Quarantine Sex

“What happened Bhabhi? Why are you crying like this?” I asked my sister-in-law, Manisha, seeing her sob vehemently. I was sleeping, and I had just woken up hearing her scream and shout.

“Kamlesh is stranded in Delhi. I told him so many times not to go. He is stuck there. I am so worried about him. I don’t think I will ever see him, again.” She continued crying, losing her breath as she continued explaining to me the developments.

It had been only a few minutes since the central government had announced the lockdown, keeping in mind the serious threat posed by the virus. I was sleeping, and I had no idea about it.

I had been following the news. But I never thought it was something we had to worry about. I never thought it was something that would affect people like this.

And, it was only once Manisha bhabhi told me all about it, I understood the seriousness of the matter. Like many people around the world, my elder brother, Kamlesh, also, was grounded and helpless.

I immediately called my parents. They had gone to visit my elder sister, who lived in the neighboring district, with her husband’s family.

“We are fine here, Kapil. But I don’t think we can come home, today. All the roads have been blocked,” my mom said as soon as she answered the call.

“Stay home, okay, son. Be a good boy, and take care of Manisha. Kamlesh had just called telling me she is heartbroken. Your brother is more worried about his wife than his own safety. Try to console her, okay. Tell her it is nothing to worry about,” my mom continued.

“Is Kamlesh okay, mom?” I asked.

“He is. Don’t worry about him. He is big enough to take care of himself. He is already trying to get in touch with one of his friends there.” My mom, too, was very bothered about this but tried her best to not sound upset.

Manisha bhabhi was wearing a red-colored cotton kurti, she often wore at home, along with her black leggings. She was a very pretty woman, in her mid 20’s, but today looked devastated. She was sitting on the floor, with her head leaning against the wall, tears rolling down her eyes. It was a very sad sight.

I knew I had to do something about it. I knew I had to calm her down. I was the only man at home. In fact, I was the only other person at home. I could hear her phone ring, but she was in no mood to answer. I had to do something.

I was still a very young boy, very pampered, and had never had to do something of this sort. I was just not ready to handle a situation like this. I took a deep breath. I walked towards her, hoping I can help her relax, and convince her to believe everything will be fine.

I was now only a couple of feet away from her and was just about to start talking when I noticed the unbelievable amount of her milky cleavage that was on display. The low light in the room had kept the very obvious fact hidden all this while.

Her dress was completely disarranged after all her swift and anxious movements and actions. And, she was clueless about it, as she continued to weep.

She had never lived away from her husband after their marriage. This was the first time, my brother could not take his wife along. It was a sudden trip, and also one with a hectic schedule. She was reluctant to let him go, at first, but then agreed. And, the worst possible happened.

Manisha bhabhi was in a state of shock and had no idea about how her clothes were letting her down. She was in no mood to care either. She was scared for her husband. She was too naive a woman, despite being married for close to 4 years.

But, for somebody who has always taken the extra effort to cover herself, realizing that a large part of her gorgeous rack was left exposed, would have been a shocker.

Manisha bhabhi was very fair, and always kept herself very fit. Her dressing too was always very sensible, and never faced criticism.

It very much surprised me that she had such big busty boobs. This was, of course, the first time I had seen her in a vulnerable position. But her deep voluptuous cleavage just blew me away. The thin straps of her black bra, only made her look even more seductive.

She did not have a very thick and bulky figure, and her bust would have been sized 34, at maximum. But they were definitely e-cups. They were definitely the biggest I had seen my whole life.

At 21, I have had my share of fun. I have been getting laid with my girlfriend, on a consistent basis. I have been doing her a lot of good. My 6-inch penis was not the biggest around, but always got the job done, and I was happy with my sex life.

But getting turned on from the unexpected exposure by my own brother’s wife felt exceptionally special. I was very aroused and very hard. I do not remember having an erection this big, anytime lately.

I was ogling at her tits, as she stayed idle. As if she was waiting for me to have as much fun as I could with the very sensual view she was offering me. I, myself, felt stuck, with everything happening. And, was brought back to my senses by my mother’s call.

“Listen, Kapil. Don’t panic, okay. The lock-down period has been announced, It is 3 full weeks. There is no way we can come home anytime soon. And it is the same as your brother, too. Convince your Bhabhi, okay. Please. Only you can make this better,” my mom stressed.

The devil in my mind did immediately manage to tell me how wonderful a time I was going to have with my innocent sister-in-law. She looked nothing less than a damsel in distress, full three full weeks. But, the responsible family member in me, was not just ready to fall for it.

I felt like I was the man of the house. I had to do something. And, I told myself this was not the time to lust for her. Though my penis projected out of tight boxers, way too much, I knew I had to start a positive conversation, right away.

Manisha bhabhi and I were always good friends, and she used to take care of me just like my mother did. She served me food, washed my clothes, and was there for me whenever I needed. She was a girl of today but also had rich traditional values. This was my turn to repay her kindness.

I went close to her, bent down, and tried talking her out of her current disturbed state. But, each time I completed a sentence, she would only cry even more. I just did not know how to make her feel any better. I finally decided I should have her get up from the floor, and sit on the sofa.

I requested her to please get herself up. But, she was not ready to even listen to me. When none of my requests worked, I knew what I had to do. I knew I had to use my strength. I grabbed her by her arms and tried to force her up. She was heavier than I thought, and it wasn’t easy.

And finally, when I managed to pull her up, using all my muscles, I had no control over my own body. I was unbalanced, and in the process ended up falling with my back hitting the floor. And, the very next second, I felt Manisha bhabhi also fall on me.

It was a hard fall. It hurt, a lot. The entire weight of her body was on me. But, I was in no position to feel any of it.

She was on top of me, and all I could focus on was the fact that her huge melons were being groped by me. My hands had gleefully caught each of her tits, in reflex, when she came crashing down on me.

Manisha bhabhi gasped, and she was startled. I was not mauling her, but I could not ignore the fact I felt her hard nipples poked on my hands.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, as she looked at me, biting her lips, unintentionally, and still laying on top of me.

“I am so sorry.” I wanted to say, but no sound would come out from my mouth.

I tried taking my hands away. But with the whole of her body on me, I only ended up squeezing her tits more, causing them to pop out. The fleshy boobies of my sister-in-law, were just a few inches away from my face, now.

“Aahh… You are hurting me,” she said, in her soft voice, but never suggesting I should stop.

I knew I had to end this. I somehow managed to take my hands out. But, now, had her directly crushed against my chest. I could feel her milk tankers on my warm body.

But, more importantly, my own hard prick, that pushed against her all this while, felt even more inside her. It was the strangest situation I had ever got myself into. It felt weird. But, I could also not stop thinking of it as the hottest moments of my life, so far.

I saw her look straight into my eyes, and I could not escape her glance.

“I am sorry, Manisha bhabhi. I was only trying to…” was all I could finally say. I watched her get up, with her left hand covering her exposed hooters. She immediately adjusted her dress, the way it was meant to keep her hot body covered, and gave me a sly smile that completely left me bemused.

I just did not know what she meant to convey. She had felt my dick, on her. That was a sure thing. She would have noticed the hardness of it, too. But, what was it that her sultry face tried to suggest.

“What does she really want? She was wrecked all this whole, and out of everything I tried doing, this was what that brought out a smile on her face?” I thought to myself.

I got up from the floor and looked down instantly. I was still having a raging hard-on. She had definitely felt it. There was no way she could have missed it.

“Now, was she trying to tell you she liked the feel of it? Do you think she wants more of it?” I was asking myself when I heard Manisha bhabhi’s voice.

“Yes, Kamlesh… No… I am fine. It is okay… I did not see your call. I was just lost in thoughts. You please stay safe, okay… Call me when you reach there… Yes, he is here… Kapil is home… What? Yeah? No… I think that is a good idea… And, yes, that is just what we will do! You don’t worry about it.”

I listened to her conversation with my brother, even as I continued to assess the entire state of affairs.

“It was your brother,” Manisha bhabhi said, in her usual sweet voice, but, with a teasing smile.

“I hope he is fine, bhabhi,” I quickly replied. I was glad she was talking to me, and also that she did not say anything about our little ‘misadventure’ to my brother.

“Yes, my dear boy. Kamlesh is fine. But, he has asked you for a big favor. He wants you to do something for him.” she said, sounding unusually excited.

“What is it, Bhabhi? I will get it done right away.” I said.

“No… No… You don’t have to hurry, Kapil. It’s nothing to be done right away. Unless you really want to… Hahaha… I mean… You have time till the night.” she said, teasing me even more.

“What is it?” I asked a little more sternly…

“Well, he wants you to…” she left the sentence incomplete.

“Wants me to…” I prompted.

“Hahaha…” she just laughed.

“Tell me… Please!” I said.

“Well… Kamlesh, your brother, wants you to… sleep with me!” she said, shocking me.

“What?” I could not believe what I heard.

“Why are you acting so strange? He just said he wants you to share the bed with me tonight,” she continued, with no change in tone.

“What on earth?” I sounded very unsure…

“Hahaha. He asked me to have you sleep in our room!” she finally clarified.

“But, why?” I still did not think it was necessary.

“Hahaha… I don’t know… That is what your elder brother wants… And, he is no position to explain everything. And, so I did not ask him why. And, maybe, you too should not. So, no more questions, please… You are sleeping with me tonight!” she declared, with delight clear on her face.

I was sure it was a harmless idea suggested by my brother. And, only because he did not want his lonely upset wife to sleep alone. But the way she presented it to me made it sound extremely twisted.

She made it look like I was not asked to just sleep in his room. She made it look like I was not asked to just share the bed with his wife. She made it look like I was not asked to just sleep with his wife.

She made it look like her husband wanted his brother to fill his wife. At-least, she wanted it.

Half of my young oscillating mind said she meant nothing evil. And reminded me of all the times she used to mess with me, for fun. It tried telling me she has always been like that.

But the other half was adamant she was begging me to take her. All I could hear it say was that tonight was going to be only the first of the many sin-filled luscious nights to follow.

To be continued.

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