Lusty Nurses

After working for several years in my home city, I decided to go outside the northeast and try my luck. So, I applied for a few positions on Naukri, which matched with my profile. Within a couple of days, I got a call from one of those companies. It was a renowned IT company, and they were hiring for a Mumbai-based position.

My interview went properly and I got the job. Once everything was finalized, I resigned from my existing job and after 45 days, I was in Mumbai for my next journey in life.

My workplace was in BKC, so the company had arranged a hotel for my initial days in the Bandra West area. Life in Mumbai was never the same for me. It was busy and fast and it was hard for me to adapt to the new environment. Further, there was the unbearable humidity and heat.

But gradually, I settled down thanks to new friends and colleagues. They made everything possible and made me comfortable. They are still my best friends. So, things were going well, but then, suddenly, one day I suffered a high fever, and the blood tests revealed that I had dengue.

I had to be admitted to the hospital immediately. Thanks to my health insurance, I got a single room with air-conditioning. My friends made all the arrangements, but I did not have an attendee, so I was alone in the hospital.

But to my luck, the staff at the hospital were keen to help their patients. I was admitted for nine days and I had attendees only in between on the weekends due to my friends’ work schedules. So, I had to make my own arrangements.

I made a good rapport with a couple of the ward boys. They became my friends and used to come and give me company whenever they were free.

They would always ask about my health before leaving and whenever they reached work. Also, they would bring me my food and I could trust them to the extent that I could share my debit card and pin code with them to withdraw cash from ATM.

Apart from them, there were a few nurses with whom I became close during my stay. Among them, I was particularly attracted to two nurses, one was married (Amrita) and the other was unmarried and young (Upasna).

I was attracted to the younger one because she was very open with me and had a very innocent face. The married one had an appealing figure and always wore a sweet smile during her work. Neither of them was fair, but both were really attractive.

Most of the time, Amrita was on night duty. She would come at night to do periodic check-ups. When she came, she would hold my hand with her soft palm and touch my forehead to check the temperature.

During the initial days, she would do a roundup and report to the staff room and come back to my room and take a nap on the guest sofa. In the middle of the night, I would see her cleavage and my eyes would be stuck on her heavy boobs. Sometimes, she would catch me staring when she woke up, but she would express nothing but a sweet smile.

I was cured but the doctor suggested I can stay in the hospital for another three or four days when he came to know that I would be staying alone at home. Later that night, Amrita came to do a regular check-up, and I told her, “Relax, the doctor has told me that I am cured. Sit with me. Let’s chat.”

“I know you are cured, but it’s my duty. By the way, what do you want to talk about,” she said.

“Nothing specific,” I said. She gave me her killer smile and left the room. After some time, around 12.45 am, she came to my room. I was sleepy and thought she had come to take a nap, as usual.

“Hello, you said wanted to chat but you’re going to sleep. Is everything alright?” she asked with a playful voice.

I smiled and tried to sit. She stopped me and pulled up a chair to sit next to my bed. Holding my hand, she said, “Come on, no need to sit. Relax, you are cured, but not healthy yet.”

“Who told you I am not healthy? I am always healthy!” I said and winked at her.

Then, we started chatting without any agenda and the conversation moved towards our personal lives. I came to know that her husband lived in Pune along with her kids. She had twin sons, aged nine years.

This nurse had gotten married at a very young age of 23. Because of their unconditional love and support, she could leave her kids with her husband and in-laws.

Her hubby had a small business in Pune. She visited them every month for two or three days. Sometimes, the twins would come to Mumbai with her husband or mother-in-law to spend time with her. She lived in a rented house here with Upasna.

I also gave her a summary of the journey of my life and told her how I missed my wife. In a playful voice, she asked, “You only miss her, or something else?”

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

She said, “Come on. Ab bano mat. Every married man needs something from their wife, which they cannot live without.”

“Who says I am missing that?” I said with a naughty smile.

“Really? I don’t believe this! How can a married person live without that?” she asked me innocently.

“You are also a married woman. You also stay far from your husband. How about you?” I asked playfully.”

She blushed and lowered her eyes. “I have to work, I have no option.”

I thought to flirt a little, “Damn, who let’s such a beautiful woman like yourself to stay away from him? If you were my wife, I would not let you live away from me. You deserve a lot more.” She said nothing but looked at my eyes, as if she wanted to say something, but could not express.

Uff! That look! Her sight was so appealing, that I felt something in my balls and my sexual desire started burning inside of me. I said, “Amrita, please do not look at me like this. It reminds me of my wife. When she looked at me like this, I was never able to control myself,” my voice was trembling.

“How much do you love your wife?” she asked me, with a very low tone.

“I love her a lot, but the way you are looking at me, I am not able to recall her face,” I hold her, caressing her face. She gave me a weak smile, which was a symbol of submission to the situation.

“How about you? How much do you love your husband?” I asked. “He and my kids are my life. Without them, I am nothing.” Her voice became weaker, but I pulled her towards me. She stood up from the chair. I sat up on the bed, and now she was standing between my legs. My hands were holding her waist.

“Amrita, can you forget your husband for one night?” She gave me a naughty smile and moved her head in disagreement but she put her hand on my shoulders.

I did not need any verbal acknowledgment, so I held her face and pulled her towards me. Then I placed my lips on hers and gave her a very passionate but soft smooch. The married nurse reciprocated instantly, without any hesitation.

This was one of the most passionate and complete smooches I had ever received from any other woman than my wife. I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. “Amrita, love me like your husband tonight.”

We were still in that same position. Amrita held my face with both of her hands, and I placed my hands on her butt and gave a squeeze. She gave a soft and warm kiss on my forehead, which sent thrills through my spine and I pressed those butts harder.

“Ummmmhhh,” a moan came from her throat, and she gave me a hot kiss on my left eye. Then she kissed my right eye. She was wearing a skirt as usual, so I slid my hands down and held her butts under her skirt.

It was so intense and thrilling that as soon as she kissed my cheeks, I pulled her towards me and shoved my face into her chest and started rubbing her boobs like a mad man. She also became mad from my act, and again held my face and started kissing me passionately.

I placed my hands on the sexy nurse’s boobs which were very firm and soft. I can’t explain the feeling of having boobs in my hands after such a long time, and I was about to maul them, when she told me, “Jaan, do not damage my clothes. Someone might get suspicious of me when I go out from your room.”

“Then remove them, honey. I am going mad to have you in my hands and my mouth,” I told her excitedly.

“Don’t you think we should arrange for protection before we get undressed?” Amrita asked me with a naughty smile. I smiled back, “Just wait, and let me get it from the pharmacy,” she said touching my face playfully, and walked off from my room.

Meanwhile, I went to the bathroom and jerked off, because I did not want to embarrass myself in front of Amrita, as I knew I would cum instantly. I had not had sex in a long time. Then, I washed my dick, because I did not want her to have a dirty dick in her mouth.

It’s not like I do not like to fuck a dirty dick in a woman’s mouth, but it was because I was going through medication. I was waiting very eagerly when she came with a couple of condoms in her pocket. I was happy to see that she had multiple condoms with her.

Without wasting any time, I hugged her and pushed against the wall and started kissing her. Meanwhile, I started unbuttoning her shirt. “Ahhh! Honey, you are so hot. Ummhhh…” we were licking and sucking each other’s tongues.

I don’t know when I threw her shirt to the floor, or when she pulled off my shorts. I had already started attacking her boobs and crushing them. Her left hand was already on my dick and we were becoming mad. We were kissing like we had never kissed before.

I pushed her to the wall and shoved my face into her boobs, which were held up only in her bra. I was rubbing my face on the half-naked boobs, as she held my hair.

Then, I pulled her boobies out from her bra, and without wasting any time, I placed my tongue on the horny’s hospital nurse’s left nipple and made it wet. I had not even taken it inside my mouth when it became hard. When I looked at her eyes and licked her nipples, her eyes were closed and she was biting her lips and gripping my hair tightly.

I did the same with the other nipple, and this time without touching with my lips. I bit the nipples. She started moaning, “Aaaahhhhh…” Then, I took the nipple inside my mouth and started sucking it. She kept moaning, “Ummmm…aaaauuummm… aalllmmmm… ummm,” as her nipple became wet and hard.

She simply pushed my head into her boobs and said, “Aaahh Hrishi, suck me, suck my boobs. Ufff, you will make me cum if you keep sucking my boobs like this. Uuff!” I kept sucking those melons a little more. Then, I turned her around to face the wall and expertly unhooked her bra and removed it from already semi-nude boobs.

I placed my hard dick between her ass-crack and started rubbing it. Meanwhile, I started pressing both her boobs, hugging her from behind. While pressing her boobs, I started kissing her neck. She was moaning impatiently. I kept pressing her boobs very hard.

This time, I licked her earlobe and gave it small bites that made her crazy. “Aaah! Hrishi, please stop, na… I am not able to control, baby. Uufff!”

“I do not want you to control, sweetheart. Treat me like your husband tonight and become my little slut.” I held her neck firmly and pushed her to the wall.

“Do not worry, babe, you will never forget this night,” she told me in a very sexy voice.

“That’s my little slut,” I said, as I held her neck and started kissing her again.

“Ummmm… ummm… aaaummm… ummhhmm,” she kept moaning.

“Now come bitch, take my junior in your mouth,” I commanded her. She immediately knelt in front of me and took my dick in her mouth and sucked on it like she had suddenly got her favorite toy. Ufff! She was an expert at sucking it!

She held my dick and sucked it like a total slut, “ssluuppp ssluuupp aaumm auauumm.”

“No hands bitch. Hands behind your back, like an obedient whore.” She immediately put her hands behind her back and kept them crossed as if they had been tied. I was so horny at the sight of her, that to control myself, I held her head and shoved my dick deep in her throat.

“Aaooeek… oeeekkk… aaauuukk… aaaaakkk. Uummm… ummhhh… aaaakk.” She was struggling to take a breath when I pulled out my dick from her mouth. It was all wet and saliva was dripping from her mouth, but she was happy and all smiling.

I held her face tight and asked her, “Did you like it, bitch? Do you want it again, my whore?” I gave her a couple of soft slaps on her face while her asking this.

“Why not? You have made me a cheap slut tonight, but I am loving it.”

Fuck! It was uncontrollable, so I pushed my dick in her mouth again and started fucking her mouth like a mad person.

“Aakk… aaaakkk… aaaaukkk… aaaoouukk… uummm… hmmm.” She was making such sounds while I fucked her mouth. I knew that if I keep fucking her mouth like this, I am soon going to cum. So I pulled it out and kissed her mouth and started slapping her while kissing her.

Now, I had placed my hand on her pussy with its trimmed bush. Fuck! She was already wet, and I love a wet pussy. So, I threw her on the bed and spread her legs. Her eyes were open with delight because she knew what was going to happen next.

I jumped on her and started licking her pussy.

Just to tell you, her pussy was not smelly like a lot of other women. This made me madder. Her taste was also not that salty. I think she had also washed when she went out for the condoms. That encouraged me to suck it more. I was literally eating her pussy.

“Aaaallm… aaaum… aaalllm… aaauum… aaahh! Hhaaa… haa… aahhh aaumm,” she groaned and grunted, holding my hair and pushing my head deeper into her pussy. The top of her body came up, off the bed, and then I shoved my tongue inside her pussy and placed my finger in her asshole. I was gasping for breath when she pushed me even harder.

Just like that, her body started shivering and convulsing. She had a huge orgasm. Now, I held her boobs and started fucking her pussy with my tongue.

“Aaauuf! Hrishi, how could your wife let you leave when you can give pleasure like this with just your mouth! Aaah, ufff… Come, motherfucker. Fuck me now. Don’t tease me anymore! Ufff!” I smiled at her and I gave her another orgasm with my tongue.

Then I stood up and pinched her nipples and gave some soft slaps on her boobs and she took those gleefully with a smile. She tore a packet and put a condom on me. Then she laid on the bed, in missionary position and spread her legs like a whore with a naughty smile.

I patted my dick on her pussy. She was wet like a river. My dick went inside without any trouble, but she made moaned, “aaahhhh.” I held her boobs and from the beginning, I started thrashing her pussy. She was moaning so erotically, “Aaahh… uummm… aahh… Hrishi, you are so good! Fuck me, motherfucker! Fuck your slut,” she was encouraging me to fuck her harder and I was going mad.

Her upper body came up again to hold me around my neck. With both her hands, she grabbed me and she was looking straight into my eyes. She put her lips on mine and started kissing me madly. I was molding her boobs in my hands when her body started shivering again.

She threw her body on to the bed, she was so weak and exhausted. She gave me a smile of satisfaction and told me, “Hrishi, I am getting late. I think you should empty your balls, otherwise, someone will come to find me.”

I said, “Okay, my whore, let me fuck you from behind. She went on all fours, but I said, “Not like that. Stand on the floor and lean forward.”

She smiled at me and spread her ass while leaning forward. I put my dick inside her ass and started fucking her, and she started moaning again “Yesss! Yess, Hrishi… Aahh! You are good! Fuck me like a whore!”

I pushed my upper body backward and started humping her hard. Her moans could not be heard, but she had forgotten to lock the door. It was not allowed to lock the door in the hospital anyway.

We were lost in our world when someone opened the door. From the door, the person could not see us entirely, but since I was leaning backward, half my body could be seen.

I was still humping Amrita when Upasna walked inside asking, “Is Amrita taking a nap… Oh! Damn. I’m sorry. Sorry! I am so sorry,” and she ran away from the room.

I was frozen and did not know what to do. When I looked at Amrita, my dick was still inside her, and I was scared. I asked her, “Fuck! What will happen? What if she tells the administration?”

Amrita said, “Do not worry about that. She won’t go to administration, but she might tell some colleagues. Do not waste any more time and empty your balls. I have to talk to her. Come on! Do it fast.”

She tried to console me, but I knew she was also a little tense. But I started humping her again and was about to cum, “I am cumming, bitch, tell me where you want me to cum.”

“Wherever you want to, honey. Tell me where you want to cum.”

“Okay, kneel in front of me, I want to cum in your mouth and I want you to swallow it.”

She immediately knelt in front of me and opened her mouth. I pushed my dick inside her mouth and started fucking her mouth and soon came deep in her throat. I did not pull out my dick until I emptied my balls.

She swallowed my cum like a slut and sucked my dick dry. After that, she went into the bathroom and dressed. From the bathroom, she rushed out of my room without saying anything. I was exhausted. I just went to the bathroom, took a hot shower, and slept like a log.

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