went straight to her home. She didn’t wait for me or didn’t even say thanks for helping her.

I went home and refreshed and changed to my normal fashion of towel. Around 11.30, I heard my door being knocked and went to check. Malati was standing there in a brown nightie with a bowl in her hand.

Me: Why are you knocking at this time?
She: I went in a hurry as I want to piss. Sorry that I didn’t wait.
Me: It’s ok, I can understand.
She: Instead of Thanks, I brought this. (She handed the bowl to me.)

Me: What is in this?
She: A special preparation from me and you will like it.
I opened the bowl and it was gulab jamun drenched in sugar syrup and looked tasty.

Me: Thanks, and my favorite too.
She: It’s getting late, meet you tomorrow. Goodnight sweet dreams
Me: Goodnight. She went to her home and I closed the door and came to bed.

When opened the lid, I found a paper stuck to it. It had her phone number and said thanks. I ate 2 pieces and was delicious. Soon I dropped a
message as ‘Delicious’ in WhatsApp. She was online and immediately replied ‘Thanks & ?’.

Me: Why?
She: What was delicious?
Me: Jamun.
She: Ok but I saw you were eating something else, too.

I realized I was staring at her melons and didn’t see her face the whole time.
Me: Sorry I couldn’t control my heart and stared.
She: It’s ok it’s casual for guys at your age.
I suddenly remembered that she also was staring at my shaft on the first day.

Me: You were also eating mine when I saw you first day.
She replied with 2 smiling smileys and said goodnight. I too replied goodnight and slept. Next evening, I returned from the office at 8 and was trying to open the food. I heard my door being knocked.

It was her again this time it’s different and she was wearing a red salwar. She said she was bored as no one was at home. Her relatives went for a funeral and she was left alone. I offered her my food and we both shared it. She insisted to play some movies.

I played a new Hindi film and it was around 11. We both felt hungry as the food I bought was not enough for 2. I had no snacks either. Just then I remembered her Jamun and said we can have those. I took the bowl and offered her. She took and had one. When she was taking the next Jamun, the syrup fell all over her salwar.

She went to the bathroom to clean it. I gave her the towel to dry off. She washed herself up and came out in a completely wet state. She said instead of tap she opened the shower and got wet. I helped her with another towel. She was so wet that her assets were visible like transparent glass.

She was wearing a red bra and white panties. On seeing this, my man started rising and I was only in towels. Now she could clearly see my tent and I was trying to hide it. But she saw my shaft is tenting and was staring at it like a dog waiting to catch the ball.

I knew this is the day and I am going to be lucky now. She went to the door and locked it and came near me. My heartbeat raised and her eyes were filled with lust. She grabbed my shaft and she dragged me to the bedroom. Since I don’t have a cot, the bed was in the ground only.

She sat on the bed and from down she was admiring the standing pole. It was a little dark. A small line of light from street lamps was entering the room via windows. I was in complete ecstasy and happy that I am going to fuck today. She grabbed my balls and massaged it lightly. It was a wonderful feeling.

It was the first time a woman hand touching my balls and shaft. She gently massaged, squeezed and was playing with it. My eyes rolled up in pleasure. She suddenly removed the towel. I was completely naked and my shaft was swinging in the air.

She was staring at it and gulped the entire shaft into her mouth. I couldn’t control. I grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth. The full length was going in and touched her back throat. She must be a pro in blowjob. She was sucking my man like candy and covered it with her saliva.

My shaft was oozing with precum and she was cleaning it often with her tongue. The scene was awesome and never thought it will be this good. I can see her cleavage from the top. Her melons were waiting to be sucked. She gave a good mouth fuck for 15 minutes and I was reaching my limit.

She found I am at the climax and stopped her oral. She now wanted me to work on her. I sat on the bed and asked her to strip for me. She, like a pole dancer, made some sexy moves and started stripping her clothes one by one. She removed everything and last was her panty.

I stopped her and pulled her towards me. As I was sitting down, her pussy was in front of my face. I went near and smelled it and a heavenly odor was it. I was mesmerized and I kissed her pussy over the panty. It was almost wet from her juice. I bit the panty and pulled it down using my teeth.

She liked it very much. She pushed my head into her glory hole and widened her legs for free movement. Like a hungry dog, I started licking her pussy and grinding it with my tongue. She was moaning loudly in pleasure. I was going deep into her pussy.

She sat on my mouth and I was licking her juices like a good boy. After 10 minutes of vigorous oral, she reached her orgasm. The juice was flowing like falls from her sweet hole. I drank all of it and it tasted like nectar. Now she came and lay on the bed.

Slowly I teased her melons with care. The pink nipples were the softest temptations of manhood. I bit her right nipple and was squeezing the left. She was in full mood moaning my name. I sucked both nipples in small gaps and pressed her melons like soft balls.

I sucked hard so that blood will come instead of milk. She was shaking both in pain and pleasure. Slowly I moved on to her belly and licked her button for some time. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the foreplay. I went up and planted a kiss on her lips.

She responded with a bite in my lips. I caught her lips and kissed deep and our tongues started playing together. We kissed for about 20 minutes and she whispered, “I love you.” I was very happy hearing this and I kissed her deep and said, “She is mine.”

I saw my shaft was rock hard and waiting to grind her pussy. I placed my cock head on the entrance and shook up and down. She was swirling in pleasure and it was wet fully. Slowly I pushed my cock in and her pussy was a little tight. Her eyes were popping as my cock was slowing piercing through.

Her voice went mute until my guy went deep inside and touched the end. She was gasping. I dropped a kiss to express my passion. We both kissed with my cock inside her. As her pussy was not explored for a long time, it grabbed my cock tight enough to crush it.

As her pussy tightened, I could feel my shaft growing bigger. It was an amazing feeling and splendid to see my cock buried inside her. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I slowly moved in and out. She was moaning in pleasure and I increased my pace.

My balls were crashing on her pussy walls and making sounds. It was echoing inside the room. I raised the speed and thrashed her pussy with thunderous hits. I banged her as none has ever fucked like this in the world. After 15 minutes of heavy fucking, I was reaching the climax and about to cum.

In the meantime, she reached her orgasm twice in the fucking. It’s my turn now. I signaled it and she waved her hands to drop it inside. I again fucked her hard and released a hell load of cum inside her. More than five shots of cum were splashed inside her. She was enjoying my warm juice flowing inside her.

I fell over her and my cock was inside her pussy and was still half hard. We both grabbed some air after force of fucking and relaxing. She said to me that she was never fucked like this before. I replied, “She is the first lady who made me fuck like this and none can replace her.”

She got up and the juices were rushing out from her pussy and flowing down her thighs. She took her panty and wiped out the excess cum flowing out. She winked at me and went down and again started sucking my cock. She cleaned the cum and sucked my cock smoothly.

In no time my cock was back to shape and now it was bigger than last time. She covered my entire cock with her saliva and no lubrication needed for it. Now she wanted me to fuck her in the doggy style. She bent down and moved behind her and entered from back.

This time my shaft entered with ease and started fucking her in the doggy style. I bent down and grabbed her melons and was pushing my cock in and out. She was moaning louder and I kept banging her. After 20 minutes of doggy style, she pushed me down and fucked me in cowgirl style.

She came on top and inserted my shaft into her pussy and was riding over it. With each movement, my cock was disappearing inside her pussy. She circled her waist so my cock rolls on all over her pussy walls. Her melons were bouncing like basketball.

I caught hold of her nipples and squeezed them. She was in complete pleasure and her eyes went up. Her juice was flowing all over my cock and lubricating it well. After 15 minutes of hard fuck, I was about to cum. This time she wanted to drink it.

She went down got hold of it and gave a nice suck. I splashed out a big load of cum in her mouth. Without wasting a single drop, she drank it fully and gave me a deep kiss. We both were exhausted. She was leaning over and we both slept. Morning when I woke up it was 8 and she was sleeping naked beside me.

She was an angel and perfect shape was displayed in the morning light. She was sleeping opposite side and her back was facing me. Her ass was just perfect and everyone seeing her ass will fuck in it instead of pussy. It is as attractive as her other assets.

Seeing her ass, my man already was ready to give another lesson. Again I lay near her and slowly placed my cock on her ass cheeks. I rubbed my precum on her ass. She was awake and she grabbed my cock and placed it near ass entrance. It was a clear sign for me to fuck her ass.

I pushed my cock inside the hole and it was very tight. I took oil and applied to my cock and to her ass hole. Then again I pushed my luck. This time it slipped inside the hole smoothly and I made the moves. This is a different feeling and was enjoying her ass. She too was enjoying and moaning for every beat.

After 20 minutes of ass fuck, I released a load of cum inside and fell off. She was happy that I am satisfying her in all ways. She asked me to take leave for the day and we can enjoy. I called to store and informed am not feeling well and will be on leave. That day I fucked her in all positions and tried many styles.

We both started loving each other. We planned on moving to some other place as we cannot continue this staying in this place. So we shifted our home to a place near her office. None knows our relationship as we stayed there saying she is my mother.

So none had doubt in us and we were enjoying ourselves with no restrictions. Later she had family planning operation and we fucked like animals inside the four walls. Now she is in abroad and we have video sex nowadays. She promised to get me a job there.

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