Desperate Colleague

I have a colleague looks similar to actress Sujithra Murali. Even she is Mallu, her assets are the same as of the actress. In my story, I call her Suji.

Just seated next to me, I love her fragrance smell a lot. She is basically from Kottayam married to businessmen. Age of 36 and having a kid and fair enough. We were colleagues from the team formation. Initial years we were just friends. And later when her close friends moved out she started speaking to me.

Later on, she started sharing her family life, which I felt bad. Because her husband used to torture mentally and physically. We became so close, even she started sharing her menstrual days, moods, etc. I came to know that she had not been fucked for the last 8 years. So just think how desperate she will be.

Her assets were huge like I said of the actress. She had a little tummy and nice thighs. Whenever she used to wear leggings I used to stare at her thighs. Especially when it was white see-through leggings. Suji’ s jugs are a treat, those melons are of 34D with the black areola.

She had a nice ass that swings like coconuts. Her panties are of 90 sizes. Now moving to the story, we used to do morning shifts starting at 6. Other colleagues used to come by 11.30 only. So we had ample time. Even though cameras were around on the floor we didn’t care about it.

Initial days she used to share things sitting close to me. After a few days, I started holding her palm as if I am comforting her. After a few days, she used to come so close to me and share things. Even the bare thighs within the leggings used to feel for me. I used to feel something else in my body.

I started to think somehow I have to try my luck and fuck her. Later on, she used to put a leg over my leg and started chatting. Asking whether she has put on weight in the tummy side. I thought to give a try I asked her to let me feel her tummy. She nodded and slowly I slid my palm to her tummy.

What a feeling it was. My hands were shivering but still, I placed my hand over there. Tummy was so soft and her face expression started to change. Still, it was the first time out of fear I took away hands out of fear. That night I couldn’t sleep thinking of her soft tummy and masturbated thinking of her.

I decided to fuck her at any cost. So days moved on. Her thighs rested on my thighs most of the days when nobody was around. I slowly started to place my palm on her waist. I slowly used fingered her belly button which she loved. She used to sigh in between and I love that.

Those days I used to feel like her melons. Some part was touching my hands while my palm used to roam on her belly. Since it was so huge little part was always out of her bra. I waited for the day and made sure nobody was on the floor. And the day as normal my hands were on her belly.

Suddenly I slid my hand inside her bra and she was also surprised. I was so surprised by her size. It was so soft and a little bit saggy. I started playing with her melons under her top. Her areola was big and started gently rubbing it her moans increased.

I wanted to taste it but it was not possible because anybody can come in. So out of fear I just limited rubbing and squeezing. And it went on 15 minutes and slowly took out my hands. Later when I asked about the size she only told me those lovely ones are of 34D.

This increased my confidence. I understood at some point I can fuck her. Days moved. One day, as usual, she was in leggings and my hands were on her belly. And one hand was on her thighs, I slowly put my hands little more up and slowing moved to her pussy area.

And now I was feeling her panties and I gained confidence and slid my other hand to her leggings. To my luck, it directly went inside her panties and she made a sigh. Guys it was an awesome feeling and never thought I can reach up to there so easily. And Suji has shaved pussy and it was so fluffy.

Started fingering slowly she was making small groans. I continued fingering for some time entered one finger initially later 2 fingers. I understood that her pussy not been touched for a long time because it was a little hard to enter. Juice started to flow after some time and we feared some cleaning staff may come.

Even she was a little worried so I stopped after some time. Her love juice was in my fingers, I took it to my lips. What a day it was, it was dream come true to fuck a Kottayam Mallu lady. This continued for some days. After a few days, she started to touch my 7-inch tool, initially through outside and later asked to slide in.

And she started to do it. Her fingers were shivering still I was in a stage of flying in heaven. And my fingers too were playing her fluffy love openings. I was so eager to fuck her. I was telling my mind to be patient time will come. And days passed we had corridors where no cameras and fewer people to walk.

So I took that place to handle her. I started to ask her to come there. There we started to hug and kiss and I was slowly feeling her. One day she was in red leggings and while hugging I placed my palm on her ass. Guys can’t describe how wide and soft it was.

My fingers ran through her ass crack and squeezed. She said it is painful. I simply said in her ear that she is going to pain more. Her face went confused. In my life, I have not seen a lovely ass like that. Maybe because I am an ass lover and love to fuck doggy. We continued in that stage.

I was struggling to get her lips because she was not ready to give her lips. But I had to stop because we gained senses that it is a public corridor. So the days passed. My other colleague built a house next to me. That day Suji came to a house warming and she visited my house that same day.

My wife was busy with my colleague’s house helping. I got goosebumps thinking of my luck. Ours were two stories, so she after seeing the ground floor moved through steps to the first floor. I was just walking just back of her just watching her ass movement.

Guys, I wasn’t able to control myself at any cost. She was wearing white leggings and red top, her melons were poking out. I was just waiting for her to reach the first floor. As soon she reached the first floor I hugged her from the back and kissed her all over.

She started to sigh. Right now I am not able to explain what all I did. But still, I shall try. I turned her took her lips inside me and grabbed her ass from behind and squeezed. Continued to kiss on her lips and neck. Again turned her kissed on her neck.

My fingers started to slide inside her top and touched her soft belly. I was literally squeezing her belly and putting a finger. Her moans increased. I enjoyed it and started to move up my fingers upward. I slid through her red bra, guys those big melons were poking out.

I couldn’t control myself I could only squeeze only for little time because her areola was stiff. In no time I lifted her top thinking of drinking of her lovely melons. But seeing her belly I was stuck over there started to lick and kiss over there.

Even her belly was superb, I played over there for some time meanwhile my fingers were caressing her melons. Slowly I went up and saw her melons. I could not control took in my mouth and the other with one hand squeezing. Her nipples were so good.

I was sucking like a baby. Her moans increased, my fingers moved to her private area, it was easy for me to slide to there as you guys know she was in leggings. Her panties were also red in color. After fingering her pussy for some time, I thought I will suck her pussy because my wife may come at any time.

Took her leggings little down exposing her big ass and lovely fluffy pussy. That sight I still remember in my eyes. Guys sliding slowly leggings and panties, slowly pussy and ass coming out. She was shy by that time, she was a little reluctant. I used little force and moved it down.

My goodness. her ass. I thought I will fuck right away. Then I changed my mind, started to lick her pussy, it was so fluffy. Her moans increased juice slowly started the flow. Guys, you have to understand that a lady who is not touched for a long time by anybody.

I was sucking with the tongue her pussy lips. Meanwhile, I couldn’t control my fingers to put into her ass crack. Fingers were fucking her ass. Her sighs increased and her fingers were pulling out my hair. In between, she was humming my name with love.

I was sucking like anything and fucking with a finger in ass. It took around 10 to 15 minutes and we had to put a stop because at any time my wife may come. So with the half mind, we thought we will stop. I wanted badly her ass so I kissed her ass all over.

Her love juice was flowing and with the half mind. She too wore her dress back. This was the first half encounter between us.

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