Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-29

In the last episode we have seen how Anita was utilizing Kiran’s absence to the full. She had been jealous of Kiran and Reddy’s closeness and wanted to seduce Reddy for herself. Later she was successful in blackmailing Kiran away from him. And then slowly worked herself closer to Reddy, until he was all hers.

While Anita was robbing Kiran off her illicit lover, back at Calcutta her sister was robbing her off her husband too. Gautam, Kiran’s husband, was involved in a similar illicit relationship with his sister-in-law, Rashmi. It had started accidentally, during Kiran’s pregnancy, but then grew unchecked behind her back. And the both had started meeting frequently and whenever they could.

Even during the current trip to his in-laws,Gautam was able to meet his sister-in-law in private, and in the first night itself. They had a streaming sexual intercourse in her room while Kiran, their baby, and her parents were in adjacent rooms. But that was the last time too that they were together. After that night, they had not found any further opportunity to meet secretly.

Later, Kiran and the baby had shifted back to her room with her husband, and Kiran’s father too had shifted back to his own room and ever since Gautam and Rashmi have been looking for another opportunity. And even more desperately as the date of Gautam’s return was slowly coming nearer. But fate hadn’t been as merciful again on them as it had been on the first day, and the date of Gautam’s return finally arrived without giving them a chance of a goodbye fuck.

There was a sombre feeling since the morning. Kiran was sad that her husband was leaving. Rashmi was sad that they didn’t have another chance to be together, so was Gautam, he too didn’t like to leave with the fire still burning at his loins. Ever since they had the baby, opportunities of having sex with Kiran were scarce too. Often the baby wouldn’t sleep until very late in the night. And opportunities to have sex outside the marriage are always thrilling.

In the morning, Kiran’s parents had left for the temple – ever since her father’s illness, the couple had been visiting the temple every morning to pray for his good health and a long life. They were late that day, and left for the temple only after having breakfast with their son-in-law and the two daughters. And so, Gautam, Kiran, the baby, and Rashmi were alone in the house.

Kiran was in the kitchen since the morning. She was sad that her husband was leaving that day, and so wanted to cook him his favourite dishes. Rashmi was there too, in the kitchen, helping her with the cooking. And Gautam was in his room, watching the baby. He had just fed him and was now trying to get him asleep.

“Can you watch over this now, I will go and take bath” Kiran asked Rashmi. She was cooking an exquisite chicken dish, which was almost done. She had then turned the cooker into simmer to let it boil in a low flame. “There is not much you need to do, it shall take half an hour to boil, just keep an eye” Kiran said to Rashmi. They had been in the kitchen for an hour now, and almost all the dishes were done. Now she wanted to go and take bath leaving the last bits on Rashmi.

“Just turn it off after half an hour, I will apply the shampoo today, so will take some time at the bath” Kiran added before she headed out of the kitchen. And suddenly Rashmi’s face lit up – There was no one else at home, and Kiran too would be in the bathroom for close to an hour, that would leave her alone with Gautam. They had been looking desperately for it for some days now and so this opportunity was welcomed with a wide grin.

Kiran headed back to her room where Gautam have almost put the baby asleep. She kissed on the baby’s forehead and then at Gautam’s, and told her that she was going to take bath. “Please keep an eye on him, I will be back soon and then we will have lunch together” she whispered at Gautam’s ears, cautions not to wake the baby up. Gautam smiled back and then pulled her closer and the two stole a kiss before Kiran headed out and towards the bathroom.

Gautam, too, felt the same way as did Rashmi, but the two wanted to be cautious as not to arouse suspicion in Kiran’s mind. Gautam looked at the baby, he was asleep, and so he tip toed out to the living room. The bathroom door was closed and he could hear the sound of running water from inside. The bathroom was just adjacent to the kitchen and he saw Rashmi standing at the door and smiling at him.

Rashmi was wearing just a tee and a pajama, and was looking very gorgeous. And just when Gautam started walking towards her, she signalled her to stop. “Di, shall I stir the chicken in between?” Rashmi shouted from outside the bathroom. The sound of the water stopped for a moment as Kiran replied from inside, “Yes, keep stirring in between…but put it off after 20 minutes” Kiran replied and once again the sound of the running water dominated the inside.

Rashmi pushed at the bathroom door to find it locked from inside. Then she waited patiently until she heard the sound of the running water again. And then, boldly ignoring the simming chicken, she started walking towards her brother-in-law.

There wasn’t much time to waste, and the two were desperate anyway. And so Gautam grabbed her as soon as she was within his arm’s length and pulled her closer. Both started kissing each other with a burning passion and hugged each other tightly. They were sucking, biting, and nibbling each other’s lips. Rashmi had a red, juicy pair of lips which Gautam took in his mouth and sucked and bite at.

Gautam also hugged her tightly and pushed his hands in her pajamas. He felt her delicate soft skin of her ass and started caressing and rubbing it. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm” Rashmi felt his cold touch against her hot skin and moaned softly. She took a deep breath too, his touch against her soft ass flesh was making her hornier. “Oh Gautam, I will miss you so much…I love you…I will miss you when you will be away” she started whispering while Gautam kissed at her slender neck and shoulders.

He was still caressing and squeezing her ass and planting wet kisses on her neck and shoulder. Her scent was driving him crazy too and he wanted to rip her clothes apart and get her naked immediately. Both were burning in the same flames of desire but yet were cautious about Kiran’s presence.

“Rashu…make sure the curry doesn’t sticks to the container, add some water if that happens”Kiran’s voice suddenly startled them.Rashmi turned around immediately, in horror, but the bathroom door was still closed. Gautam too, looked up in fear, but they were both relieved to see Kiran was still inside, but their hearts had started beating heavily after the initial shock and Rashmi struggled to find words to reply back.

“Yes di…I-I-I am checking it…will add water if needed..hhhhhhhhhhh” she struggled to reply, but in the meantime Gautam had pulled her back on to him and had wrapped his hands around her to feel her pussy. He had pushed his hands in her pajama again, feeling her soft pussy mound and caressing them. Rashmi turned her head sideways and found his lips again and both started kissing again.

“Mmmmhhhhhhhhh” Rashmi moaned as Gautam gently pulled the tee off her body, she had a lacy white bra covering her juicy breasts while Gautam rubbed his fingers gently along her curvy waist. Rashmi took a deep breath as he slowly ran his fingers down her curves creating a ticklish sensation. “Mmmmmmmhhhhhhhpppppp…your touch is so magical” Rashmi whispered as he continued rubbing his fingers along her slender tummy.

Gautam gently kissed behind her ear, “Your body is much more magical than my touch” he said as he slowly held the elastics of her pajama. He paused for a moment and when Rashmi gave a slight silent nod, he started pulling it off her body. Soon Rashmi was left in a pair of bra and panties only. She curved her body, trying to hide herself but Gautam soon pushed her on the couch and had started kissing all over her body.

They were still wary of Kiran’s presence and both of their heart was beating hard in fear of being caught, yet their desires were burning so hard they couldn’t stop each other either. Gautam had by then pulled her panties down, exposing her soft cunt and had started rubbing and kissing around her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm… ohhhhh… ahhhhh…” Rashmi moaned and wriggled as Gautam continued teasing her by kissing and licking around her cunt. He also had his hand on her breast and was pressing it gently while he licked between her legs, on her vagina, under it up till her ass-hole. “Mmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…mmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhm….” She moaned and struggled hard to control herself and Gautam kept on teasing her body.

“Rashu… can you once check if I have added salt?” once again Kiran’s voice startled them. Though shocked, yet Gautam continued pressing his lips on her pussy. But Rashmi was turned on very badly, she was not in a condition to reply back to her sister, neither did she wanted to stop Gautam. “mmmmmmm….ahhhhhhhhhh…yyyyee….yyyyyyy” she tried hard but couldn’t form words to reply back, whenever she tried, a chill ran down her body urging her to moan loudly.

“Yes di… the salts are OK…nnnnnnnnnngggggggggg” she gritted her teeth and replied back swiftly and then broke out in a moan, hoping her sister not to hear the last bit.Gautam too had a smile when Rashmi finally managed to respond back to her sister. He was enjoying her helplessness and was making it more difficult for her.

As soon as she replied back to Kiran, Gautam leant forward and started kissing on her lips. His hands quickly replaced his lips on her vagina and he started rubbing it on his cunt. Her vagina had already become wet and so when he started rubbing his palm on her cunt, it made it all sloppy and slippery. So much as when he put his fingers at the opening of her cunt, it just slipped in smoothly.

“Aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhh” Rashmi almost jumped up in pain as his fingers went inside her pussy. She then bit her lips and settled back on the couch. Gautam had by then started working his fingers in and out of her cunt, making her shiver with a mix of pain and absolute pleasure. She had been already very close to an orgasm, and with her cunt being fingered now she felt the urge to come even more.

“Mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned silently, though she wanted to shout like mad yet she had to keep her voice down due to Kiran. “Rashu… did you taste it? How does it taste?” once again Kiran shouted from the bathroom, seeking an answer from her sister.

Rashmi frowned, Gautam continued fingering her cunt and bringing her to the brink of coming. She frowned at the idea of replying back to her sister, she had already surrendered her body and mind to Gautam. All she wanted was to lie back like a bitch and made to come repeatedly as many times as she can.

Gautam started fingering her harder, expecting that she will now have to reply back. He was enjoying her restlessness and helplessness and was making things more difficult for her to respond. “Ummmmmmmmmmm….ohhhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” Rashmi continued moaning, her eyes affixed at his eyes, pleading him to slow down so that she can reply. But Gautam continued fingering her, avoiding all her pleas and fingering her even harder.

“Pllllllleeeeeaaaaasssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh… pleassssseeeee slow down” Rashmi whispered under a heavy breath. “Rashu?You there?”Kiran shouted once again, making Rashmi all the more nervous and tensed. Her heart was beating faster and she started sweating heavily. She was almost at the brink of breaking down in tears when she pleaded back to Gautam again.

“Plllleeasssseee…shlowwwwdowwwnnnn…or Kkkkiraan will uuuunderstanndddd” she pleaded while Gautam continued fingering her. “Not so easily” Gautam replied, “First you will have to come, and then you can reply to your sister” he added and kissed on her lips. Rashmi resigned her body back, breathing faster, heart pounding, tears forming at her eyes as she lied back enjoying the treatment.

Kiran shouted once again in the meantime as Rashmi ignored to respond, she was almost on the verge of coming and Gautam held on the pace to keep her at the edge. “Mmmmmmmmmmppppppppppppp” she grunted as she slowly neared the moment when all hell will break loose. And just when Kiran shouted out again, she exploded in an orgasm.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffffffffff” she moaned in relief as her cunt juices kept running wild. Gautam stood up and started taking his pants off, readying to fuck her now. “Yes di….” Rashmi responded in a hurry. “I have just tasted it, it tastes great” she added as Gautam swiftly spread her legs and positioned himself between them.

“What took you so long? Is it alright? It shouldn’t burn” Kiran shouted from inside. “Mmmppppppppppppp” Rashmi grunted as Gautam pushed his cock at her cunt and it slipped in easily. “No di… it’s nicely done, I was just checking on the baby” she said, still panting and sweating. Gautam looked back at her and both still had the same burning desire in their eyes and once again they started sucking, kissing, and biting each other’s lips.

“Okay.. Is he sleeping… where is Gautam?”Kiran asked once again. Rashmi smiled, looking at Gautam – the baby indeed was asleep, and Gautam was on top of his sexy sister-in-law. Both smiled and again kissed each other before replying back to Kiran.

“Yes di…he is fine, and I am taking good care of him” she replied naughtily and squeezed her cunt around his cock. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Gautam moaned in excitement as he felt the warm comfort of her delicate pussy.

“Good… don’t leave him, take good care of your brother-in-law” Kiran shouted jokingly. “Yes di… I am taking real good care of him” Rashmi replied naughtily again, opening her cunt further for him to thrust deeper, and then squeezing it back around his cock. Both smiled and Gautam continued banging her harder and faster until he reached the verge of climax.

“Ohhhh… ahhhh… ohhhh… ahhhh… ohhhh… ahhhh…” both started moaning again. Gautam was readying himself to come inside Rashmi, and she too was heading towards her second orgasm. “Mmmmmmm… ahhhhhhh… ohhhhhh” she was completely drenched and horny. Having sex in presence of Kiran and in the broad daylight turned them on even more.

Kiran had already came once before, and now she was at the edge again. Gautam too had reached the edge by then and held her tightly and was thrusting at her cunt hard. Rashmi held on to the side of the couch and gritted her teeth readying herself for another magical orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhyessssss… ohhhhyasssss… ohhhhhh..ohhhhhhhhh” and then suddenly Gautam exploded in a flooding climax that filled her womb completely. The thick warm juices of his set off the orgasm in her as well, and both came at the same time. Gautam collapsed forward on her and both panted and breathed heavily from exhaustion.

Both of their bodies were toasted and sloppy with sweat, they had come together and both their juices mixed each other and formed a sloppy mix near their waist. One last time they met each other again with a kiss and continued until Kiran shouted out again, asking to turn off the oven. That reminded them that Kiran now can be out anytime and they need to get tidy and dressed again.

Both stood up and quickly got each other tidy, just in time before they heard Kiran trying to open the door. Rashmi utilised the time to hurry to the kitchen and turn off the oven, while Gautam sat in front of the TV, pretending to be casual. Kiran came out with her long hairs wet and serene. She smiled at Rashmi, who was at the kitchen, pretending to stir the dish. And then Kiran walked up to Gautam, who was watching television, and leant forward and whispered at his ears – “Will you help me with my breasts? The milk, it’s aching again”.

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