Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-27

In our last episode, Aarushi was concerned and stressed about her exams which was just a few days ahead. And she was not prepared for writing the exams. Alike most of her other friends she too was seeking help from the rest of her classmates, but they selfishly refused to help. But just when the rest of her friends were about to lose all hope, Aarushi had her own ways of getting what she wanted.

She approached Mr. Agnihotri, their professor, directly. He was at the library when Aarushi approached him for help. But he too looked cold and uninterested towards her pleas. But then Aarushi had more ways to appease him than just seeking for help. And so when nothing else worked, she promised to pay him any cost in return of the favour. And Mr. Agnihotri asked her to see him in his office at 7 pm, after college.

Aarushi and Mr. Agnihotri met at the later’s office at 7, when the college was almost empty and no one had seen her going to his office that late. Mr. Agnihotri was busy in some paper-works when Aarushi came but immediately got free. He started with torturing her breasts with his teeth and biting and pinching her nipples. He treated her so harshly that Aarushi almost cried and winced in pain. Her nipples were swollen red with bite marks too.

Then she had to strip completely naked and kneel in front of him to suck his cock. But there too he had grabbed her by her hairs and shoved his cock deep inside her mouth, making her choke. But he had continued fucking her mouth deep till her throat until he had had enough. He had kept a tight grip on her hairs, and closed his eyes to feel the pleasure of the depth and warmth of her mouth. Aarushi too had closed her eyes and as saliva drooled out of her mouth she continued servicing her professor’s cock. The two continued like that for several minutes until Mr. Agnihotri eased his grip on her and then suddenly pulled her cock out of her mouth and stood up, pulling her up by her hairs.

He then dragged her by the hairs to the table. There were papers scattered all over the surface of the table. “You know what these are?” he asked her in a rage. He still held her by the hairs, she was naked apart from her panties, and saliva oozing out of her lips. She had a glance on the papers and nodded back as she couldn’t recognise those. “These are the notes that you are here for bitch” he lashed out in disgust towards her ignorance, and then immediately pushed her against the table.

He had pinned her down at the table, bending her at a 90 degree from her waist, so that her face was pinned against those notes that were scattered around the table. She was bent on her belly and he pushed himself tight against her lower body. Still holding her hairs, he bent forward to grab something out from the drawers.

He took out a pair of scissors, and still holding her immobile in that position, he started cutting her panties into bits. At first he cut through the elastic, making it loose, and then he cut all over the rest of the cloth and pulling it off her body once it was shattered and useless. Aarushi closed her eyes and thought in horror that she now had to return home without her panties. She was also afraid as she now stood, or bent, completely naked at the mad professor’s mercy.

“You have to work really hard if you are to get hold of these” he remarked as he started feeling her ass, and rubbing his fingers on the ass crack. He then kicked slightly at her legs, indicating her to spread those in order to open up her cunt. Aarushi immediately spread her legs wide, allowing a good view of her pussy. It was already wet and glistened with the moist. He looked at it closely, relieving his grip from her hair but ordered her not to move and to be in the same position.

Aarushi obeyed like a puppy as he slowly touched around her moist cunt. “Mmmmpppppppppp” she moaned as she felt his fingers slowly touching the area around her vagina and rubbing it gently. He continued rubbing her vagina until her moans became hard and louder. “Shut up you bitch, or I will make you fuck anyone who comes hearing your noise” he threatened her, and immediately Aarushi lowered her voice.

Mr. Agnihotri then slowly spread her cunt lips, exposing the soft pink flesh of her clitoris. Aarushi shivered in excitement as she felt his fingers slowly protruding on her soft clits and then gently starting to rub on it. “Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” she squealed at his touch as the stimulation at her clits make her go mad once again. “Ahhhhhhhhh…ohhhhh it feels so good…” she moaned out when slowly he started pushing his fingers further in her pussy.

Mr. Agnihotri was slowly pushing his finger deep inside her moist and wet cunt, and once he was able to penetrate the bitch’s tight pussy, he started stroking his finger in and out. “Ohhhhhh…ohhhhhh…ohhhhh” she started moaning as he continued stroking his finger at an increasing pace. He continued fucking her with his finger, but then bent forward to whisper one more threat at her ears. “You will not come without permission, you will seek permission before coming, just like you do to excuse yourself from the classes”, he ordered. “Ahhhhh…Yesshhhhh…Yesshhhh Sir” she replied amidst her uncontrollable moans.

And Mr. Agnihotri continued fucking her cunt with his fingers, judging her conditions from her moans and body language. She had by then grabbed the other side of the table with her arms, and had also tightened her entire body, a sign of the orgasm that was building up. Her moans too had become deep and more silent as she had started breathing heavily. He was greatly amused at this scene continued stroking his fingers even faster.

“Ooooohhhhhhhh” she cooed out suddenly, “Please sir…can I please come” she sought for permission just as she had been told. “What?” asked the professor, “Sir, may I please come” she said once again, more polite this time. Mr. Agnihotri smiled, as he slowed down the pace a little, not wanting to set her off immediately. “Not like that girl, say that the bitch wants to come at your finger” he wanted some amusement before she could come.

“Please sir…please let the bitch come at your fingers” she begged for the fifth time expecting to be denied like the previous four times. “No…not enough…you need to beg if you want to come” but at the same time he continued rubbing her gently, keeping her at the edge and yet not allowing her to set off. And it was making her mad, tears already running down her cheeks, not in fear but a desperate desire. She was enjoying being kept at the edge and yet denied.

“Please sir…I beg your permission to allow this bitch to come on your fingers…please sir…I cannot take it longer sir” she begged amidst her squeals. “Very well…not enough yet, but I will allow you to come this time” and then he pushed his fingers further once again. “Aawwwwwwwwwwwwwww” as soon as she felt his fingers on her soft inner cunt walls again, she broke out in the orgasm she had been holding back. She immediately bit her lips and controlled her moans as her juices started running wild.

Mr. Agnihotri took his wet finger out and rubbed it on her bare back. She was still bent against the table, opening her cunt from behind. Slowly he released her allowing her to stand up. But she kept lying in the same position, her legs trembling, her cunt still flooding with her juices. And after a few moments when she thought it was over, she stood up and turned around to see where the professor was.

“Done with your coming?” he asked her in a cold voice. And immediately she felt a pang of humiliation and blushed red. She nodded her head in embarrassment. “Good, now clear the table and climb on top of it” he ordered. “Yes sir” she said, out of automatic obedience as she turned around and piled the papers neatly at a side. She then climbed on top of it and sat facing the professor, her legs dangling from the edge.

“Now lie down and pull your legs up, but keep them wide so that I can see your cunt” he ordered again and she followed almost immediately. She lay down on the table and pulled her legs up at the edge, but kept them wide apart so that her pussy was gape open and ready for use. The professor stood up once again and approached her open and exposed figure. “I think you have done well till now”, he remarked with an air of pride, “and if you continue working so hard no one can stop you from doing well” he added before positioning himself right next to her open pussy.

He was still dressed but his cock was still hanging out of his pants, and was hard and aching to dive deep inside her gaping hole. He held his cock delicately and started rubbing its head around her vagina. “Mmmmmppppppphhhhhhhhh” she felt his cock poking at around her cunt and moaned out her approval for it to be pushed inside her. Though she had just came, yet she was hungry for his cock. Impatient she loosened her pussy further trying to make it look as inviting as she could.

Mr. Agnihotri soon stopped playing around her vagina and positioned his cock correctly at the opening of her cunt, and then slowly pushed his cock through the tight but soft flesh of her pussy. “Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he moaned as his cock slowly penetrated deep inside her, and he could feel her wet and warm cunt tighten itself around his cock. Soon he had penetrated her deep and paused before setting into a rhythm of stroking his cock in and out of her.

Aarushi fisted her hands, ready for the action, she closed her eyes as suddenly Mr. Agnihotri bent forward seeking her lips. She didn’t protest as he started kissing and then sucking at her cherry lips. But whimpered slightly when he had started stroking his cock gently. He was fucking her and at the same time sucking her lips, often biting and chewing on that soft mound of juicy flesh. Aarushi lied in her position in muted excitement.

“Mmmmmmm….uuhhhhhhh…aaahhhhhhhh…aarrgghhhhhhh…uuhhhhhhhhhhh…ohhhhhhhhh” she moaned as he continued rubbing his cock in and out of her cunt. And once again her body became stout, signalling her second orgasm and immediately he stood up concentrating more on her cunt and starting to bang her pussy harder.

“Sirhhhhh…hhhhhh…May this bitchhhhhhh….come again….fffffffffff….ohhhhhhh” she didn’t forget to seek for permission as he had suggested her before. Mr. Agnihotri smiled at her obedience and then bent forward again to start kissing her lips, more gently this time. “Yes bitch, you may” he approved much quicker than before. And Aarushi closed her eyes and went silent as once again she started to come, with her juices flowing out from deep of her crevices.

Mr. Agnihotri too had reached his climax, and had started thrusting hard at her cunt. His body became stout as well in need for the relief. Aarushi had already came twice, but he was holding it back all the while. He gripped her tightly, holding her at her waist and was thrusting wildly at her. “Ummmmmm….Yesssssss…yessssss…yesss…..oh yeaaahhhhhhhh” he started moaning as he was on the verge of his climax.

And then he held her really tightly and paused after a heavy thrust in her, and immediately he sprayed her with his cum. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he let out a huge sigh of relief, as ounces of cum kept oozing out of his cock, inside her. Aarushi too was breathing more relaxed now, feeling the hot, sticky gooey thing inside her and knowing that it was over now.

And she was correct, as Mr. Agnihotri pulled his lump cock out and put it back in his pants. Aarushi was still naked when she stood up. Her body was a bit sticky and her make up almost smeared. Mr. Agnihotri allowed her to go to the toilet and then asked her to come back once she had fixed herself properly. Aarushi collected her clothes, she looked at her torn panties and then remembered that she had to go home without it. And then she put it on and then left heftily for the girl’s washroom.

Mr. Agnihotri was back at his work when Aarushi came back. She looked neat with her make-up re done and all dressed like the doll she had been a few hours ago. He looked back at her once again and then asked her to sit. Aarushi sat in front of him, expecting that he will give her something meaningful in return.

“You were great, if you continue working hard like this you may not need any help at all” Mr. Agnihotri said cunningly. Aarushi didn’t know what he was saying and so looked back at him blankly.

“See, I am setting up the question papers, why ask for the notes when you can have the questions itself” he offered with a smile. At last Aarushi too could breathe easy, it wasn’t a bad deal after all, she thought. The price of her little compromise was being well paid, with the papers itself she wouldn’t have to study at all, she could only memorise the part needed. Her eyes lit up immediately and he realised that she was interested to hear more.

“But to get these, you will have to work harder” he continued as Aarushi looked back in muted excitement. “Now from tomorrow until your exams, I want you to come to my office daily at this time” he said and then stopped to see the expressions in Aarushi’s face.

At first her face was blank but it still flushed in excitement. But her heart sank with the thought of coming and the submitting to him daily till the exams, which were a couple of weeks later. But yet if that was the price to leave behind the rest of her friends and classmates, she was ready for it. And after all she had already deep in it, so there was nothing else for her to lose.

So she nodded her head back, and the professor continued. “Good, I like your obedience” he appraised her, “So you will come to my office everyday sharp at 7, no matter I am present or not, you will strip down immediately and wait for me under my table” he said.

Aarushi took a deep breath, contemplating his conditions. “And you will strip completely naked, if I find any piece of cloth on your body, like today, I will just torn it to pieces like I did with your panties today” Aarushi nodded her head in agreement as he threatened her. “Good”, he said, “Now you may leave but report back tomorrow sharp at 7, and do exactly as you are told or severe consequences awaits you” once again he threatened coldly.

Aarushi stood up and then left immediately, her legs trembling, half with excitement and half fear. Slowly and cautiously she climbed down the steps and reached out towards the gate of the college. She checked her watch, it was 8.15 already, she looked around and then raised a hand and shouted “TAXI”…

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