Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-26

Borah had returned back from his official trip, beaming with ideas to blackmail Sowmya with the evidences he had successfully acquired, of her and the two strangers she had been with. But first he wanted to go and meet Mrs. Nair to unwind with the relaxing warmth of her body. He had intended a surprise for her and so had sneaked in to her flat with the spare key that she normally keeps under the mat.

But inside he had been surprised himself when he found Mrs. Nair with Rahul. Rahul, the son of Mr. Sharma of the third floor was with her and both were naked and intimate with each other. Both of them were initially startled to see Borah there and couldn’t hide their shock. But later Mrs. Nair was able to convince both the boys to have fun together, as she didn’t want to lose either of her lovers.

Though confused but finally both gave up to the coaxing from Mrs. Nair. She started with sucking Borah’s cock while Rahul started fucking her from behind. She was on her fours, like a bitch, allowing Rahul to bang her from behind while she gave Borah the pleasure of her tongue. Soon she reached her orgasm and became wet, but Rahul kept on going until he had come inside her.

And as soon as Rahul had finished his business, Borah had her on her back and started fucking her in missionary position. Both continued fucking and kissing each other for long until Mrs. Nair experienced one more orgasm, both powerful and exhausting. At the same time it drove her mad and hornier as she coaxed Borah to continue fucking her hard.

Rahul too had joined them by forcing her to suck on his cock while Borah continued fucking her until he too came inside her. And before Mrs. Nair felt tired, Rahul replaced Borah once again and came for the second time. Mrs. Nair was fucked thrice during that couple of hours, once by Borah and twice by Rahul. And at the end of it she laid wasted, amidst her own pool of juices. The two boys, exhausted too, lay beside her too tired to move.

While Mrs. Nair was busy having fun with the two boys of her daughter’s age, her daughters were out and busy at college. All the more because the exams were fast approaching, and both, especially Aarushi, had a lot to be concerned about.

Aarushi had bunked most of her classes at the start of the session, so near the exams she was concerned that she didn’t know much to write in the exams. She had called up few of her friends, but none were too helpful at that point. They thought to collect the notes from the others who had attended the classes. But they too turned out to be selfish and unhelpful at that point.

“I don’t think we will get much help from this bunch of nerds” exclaimed one of her friends, commenting about the unhelpful friends of their class. “But we need the notes anyway if we are to attempt the exams”. Aarushi too was concerned about her state, and she too needed the notes and was afraid of doing badly in the exams. But unlike others she had other ideas to extract what is needed from her unhelpful friends.

While the rest of her friends were busy lamenting their situation, she sneaked out quietly and headed for the library. What she was looking for would definitely be in the library at that time, and she was correct as she spotted a lot of her nerdy classmates in the large hall of the library. She looked around through the bunch of students here and there, but she was not interested in any of them. She continued looking until her eyes stopped at a gentleman, sitting along on a table at the corner.

It was Agnihotri, their professor, he was 45 and used to spend most of the time alone and minding his own job. Aarushi thought maybe she could use her charm to get him help her out with the notes, or may be a couple of questions too. She tried to remember when was the last time she had attended his class but couldn’t. But nevertheless it was her only chance and was much better than pleading in front of those nerdy assholes of her class. And so she drew a deep breath and then approached him cautiously.

“Hello Sir” she approached the table, occupied by Agnihotri, and he looked up immediately to see who the intruder was, and recognised her too. Aarushi was one of the popular creatures of, not only her class but the college too. She was attractive and had a sexy figure, and all boys knew her from day 1. And her popularity didn’t go unnoticed by the professors too. He looked up at her and frowned unsure of what she wanted of him. Aarushi sat at a chair right opposite to him and cleared her throat.

“Hi, I am Aarushi, and I belong to your class” she started some conversation. “Hello” he replied curtly, “May be though I don’t remember when I saw you last”, he added. “Sorry sir, actually I am not much regular at the classes…” she started giving excuses for not being so regular as Agnihotri began nodding uninterestingly. Aarushi took some time to make up a few excuses before she could come to the point. “…And so I don’t have the notes that is necessary for this exam, and I thought if you could help me…” and she looked at him with hopeful eyes.

It always works – she thought, she gave him a look which normally gets all the other boys smitten so much that they get ready to do anything for her, but not this one. Agnihotri wasn’t the kind to get smitten by her girlish charm so easily. He looked at her thoughtfully, while Aarushi tried making cute faces to overpower him with her charm.

“See, there are people who have worked long and hard for these notes” he started speaking, “and I don’t think it will be fair to them if I give you these so easily without any hardwork”. He finished with a sly grin on his face. Aarushi’s first attempt didnt work as he turned her down so coldly. “Oh please sir, don’t be so mean” she said again and held his hand suddenly. But Agnihotri pulled his hands quickly, “Your charm not going to work with me girl” he replied abruptly. “Try these on your classmates and they still might get smitten by your antics” he added and then focussed back on the book.

Aarushi was shocked at this sudden rejection, she was not used to such treatment from boys. Wherever she had gone she had seen the boys of any age go mad about her. But Agnihotri didn’t seem to care, even when such a bold and sexy girl like her was approaching him for help directly. But it wasn’t time to be angry as Aarushi quickly tried thinking of something. There is one thing boys can never reject, how hard he is.

“Sir, I know everyone else has worked hard for it, and I am too ready to work hard but only if you give me a chance” she said with a naughty grin indicating the real meaning between her lines. Agnihotri looked up immediately, and looked at her with a frown, “What do you mean?” he asked. “Sir I mean, even I can work hard, and work much better than them, I just need a chance to show you how hard working I am” she said.

Agnihotri was still confused as he kept looking at her blankly. Aarushi now stood up and bent forward, making sure that he can see her cleavage clearly, “All I need is a chance sir, and it can change both of our lives”, she whispered, careful of not being over heard by someone else.

He had seen through her shirt alright, and already felt his cock pricking in his pants. There was no time to think, yet he waited for a few seconds which seemed like an eternity and then nodded his head. “Very well then, meet me at my office at 7” he said in a hushed voice. ‘It had worked’ – Aarushi thought, and she smiled and then winked at him before leaving the table and the library. On her way she crossed the group of her friends who were still squabbling with the rest of the students to get hold of anything they could that will help them in the exams.

Later in the evening…

By 6 pm the college had become almost empty. The last of the classes were over by 5.30, and the students who had stayed back for the canteen or to use the library too started leaving. Even most of the professors and staffs would leave by 6.30. Aarushi was at a nearby cafe, conscious of her secret meeting with Agnihotri. She was with her friends and alike them she too pretended to be hapless.

Close to 7 she stood up and pretended to go home, most of her friends would still stay and chat throughout the evening. On a normal day she too would have stayed back to participate in the gossips. But not that day as she left urgently and then cautiously headed back to the college.

The building was completely empty, and was scarcely lit around the passages and common areas. Agnihotri’s office was at the second floor, and so she took the deserted stairs to climb the two floors. The stairs which normally buzz with noises on normal time, seemed bear with silence. She climbed the two floors quickly, yet cautious of not being caught by someone else. She didnt know what excuse she would make if someone else catches her there at that time.

Fortunately she encountered no one during the brief walk up to Agnihotri’s room. The door of his room was closed as she slightly knocked on the door, expecting no one else to be inside. Agnihotri was indeed alone and was waiting for her, yet pretended to be busy on some silly papers, scattered on his table. Aarushi came in and stood in-front of him boldly, she was resolute and well aware of the cost she had promised to pay.

Agnihotri sat back at his chair, reclining as much as he could and looked back at her from top to bottom. And then he stood up suddenly and walked past the table and briskly went past her. Aarushi turned around in amusement, to see what he was upto. Agnihotri reached the door and locked it carefully from inside and then slowly started walking back towards her.

Aarushi turned back and then stood silently with her back towards him. Agnihotri stopped behind her and then looked at her once again from top to bottom. Aarushi was wearing a white shirt and pair of tight denims, she looked every inch a seductress that she was. And suddenly Agnihotri grabbed her from behind.

Aarushi was initially taken aback. She was not expecting to be grabbed like that, from behind, so suddenly. But Agnihotri held her tightly from behind and he grabbed her breasts and started pressing them hard. “Mmmmm…nice breasts, fleshy yet soft” he commented feeling the firmness of her 32 B breasts. Aarushi stood motionless, surprised by that sudden move.

Agnihotri pressed her breasts from behind until he was satisfied that he had pressed them hard enough, then he slowly came in front and leant at the table, directly in front of her. Aarushi still felt the sharp pain he had left behind on her breasts, she had winced a couple of times when he had been pressing them mercilessly. There was a glimmer of a sudden fear in her eyes when she looked back at him.

Agnihotri then slowly started caressing her breasts, “did I hurt you too much?” he asked and Aarushi nodded back. “Well it’s just the starting then, you will need to work hard to pass your exams” he exclaimed with a victor’s grin. And while Aarushi started contemplating the gamble she had taken, Agnihotri had already started unbuttoning her shirt.

Slowly he had unbuttoned the top few buttons of her shirt and had loosened her shirt at the top. Then he slowly rubbed her bare chest with the back side of his arm. He rubbed his fingers on her deep cleavage, feeling the soft flesh around those firm mounds. Aarushi swallowed a deep breath and then closed her eyes, signalling her surrender. Agnihotri was pleased to see the sign of obedience in her and then continued unbuttoning the rest of her shirt.

Soon he had taken the shirt off her body, leaving most of her upper body exposed apart from the area covered by the white lacy bra. He then held her left breast and pulled the cup of the bra down to bring that breast out in the open, and then slowly ran his tongue on the tip of her already erect nipple. “Ummmmmmmmmmmm”, Aarushi whimpered as she felt his wet tongue brushed repeatedly on her erect nipple. And then she shrieked sharply when she felt a sudden pain run down her chest. She opened her eyes in the constant pain to find her nipple at mercy of Agnihotri’s teeth.

He had bit on her nipple and had been chewing on it occasionally to make her wince in pain. At the same time, he had also pulled her other breast out and was pressing it and pinching that nipple. “Mmmmmm…Please sir…it hurts…ohhhhhh…aaaahhhhhh”, all Aarushi could do was to plea for softness, something which Agnihotri had not intended for her.

Responding to her constant plea to soften down, he finally stopped torturing her nipples, but not until they were red and swelled with bite marks. But he looked back at her eyes, “What happened? All your charms vanished? You don’t want to pass anymore?” he asked, and Aarushi nodded back with a watery eye. “But sir, you are hurting me, I can please you more if you are a bit soft” she dared to suggest.

Agnihotri shrugged and then walked back past the table, and back to his vacant chair. He sat back, looking at her, “Okay, I will not touch you for the next half an hour, show me how you intend to please me” he barked with a sudden anger. Aarushi was suddenly startled, her heart was pounding hard and her mind raced as she thought what to do next. However it didn’t took long before Aarushi knew what exactly she had to do.

She looked back at his cold eyes, and gave a seducing smile. She then stepped back couple of steps so that he had her in his full view, and then she took her arms behind to unhook the useless bra and got rid of it. And then she started moving her body erotically, trying to please him.

She held her own breasts and then pressed them, making erotic noises and faces trying to simulate how a whore would have fancied a prospective customer. But Agnihotri watched blankly without much emotion. Aarushi then slowly unbuttoned her jeans and drew the zip enough to pull the jeans off smoothly. She then slowly pushed it down her long and slender legs leaving nothing but a pair of black panties on her.

She stood almost naked, swerving her body erotically in a bid to please her professor. Agnihotri was still on his chair and looked keenly at her naked body. Aarushi looked at him for signs of appreciation and found a lump in his pants, signs of his interest in what she was doing. Quickly she thought about her next step and then briskly she walked past the table to reach where Agnihotri was seated.

He didn’t protest as she slowly knelt in front on him and placed her hand on the lump on his pants. She rubbed her hands slowly on that lump, feeling the shape of his erect cock. She looked up at his eyes and saw encouragement in his eyes. She continued looking at his eyes while unzipping his pants and then slowly taking his cock out of his pants, and finally shifted her gaze down to look at his erect cock, which she was holding it in her arm.

Agnihotri had an average 6 inch cock which was throbbing with the urge for attention. She held it lovingly and started kissing at its sides. She kissed at the sides of his cock, and then licked it with her tongue, rubbed it on her face, and then continued kissing at it. She felt the strong odour of his manhood driving her mad. And then finally after licking his cock for one last time, she took it inside her mouth.

Agnihotri felt the nice wet warmth of her mouth and closed his eyes in satisfaction. Aarushi took it in her mouth and slowly started sucking it. Though he felt satisfied at the feel of her mouth, but still he was not pleased as she had not taken it deep inside and was only sucking the head. Agnihotri decided that it was time he took matters back in his hands and then swiftly he grabbed her by her hairs.

Agnihotri grabbed her head, by her hairs, and then purposefully drew it more on his cock. “Deeper” he commanded as he forced his cock deeper inside her mouth. He had grabbed her so tightly and pushed his cock so suddenly that Aarushi almost choked and broke in a fit of coughing. Agnihotri paused momentarily for the coughing to subside and once again he pushed his cock further until it touched the back of her throat. Till then he had her held tightly by her hairs.

“There, suck deep like that” he had said with his cock pushed against the back of her throat, and Aarushi started obeying immediately. She continued jerking her head, which was still grabbed by him, to and fro managing to suck his cock as deep as he wanted. Though she went to the verge of choking each time she took it deep, yet she had no other choice but to continue.

Agnihotri kept a tight leash on her hairs, and closed his eyes to feel the pleasure of the depth and warmth of her mouth. Aarushi too closed her eyes and as saliva drooled out of her mouth she continued servicing her professor’s cock. The two continued like that for several minutes until Agnihotri eased his grip on her and then suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth and stood up, pulling her up by her hairs.

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