Sex Apartment Season 1 Part-25

While Gautam was busy in having fun behind his wife’s back, back at the apartment – Borah too was hatching plans to utilise the treasure he had uncovered during his seminar in the resort outside the city. It was a lazy Sunday morning and all his colleagues were in a relaxing mood when it all happened. Borah was at the bathroom, getting fresh. And when he had come out he saw his colleagues peeping out of the window and looking at something very exciting.

He too joined his colleagues to see what was causing so much excitement. The window looked out at the big swimming pool, which was deserted apart for the three lone figures enjoying at a corner. At first glance it seemed like they were splashing water on each other and pushing each other, but looking carefully he realised that they were actually doing something else.

There were two men and a girl among the three and the two men had the girl cornered and surrounded. One of them had his hand inside the girl’s bikini top and the other was rubbing his hand on her panties. ‘Perverts’ he thought at first but then when he looked more carefully, he was shocked. The girl was no one else but Sowmya – the younger daughter of their landlady.

For a moment Borah was shocked and speechless, he couldn’t think anything but slowly he recovered. He remembered how Sowmya had run away from him on the first evening at their new apartments. She had led her to the park, mistaking him for Mr. Reddy, and then she had seduced her but only to leave him high and dry when she realized her mistake. Since then he had been waiting for an opportunity to get even with her. Having sex with her mother was just a way of revenge but it didn’t fulfill his intentions as he couldn’t disclose his illicit affair with Mrs. Nair to her, so he was always hungry for that opportunity to be square with her.

Consciously he had grabbed his mobile as it seemed to be the opportunity he had been waiting for so long. He had followed Sowmya and her two lovers secretly from the pool back to their cottage and then had hid near an open window to capture snaps and videos of activities inside. Upon reaching there he realised how big a treasure he had got as he filmed Sowmya and her two lovers live in action while the three had sex.

Since then Borah had masturbated number of times, playing back those videos again and again. And now on his way back to the apartment he was full with plans to utilise those videos and snaps in ways Sowmya couldn’t have imagined on that day when she had fled away from the park, leaving him unfulfilled. But first it was time to quench the fire burning in his groin. He had masturbated a number of times but then he urged for a female cunt to relief his aching cock.

Upon reaching back home, he threw his belongings in his room and headed straight to the fourth floor. The only person who could have helped him to extinguish his desire at that point was none other than Mrs. Nair. Though he had been plotting to blackmail her daughter, yet he didn’t feel any remorse to head to Mrs. Nair’s flat with a similar intent.

Normally at this time of the day, both Aarushi and Sowmya spend away from home, leaving Mrs. Nair alone in the house. And that encourages people like Borah to drop anytime they wish. Borah climbed up the stairs and rushed towards her flat. He wanted to give her a surprise and hence didn’t want to ring the bell.

When he had first told her that he will be away for a week, Mrs. Nair had become sad. Till then they had been enjoying sex pretty often, and he seemed to be the only source for the unfortunate widow to have some secret fun. So now when he was back he wanted to surprise her and see how the colours of her face changes, and how she desperately jumps on to him with the same fire of desire as he had within him.

He knew that Mrs. Nair always keeps a spare key hidden under the door mat, just in case for emergencies. He quickly removed the mat and picked up the key and then silently he unlocked the door and entered in to the flat. He then locked the door back and then slowly tip toed towards her bedroom.

Borah took a deep breath in anticipation and readied to push the door of her bedroom open and give her a nice surprise. He imagined how Mrs. Nair will be pleased and jump on to him and how he will push her back to the bed and then get her naked in hurry and then start with licking and kissing her naked body. He imagined how much she will like that burning passion and soon will be urging and pleading to come.

And then he took one more deep breath and pushed the door open and shouted “Surprise…”. And then there was a sudden silence, all inside the flat was shocked and left speechless. Mrs. Nair was inside her bedroom but was not alone. She was with Rahul, and when Borah had opened the door to intrude into their privacy she was lying naked while a naked Rahul was licking at her cunt.

Both of them were shocked and jumped up at their feet. Mrs. Nair was shocked but somehow relieved to see Borah, it could have been one of her daughters too. Yet she had jumped up in shock and had grabbed her petticoat and clinged on to it, hiding whatever she could. Rahul too grabbed his shorts quickly and put it on, unable to make out anything from that sudden intrusion.

Borah too stood like an idiot, with his mouth wide open, before he actually realised what was going on and then suddenly looked embarrassed. He couldn’t find any words to ask Mrs. Nair on what was going on. All he could was to mumble few fragments of words, he felt betrayed.

By then Mrs. Nair had recovered from the initial shock and was thinking what she could come up with so that she doesn’t have to lose either of her lovers. Her life had turned spicy ever since she had found young neighbours like Borah and Rahul, and she didn’t want to give that up at any cost. She thought quickly to find an amicable solution.

Rahul was standing at a corner, confused and not sure what to do. Mrs. Nair looked at both of them and then smiled, and then she walked up to Borah to calm him down. She was still half naked with only the petticoat wrapped around her bosoms. “Hey, it’s such a sweet surprise, she told to Borah trying to start normal conversation. “This is Rahul, Mr. Sharma’s son, have you two met each other before?, she asked, addressing both the boys now.

Rahul felt a bit embarrassed, caught like that, yet both blushed when asked the question. “I caught this peeping tom last week, and had thought punishing him himself rather than reporting him to his father”, Mrs. Nair explained jokingly, and once again Rahul blushed in embarrassment. “I have a brilliant idea” she exclaimed, still trying to make the situation to her favour.

“Now that we are all here together, let’s try out threesome!” she suggested excitedly and looked at both Rahul and Borah. Both of them were still unsure and vulnerable, caught in such a situation. And Mrs. Nair took advantage of their vulnerability and finally succeeded in directing the situation to her advantage. Rahul too didn’t mind experimenting with what she had suggested.

Soon, Mrs. Nair succeeded in comforting Borah too. She had got him on the bed and had pulled down his pants to relieve him. Though initially reluctant, yet his cock was already hard and throbbing when she started stroking it in her palm. And finally he gave up his resistance and laid back and started enjoying.

Mrs. Nair too had already stripped off the piece of cloth she had been covering herself with, and was completely naked. She was kissing and licking Borah’s cock after pulling his pants down. Borah sat on her bed, leaning at the headrest, while Mrs. Nair was on her knees and bent forward, supporting on her arms, to suck his cock.

Mrs. Nair was on her fours, encouraging Rahul to explore her from behind. She spread her legs wide enough which had exposed her juicy cunt letting Rahul had a good view of her cunt. Rahul still half naked, with only the shorts on, had climbed up on the bed and had positioned himself behind her. He too had a throbbing cock, aching for some action. And he quickly removed his shorts, ready to fuck Mrs. Nair from behind.

Mrs. Nair felt his cock poking from behind and she spread her legs even more so that he can position himself correctly. Rahul grabbed her waist as he readied to plunge his cock deep inside her, at the same time Borah started moaning under the magical spell of her wet tongue around his cock.

Mrs. Nair paused briefly when Rahul pushed his cock deep inside her, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhh”, she had bitten her lips and moaned at the slight pain of it. And then she continued sucking Borah’s cock, while Rahul started banging her from behind. “Ssssssssssssss”, sizzled Borah as he felt Mrs. Nair’s full passion on his cock. She held his cock tightly and squeezed it hard in reaction to what Rahul was doing to her.

Rahul continued banging her hard, shaking her entire body. Her enormous breasts were hanging like ripe melons and were swinging wildly in rhythm. Rahul bent forward to grab one of her hanging breasts and pressed them hard and moaned out in a passionate cry, “Ohhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”. Mrs. Nair too closed her eyes in a mix of pain and pleasure, and started sucking Borah’s cock even harder.

“mmmmmmmm…ohhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhh…mmmmmmm” Mrs. Nair started moaning as she was unable to control herself any further. She couldn’t continue sucking Borah’s cock anymore and so Borah slipped under her figure and started sucking her breasts.

Mrs. Nair stayed on her four, in the posture of a bitch and Rahul continued banging her from behind, while Borah started sucking her breasts. “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” she bit her lips as the two continued driving her crazy. Soon she reached the verge of her first orgasm and continued squealing until her cunt was flooding with her juices.

“Nnnnnggggggghhhhh…nnnnggggghhhhhhhh…nnnggggghhhhhhhh” she squealed as the boys continued pounding her. She had her eyes closed and her lips bitten by her own teeth as she slowly approached her orgasm. “Oh yes…oh yes…” she started taking breathing deep, and moaning as she felt herself being flooded from behind. “uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she gritted her teeth and fisted her hand as suddenly she was relieved with an enormous flood of the juices of her desires.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she screamed out in relief as the orgasm flooded her cunt and continued as long as Rahul continued to bang her. Rahul too was reaching the point of his climax and so kept on banging her hard. Meanwhile Borah kept playing with her breasts, sucking and pressing them. He waited patiently for Rahul to cum so that he can replace him.

Rahul didn’t keep him waiting for long either. He was already very close to coming and hence kept stroking his cock hard. He grabbed her waist tightly and Mrs. Nair realised that he was about to come. She squeezed her pussy further around his cock to give him a wonderful sensation. “Offfffffff”, Rahul started moaning as he felt her cunt tightening around his cock. It stimulated him so much that he started coming almost immediately after.

He made some further weak strokes to squeeze out the last of the drops before collapsing down on the bed. He fell down beside her, exhausted, his heart pounding hard and his cock still hard but all its juices drained. Mrs. Nair too closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of his cum inside her. She too was tired being in the doggy position and laid down on her back. But soon Borah climbed on top of her and started kissing all over her neck and shoulder.

Mrs. Nair looked up at Borah and smiled as he continued kissing and licking at her body. “Why don’t you fuck me too?” she asked him, hungry for more. Borah smiled back and nodded, then he glanced at Rahul who was lying just behind them and realised how horny and hungry for cock she was.

Mrs. Nair opened her legs once again as Borah positioned himself between them, and then he started rubbing his stout cock on her vagina. “Offfffffffffffffff” she moaned, despite of having fucked and came inside. She was again ready for being fucked and being coming inside.

Borah’ cock slid in easily inside her wet cunt, and he started pushing it in and out of her vagina with ease. Mrs. Nair started moaning again as once again her cunt was being ravished by a fresh cock. “Ohhhhhh…ahhhhhh…yesssssss….ufffffffff…ahhhhhhhh…” and once again she started squealing like the bitch she was.

All that squealing and moaning turned Borah on as he quickened his thrusts and continued fucking her harder. He dug his nails on her skin and kept ploughing his cock in her vagina madly. Rahul too was regaining his energy back and he too was getting hard again from all that noises. He sat up and looked at the intimate figure of Mrs. Nair and Borah.

Mrs. Nair was lying on her back and moaning as Borah was fucking her madly. Seeing that, Rahul already developed another hard on. He immediately grabbed her hairs and pulled her head and turned it to face him. He knelt right beside her face and directed her face towards his cock. Mrs. Nair picked the cue and grabbed Rahul’s cock with her mouth.

She then started sucking Rahul’s cock as Borah continued fucking her. She already had two orgasms and was on the verge of the third. Yet she continued feeling like a horny bitch and started sucking Rahul’s cock eagerly. She also kept thrusting her vagina vigorously at Borah’s cock, ensuring that she was getting enough cock both at the top and the bottom.

Mrs. Nair continued acting like the bitch until she was all wet after her third orgasm, and Borah too had already came inside her. As soon as he had completed, Rahul had once again replaced him and continued fucking her madly until he too had come inside her once again. All Mrs. Nair could do was lie helplessly, allowing Rahul to fuck and then come inside her. She didn’t have any energy left after the first three orgasms and being already fucked twice.

Finally, all the three were exhausted and lied naked on top of each other. Mrs. Nair was dead exhausted, yet she was satisfied at the sudden turn of events. Having two men fuck her at the same time was far more alluring than just one of the two. This was just the beginning of one long and wild sex dream. And Mrs. Nair smiled how she now had the two men at her disposal. She had already started planning how she will use them individually at times and together at times, depending on her mood.

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