Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-28

In our last episode, Aarushi couldn’t help but to give in to her professor’s demands. A gamble she had taken consciously to own his favours during the exams. But soon she had realised how, by doing so she had become a mere sex toy for him. Not only he fucked her well and thoroughly that day, but also made sure that she was bound to come back until the exams were over. Aarushi had no other choice but to agree.

While in the meantime, Anita too was having her share of the fun. With Kiran out of her way, there was no one to stop her and Reddy. The two had since started turning all their meetings into a sexual orgy, regardless of the time or the place. Since their first meeting, they had stopped meeting at her apartment because the risk of getting caught. But then they started meeting at his gym or his apartments often too.

Reddy felt no special love or passion for this horny but otherwise village woman, but seeing her deep urge for him, he wanted to exploit it as much as he could. Anita started visiting the gym at times when there were less people, so that the two can disappear at ease. And one such day, when no one was around Reddy took her to the deserted equipments’ room to quench her thirst for the day.

They started slowly by kissing each other, Anita sat on an empty bench while Reddy kissed her lips and touched the folds of her body with his arm. He pulled her closer, kissed her deep, and rubbed his hand on her breasts and the smooth waist, and then slowly pulled her hands over her head to take her top off.

Horny for him, as usual, she was not wearing a bra underneath, and her firm breasts came into full view. He immediately started to kiss and caress them. He pressed them gently, tasting the buds of her nipples with his tongue. He pinched them and then took them in his mouth to start sucking them gently. “Mmmmmmmmmm” Anita already began trembling and moaning in excitement. All her bodily fluids had started flowing at the first touch of his, on her naked body.

Reddy, kissed, sucked, and nibbled on her nipples long enough to make them swell and red. He didn’t stop until it looked as if the bitch will set herself off any time. Then finally he turned her around and stood right behind her. He cupped her breast with one of his hands, pressing it, not gently any more. He then slowly started exploring more down south with his other hand.

Pressing her breast hard with his right hand, he ventured deep in her pants with his left. She was wearing a pair of sweat pants, with no panties inside. He slipped his palm easily through the elastics and on to her vaginal mound, pressing and rubbing his palm gently on them. “Awwwwwwwwwwww” she moaned out in acknowledgement of his treatment towards her cunt and continued moaning as he had just started.

Reddy took out his left hand and pressed her breasts with both his hands, and then slowly dipped his right hand in her pants – touching the hairy mound of her cunt. “Ohhhh…ohhhhh…ahhhh” she was already finding hard to catch up her breath, “Ohhh I love this gym” she said, enjoying moments of her private workout fully.

“O yeah…” Reddy grunted in a moment of passion, as he pulled her up, making her raise her ass up so that he can rub his hands on it too. She was still wearing the pants as he made her climb up on the bench and kneel, while he rubbed his hands on the round globe of her ass. And ‘thwack’ – he slapped on her ass. “Ssssssssssssssssss” Anita closed her eyes and sizzled instead of protesting.

Reddy enjoyed that as he slapped her ass two more times, and each time making her moan in pleasure rather than pain. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh” she grunted in a mixed feeling of more of pleasure than pain. And he knew the he had the bitch totally under his control.

He pushed her further to raise her ass and bend forward and lean on the large metal cupboard in front. And as she did so, he pulled her pants off her waist and down and off her body. She was completely naked – on her knees and bent in front, leaning on the metal cupboard abandoned in the equipment room.

Her ass cheeks already started showing signs of the earlier two slaps, but now they looked even more inviting than before. Reddy, dug his nails on the delicate, fleshy mounds of her ass, and caressed and rubbed them with a burning desire. ‘Thwack’ and once again he slapped hard across her naked ass and once again she moaned out in appreciation – “Ohhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”. ‘Thwack’, ‘Thwack’, ‘Thwack’ – He was rubbing her ass hard and slapping them randomly until they turned red and burned in pain.

Yet, Anita didn’t flinch as she realised how much she liked to be spanked bare ass. She moaned and twitched in pleasure while Reddy continued rubbing and molesting her ass. Unconsciously, with each of the slaps, she had been spreading her legs wide – opening and exposing her inviting cunt. Reddy at first was looking at it amusingly, thinking how horny the bitch she was. Then slowly he started rubbing his hand up and down the crack of her ass to her open cunt.

“Oh yeas…. Ohhhhhh… Yessss… Ohhhhhh… Mmmmmmm….” Anita had already started showing her gratitude with her body language. And as Reddy started rubbing his hands mostly around her cunt, she too had started rubbing her cunt against his hand. And looking at her so horny, he had grabbed her by the hairs to keep a tight leash on her body. Yet she managed to swing her body in order to rub her cunt on his hands.

“Oh yeas… oh yeasss… oh yeasssss” she had been moaning, feeling his rough palm on her delicate cunt. “Ahhhhh… yea yeayeayea… yessssss… ohhhhhh” she moaned harder as she felt the growing urge of orgasm building up in her body. Reddy had her head pushed ahead, and held it tightly. Her body was still bent forward like a bitch, and he did not just rub her cunt any longer – he had already pushed two of his fingers in her, and was finger fucking her hard and fast.

“Ohhh yeah… Ahhhhyeahh… huhhhh… ohhhh… sssssss” she moaned as he continued fucking her hard with his fingers. “You want to come? Huh? You want to come?” Reddy asked her while still driving her towards that mad urge steadily. “O yeahhhhh… yes….. pleassssss…. please, I want to cum” she mumbled, unable to speak those correctly. And ‘thwack’ he slapped across her ass once again – “Mmmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned as she did not expect that, yet it had helped her even further towards that elusive orgasm. A few more slaps followed while he kept a steady movement of his fingers, in and out of her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh… please… please… let me come…” she pleaded, realising what was going on. Each time she was nearing the moment to come he was slapping her hard and thus keeping her waiting for the orgasm. And he was doing this pretty effectively, keeping her on the edge for long now. But slowly she was being driven mad – that need to come, and then being deprived was making her crazy.

But that was exactly what she had wanted – to be used at the whims of her lover. And so she welcomed and in fact enjoyed what was being done to her. He had her pinned down and finger fucked her almost for half an hour, denying her the orgasm each time she had reached and was ready. Instead he just kept on and on with her, keeping her at the edge – it was all just too wonderful to be real.

Then he pulled her up, making her stand on the floor and leaning back at the metal cupboard she had been bent upon for till now. His fingers were all wet and juicy from her cunt, and she was breathing heavily, panting from all the fingering and moaning till then. And suddenly he pushed his wet fingers inside her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm” she didn’t protest, and had started licking her own juices off his fingers. She didn’t realise how sweet it can taste, until now. And so she started licking his fingers while he started kissing and licking her nipples yet again. But not for long this time, as he pulled his fingers out of her mouth and started kissing her lips and tasting some of her juices from her mouth. Both stood lip locked for several moments – kissing, sucking, and chewing each other’s lips, until his cock was so hard that it needed immediate attention.

Anita immediately went down on her knees, rubbing her face against the bulge on his pants. She felt the wonderful smell of his cock and its pre-cum as she rubbed his face all over his pants. She then slowly pulled his pants down, allowing the monster to jump free. And then she took it in her hands and started worshipping it obediently.

It had already swelled into a huge size, and she had already started kissing and licking it, feeling it throbbing in her palm. Reddy then sat back at the bench, leaning back and letting his horny bitch to please his cock. “Ohhhh…. ahhhhh…. ohhhhh… mmmmmmm….” She was moaning as she rubbed her tongue and open mouth, madly, on his cock. She had not taken it in her mouth yet but had already made it wet by licking it from all sides.

“Suck it bitch” Reddy roared out in an angry tone, and almost immediately she took it in her mouth and started sucking. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned as she felt the throbbing mass of meat so sweat and satisfying. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Reddy moaned too, feeling the warmth of her tongue fulfilling the need of his aroused passion.

She continued sucking like an obedient slave while Reddy just leant back and relaxed, enjoying one of the best blowjobs he had got recently. And while Anita devoted her full concentration in pleasing his cock, his thoughts lingered for a moment. He thought how lucky he was, first with Kiran, and now with Anita. It was incredible to have slept with two married ladies – and both were different too.

Kiran was more about substance and style, while Anita was more about raw passion and a will to do anything. Though he still missed Kiran’smilk-filled firm breasts – licking and sipping the sweet milk off her tits,yet he loved a lot about Anita too, and her will to do anything for him. It gave him a refreshing thought about himself and he looked back at the prone figure of Anita – still sucking his cock with great care and passion, and immediately he felt a kick of passion rise up through his spine.

Something in that naked lady, sucking at his cock so relentlessly, made him crazy with desire. He wanted to pull her up and pin her on the bench and then fuck her hard with all the power and energy he had. She wanted him, and he wanted to give her what she wanted. His eight inches cock was now throbbing hard in her mouth, wanting to drill deep inside her softer cunt.

He immediately grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up. Anita struggled on her legs as she had to leave his cock abruptly. Reddy too sat up and then brought her around and pushed her back on the bench. He swiftly pushed her down on her back and pinned her with his own weight upon her body. Anita opened her legs automatically, inviting him to swing his cock deep in her.

Reddy bent further and then found her lips and started kissing and sucking her deep. His cock too found its mark automatically and they both stiffened for a moment as his cock made its way deep inside her tight vagina. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she had moaned lightly, with her lips still sewn by his. But she couldn’t stop as his monstrous cock rubbed roughly at the tight skin of her cunt as he pushed it cleanly through in a single stroke.

Anita wrapped her arms around his body, and dug her nails on his back – unable to bear the sudden pain when he had pushed his enormous cock all the way inside, in a single stroke. Her muscles had tightened and she lay motionless for a moment, absorbing the pain with his cock along. Reddy too had a brief pause, before he could start with the to and fro swing of his waist.

Anita hugged on to him tightly as he gently started gyrating his hips, slowly picking up pace and rhythm. “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” she moaned out, in a maddening pleasure rather than pain this time, as his thick and long cock started grinding her cunt inside. The flesh in her cunt burned with the hard and rough rub it got from the cock, and she wanted to moan but once again he had sealed her lips with his – sucking and chewing on those tender fleshes.

Soon he had been banging her hard and rough, yet making her wriggle in utmost pleasure. She rapidly came close to that elusive orgasm, and unable to control, widened her legs further and lifted in the air letting himto fuck her even harder. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she was moaning, even though her lips were sealed and being sucked by Reddy.

Her body tightened as she hugged him tightly, digging her nails on his back, she knew she was about to explode any moment. The volcano that was building up in her abdomen was about to burst any time now. Anita closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, her entire body was nicely spread and each muscles stiff in pleasure. Reddy enjoyed seeing her like that and started kissing and biting at her neck and shoulders, but he didn’t stop thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt.

“nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” a soft murmur rose from Anita and soon she broke into a wail as she couldn’t control herself any longer. She was taken over by a thunderous orgasm, flooding her cunt and oozing her juices out of it uncontrollably. Reddy felt the sudden wetness of her cunt too and smiled, he was kissing at her neck when suddenly bit her soft flesh hard.

“Aaaarrrrggggggghhhhhh” she shouted in pain, but couldn’t stop him leave his mark on her tender skin. But then she held his head tightly and pulled it closer to start kissing his lips. Reddy continuedgyrating his waist while Anita kissed him passionately in reward of the magical orgasm he had given her.

Her tight cunt had turned slippery enough by now, allowing his cock a smoother rhythm than earlier. Reddy started fucking her even faster and slowly he too was reaching the point of his climax. In the meantime, Anita had come one more time. The first orgasm lasted longer, but the continuous mauling of her cunt made her come once again as well.

Reddy pushed his tongue in her mouth, playing with her tongue and licking the crevices of her mouth as he slowly reached his climax. He kept her pinned tightly in his yoke as he quickened his strokes. Anita felt the thrust getting harder and realised that it probably was the last few. And before she could brace herself, Reddy clutched on to her tightly and she felt his warm manhood spread inside her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Reddy moaned out in exhaustion as he completed draining his juices inside her. Anita was calm however, feeling his warm juices inside her. She was lying quietly and was exhausted too. Both wanted to snuggle tight and lie down for some moment, but it was not the place or time, they will have to get up and get going before anyone discovers their whereabouts.

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