Bitch Ramya Part-2

After they all left the room, my body was covered by their thick cum. I on my knees licking some of their cum. My husband looked at me. He was disappointed.

“Why did you do it?” he asked

“I had no other choice, they threatened that they might do something to you. I did it for you honey,” I said. Of course, it was a lie but I expected him to believe it.

“Then why did you ask him to visit again?” he asked

“Honey, the truth is he will come back. So when he comes back I don’t want him to force me into this. It’s better if I accept it,” I said

“He will come back? And I should just let him?” he raised his tone

“If you don’t let him, he will keep on coming back. Honey, I am ok with this. Let them have what they want. Or else we might get into trouble,” I said.

He was so disappointed. He didn’t speak another word about it. I went to the bathroom and took a bath. He didn’t speak to me about it for two days.

On Sunday, I and Ashok were watching TV. Our son went to play with his friends. We slowly started to forget about it. I started wearing sexy outfits in the house to seduce Ashok. I noticed him looking at my cleavage.

That day I was wearing a black babydoll dress. Just when everything was about to go back to normal, Michael called my husband. My husband went to the balcony to talk.

“What is it honey?” I was so happy that Michael called but I acted like I was worried.

“He wants to come home. For you,” Ashok said

“What did you tell him?” I asked

“What else? I asked him to come but soon and have a quickie since Arun (our son) will be back,” he said. I was so shocked that my husband agreed to this. I got up from the sofa and hugged him.

“You did the right thing honey. We had no other choice. Don’t worry, my love is always only for you,” I said

“Let him come, I have a plan,” he said.

Micheal came home in 10 minutes.

“Hey my bitch” he exclaimed and hugged me. I was so happy to see him. But I was unable to express it in front of my husband. So to show him that I’m excited I whispered, “Your slut is waiting for you.” He got excited and lifted the babydoll dress which only covered till my ass and slapped it.

“Micheal, I have something to talk to you,” my husband said

“Can it not wait till I fuck your slut wife?” Michael asked.

“How about we have a deal? I have an affair going on with my secretary for the past 6 months and now my wife is also having an affair. But still, she’s my wife, I still love her so much. So I can’t let her go on like this. So let’s have a deal, a competition?” Ashok said

“Ashok? Do you have an affair? Is this why you haven’t been sleeping with me?” I shouted

“I’m all ears, what competition?” Michael asked

“Whoever lasts longer with her, will get to have her. If I lose, she’s all yours. If I win you should never touch her,” Ashok said

“Alright then. I’m in” Michael said.

“Ashok can I speak with you alone?” I asked.

“Ok come,” he said. We went to the balcony.

“Why did you cheat on me?” I asked.

“I’m sorry, it’s not your fault. I still love you the same way I used to,” he said and hugged me.

“Are you sure about this competition?” I asked.

“Yes this is the only way I can get him away from you. Don’t worry, I will cut my affair with my secretary,” he said. We then went to the living room.

“Who goes first?” Michael asked.

“Let her decide,” Ashok said.

“You are my husband, you go first,” I said.

“Alright, enjoy your last fuck with your wife” Michael said and sat on the chair. He started using his mobile after some time. Ashok was kissing me for 5 minutes.

“This is a fucking contest, you have been kissing her for 5 minutes. Show your stamina or accept the defeat,” Michael said.

Ashok got angry and tore my dress. He made me lay on the sofa and fucked me in the missionary position. After 6 minutes he started shivering and he slowed down a bit. I knew he was gonna explode. He tried to hold it but he ejaculated on my navel.

“Even though you spent 5 minutes kissing, I will count it as 11 minutes since I can easily beat you,” Michael said as he approached me.

Micheal fucked furiously. He crossed 10 minutes and showed no sign of ejaculation. Even Ashok knew at that moment that he lost me. He crossed 11 minutes.

“You fucking bitch, you are all mine now,” Michael said and spat in my mouth. After 27 minutes he ejaculated on my navel too. But his cum was so thick and warm.

“You don’t even try to touch her from now. She is my bitch,” Michael told Ashok. “If he touches you, let me know,” Michael told me.

“Yes master. I will,” I said as I was licking his cum. Michael asked my number and saved it.

“From now on, I will be visiting you frequently,” he said and left.

“Whoever your secretary is, that woman has weakened you. I think she’s sleeping with you only because she has no other choice. I think you deserve this punishment, dear,” I told my husband.

“Honey I’m sorry. I will never touch her. I promise,” Ashok begged.

“No, no. You go ahead and screw anyone. But don’t stop me when I do the same. I think it’ll be better for both of us,” I said.

“Honey please. I love you so much,” he said.

“You should have thought that before challenging him. He has a black monster. You were so stupid to challenge him. I hope he fills me with his seeds and whenever you see our kid you will remember that you fucked up,” I said and went to the bathroom.

To be continued.

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