Sexual Desire Fulfilled

I am working in an MNC in Germany since 2016 after completing my MBA. I am 34 years old, married but like most of us here, always looking for adding spices in my sexually boring life.

I am a normal-built individual with 5’10” (1.78 m) height and above-average looks. Well, the lead heroine of my story is Ankya who is my maternal cousin living in Indore and the same age as mine.

Ankya is an Indian sex-goddess with 5’8″ (1.73 m) height and a figure of 38-28-36. Although her figure is not of a typical classy stat, her dusky complexion with her witty naughtiness complements it well to tickle any men around her.

I and my maternal cousin Ankya have been close since our childhood and I still remember our innocent but kinky games that we used to play together whenever my mother used to visit her home in summer vacation.

We played husband-wife role-play games wherein we used to smooch each other in the dark and even touch each other in fun. However, fast-forwarding, we both grew up amid our busy lives and I started working in Japan for an oil major after graduating from IIT KGP.

In 2016, when I was on holiday at my home in Delhi, I got the news that my Massi is coming with my cousin Ankya to Delhi for some function in our relative’s family. I have not met or talked to Ankya since our childhood but I remembered our moments pretty well.

I had one girlfriend then but even thinking of a grown-up Ankya would bulge my pants, so I was quite excited to see her.

Generally, I am very introvert with the least interaction with my relatives as I always focused on my career but I told my parents that I would go to the railway station and receive Massi. My mother could not believe in surprise as I always used to deny such works, but she happily allowed me to go alone and receive them.

I went to the railway station and was keenly waiting for the train. I was wondering how would Ankya would be looking now and whether she would remember anything regarding our chemistry.

After a wait of 10 minutes, the train reached the station, and I was in front of the coach A-2.

Soon, Ankya with my Massi stepped out of the train. My cousin Ankya – she was looking as elegant and beautiful as she could be. Her hair was long, slightly loosened with curls flying in the air and a small lock of hair falling on her eyes making those long kohl eyes even more beautiful.

Indeed, I checked her breast in my 1st look and it seems she has really become a grown-up lady now. The chiffon dupatta was not able to cover her rounded bursts completely which were protruding out of her tight pink top.

She smiled at me and I sensed that she must have noticed where my eyes were. Coming back to my senses, I touched the foot of my massi and conveyed greetings, etc. I did handshake with Ankya as I was not sure regarding her comfort level with me.

While walking out of the station, I was trying to make my cousin comfortable with me, and I was cracking frivolous jokes. She was joining in the conversation, so I sensed a comfort level between us.

It was not like starting from scratch at least, so I proposed to them that I and Ankya will go on bike and Massi will go in an auto that would follow us. This way, Ankya can enjoy Delhi roads and both of them readily agreed to it.

During the ride, at first, Ankya was sitting a bit distant apart, but I realized that whenever Massi autorickshaw made some distance from my bike, she was coming a bit closer but hesitant to come much closer. I also did not take any lead from my side as I had 1 full day to play my cards.

We reached home and my mother started showing our recently-built house that I had built for them. Ankya was keen to watch home with me, so I took her to show around alone.

When showing one of the bathroom interiors, I touched her hand and she smiled at me. I knew that something was cooking between me and my cousin, and she was onboard.

In the evening, when all family members were gossiping sitting in the blankets, I touched Ankya’s feet beneath the blanket and she tickled with a smile. Now, I knew that it was time. I started caressing her feet and she also responded by rubbing my hands.

I have a lot of fetish fantasies, so I kept rubbing her feet and applied my saliva on her feet fingers to convey my lust to her. She was silent and breathing heavily.

I stretched my legs and signaled the same to her. She did so and I had access to her thighs now. I reached there and further massaged her. Reciprocating my move, she also reached my boxer area and started massaging me from the top.

We were doing all this in front of all our family members! We were doing chit-chat in between but we were in a different world playing with each other’s body. I started rubbing her thighs closer to her pussy and she spread her legs further.

Her very fine salwar with thin cotton innerwear was not able to absorb her juice flowing out of the excitement. Closer I go to her pussy, more wetness I was feeling in my fingers.

Finally, I reached my cousin’s pussy and it was wet like a pond. As soon as I reached there, she tightened her touch on my penis area and squeezed me there very tightly. I signaled her not to do so or else we may get the attention of our family members.

She now reached my penis and was pressing it very hard. She was rubbing me near the shaft’s end as if she was loving my clean shaved area. I remembered our childhood games and realized nothing has changed – my naughty Ankya is still with me.

Now I started rubbing her pussy and I realized she had it clean shaved as well there. I could feel the good shape of her pussy lips and was loving the experience.

I was fingering my cousin and it started to create “chapak chapak” noise as she was really wet now. I started a song on my mobile to cover up this noise originating from her pleasure.

She started stroking me fast as well. With our eyes, we signaled that we will achieve our pleasure in front of all. I hinted her to bow a bit so that I can see her cleavage, and she followed me quickly. She started to bite her lips as it was too difficult for her to hide her pleasure and started stroking me crazily.

Now I was about to come. I made her put back my penis with her hand in my boxer and achieved my orgasm inside it. Her hands were dirty, so she cleaned it with my boxer itself. She also came soon and we both were thanking each other with our eyes.

Soon our family conversation also got finished and we were out from the blanket. I feigned in front of my family and asked Ankya to come to my study room which was on the first floor as I wanted to show her all my books that I have studied in my life so far.

My cousin knew my intentions and we both needed more aggressive touches between us. So we went to my study room. As soon as we reached there, I closed the door from inside and started smooching her heavily. She also took my hands and put on her breasts which were so desperate to be pressed. Wow!!! I was so loving those moments.

My cousin had such an awesome breast – so big and round with hard nipples. I pressed them very heavily and she was moaning loudly now. I pleaded her to be quite else we would have been caught red-handed.

I knew we could not do full sex then due to lack of time and all family members around so I wanted to unleash her body as much as I could. I took out her boobs from her t-shirt and started licking it. She was loving it and started playing with my penis. My cousin had big nipples and I bit her hard again.

She signaled me to take her to bed and give her another orgasm quickly with follow-up sex maybe in the future.

We both were lying half-naked. I was pressing her boobs from one hand and was fingering with the other. I tried going down to lick her pussy, but she said, Not now, baby!! Let’s do it quickly, I am desperate, and we will do in a long session later”.

I wanted to become a bit kinky with her now so I took out my whiteboard marker and applied the cream on it. I inserted a very thick marker inside her pussy and she screamed in pleasure.

She also applied her saliva on my penis and started jerking me fast. Her boobs were hanging and jumping with her increased speed. I knew we both were about to come, so I started masturbating her with the marker and my fingers alternatively. Soon, we both achieved our orgasms and then freshened ourselves.

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